Biological Weapons Expert Exposes Labs In Ukraine And China Run By U.S. Government

Guess what all the DNA they collected from the PCR testing will be used for? The PCR testing could not diagnose anything. The only thing is was good for was collecting DNA.

What they want all that DNA for. They want to weaponize it. I said this some time ago, when it came to the PCR testing. The only thing it was good for was collecting DNA.

Dr. Francis Boyle joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to deliver his expert analysis on the U.S. run biolabs in the Ukraine and across the world.

Everyone really needs to listen to this. They could also use this tech to kill animals or birds. Like the one that kills chickens, for example.

Dr. Boyle is the author of the international agreement prohibiting gain-of-function bioweapons research, signed by Reagan in the 1980s. And since that time, Dr. Boyle has been battling the efforts of Tony Fauci, who has been incessantly pushing illegal bioweapons.

A very nice person found this video for me.

For more information on the above video

UN declares if your country doesn’t properly HATE Russia, you get no vaccines for COVID-19 

I love Russia,  I love Russia , I love Russia. For the children you see. Now if the rest of world loved Russian, they could stop using the bio weapon vaccines. Imagine the lives that could be saved.

Attorney presents evidence to Congress that COVID-19 vaccines are one of the greatest frauds in history


The same CROOKS involved in the ‘GREAT RESET’ tyranny are involved in the Ukraine Biolabs!!
US Company Black and Veatch have been working closely with the DTRA (Defence Threat Reduction Agency) in the Ukraine.
They have been building Bioweapons labs in the Ukraine since 2003.
Black and Veatch share an office together in Kiev. They were funded by a US $18.4 Million investment from Metabiota which is a company set up and run by Hunter Biden.
Hunter Biden invested in a Pandemic firm collaborating with Daszak’s ‘Ecohealth’ and the Wuhan Lab!!

Russia sanctions Joe and Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton and other U.S. officials

Other names on the list released by Russia include Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Moscow sanctions Trudeau and Canadian leaders

The Russian Foreign Ministry has sanctioned over 300 Canadian individuals in response to a similar move by the Canadian government. Delivered on Tuesday in response to what it calls the “outrageous hostility of the current Canadian regime,” Moscow’s sanctions list includes Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Breaking: Russia Releases Alleged Captured Documents Before UN Special Council Meeting Exposing Evidence of US Military Biolabs in Ukraine (VIDEO)

Uncle Sam’s Nazi Warriors

Today, the dangers of military escalation are beyond description.

What is now happening in Ukraine has serious geopolitical implications. It could lead us into a World War III scenario.

It is important that a peace process be initiated with a view to preventing escalation. 

Global Research condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

A Bilateral Peace Agreement is required.

“I have spoken with my Western colleagues about denazification. They say:” What’s the problem? You also have radical nationalists, don’t you?” Yes, we do, but we don’t have them in our government like Ukraine. And we don’t have thousands of people marching in the streets with torches and swastikas like Nazi Germany in the 1930s? And we don’t praise the men who killed Russians, Jews, and Poles during the war. But in Ukraine, they do.”Vladimir Putin, Russian President

The United States has been arming and training far-right militants that are the ideological descendants of Nazi war criminals that were directly involved in the mass-extermination of Jews, Slavs and Gypsies during the Second World War. These Ukrainian storm troopers are among the most vicious and malignant combatants Washington has ever employed to implement its foreign policy agenda.

Naturally, Washington sees these fascist-zealots as mere pawns in its proxy war on Russia. Even so, the ‘alliance of convenience’ does not diminish the fact that Uncle Sam is now in bed with right-wing militants whose spiritual leader, Adolph Hitler, was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people as well as the destruction of large parts of Europe and Russia. Check out this clip from an article titled “Can Ukraine have a ‘Nazi problem’ with a Jewish president?:

“Ukraine really does have a far-right problem, and it’s not a fiction of Kremlin propaganda. And it’s well past time to talk about it,” explained journalist and expert on the Ukrainian far right, Michael Colborne.

The most known neo-Nazi group on Ukraine’s far right is the Azov movement. The movement grew out of the Azov Regiment (originally a Battalion), formed in the chaos of war in early 2014.

It was formed by a “ragtag group of far-right thugs, football hooligans and international hangers-on, including dozens of Russian citizens,” said Colborne, who wrote a book on the movement.”(“Can Ukraine have a ‘Nazi problem’ with a Jewish president?”, Jewish Unpacked)

While Russian President Vladimir Putin is committed to removing Ukraine’s Nazis from power, it is uncertain how he will do so. Self-identified fascists now hold positions of authority in the military, the government and the Security Services. They have also been the driving force behind the 8 year-long siege of the Donbass region in east Ukraine that is mainly inhabited by ethnic Russians. The militants’ hatred for their Slavic brothers suggests that Hitler’s racial theories are being ruthlessly applied in 21st Century Europe. Here’s an excerpt from an article at The Saker Blog:

“Since the Western-backed coup in Kiev in 2014, political organizations associated with neo-Nazis infiltrated Ukrainian mainstream politics as the Ukrainian government sent troops to try to crush the Donbass uprisings by force.

As Ukraine waged war against breakaway forces in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, the Neo-Nazi Groups in Ukraine gained notoriety for their belligerent rhetoric towards the population of the country’s east, as well as for eagerly participating in the civil war….

The (Azov Battalion’s) first commander was right-wing nationalist Andriy Biletsky, who led the paramilitary national socialist group called “Patriot of Ukraine” and was the founder of a neo-Nazi group, the Social-National Assembly (SNA) in 2008. In 2010, Biletsky, a former parliamentarian, apparently said that Ukraine was meant to “lead the white races of the world in a final crusade … against Semite-led Untermenschen (subhumans) ”by reports in a spate of Western mainstream outlets.” (“Ukrainian bad guys and a fair Russian response“, Batko Milacic for the Saker Blog)

Readers should take a minute to savor Washington’s duplicity on this matter, after all, while the Biden administration and the entire MSM was denouncing the January 6 protestors as “racists” and “white supremacists”, the US government was busy arming and training “white crusader” Nazis to carry out its war on Russia. What’s that all about? If there was an Academy Award for hypocrisy, Uncle Sam would be the hands-down favorite. Here’s more from the same piece:

“Azov took part in subsequent hostilities in Donbass and was incorporated into the National Guard of Ukraine in November 2014, although its members continued to wear neo-Nazi and SS-like symbols and regalia and openly express neo-Nazi views. Their logo echoes the Wolfsangel, one of the original symbols used by the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich. Representatives of the Azov Battalion, however, have claimed their symbol is an abbreviation for the slogan “National Idea” in Ukrainian.

Ukrainian authorities did not bother to conceal the fact that in 2014, Azov comprised neo-Nazi-leaning volunteers from countries such as Sweden, Italy, France, Belarus, Canada, and Slovenia.

Will Washington Launch a Mass-Casualty “False Flag” to Sabotage Nord Stream?

Despite the adoption of the 2015 Minsk Accords that were aimed at ending the civil war by reintegrating the Donbass into Ukraine in exchange for constitutionally-guaranteed autonomy, Kiev refused to implement a peace deal. Azov members took an active part in Donbass hostilities.

In 2016, the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) accused the Azov Battalion, officially upgraded to a regiment in January 2015, of committing war crimes such as mass looting, unlawful detention, and torture. Currently, the Azov “Special Operations Detachment” is engaged in the Ukrainian army’s counter-reconnaissance and special weapons operations.

The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case against a number of fighters from Azov units for crimes such as kidnapping, torture, use of prohibited means, and methods of warfare.” (“Ukrainian bad guys and a fair Russian response”, Batko Milacic for the Saker Blog)

Again, these are not your garden-variety, right-wing militants. These are full-fledged, battle-hardened Nazi storm troopers that have engaged in all-manner of illegal and sadistic activities including “the mass killing of prisoners, the concealment of corpses in mass graves and the systematic use of physical and psychological torture techniques.”

And while they are lavishly supported by the United States, they oppose everything that America claims to stand for. They are universally opposed to liberal democracy, parliamentary government and racial equality. Instead, they advocate social regimentation, autocratic rule and glorification of the state. Race is very much at the core of Nazi Doctrine.(which may explain the animus these fascist groups have for the ethnic Russians in the east.) A few quotes from Hitler’s manifesto Mein Kampf help to illustrate this point:

“A stronger race will drive out the weaker ones, for the vital urge in its ultimate form will break down the absurd barriers of the so-called humanity of individuals to make way for the humanity of nature which destroys the weak to give their place to the strong.”

“Blood sin and desecration of the race are the original sin of this world and the end of a humanity that surrenders to it.”(“Adolf Hitler, Quotes on Race”, quotetab)

The above quotes provide a window into the ideology that was used to justify a world war against “inferior people” who were seen as expendable in the eyes of their Aryan overlords. Why– you may ask– is the US supporting the adherents of this same fiendish dogma in Ukraine today?

We can’t answer that, but here’s more background from an article by Monseigneur Carlo Maria Vigano:

“Neo-Nazi movements engaged in military and paramilitary actions operate freely in Ukraine, often with the official support of public institutions. These include the following: Stepan Bandera’s Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), a movement with a Nazi, anti-Semitic and racist matrix already active in Chechnya and which is part of the Right Sector, an association of far-right movements formed at the time of the Euromaidan coup in 2013/2014; the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA); the UNA/UNSO, paramilitary wing of the far-right political party Ukraine National Assembly; the Korchinsky Brotherhood, which offered protection in Kiev to ISIS members; Misanthropic Vision (MD), a neo-Nazi network spread across 19 countries that publicly incites terrorism, extremism and hatred against Christians, Muslims, Jews, Communists, homosexuals, Americans and people of color.

It should be remembered that the government has given explicit support to these extremist organizations both by sending the presidential guard to the funerals of their representatives, as well as by supporting the Azov Battalion,a paramilitary organization that is officially part of the Ukrainian Army under the new name of Azov Special Operations Regiment and organized into the National Guard. ..

In March 2015, Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov announced that the Azov Battalion would be one of the first units to be trained by US Army troops, as part of their Operation Fearless Guard training mission. … “We have been training these guys for eight years now. They are really good fighters. That’s where the Agency’s program could have a serious impact.” (“Declaration of Msgr. Carlo Maria Viganò on the Russia-Ukraine Crisis”,

Vigano is right, the US has been providing combat training to Ukrainian Nazis and other far-right groups in secret camps since 2015. These ultra nationalist militias will now pass along these same skills to tens of thousands of other like-minded militants increasing the global spread of fascism by many orders of magnitude. Here’s more from an article at Jacobin Magazine:

“Not just the Ukrainian far right, but neo-fascist forces from all over the world, including the US and Europe, will now receive combat experience with the most advanced weapons in the world. They will also be able to continue developing their international networks, to which the Ukrainian far right, and especially the Azov Battalion, have long been central…

… since 2015, the CIA has been secretly training forces in Ukraine to serve as “insurgent leaders,” in the words of one former intelligence official, in case Russia ends up invading the country. Current officials are claiming the training is purely for intelligence collection, but the former officials Yahoo! spoke to said the program involved training in firearms, “cover and move,” and camouflage, among other things.

Given the facts, there’s a good chance that the CIA is training actual, literal Nazis as part of this effort. The year the program started, 2015, also happened to be the same year that Congress passed a spending bill that featured hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of economic and military support for Ukraine… (“The CIA May Be Breeding Nazi Terror in Ukraine”, Branko Marcetic, Jacobin Magazine)

But why has the United States gone to so much trouble to arm and train these combatants when it appears that the Russian army is clearly going to win the war?

The plan to defeat Russia was never intended to succeed in the initial phase of the conflict, but to lay the groundwork for a bloody and protracted insurgency fought by these same CIA-trained paramilitaries who now act as Uncle Sam’s Nazi warriors. Here’s the story from Yahoo News:

“The CIA is overseeing a secret intensive training program in the U.S. for elite Ukrainian special operations forces and other intelligence personnel, according to five former intelligence and national security officials familiar with the initiative. The program, which started in 2015, is based at an undisclosed facility in the Southern U.S., according to some of those officials….

The training, which has included “tactical stuff,” is “going to start looking pretty offensive if Russians invade Ukraine,” said the former official. One person familiar with the program put it more bluntly. “The United States is training an insurgency,” said a former CIA official, adding that the program has taught the Ukrainians how “to kill Russians.”

Though the agency’s paramilitary resources have been otherwise stretched thin in Afghanistan and on other counterterrorism missions, the U.S.-based training program has been a “high priority” for the CIA since its Obama-era inception, said the former senior intelligence official…. The Biden administration has reportedly assembled a task force to determine how the CIA and other U.S. agencies could support a Ukrainian insurgency, should Russia launch a large-scale incursion.

“If the Russians invade, those [graduates of the CIA programs] are going to be your militia, your insurgent leaders,” said the former senior intelligence official. “We’ve been training these guys now for eight years. They’re really good fighters. That’s where the agency’s program could have a serious impact.”

Both U.S. and Ukrainian officials believe that Ukrainian forces will not be able to withstand a large-scale Russian incursion, according to former U.S. officials. But representatives from both countries also believe that Russia won’t be able to hold on to new territory indefinitely because of stiff resistance from Ukrainian insurgents, according to former officials.

If the Russians launch a new invasion, “there’s going to be people who make their life miserable,” said the former senior intelligence official. The CIA-trained paramilitaries “will organize the resistance” using the specialized training they’ve received.

“All that stuff that happened to us in Afghanistan,” said the former senior intelligence official, “they can expect to see that in spades with these guys.” (“CIA-trained Ukrainian paramilitaries may take central role if Russia invades”, Yahoo News)

Let’s summarize:

  1. The United States has been arming and training Ukrainian fascist combatants in secret locations.
  2. The CIA training program began in 2015 which suggests there must have been a plan for goading Russia into invading. Nothing would have been left to chance. Strategic planners must have settled on what provocations they would use. (like the threat of NATO membership)
  3. Official Washington never thought the Ukrainian army could prevail against a conflict with the Russian Army, which suggests that the media’s stories about “the brave Ukrainian resistance” are reckless propaganda designed to garner greater public support.
  4. The country of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people are of no interest to the United States. Ukraine is only valuable in as much as it provides a staging ground (and the manpower) for Washington to prosecute a war against Russia.
  5. The clear strategic objective of the CIA program is to create an “Afghanistan-type” quagmire for Russia that will deplete its resources, inflict massive reputational damage, and kill as many Russian servicemen as possible.
  6. The ultimate goal of the CIA-generated insurgency is to destroy the Russian economy, isolate the Russian leadership, and send home as many Russian boys in body-bags as possible in order to affect a regime change that will replace arch-rival Putin with a compliant stooge like Ukrainian Puppet Zelensky.
  7. All the evidence suggests that the developments on the ground– including the luring of Russian troops into Ukraine– is part of a long-standing strategic plan to prevent the economic integration of Russia and Europe in order to control China’s development and preserve US hegemony into the next century. Thus, current US foreign policy can be summarized in just 10 words:

All Global Research articles can be read in 51 languages by activating the “Translate Website” drop down menu on the top banner of our home page (Desktop version).

Pfizer’s Documents released to date.
The 38 page one is called. 5.3.6 postmarketing experience.pdf 

over 1,200 side effects.

How Long Before These Mass Killers Go To Jail For Life? We Must Never Forget – David Icke

This should be taught in every school.  It is presented in a factual and easy to understand way.  21 videos covering topics of importance, to everyone on the planet.

I have read a lot of material and the videos are right on the money.  The videos are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are a great place to start.

Freedom Convoy Donations

James is walking across Canada. James has set out on foot, as he did for 28 years as a soldier, to once again pick up the fight for Canadians.

James Topp – Walk a Mile in his Shoes

On some of these posts and in the comments is more information on the Ukraine and Hunter Biden as well.

US Freedom Convoy and Canadian Freedom updates March 12 2022

Bio Weapon Labs everyone needs to know about

US Freedom Convoy and Canadian Rally’s

Ottawa Freedom Convoy was not foreign-funded, committee hears -Plus a few other assorted things

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US Freedom Convoy and Canadian Freedom 3 updates March 14 2022

The 3 Updates for March 14 are down a bit.

Freedom Convoy 2022 Documentary ~ What Really Happened in Ottawa

Thank you Ken Cufaro for joining in support of Police on Guard for Thee.

Thank you Gordon Matthews for joining in support of Police on Guard for Thee.

Update from The People’s Convoy March 12 They need some firewood.

Truckers meet Sen. Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz 

Ted Cruz rode with the ‘People’s Convoy’ truckers around the DC Beltway to protest against vaccine mandates

Stan March 12 lets chat He and Grey wolf chat

Canadian veteran James Topp completes first 500km of protest march to Ottawa

Leader of Canada’s Freedom Convoy Tells RFK, Jr. Government Canceled Credit Card ‘Without Due Process’

Canadian Bank government cooperation during EMA

Bank government cooperation during the EMA Emergency Measures Act it was disclosed banks had advanced notice of the implementation which does show that the JT government had planned the use of the EMA in advance.

Private healthcare professionals ordered to disclose vaccination status In BC, Canada

Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry has issued an order requiring all healthcare professionals disclose their vaccination status to their profession’s regulatory bodies.

The order is the first step in a previously announced plan to require 39 regulated professions in B.C. to be vaccinated for COVID-19.

The order will require registrants to provide vaccination status to their regulatory colleges by March 31.

The province had previously announced that all private healthcare workers would have to be vaccinated by March 24, a deadline that now appears to have been delayed.

Prior to Monday’s public health order, regulatory bodies like the B.C. College of Physicians and Surgeons had no ability to obtain vaccination status from their members.

That means the impact of the planned mandate, through healthcare professionals that may stop practicing in B.C., is still completely unknown.

Castanet News contacted several of the largest regulatory colleges in the B.C. healthcare sector on Monday, asking questions about how many professionals could leave practices as a result of the mandate.

None were able to provide answers.

B.C. required last year that all public-sector healthcare workers be vaccinated against COVID-19. In the B.C. Interior, that meant letting go of nearly 900 workers.

The incoming mandate will extend that requirement to the private sector, covering everything from family doctors, dentists, massage therapists, pharmacists and more.

Salmon Arm dentist Robert Johnson blasted the plans in a video on social media last week, suggesting the public’s access to healthcare will be hurt by the measure.

TRUDEAU HAS MAJOR CONFLICT OF INTEREST WITH VACCINES …. Dr. Robert Malone (Inventor of mRNA technology) says that Justin Trudeau’s foundation might hold as much as 40% ownership of a pharmaceutical company called “Acuitas Therapeutics”, (6190 Agronomy road, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T-1Z3), who is making essential components for the Covid injections. …

March 14 Update

BREAKING: Convoy Leader Tamara Lich welcomed home from prison as a hero


Who in their right mind would trust this company?

Bayer’s Connections and Lawsuits against them.

IG Farben was Bayer’s parent company during WWII. The company had extensive ties to the Third Reich. This is according to Auschwitz concentration camp documents.

They experimented on people. This history is important to know.

Bayer and Merck Put Pets at Risk

Bayer & Merck Anti-Flea & Tick Products for Pets: Animal Health & Environmental Risks

Advantage Multi almost killed one of my pets. So I have first hand experience with that one.  Others I have spoken to, also had sick pets from it. Talk to those, who have pets. You will find the truth.  Never again, will I use anything from any drug company, for any of my pets. Once was enough. I know people, who used tablets for tick and flea protection and their dogs got aggressive and sick. Some were down right vicious. When they stopped using it, fortunately the dogs behavior improved a 1,000 percent.

Bayer and Monsanto: A Marriage Made in Hell -Monsanto is one of those companies that got into the Ukraine. Now Bayer, who bought Monsanto, is in the Ukraine. They make for a bad company.

The two multinationals that teamed up during the Vietnam War to poison millions of people with their Agent Orange herbicide—St. Louis, Mo.-based Monsanto and Germany’s Bayer AG—are looking to become one.

Exclusive: The US federal government paid hundreds of media companies to advertise the COVID-19 vaccines while those same outlets provided positive coverage of the vaccines

Everyone in every level of Government, need to be forced to read this.

Pfizer’s Documents released to date.
The 38 page one is called. 5.3.6 postmarketing experience.pdf 

over 1,200 side effects. They knew about this in less then three months time. They knew is would cause mass deaths. They knew it would cause mass injuries. Why are these people still walking free? Murder is a crime, so is assault and battery. So are crimes against humanity. They knew full well the damage, this bio weapon would cause. This is not a vaccine.

Criminal Confession: State Dept Confirms Obama Created Illegal Bioweapons Labs in Ukraine

2 March 14, 2022 Updates

Sam recently hosted Ritchie McDonald Brown, a listener from Bulgaria. He has studied bio-warfare since the 80’s and talks about how what is happening today in Ukraine is nothing new!

Listen in to hear about Operation Paperclip and how the US imported biowarfare experts from the Third Reich and Japan, how the Biden administration funneled a whopping $1B to mainstream media news networks to promote vaccine propaganda to millions of Americans and lots more!

Is the mainstream media manipulating the story in Ukraine today?

Don’t miss this explosive conversation!

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy is tied to Klaus Schwab, Justin Trudeau, and other global elites

Bio Weapon Labs everyone needs to know about Check the comment for more information. There is a lot of important information there.

US Freedom Convoy and Canadian Rally’s– 7 new Updates March 8, 2022 Canada hits a new Low

Some History that is important to know

Ukraine On Fire 2016 

Documentary by Oliver Stone about the history of Ukraine and what happened in Maidan in 2014 and about the western media and US role in what happened on Maidan.  

I would also download this as well. It will vanish. For now just click on it and you can still watch it. It will jog your memory of events that happened. The Ukraine has been taken over by Nazis. Watch and learn the truth. Well it has been removed from youtube after all these years. Here is a link to it on another site.

Youtube hiding the truth yet again. Thank you to Pandora for getting me the back up link. And of course to the person, who was smart enough to upload it to another site. It took youtube just one day to remove it. They want to rewrite history. Remember download anything that they might wipe out. they have been doing that a lot lately. Two years actually. You know something is fishy, when this starts happening. You know the governments and the main stream media, are lieing. Youtube is doing the Governments work for them. Hiding the truth is unacceptable. My prediction did come true. I have nothing nice to say about youtube, at this point. Youtube, twitter and facebook are removing the truth all the time. Just in case anyone has missed that.

This is from 4 years ago. Max Blumenthal: US is Arming Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

A back up link just in case youtube removes this one as well. I hate censorship of the truth. They are again attempting to wipe out history. Remember if you find anything download it and upload it to another site. Youtube just sucks the big one.

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Bio Weapon Labs everyone needs to know about

Had to take a short break from the Convoy today. Latter I will get back to that. This needs to be out there.

Everyone in the world needs to know this

Nuland confirms existence of ‘biological research facilities’ in Ukraine

U.S. Department of Defense “controls 336 biological laboratories in 30 countries around the world.” Zhao also said that the data disclosed by the United States reveals that there are 26 laboratories in Ukraine and has urged “all parties concerned” to ensure the safety of the labs amid the Russian military offensive.
The Ukrainian government in Kyiv has denied developing bioweapons.

Ukraine has “biological research facilities,” says Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland Ukraine has “biological research facilities,” says Under Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, when asked by Sen Rubio if Ukraine has biological or chemical weapons, and says she’s worried Russia may get them. But she says she’s 100% sure if there’s a biological attack, it’s Russia.

Over the years the US, are the ones doing the false flags. But hey, do not let history, get in the road of her bullshit.

Nuland testifies that labs do exist in Ukraine, and then this happens… Ukraine update 2

Russia Demands U.S. DOD Explain Biological Labs in Ukraine

Russia claims to have uncovered US-linked bioweapon facilities in Ukraine, apparently intended solely for military use.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has said that Washington owes Moscow and the world an explanation. Firstly, as Ukraine is Russia’s neighbor, and secondly that it might make the US’ anti-WMD efforts around the world somewhat hypocritical.

Pentagon Biolaboratories – Investigative Documentary

The US also has military bases all over the world.

Of course they have Bio weapon labs, all over the world as well. As for the insects, that has been used for years. Even Typhus was spread by lice, Small pox by bed bugs, the Plaque by fleas, Malaria by mosquitoes, Zika by mosquitoes and the list goes on and on. The use of insects is old. GMO manipulation, is so much fun.  They even are working on  vaccines spread by insects.  The US citizens do not know about all of this. This is never in the main stream media. It has been kept hidden for years as are many other things. Even drug companies are bio weapon labs. Take a long hard look at the so called covid vaccines. They are bio weapons.  This is not rocket science or anything. DNA collection is the only thing the so called PCR test was good for during the fake pandemic. Now, why would they want all that DNA?

They also so not care, if anyone in those areas, are harmed. They are just lab rats.

Was Joe Biden Supposed to be Arrested in Ukraine in 2020? | Random Things You Need to Know

This one is just interesting. Now if you want to know, how the Ukraine got so corrupt, this will help you understand.

Fauci’s Criminal Covid Bombshell

Pfizer’s Documents released to date.
The 38 page one is called. 5.3.6 postmarketing experience.pdf over 1,200
 side effects.

Thomas Renz: “We Have Incentivized The Murder Of Patients Rather Than Incentivize Treatment”

Attorney Thomas Renz:

The US has been using the Ukraine to develop weapons of mass destruction. Oh how shocking. Not.


This is why Turkey was floating the balloon that they wanted nukes also. Saudi Arabia⚡CLINTON’S Huge Uranium deposits in Ukraine. Uranium One⚡ Nothing is a coincidence.

British MP Tells The Ultimate Truth about banks

He recommends jail time too. I said the same thing years ago.



WHO IS HUNTER BIDEN? Is on the post below.

JOE BIDEN IS IMPLODING!!! Is at the link below

Former Canadian Soldier James Topp has launched a march from Vancouver, British Columbia to Ottawa, Ontario. The purpose of this march as told by the mission statement:

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US Freedom Convoy and Canadian Rally’s– 7 new Updates March 8, 2022 Canada hits a new Low

7 Updates March 8, 2022

Ottawa, Canada Iconic Cafe being evicted for serving truckers!

Illegal behavior, on the part of Mayor Watson and Ottawa council. I hope many residents, that support the Iconic Café, show up at the next council meeting and demand answers.

The best thing that happened in Ottawa, over the last two years, was the Truckers convoy. It was great for businesses. Watson and his sickopaths should have figured that out by now. A lot of money, was put into the Ottawa economy. Is Watson brain dead, or is he just that stupid? Crime also went down. Lest we forget. Well except for the crimes, perpetrated by the so called police. Imported thugs that is.

Please get the word out! This cannot be allowed to happen. His crime was being open and for that they want him gone.

Trudeau bans media he doesn’t like from his speech addressing ‘slippage’ of democratic values

Where did freedom of the press go? This is outrageous.

This is laughable.

Ottawa’s Interim Police Chief Vows ‘Systemic Change’ in Wake of Convoy Protest

Bell is full of shit of course.  Who in their right mind would trust this, whatever you want to call it. Pro lier maybe?


Bumblin’ Biden is imploding right before our very eyes! His announcement of banning Russian oil combined with his own ban on drilling here at home promises to sink his presidency once and for all. In this video we’ll look at the inevitable costs that are going to skyrocket from this ban on Russia, we’re going to see how Biden is running out of options, and stick with me to the very end of this video when I’ll show you why Russia may end up relatively unscathed by all those, which promises to sink Biden even further; you are not going to want to miss this!

LIVE from the People’s Convoy in Maryland | Live with Laura-Lynn

BREAKING: Convoy organizer Tamara Lich released on bail after review

Ottawa Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich was granted bail on Monday March 7 2022, after a Superior Court of Ontario justice overturned a prior judge’s decision to keep her in jail.

Lich was arrested by Ottawa Police on Feb. 17 after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act and a joint police force brought the convoy demonstrations to an end.

According to Justice John Johnston, the prior judge overseeing the case made a legal error, when ruling to keep Lich behind bars.

On Feb. 22, Justice Julie Bourgeois denied Lich bail, citing the possibility that she would reoffend and that her release would harm the integrity of the justice system.

If anyone has any videos of this, I would love it if you left the links in the Comment section.

Thanks you to all who have left links to videos etc. There is getting to be a great collection, of video there. I really appreciate all the help. A special Thank You to all the ones taking the videos.

A shout out to all of those in the UK and US Thank You

UK freedom protesters chant “F*ck Trudeau” outside Downing Street

New Yorkers were outside the Embassy protesting.

Calgary freedom rally March 5, 2022

Hands Across Canada Sudbury March 5, 2022

Freedom protesters have returned to Ottawa.

Some freedom protesters have returned to Ottawa. Here they are forming a “human chain” in front of Parliament in support of convoy organizers that are still in jail.

FREEDOM CHAIN | PARLIAMENT HILL | MARCH 5 2022 All the speeches are great.

Canadians Protest Outside | Innes Jail in Ottawa | Release of Convoy Organizer Tamara


Dr. Charles Hoffe reveals the horrors he has witnessed in his patients who have had the vaccine. There more dead and injured at this point.

Cancel Culture displayed at Ottowa Counter Protest.. i.e. Pro-Fascism Pro-Communist Protestors

Are these even Canadians? I have never met any Canadians that think communism is a good thing or fascism for that matter. Are these more imports, bought and paid for by someone?

People’s Convoy: Truckers across Ohio and as they arrive in Maryland

Some Drone footage.

Drone Footage From Hagerstown, Maryland Showcases Just a Fraction of the People’s Convoy

God Bless America Drone footage

Trucker convoy heads to DC beltway

Artist and Patriot Scott LoBaido at the Truckers Freedom Rally in New Egypt, NJ.

Tennessee SB2128 – Make Ivermectin Over-The-Counter

March 2, 2022 Tennessee Health & Welfare Committee

THE Vaccine Companies Went Out of Their Way to HIDE THIS – WAKE UP PEOPLE!

Massive anti NATO protests began in Greece

Massive anti NATO protests began in Greece. The Thesalonician protesters are burning a NATO flag against its military actions in the whole world.


If WMDs have been found on the Ukraine border then the game is over for Nato.

This is a video that should be downloaded and uploaded on other sites. Youtube will make this one vanish. The US government wants to control all of the EU. Just saying. George knows what he is talking about. Many of us have been saying the same thing since the beginning of all this bullshit. It is the US government behind all of this. Lets hope the people of the US can help clean up their corrupt government. Remember the US government was funding the Wuhan lab in China. They came out with with the first deadly, so called vaccine. The vaccines are bio weapons. They are killing people hand over fist. They murdered people who went to hospital and diagnosed them with the fake Covid. The US government paid hospitals to kill people. Get with the program people. Help the truckers and the citizens on the convoy. Stand up for them. Help them. They are out there, fighting for your rights. Get your sorry asses out there and help them all right across the world. The death toll from the so called vaccines/bio weapons are taking a heavy toll. The deaths are increasing big time. They say they are dieing of covid. They are dieing of the bio weapon. Don’t fall for their propaganda. Use cash only. Keep cash on hand. Learn how they did things old school. They could do business with out computers or hydro. How did they do that? Talk to the old folks some of them, will remember, how to do that. You need their wisdom. Like the old lady they went to rescue during Ice Storm 98. She laughed at them. “Your are here to rescue me from what”? She certainly, did not need to be rescued. She sent the kids, away as she laughed at them all. She never even noticed the hydro went out. She was just fine. One of the few, that had no problem at all. She knew how to survive, with out computers or hydro. Modern tech is a great way to control you. They want everything to run on hydro. Only truly insane people, would think that is a good idea. Ask yourself when the hydro goes out what will you do? Think about that for a while. This is all part of the Great Reset. Every time there is a so called fabricated/created war, the price of fuel always goes up. They want everyone hooked up to the electrical grid. Then they have total control over you. Think about everything Biden has done since he took power. He caused the price of everything to increase, including the deaths of innocent people. Thanks to the US created bio weapons called vaccines. In Canada JT is increasing the carbon tax, among the other steps he has taken to control people. Both are power hungry, slimy, piss heads. The EU is being conned, by Biden and his traitors. Of course their leaders, are just as bad as Biden and JT. They are all traitors. Everything they are doing, is part of the so called Great Reset, Agenda 2021 and agenda 2030. Wake up people. Stop listening to the main stream media. They have been lieing to you, for years. You don’t want the UN/NATO controlling the world. they must be removed along with many other entitles and replaces with something that is not corrupt to the core. That included the IMF and World Bank. All they do is force countries to open their doors to privatization by foreign companies that take over heat hydro food etc. That is all they do.

They never help anyone, but the rich take over your countries. They vacuum, money and resources out of every country they can. History tell us that. Real history, not the fabricated, shit you learn in school. Don’t forget: I advise downloading this video and uploading it to other sties.

George got banned from Canada a few years ago. The government, did not wan his truth to be told to Canadians. So to all Canadians guess what corruption in your country has been ongoing for some time. Censorship is a real thing in Canada and has been for some time. None of what is happening is new. The Free Trade Agreement back in the late 80’s was the start of the New World Order. Just in case no one noticed. Brian was such a prick. All the advertising for the Free Trade Agreement was sponsored/paid for, by corporations, from outside the country. People have such short memories, I must say. Could that be, why they wanted to kill off, the old folks, who just might remember all of that? They certainly did kill many of them off, with their fake pandemic. They were the first to go, remember.

There is also information on the Ukraine. In both links below. Check comments as well.

Ottawa Freedom Convoy was not foreign-funded, committee hears -Plus a few other assorted things

There is more information in the comment section as well

A MESSAGE TO ALL FELLOW AMERICAN’S AND FELLOW TRUCKERS Biden State of Union 7 Updates March 4 On Truckers

Laura Lynn is safe and sound chatting to Stan

Peoples Convoy 3/6/22  Return from 1st mission 

UPDATE from the American Convoy | Live with Laura-Lynn

Thank you Sally Christmas for joining in support of Police on Guard for Thee.

Thank you Gerry Racine for joining in support of Police on Guard for Thee.

Thank you Allan Breker for joining in support of Police on Guard for Thee.

Check the comment section for more information. Thank You to all that are leaving links to important information.

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Ottawa Freedom Convoy was not foreign-funded, committee hears -Plus a few other assorted things 1 Update March 6

Ottawa Freedom Convoy was not foreign-funded, committee hears

I knew this. I often went to check out the gofundme site. Like ever day often.  I would read through a few hundred donation comments. What can I say I like to read.  Any donation that came from outside the country was about 20-25 dollars most times. Nothing to get your panties in a bunch over.  One of the largest donations was from Sing Songs  brother. You know that so called person, that leads the NDP. I assume his brother is a Canadian. I could be wrong.

I have people that I employ and I now pay them in Cash. I warned, them not to put the money in the bank and why as well.  I also advised them to pay their bills ahead, if they could and get extra food, just in case. All my transactions are now, cash only. No credit cards, no cheques, no debit cards either. Old school.

Hey old school, worked for years. I can get away with doing that, as I have a security system that will tear you apart………  No fear of being robbed or anything like that.  My security system, also comes with me, everywhere I go. The back up security system, stays at home. No problem going out either. My neighbours, also all watch out for each other. So we all, have back up, for our backup.  

My neighbours are also going to do, the cash only system as well. Well since the banks can’t be trusted, nor can the government. The lieing, corrupt, government, can go take a long walk, off a short pier. We will not let our employees go hungry or lose their homes.  

Has anyone noticed the price of gas skyrocketing. Every time the US/NATO/UN, can muster up a new war, that happens every time. Every fucking time. History tells us that one.  Killing a pipeline like Biden did, also helps that one along. That was an attack on Canadian energy. He messed up everything Trump did, to lower prices of gas etc. Biden attacked his own country.  I am not even a fan of  Trump. He did bring the price, of a lot of things however.

Now back to the News Report.

Ottawa Freedom Convoy was not foreign-funded, committee hears

Jacob Wells, the co-founder of GiveSendGo, testified that 63% of donors to the fundraising efforts for the convoy on his platform were Canadian.

The Thursday morning revelations came during a public safety committee hearing in the House of Commons, where representatives from American crowdfunding platforms GiveSendGo and GoFundMe were called to testify.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, GoFundMe, which initially tried to disperse the convoy’s fundraising efforts to “approved” charities before public backlash forced the company to walk back that decision and issue full refunds to donors, almost nine out of 10 donors to the convoy were domestic:

Our records show 88 percent of donated funds originated in Canada and 86 percent of donors were from Canada,” Juan Benitez, president of GoFundMe of Redwood City, California, testified at the Commons public safety committee. Donors contributed $10.1 million to the Freedom Convoy by the time GoFundMe suspended the account February 4 at the request of Ottawa’s mayor.

Foreign funding was insignificant, said Benitez. “A large amount of that determination is based on credit card information,” he said.

Nor was there any evidence neo-Nazi or criminal organizations contributed to the Freedom Convoy, said Benitez. “We commenced a review of where donations were coming from,” he said.

Jacob Wells, co-founder of GiveSendGo also testified to similar facts, identifying 63% of donors to the fundraising efforts for the truckers on his platform as Canadian.

“Most of the donations were under $100, it’s pretty consistent across the board,” Wells said.

The Ontario government obtained a court order to freeze the GiveSendGo accounts. GiveSendGo, in return, told the Ontario government to get bent on Twitter:

In a February 17 press conference, Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair pointed to the convoy to Ottawa as an example of foreign interference in Canadian politics.

“We will not let any foreign entities that seek to do harm to Canada or Canadians, erode faith in our democratic institutions, or question the legitimacy of our democracy,” Blair claimed.

The convoy began in Western Canada to protest cross-border vaccine mandates for truckers and continued as thousands of trucks and tens of thousands of supporters remained in the nation’s capital for nearly four weeks protesting against remaining lockdown restrictions before the Liberals involved the never-before-used Emergencies Act to give police extraordinary powers of arrest, detention, search and seizure to clear away the peaceful demonstrations.

There are a few other things no in the report above. I only took the really important stuff.

Peoples Convoy USA

Drone footage of the Huge Flag Roll Out and more

Thank You to William for this.

Question: Has everyone gotten their money back? If you haven’t I would be complaining. Among other things.

Questions: Is this one of the reasons, Tamara is in jail? Tamara is a political prisoner.

As noted below, there are other Politically motivated prisoners, being held as well. Just like the Canadians, that were thrown into jail, in China. Canada is China. Oh My fucking God. Well JT did say he loved how things were run in China after all.

Why is wanting your freedom back a crime?

Why is it fine for JT to steal billions, in tax dollars and launder it to corrupt countries like Ukraine and Drug companies? Both kill people.

These are from of few of the comments left at the previous post. There are some dandies there. There is also a Hunter Biden documentary in the Post, everyone should check out as well.

Former Liberal MP wants to ban Fox News in Canada
Former Liberal MP Adam Vaughan has called for Fox News to be taken off the air in Canada for its supportive coverage of the Freedom Convoy.

Adam Vaughan, another criminal of course. He wants censorship. I bet he hates free speech too. He should be sent, to China to live or to the Moon.

Trudeau using war in Ukraine to push more censorship in Canada

What better time to push for more censorship in Canada than when a war is happening on the other side of the world?

This is what happens when you ask the MSM a legit question

This is about Russia and the Ukraine. It applied then and now. Nothing in this area has changed.

This is a must watch.

Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? Featuring John Mearsheimer

The Causes and Consequences of the Ukraine Crisis John J. Mearsheimer, the R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor in Political Science and Co-director of the Program on International Security Policy at the University of Chicago, assesses the causes of the present Ukraine crisis, the best way to end it, and its consequences for all of the main actors. A key assumption is that in order to come up with the optimum plan for ending the crisis, it is essential to know what caused the crisis. Regarding the all-important question of causes, the key issue is whether Russia or the West bears primary responsibility.

Arresting Innocent people is now a Canadian thing.

Canadian gov’t detains Russian nationals to ‘hold Russia accountable for its invasion of Ukraine’

I found this in my wanderings.

Ukraine underwent dramatic changes in 2014, Vice President Joe Biden’s criminal role in the Obama administration’s involvement in the revolution that ousted their president. Biden’s brag sounds like Hillary’s boast! Libya similarities

There is a whole lot of history there. The one thing I disagree with is the Death of Bin Laden. He seems to have died in December of 2001. Those reports of course never made it to the main stream media. The gov needed him, as their boogies man. This is a lot of information to go through. Good luck.

One of the Videos inside that post is a good watch.

Biden’s son-in-law advises campaign on pandemic while investing in Covid-19 startups First published at 21:18 UTC on October 26th, 2020.

Laws that were broken by Joe Biden and his family.

According to Politico

At the same time that Joe Biden’s son-in-law, Howard Krein, has been advising Biden’s campaign on its coronavirus response, Krein’s venture capital business has been running a special initiative to invest in health care startups that offer solutions to the pandemic.

In March, as Covid-19 began spreading in the United States, the investment firm, StartUp Health, unveiled a new coronavirus initiative soliciting pitches from entrepreneurs with products that addressed the outbreak.

This goes over a video where Howard and his father Steven Krein speak on Biden’s Cancer Initiative being a Major Part of their Moonshots for heath.
Also hear how Google partnered with them according to Howard.

So how deep the hole goes on Biden family members profiting!

StartUp Health was barely up and running when, in June 2011, two of the company’s executives were ushered into the Oval Office of the White House. They met with President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

The following day, the new company would be featured at a large health care tech conference being run by the US Department of Health and Human Services, and StartUp Health executives became regular visitors to the White House, attending events in 2011, 2014 and 2015.

How did StartUp Health gain access to the highest levels of power in Washington? There was nothing particularly unique about the company, but for this:

The chief medical officer of StartUp Health, Howard Krein, is married to Joe Biden’s youngest daughter, Ashley.

See more in my research notes found in here,

Biden’s son-in-law advises campaign on pandemic while investing in Covid-19 startups

I wonder how much money he made on the so called Pandemic? How much did Joe get of all that money? Hunter forked over money to his daddy. This video was posted October 26th, 2020.

More Free Speech going down the tubes. So much for being the country with Free Speech.

U.S. Homeland Security Report: “False or Misleading Narratives and Conspiracy Theories” to be Categorized as “Terrorism”? – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

US Convoy and Canadian Truckers need your support Lots of great links in the comment section there as well.

Thank You, to all who are leaving important information.

A few Pictures of the US Convoy. That other fringe group the main stream media talks about.

The US Convoy is on a Media break today.

They were in Hagerstown, MD last time I checked.

I still have not found the Drone footage from the flag roll out yet. So if anyone finds that, do leave it in the comment section. I bet it is awesome.

There is video of the road trip yesterday, March 4, 2022, at the link below.

A MESSAGE TO ALL FELLOW AMERICAN’S AND FELLOW TRUCKERS Biden State of Union 7 Updates March 4 On Truckers

There are a lot of other things going on today. So going to have to go find out just how much.

Bless all the live streamers and others getting footage of events around the world.

Know the Laws that can protect you. Yes I know, that means you have to do some reading.

Charter of Rights and Freedoms Section 2(c) – Freedom of Peaceful Assembly

I advise reading all new ACTS/BILLS as well. They always use such pretty names to take more of your rights away.

I heard someone, likes this kind of music. Me Too. Enjoy.

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A MESSAGE TO ALL FELLOW AMERICAN’S AND FELLOW TRUCKERS Biden State of Union 7 Updates March 4 On Truckers

Good morning people. A message for all you folks out there. To every citizen, of every country in the world.

I am expanding a little. I love expansion. I will be covering a few topics on this one. So I will be drifting a bit. It is time for all Americans to wake up. There is no right, no left, no colour, nor religion, that has gone untouched by this tyranny. It is time for the entire country to unite as one. It is time for the entire world to become one. Everyone has to fight for those, who were vaxed, that died or were injured for life. Even there voices, have been silenced, when they tried to warn others. The divide that has been created by tyrannical governments, must be kicked to the curb. The Build Back Better Bastards and Bitches, must be brought out into the open. I call them the five B’s. The corruption, that has taken over our world is horrific.

They got rich and everyone else got much poorer. That has been their agenda for as many years as I can remember. This is not new by any stretch of the imagination. They stole trillions, of our tax dollars, again. We pay for all their corruption be it a fake pandemic or their wars, all based on lies. To bad there was not a test for honesty. Now that is a test, I could get behind. Learning to pick out a lier is hard for some people and easier for others. History can tell us, who many of those liers are. Bill Gates lier, Fauci lier and the list goes on. The UN liers, NATO liers, The UN liers, The WEF liers. They all lie. So that takes a whole lot off the table for you. You don’t have to go through, what many of us did investigating, In Canada they have 185 of them that ave themselves away, just by voting. They are all connected to the WEF agenda. The New World order Agenda etc. Canadians now know who they all are. They are now going to have to go through all the Provincial governments, to find them all. The medical health, dictators have already proven, they are corrupt to the core. Take them off the table.

A song to bring you up. Make it your song, for the day. Sing it to your neighbours. We all need motivation. Let Your Love Shine. Music helps heal. It also brings back memories, you have long forgotten. Music and laughter, can help heal the world. It doesn’t matter if your rich or poor. We all count. By the way being rich does not make you happy. If ever have to wish for anything, Wish to Be Happy. You could be any one of those homeless people out there. Yes that, could be you. never forget that. Governments create that one on purpose.

March 4, 2022 Updates

Ottawa Freedom Convoy was not foreign-funded, committee hears

Peoples Convoy 3/4/22. The Bandit has arrived

Peoples Convoy 3/2/22. Media Day

Awesome video The red neck limo is incredible. I just loved it.

A bit latter into the video after the speeches, they roll out the flag? A giant flag. The trucks light it up. The lighting is gorgeous. There will drone footage. Someone else or I will find it, where it is is I hope. To all those, who leave comments if you find it pleas leave the link in the comment section. Bless you all for the help. These days I have more shit to do, then I know, what to with it all.

US Convoy and Canadian Truckers need your support



That Includes NO EVIDENCE for ALL So-Called Non-Existent Viral Variants From Alpha – the beginning to The End, Beta, Delta, Marburg, Omicron to Their Finale – the Media Release of the Omega Variant – The End!

All So-Called Viruses Are Imaginary and Only Exist as a Computer Generated Illusion and NEVER FOUND in Nature!

178 Responses Around the World From December 1, 2020 to January 4, 2022 – NO ONE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD HAS PROVIDED CREDIBLE PROOF of the EXISTENCE FOR ANY VIRUS!

Whilst you’ve been distracted by Russia’s Invasion, the UK Gov. released a Report confirming the Fully Vaccinated now account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths in England. That equates to 90% of the vaccinated die. March 1, 2022 Point of interest they never die of covid. They die of the, so called vaccines. The so called vaccines, do pass something on. The testing is bogus. Getting treated for so called covid can and does kill people. Masks cause all sorts of problem. Bacterial pneumonia is one of them.

These are dark days for the citizens of Ukraine, but if you were to watch mainstream news or read a mainstream newspaper, you could be forgiven for thinking the plight of the Ukrainians, is currently the only event taking place in the world. If you look at the links posted in the previous post and comment section you find out a few things that are happening. Right down to fake news reports. I advise everyone to check that out. You think the reporting on so called covid was bad. This is just as bad. Don’t be fooled by the lies the main stream media dishes out.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) publish a weekly Covid-19 Vaccine Surveillance Report, the most recent of which was published Thursday 24th Feb 22, and it can be viewed HERE.

Table 10, found on page 41 of the latest report shows the number of Covid-19 cases by vaccination status in England between 24th Jan and 20th Feb 22, and it confirms the vast majority were recorded among the triple vaccinated population. Go HERE for the rest and the Table and Report.

March 4 Update

Eugenics Program Exposed: Down Syndrome And Christian Faith Documented In Medical Murder

In Loving Memory

Grace Schara

9/22/2002 – 10/13/2021

If you go to the Tragedy link and scroll over the  Thou Shall Not Kill link everything they did to Grace is there. Shocking, but all true. They have done this, to many people. There is a section with Stories from others as well.

Sharing this video for those who need to be reminded that almost all governments are criminal entities. Hunter’s is a sad story, one that is shared by the less privileged on the streets around the world, souls that have been emptied by the gross abuse of those charged with the protection of innocence. Rally around the cry for Freedom from the tyrannically depraved who have cheated and bribed their way to power. Their days are numbered and they know it.

After this you might know, a few new things about Joe Biden. Joshahua left this in the comments. Great find.

So, they are using the Ukraine propaganda, so no one will notice the death rates around the world due to the so called vaccines. I call Bio Weapons. A tactic they have been using for years. Look here, so you don’t see, what is going on over here. A lot of people bit on that one. They also do not want anyone, to notice the US convoy. Surprise, Surprise.

March 4, 2022 Update

Thank You Katie

I think Stew is hitting the nail on the head. The Ukraine gov kills Russian speaking people without a thought. They did the same thing last time. The Ukraine gov is corrupt to the core, thanks to the US installing corrupt people. Biden got rid of the prosecutor, that was going after corruption. They installed gov went for it. All to protect Biden’s son and the corrupt company. Having bio labs there, is so a US gov thing. If they can’t do it in the US, of course they would use another country for them. They funded the Wuhan lab after all. . I do know US companies, went in and took over many areas there. Monsanto, now owned by Bayer, was one of them. They always take over the food chain anywhere they go. US corporations attempt to take over anything and everything they can, in any country.

Putin’s War on Bio-Labs, Pfizer Witness Exposes Safety Trials, David J. Harris Blasts Biden

Thursday on the Stew Peters Show, Dr. Ariyana Love returns to discuss Putin’s purging of bioweapon labs in Syria and now in Ukraine.
27 year veteran Jarome Bell joins Stew to discuss the ongoing war in Ukraine, as NATO continues to feign intervention while Kiev spreads propaganda and refuses to surrender.

Now this is interesting. Yes you should watch it. I hate sending anyone to do this But. All of the new ACTS/BILLS, they want to put through have to be read and annualized to see what they really do. Biden will do the opposite of what he says they are doing. He is an abusive man and he will accuse others of doing exactly, what he is doing. That is how they work. He lies. Go figure.

Thank You Marcie for this one.

Joe Biden State Of The Union Address – March 2022
There are no words to describe this. He is clueless. Due to him there are more unemployed then one can imagine. He is an abusive man. He blames others for what he is doing. Typical.

Real sorry about this one. Each and everyone of those new ACTS/BILLS need to be looked at. Reading them all is a lot like eating chalk for breakfast. They hide all sorts of things in those ACTS. They will give them pretty Names of course. That makes them sound nice and makes you think, they are helping you. I learned that one years ago. I am sure others have as well. Many do not even read them, before they vote on them. I also learned that one years ago.

March 4, 2022 Update

LIVE FACT-CHECK! Biden’s First State of the Union | Louder with Crowder

This one is easier to watch.  If it wasn’t for the Ukraine, Joe would not have had much to say.


Everyone’s worst NightmareMAY BE TRUE. 

After 2 years of denying that mRNA vaccines cannot alter the DNA, a new study proves it is possible that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine possibly affects the DNA:

This is a Canadian ACT/BILL, going through. This one too needs to be read and to find out, what they are really up to. Live streaming might become a problem. Gee, why would they want to get rid of that I wonder?

This is not Russia. This is Italy. Let that sink in.

21-Year-Old Med Student Severely Injured by Pfizer Vaccine Still Waiting for Response From Government Compensation Program

No More Silence collects Vaccine injury and death stories. These are real people. Children included.

Years ago, A little kid asked their mother this Question. A question, to make you think. The kid was 5 years old.


So, if you are driving down the road and a bunny rabbit jumped in the window and bit you, what would you do?


So, the mother went out and asked, a whole lot of other people, that question, for the kid. It is a really good question. The mom had a lot of fun, with that question.

That mother had  rules. If  kids ask questions, fine the answers to those questions. Always tell the truth. Rather practical. You will learn something too…..

Thank you James Murphy for joining in support of Police on Guard for Thee.

This one is gross. Those maskers, could not find a garbage bin. Talk about litterbugs.  This will have nasty side effects on the birds and creatures in the Oceans, Lakes, Rivers etc. A lot of wildlife, will die too.

Face Masks Are Invading The Ocean At A Record Level – COVID-19 Consequence

March 4, 2022 Update

The New Canadian Flag

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US Convoy and Canadian Truckers need your support

Canada : Convoy trucks returned trashed

The truckers has to pay $1,200 to get their trucks back and this is what they found. Those trucks should have been taken care of. Who owns the yard and who is reproducible for this? There is no excuse for this?

So what the hell happened? The Police did not do much of a job. So was it the police who trashed the trucks or the yard owners? Looks a lot like an illegal search to me. So where is the stolen property? Just and observation.

Canada: Convoy trucks returned but ransaked and trashed

Anyone out there, who is at a protest do share this information. Stand behind the truckers. Now you have to help them. What you see above, is a crime. A few crimes as a matter of fact. $1,200 should be returned, all damages paid for and stolen, money needs to be returned to the truckers.

I hate repeating myself, but it seems the police, need a bit of a reminder.

Police code of conduct in Canada Really! Who knew?

Constitutional Rights Group to Sue Ottawa Over ‘Abuse of Government Power’ in Invoking Emergencies Act

Constitutional law firm offers free aid to farmer after bank accounts were frozen for Freedom Convoy donation

JCCF Communications Director Marie Cathcart said as reported in the Western Standard that they will “will represent at no charge, individuals who have donated to the convoy and suffered a financial freeze on their accounts as a result.”

GUNTER: The freezing of accounts was political vengeance

Remember on Wednesday when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was revoking the Emergencies Act? So how come his government is still holding onto the bank accounts, credit cards, retirement investments and mortgages of hundreds of Canadians who participated in or donated money to the Freedom Convoy?

Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Ministers, Cabinet Members, Prov. Health Officers, Premiers, MLA/MPPs, Mayors, City Councilors, School Trustees, Union Leaders – all those involved in implementing the unlawful COVID-19 measures will face serious consequences for their part in committing crimes against humanity.

Hacked Freedom Convoy donors’ personal information posted around Ottawa streets

Under the cover of darkness, an individual or group put up posters in Ottawa listing the names, addresses and amount of money that donors sent in support of the Freedom Convoy.

If you see any of these take down carefully. There are finger prints on those puppies. Then of course you have find an honest cop to get them checked. Good lick with that. They are posting stolen property. They are, also committing a hate crime. There may even be some video surveillance cameras to look at. I know of a few stores that do that to protect their businesses from vandalism, in front of their businesses. I want those assholes caught. charged and jailed. You might not want to go to the Ottawa Police. The OPP can over ride them, so can the RCMP. So try those Police services. Be sure to keep some of evidence. Don’t give them everything. The evidence can vanish you know. Funny how things like can happen Eh. Take notes of where you find, said evidence. Date, time, placement, Address etc. Take a picture if you can. You are now doing the work for the Police. Oh lord poof, you are a cop. Just like that. I do magic really well. Eh. You have every legal right to do that. You are preventing crimes, against those people on the lists. If anyone witnessed these posters being put up report it as well. Note the Day, time etc and to, who you reported it too. Get the persons name and badge number, file number of report etc. Keep that record handy.

Thank you Micael Auclair for joining in support of Police on Guard for Thee.

Know Your Rights

New Zealand Military and Police have just won a High Court Decision that Covid Mandates are UNLAWFUL

The Dictator will not be to thrilled. She should be in jail. She broke the law on every level.

New Zealand police launched a renewed push to end an anti-vaccine mandate protest that has disrupted the capital for the past three weeks, dismantling an encampment outside parliament and towing away vehicles. Reuters 03/02/2022


Peoples Convoy 3/1/22 Will Illinois mess with the convoy

This is a ride along video. Nice country side.

It’s great. Anyone can drive down any road. It’s funny if a state doesn’t want truckers, how will they get anything? Do they think things, magically, appear on store shelves? Brush up on laws, guys and gals. There is a great Lawyer, there with you. She is an awesome Lady. I like her, she has Gusto. She even did a shout out to get help for Artur Pawlowski. That is in the comment section on the previous post. They were in Cuba I think when they did that video.

Peoples Convoy 3/1/22 Let’s meet some drivers

It starts out a bit silent, but that changes.

A reminder of why the trucker are out there doing this.

8-Year-Old Boy Dies of MIS 7 Days After Pfizer Vaccine, VAERS Report Shows

Canadian judge rules contrary to COVID hysteria and Trucker Convoy

Here is a Judge I would keep.

I would say the majority of this post, is compliments of those, who left comments. Thank You for making life for me easier. Keep them coming.

A new song Together We Can. In support of the 2022 Freedom Convoy and all those who support Freedom and Liberty.

Anyone recognize the guys accent? Not American that is for sure.

The Build Back Better Bastards and Bitches. The five B’s A bunch of clowns that need jail time. Fuck the NWO thugs. Fuck Agenda 2021 and Agenda 2030. Fuck the WEF. Fuck the UN and NATO.

There seems to be very little being reported on the US Convoy. A media black out. They are real and they are huge.

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Canadian judge rules contrary to COVID hysteria and Trucker Convoy

Here is a Judge I would keep.

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra discussed a truly remarkable court ruling from earlier this week.

Vaxxed II & No Virus ever Isolated

Jabbed Pilots NOT Lawfully Allowed to Fly

UK Pfizer Report &Canadian Doctor Reviews “Mind-Boggling” Stats from Released Pfizer Documents

Fauci Exposed -He Promotes Deaths and Profits for Drug Companies and Himself

Canadians speaking out: Adverse reactions to Covid Vaccines- 2 suicide reports

Page 2 of Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

Findings Of The Corona Investigative Committee – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

Worldwide Freedom Rally’s November 20 and 21, 2021

Germany | Dr Thomas Jendges Head of Clinic, Commits Suicide “COVID-19 Vaccine Is a Genocide” 


Attorneys Reiner Füellmich & Robert F. Kennedy,Jr. Exposes Fauci’s Agenda & Crimes Against Humanity

Weaponization of Coronavirus and Law


Sen. Johnson Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates

The US Convoy for Freedom from California to Washington DC has 2000 truckers on the road.

U.S. truckers push back against ‘extremist’ ‘far-right’ corporate media slander

Listen to what the truckers have to say.

Amazon, the End of Money, Cashiers, and Beginning of Ultimate Control – New Way of Shopping

Amazon, the End of Money, Cashiers, and Beginning of Ultimate Control – New Way of Shopping

Every time you make a purchase there, you’re giving Bezos more money to control you and fire employees.
Is this convenience worth it? Nor will you know how much you’re spending. Resist AI.

You don’t get the shot, you don’t shop. Coming Soon, on their Agenda.

It’s been about 50 years since supermarkets adopted scanning, which reduced the number of check stands and checkers needed. This is the next step and more jobs lost to automation. The higher the minimum wage, the more economical automation becomes.

Great place to shop, when the hydro goes out. So what if you ate stuff and just put the wrapper back? What if you have no money, in your bank account or do not have a credit card. Say you don’t scan in, as you enter.  Just go shop and leave whet happens?  A few matches would fix that problem. This is one of the things they need 5G for. I warned, people years ago, never to use a personless cash register, ever. They have had those for a long time now. I get angry, when I see anyone use one of those things. Trying to put people out of work are you? When the machines make a mistake, who do you talk to about getting the error fixed? The f**ing computer. I just love magnets.

Klaus Schwab on the next crisis – (1 minute) A minute of your life you will never get back.

Nurse Confronts CBC (Mainstream Media in Canada) 5 mins

Nurse Confronts CBC (Mainstream Media in Canada) 5 mins
A nurse and her husband have had their lives destroyed by the CBC in Canada. Much of they same that is happening globally.


If I remember correctly the US has all of the Ukrainian gold. They took that right off, last time they US started the war there. Biden also threatened to keep money from Ukraine if they did not get rid of the prosecutor going after his son.  

Did Germany ever get all their gold back, from the US? Did Libya ever get all it’s money back, how about Iraq and the list goes on? The US and friends seen to be the vacuum cleaners, of money/gold all over the world. I think the NATO countries help with that theft. I could be wrong,  

Then of course every time. they mess with an oil country amazingly the price of Oil goes up. Then the price of gas at the pumps.

Gee was Canada being invaded, by those strange police. Those thugs in Ottawa invaded. Funny how UN planes were all over the place. Yes, yes, yes, people saw them. Oh my was Canada being invade, because they are another oil country. They did send in ones, who wanted to start riots in Canada. I saw them. Others saw them. They even arranged an attack on a pipeline.  Hell Canada is now Venezuela???????  How the hell did that happen? JT is in this, right up to his little titities. They did suck billions of dollars. out of Canada. JT gave it to them, on a silver platter.

They sucked trillions, out of countries world wide. Did no one notice??  Should we tell people? The UN helped with that big time. WHO is so special. Lead by a criminal no less. What is wrong with Interpol and the ICC? Are they corrupt now too? All that corruption seems to be contagious. So sad, they don’t do their jobs anymore. What that thing did to the people, in his own country is horrendous. Now, who elected that criminal into power? Sure was not me. I would never vote for that thing.

That fake pandemic, sure did work well, so they could cash in, big time. Banks do great work, for the money laundering, business department.  Those contracts with the drug companies really need to be brought out and checked. Pfizers are real special. Yes of course, that is part of the exam/investigation.

They are after Venezuela again. Typical MO, send in mercenaries, start riots etc. Same old Same old. Get the press, to lie up a storm for them. Stupid people, believe the main stream media bullshit.

Now, when it comes investigating things. I do remember the FBI, I think it was investigating a Canadian quarter, with a poppy on it. It must be for spying on people etc. You know, one phone call to the Canadian Mint, would have cleared that up, right off.  Just a me thing.  On fucking phone call, is all it would have taken.

Then there was the hundreds of warning, sent out to Police agencies to be on the look out, for people with a Farmers Almanac.??????? They are terrorists?????????????????????? There are no words to say, what that kind of stupid that is. Or the Quarter one. There is stupid and then is that.

History can be so funny sometimes. Do I expect, them to investigate anything? LMFAO.  Who, hires people that ———————–?????  Fill in the blank. There is no word, I can think of, for that kind of incompetence. So asking those people, for help, might not be the best route to take. Just saying. 

Now, was I? Oh yes the Ukraine thing.  Great report this one is.

Clinton booed and jeered, as she leaves New York hotel

We came, we saw, we killed him. Or something to that effect. We stole all their money. I deleted all my e-mails, that might incriminate me. I did a fake Russian thing, to make Trump look bad. And, and, and. I remember, something to do with Ukraine too.  Then there was something to do with, spying on Trump while he was in office. In her glee. Look, I am still not in jail for my crimes yet. WHY?  Oh ya daft investigators.

Clinton’s spying on Trump ‘much larger than we thought’

Well Well Well: Emergency Act Is Dead Meat

Part 2 of the exam: To all Canadians, Americans and Police Officers Some important information to Consider Feb 23, 2022

To all Canadians, Americans and Police Officers Some important information to Consider

Police in Ottawa Brutalizing Peaceful Protesters -They are way out of control

Feb 18 and 19 2022 Trucker Convoy Updates

Trudeau vows to freeze bank accounts and have insurance removed from anyone, who supports the Trucker Convoy

Canada: Surveillance, Prison Camps, Trucker convoy, Pfizer crimes, Slaves, Dictators

Address TO Canadian POLICE by Retired OPP Officer Ed Grenier

Freedom Convoy – Address To Canadians by Tom Marazzo Feb.10, 2022 And More information

More countries joining the Convoy = They are following Canada

Ottawa is now a Police state of the worst kind People could die due to their insanity

Trucker, Supporter Convoys within Canada

Part 3 Trucker Interviews Exploring Coventry Road Rigs and gofundme Update

Part 2 of Interviews with Truckers if you want to know what is really going on

Trucker interviews What is really going on with the industry and why they went to Ottawa. A Must watch video.

Australian Convoy 2022 Has arrived at the capital

Netherlands, Canada, Bolivia Convoys 2022

What the truckers want people to do Jan 29 2022 Lets help them with this

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive Part 2

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive

Remember, when they were telling you this shit?

Thank you Julie Boulianbe for joining in support of Police on Guard for Thee.

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Well Well Well: Emergency Act Is Dead Meat- 11 New Updates Feb 25 and Feb 26, 2022

Oh, take it for me, this is not over yet. I will be adding updates as I find them or given them.

Feb 26, 2022 -4 New Updates

B.C. now firing government employees put on leave over COVID shots
There are a few people in BC that need to go to jail. Move over Justin, Boonie and her friends are going to have to share your cell. Justin should have built more prisons, for himself and all his cohorts.

‘First Time In History A Canadian Elicited That Response’: Cruz Mocks Trudeau At CPAC Speech

6 Facts About Trudeau That’ll Make Your Blood BOIL!

LIVE: Parliament of Canada HOC – Debate on the Emergencies Act (February 21st, 2022) about 2 hours long Admittedly you have to be really bored to watch this horse and pony show.

Tamara Lich and Pat King Convoy organizers seek bail in Ottawa

This comes from city news so they will not be nice to Tamara of Pat. You know main stream media and how they spew shit.

Tamara Lich and Pat King were among the top organizers of the trucker occupation of Ottawa – and the two appeared before an Ontario court on Tuesday, seeking bail. Lich was denied her request, but a decision on King will come later in the week.

They are not terrorists, like the government is? They did not hire thugs, like the government did, to beat the shit out of people. Jt did that one and of course the 185 others, who voted to keep the War Measures Act alive and well. OOPs, I mean the Emergency Act.

I Stand with Police on Guard

Three more Updates Feb 25, 2022

Members of the European Parliament Are Finally Calling Out The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”

Trudeau Backs Down After Banks Scream about Massive Withdrawals

The sheer amount of money withdrawals from Canadian banks was massive. There appears to have been a 500% increase just in the previous 24 hours.

What the hell did think would happen? JT is not the smartest, cookie in the box. They have to take away all his toys.

German Health Insurance Claims Show 31,254 Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccines While Official Government Stats Report Only 2,255

Just added a second new Update Feb 25, 2022

The Police in Ottawa almost killed him. How many other victims just like this young man do we have out there? I could listen to victims stories all day. Is there a paper trail of all these victims? Has ever victims injuries, been recorded? We know the lady that run over and trampled by the horse has paper trail. Right down to the hospital stay. Tax payer have to pay for that one and she will take some time to recover from her injuries. She will now live in fear of the Police for a long time to come. Gee the so called cops, really did a bang up job on people. Did the so called fake cops get a bonus, for each injury they caused? They have been pulling this shit, the world over. Those so called cops are all nothing but a bunch of hired thugs. Just as evil, as mercenaries, invading other countries. JT hired those thugs. You can take, that one to the bank. Victims should never, remain silent. Tell your stories. Scream it from the roof tops. There are hundreds of victims out there. World wide, probably millions. Then the main stream media, has the nerve, to lie about them all. The main stream media, is worse then the plague. They steal, they lie, they are criminals. They cannot be trusted to ever tell the truth about anything. They are a complete waste of space. They painted a 73 year old man that got shot to death as evil. He just didn’t want to wear a mask. He was probably, mask exempt. Anyone that age would be. The mask nazies at the door, decided his fate. They caused his death, because they did not follow the law. They didn’t read the mask exempt laws. Then again there were a whole lot of places that broke that law. I know that one, first hand. Lots of victims, out there people. There are more victims in Canada, then you could ever imagine. Did one police officer ever help one of those victims that could not wear a mask? NOPE. Not that I ever found. Does anyone out there know of any police officer, that ever helped a victim, who could not wear a mask? Gee I guess some body, was not doing their job. A whole lot of somebodies. As part of the exam I would like to know, who made all the money on the Plexie Glass ? I know, China made billions, on masks and all PPE. At least the glass could be used to make hot houses out of. The rest just into the land fill or all over the streets. Did you know those masking folks litter everywhere. Litterbugs, the whole lot of them. I know, I know, finding a garbage can is complicated. Mask are useless. They prevent nothing. The dummy instructions, on the packages says so. Well if the packages, were done up properly that is. Most were not of course. So if you did not wear a mask again, you got the shit kicked out of you, exempt or not. What a pathetic world we live in. To all Victims tell your stories. You have the right to be heard. I watched all the violence, from the Police in Ottawa go down. There are a shit load of victims, that need to come forward. There is a virus in Canada and the world. Corrupt politicians and corrupt law enforcement. Corrupt corporations and the list goes on and on. They are the virus. A massive den of thieves. The war zone in Ottawa was brought to the city by all that corruption. Yes Ottawa, was a war zone. You would have to e as blind as a bat to see it any other way. Or just fucking stupid. We have a lot of stupid, going on these days. Scuze the language, but I call them as I see them. The country is littered, with dead bodies from the vaxes. Oh yes, there was a war going on. Pre-meditated mass murder. and the deadly protocols, set down by Governments. They made it illegal, to use drugs that could help people. That is murder. If a doctor refuses, to give a diabetic, insulin to save their lives. That is murder. This isn’t rocket science or anything. Question has anyone anywhere in the world ever annualized, what was in the flu vaccines from 2019? I bet they were special. They have made special ones before. Just a point of interest. Who lets a drug company off the hook for their experiential disaster? If the drug kills, you tough? You might want to check those contracts too. the contracts from hell. Only a complete moron, would sign one of those contracts. Yes more home work. Just because, some fool in the US, let the drug companies, off the hook for liability, in 1986, does not mean, every other country around the world should. That is just passing on stupid, to stupider. Sure no problem we will let you experiment on our people and if they die no big deal. leaders like that for sure need some jail time. Like life in prison. Or the other thing. I think, it is called Capital punishment. That still can be used for Treason.

All Senators, were going to vote against, the Emergency Act. Gold that did not bother to talk to protestors of go out of his way to fine out the truth probably would have voted for it. I guess he gets his information from CBC news. Gold is just using talking points. Just a repeater of lies. Who gave him, those talking points? Yes that is part of the exam/investigation Questions. Whoever gave out that script, is guilty of Treason and Lord knows, what else. Oh I know talking points, when I hear them. They are just a per-written script to follow. They are never, to waver from that script. Boy is that Old school garbage. Funny I remember someone in Canada making the exact same speech word for words as the person who made that speech in Australia. Identical they were. To this day, we have not found out, who wrote, that speech either. Very disturbing indeed. I know the two did not write those speeches. They were given to them to spew out, by Who? That was under the Harper Gov. Tip of massive iceberg. Long story. Someone wanted Canadians Free Speech removed. Gee, now I wonder, who that was? Oh ya now I remember the same type of people, that set off a pipe bomb, I think it was, a bomb for sure it was, in Canada. Did they ever catch that one? I think they were the same types as those, who used Canadian passports to do evil things, like assassinate people. If they got caught, it would have been blamed on a Canadian.

Canada Senator Don Plett Speaks Feb 23rd Against PM Trudeau’s Emergencies Act

Canadian Senator Jean-Guy Dagenais who is a former police officer gives a excellent speech on why this should not be approved. Speech given Feb 22 2022 senate sitting no.19.
Canadian Senator Dagenais Gives Excellent Speech Against Approving the Emergency Act

Senator Dalphond debates the motion to confirm the Declaration of a Public Order Emergency.

Update Feb 25, 2022

Breaking News! Senator Denise Batters Gives Riveting Speech On Public Emergency Vote

Emergency Vote The Senate is working double time on this issue on 2/22/2022. No.17, to confirm the deceleration of a Public Order Emergency proclaimed on by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Senator Housakas Shows Us Why Leo Was The Lion After Emergency Declaration Invoked

Senator Marc Gold, needs to be removed. He did not take the time to find out the truth. That is not the type of representation Canadians, need or want. He like JT lies. Breach of Trust.

Check the comments for more information. On the first link below. I used, the information from the Comments for the above videos. It is a bit funky. I am not going to fix it right now. Seems it is a bit redundant. Giggle. Shit happens. There are a couple of really important videos One about the UN creating a food shortage and one about the Rest. Both are a must to watch.THE UN TO START A FALSE FLAG FOOD SHORTAGE and Members of the European Parliament Are Finally Calling Out The World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”

Part 2 of the exam: To all Canadians, Americans and Police Officers Some important information to Consider Feb 23, 2022

To all Canadians, Americans and Police Officers Some important information to Consider

Dang now the Police will need warrants, I guess, to arrest the 185 traitors. Oh well so a little more work for them.

All the exam// investigative Questions still apply. This is anything, but over.

Oh ya JT decided to rescind the Act, before these guys, got to vote on it. I guess he thought, no one would know, how the Senators felt about his Dictatorial acts and that of all the others. Could be he figured out the Act would and could be used against him and the 185 criminals. Well that can still happen, to them all.

The so called police thugs also have to all be charged and jailed as well.

For the children. Tell the Police how you feel about them. I know, what all my kids that hang out here feel.

They have lost all faith in the Police. They no longer trust them, as far as they could throw them. The trust has been totally destroyed. Thanks to JT and his thugs/terrorists, with bats and deadly weapons. Everything they thought what Police should be, has been totally shattered. Even I, will never trust them again.

If the criminals were all rounded up and jailed well maybe some of that trust will return. If that does not happen they can all go fuck themselves, as far as I am concerned. All trust that will protect Canadians Citizens, has sunk to the bottom of the ocean, like a lead ball would, if dropped off a boat, into the deepest darkest, depths of the ocean. Trusting in Government, will also never return. . JT and his ilk have destroyed all trust. Then Watson in Ottawa, well that and his ilk are just as bad. Then again right across Canada, there is a lot of that going on and has been for almost two year. Disable people were discriminated against, clear across the country. Those who could not war a mask, were not protected. One was shot. He was 73. Then again masks are useless. They are just an MK Ultra tactic.

They will not now or ever prevent anyone, from getting any so called vises, they do however, cause a number of illnesses. They especially harm children. They cause, brain cell death in children among other illnesses. After those brain cells die they never come back. That is what real sconce says. Not the fake crap governments use.

Mama Bears Childrens Collaboration with Police on Guard

To make that picture bigger click on it. The hold down the control key at the bottom left of your keyboard, and hit the plus sign (+) a few times. That warning, should have been on every mask package. Every single one of them. Guess what????? That warning was missing from every package I saw. Hmm Would that be breaking the law by chance? Well for sure that is part of the exam/investigation too. Giggle.

Yall having fun yet? Eh.

Point of Interest apparently Bin Laden died in December of 2001. Of course the main stream media failed to report it. Typical of them.

There are some informative comments below. Do check them out.

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Part 2 of the exam: To all Canadians, Americans and Police Officers Some important information to Consider Feb 23, 2022

Emergency Act Passed

The Death of Canada by the 185 These are the ones who voted to keep the dictatorship.  These are the infiltrators. They are all Build Back Better Bastards or Bitches. Not one of them, work for Canadian Citizens. They work for the WEF and the UN.

The UN is run by five countries for the most part. Yes just five have all the power. It is about as diplomatic as horse shit.  At least horse shit, is good for something. The UN is not. The WEF is no better. Those are the two groups that want the One world government and they want to be the rulers. That is, who the 185 work for. As part of the exam. Find out how the UN works. Find out who the top rulers are. Gasp. Oh the Gasp, is what you will do, when you find out the truth.  All the other countries that are a part of the UN, are just there for decoration. I figured that years and years ago. Find out what Veto power means. Another Gasp. The UN and the WEF work hand in hand. Just like the phama drug companies and the WHO work hand n hand. What is really sick about the whole lot of them is always pretend they are poor and need more of our tax dollas. Yes everyone in the world pays for their corrupt garbage. Our money. Remember that.  NATO is no better. They are the war mongers. Oh they love a good war. Oh the profits the oil and other resources they can steal. They always pretend to be poor too. They are begging for money at ever turn of every corner. Give me, Give me, Give me. Pathetic bunch of beggars. People see beggars on the street and either give or hate them. Well these guys do the very same thing. They all get paid big bucks however.  Those are fund raisers, that should be removed from the planet.  They live extremely well getting rich on our dime. Find out what the creators, created it for. Then ask yourself. Do they do that. The answer is no. They do not do what they were created for and have not for a very long time. They are just a corrupt money grubbing bunch of control freaks. Hell if you are going to be ruled by a one world government you should know all about them. Right?  Try finding out how much they all get paid. Good luck with that one. Gasp. Confusion. But But. I will just sit back and giggle. Then of course you have to find out about some of the so called rulers. Like find out everything about Tedros the so called leader of the WHO.  Gasp. Good luck finding his history. That is what you call a Background check. All police should be able to do that one. For sure that is part of the exam. One hint. He is not a Doctor.  Never was and never will be either. My dogs would be better doctors then him. Did you know doctors can detect illnesses. See they are better doctors already. They can even tell when you are going to have a seizure before it happens. They are smarter then a lot of people I am sorry to say. Some even know an earthquake is coming, long before it happens.  They don’t even need a machine to know it’s coming. An average human has no clue, until the moment the earth starts to shake. See dogs are smarter then humans. And human have the nerve to think they are superior, to their dogs. Giggle. Police dogs and dogs used in war, are smarter, then their human handlers.  Point of interest. Most day if I had a choice of being with my dogs or being with humans the dogs are just a better choice. They at least are loyal and devoted to me  I can trust them, with my life. They would die, to save my life. Would JT do that for you? Giggle.

Now listen to quack for a bit. I don’t trust a lier and thief on any level. I really dislike power hungry thugs who get other thugs to do his dirty work for him. Not only is he a quack he is a coward. The ones who runs and hides from Canadian Citizens, who want their right back. He will not even talk to them. Not much of leader, now is it? He is not a leader on any level.  Who in their right mind elects someone who will not talk to people, he was elected to represent. Think, think, think…………………..about that one. He refuses to talk to Canadians. Hum. That is just so interesting. Rather a useless thing isn’t it.  Is there a point to having it, where it is? A real leader, talks to their people all the time. Not just during election time. If they fail to talk to you, they are useless. That has been tested out and they just never got back to people. Sing song, is just as useless. He never talks to his folks, that elected him either. Some are still waiting for an answer after a couple of years. After 2 years give or take, should one assume, he will not talk to you?  Asking for a few friends. They are just wondering. I just call them useless entities. There sure are a lot of those. 185 for sure. I am not to sure about, the rest either. You know I don’t think they know much about the Laws either. Should we tell them? You do know ehen JY shut down gov a few times Life went on a usual. Do you know why. They do not do any of the real work. They can sit on their sorry asses and do nothing and everything else keeps going and going and going. That told me, they are really not all that important. Back to guy who proved, a few times we don’t really need him. I digress. Now how many times did this thing shut down the gov HOC and, for how long each time? Yes that question is on the exam. Giggle. It is a, how long were they useless for question. Still have that overtired giddy thing going on.  Right back to useless. OK truth be told I really do not want to listen to useless thing. Listening to someone lie, is a complete and utter waste of my time. They serve no purpose whatsoever. But hey that is my opinion. Oh dread listen to it. Court cases are sometimes like that. I really feel for judges who have to listen to people like this. My heart does go out to them. Been there, done that,  got the tee shirts. Giggle.  They even think, no one can tell when they lie. Snicker. Boy, have I had practice with that one. My dogs can pick out a lier right off. See again, they are smarter then people. For anyone who has never been to court and seen a lier well here ya go.

What powers are you looking to make permanent?

Is tonight’s vote a matter of confidence? He wants to keep Canadians safe. So he can have them get the shit beat out of them, their property stolen etc. Ya Ya. Oh I want to chuck my cookies right across the floor. Pleas people get rid of this thing. I can’t take listening to it any more. I am begging you. If he goes to trial that I will watch however. They might want to air that trial so all Canadians can watch it. We do have the right to know you know. You just can’t put 35 million plus people into a court room. You have to expand the court room a bit. There is tech to that these days. Surprise. Times have changed.

Do you have any regrets about the way you managed the past 3 weeks?

What lesson have you learned this month? “People were very much there for one another”

Giving billions to drug companies, is certainly something. For a drug that doesn’t work ta boot. What a waste of money. A glass of water, would have worked better. Usually a glass of water doesn’t kill you. Unless you have something like Walkerton, in Ontario,  I think it was.  Don’t quote me on that one,  I could be wrong. Giggle.

Oh Dread. I am sorry, you all have to watch this. You do know, misery loves company. Right? NEXT!

Freeland on frozen accounts & selling confiscated vehicles, “we have no right to take peoples money”

And then we have this. OH dread. I am getting nausea. A good lesson on theft. She lies also. I will watch the court case, if she ever makes it there and she should. Definitely, that case needs to be aired for all Canadians to see. You do realize they can steal anyone’s money. Right?  Every Canadians, are now, the criminals, thanks to these sick people. Stealing any property and selling it, is also a crime. That is, selling stolen property. Taken from people, who committed no crime. The only occupation I saw, were the thugs, beating the shit out of people. Terrorizing them and the list goes on and on. Those imports were real special terrorists I must say. I seem to have seen them, in other countries too. I could be wrong of course. Just funny they looked the same as the ones in other countries is all. They could quintuplets.  Hey, maybe they are all Clones. Shhhhhh, they all look the same. I don’t think I was halucinatin or anything. I don’t drink, or do drugs.  Ever.  Cus I might start, halucinatin things. I know, I am not brain damaged yet. I still have, all my brains cells up and running. Memory works fine. I check that one out, ever day about 50 or 60 times a day.

Geez, better get blood samples from them police, all of them. Check their DNA and check to see, if they were even human. Maybe they are, them new fangled robots they brag about. Giggle. Hummmmmm. Yes I am a conspiracy theorist. Prove me wrong. Go for it. I dare you????

That’s it, can’t avoid it any longer. OHHHH gross. I am so, sooooooo sorry. You have no idea how sorry I am, making you all watch this. It is worse then any horror movie, I have ever seen. Even Stephan King movies are less horrifying.  

Oh does anyone you know someone Who? Knows anything about, body language, facial expressions etc. It is another investigative tool.  Just an after thought that just jumped into my brain. Well more like a one ton cement block, smashing through the roof. Then the dang thing tapped me on the shoulder. Sure cement block can tap you. Ever dropped one n your foot. That is just a we tiny tap. No big deal.

Question Tuesday with Rocco – Is there anything I can do to watch my children play sports to ensure their safely without a vaccine? Notices of Liability Anyone can do this. You don’t need a lawyer. These can bee given to anyone. Sports included. They will be informed they can be held liable. Just print them off etc. Pretty simple. They have a number of them there. Put them to good use. Make your voice heard. Lets face it if you get vaxd and you die or get injured and have to cover, your expenses for life or pay funeral expenses etc they just might knock it off. How many printers are there in Canada? A few million. This is taking the bull by the horns. Why should tax payers pay for injuries etc. Some asshole wants you to take the death shot then they have to pay liability. How much exactly would it cost to pay for everything for a person for a very ling time if you get injured from the vax. How much are funeral expenses. I hear insurance companies are not to willing to pay out for vax deaths of injuries. Sort of self inflicted harm if you get one. Insurance companies are not happy campers for some reason. Not sure why. I doubt if it covered under workman’s compensation. I think not. Oh geex a new exam question. This is never ending. I am sorry this is not my fault. JT and his ilk did this. I did say this was going to be the biggest investigation exam or something to that effect. I never said it would be easy. Did I. This is just the beginning, by the way. So who pays when you die or get injured by the deadly vases? If someone does how much will they dish out. Then the question is will that amount of money take care of me for the rest of my life? So of course you have to do some math. Oh good grief you have to know math. Don’t ask JT he cant do math remember. He will not be any help at all. He thinks 21% is a majority. Giggle. His teachers should be run out of Canada. Boy could they not teach. I would smack those teachers. I knew how to do math like that when I was in grade school. Grade 2 I think it was. Long time ago. I could be wrong. I was super at math back then. Anyway moving on.
COVID-19 Liability Notices
To all Canadians, Americans and Police Officers Some important information to Consider 3 Updates on Feb 22, 2022f Canadians now know who the WEF Traitors are. There are 185 of them. All 185 have broken ever Law on the books. Now the Real police know, who to round up. They are all criminals after all. In Canada, they are even shutting down ATM machines. Got witness testimony, on that one myself. Make sure you bills are paid and you have extra cash on hand. You just never know, when they will steal your money, out of your bank account. Or your property. They can do that to any Canadian they want to. They just need some feeble bullshit excuse. Like you donated money, to a charity they don’t like. Hell you can fired over that one. Ask the chicky poo in Ontario about that one. She could end up homeless too. Gee JT is doing such a bang up job, of protecting Canadians Eh. He even let the press keep and use stolen property. Although many suspect he hired a hacker to steal it. Just voices you hear as you wander around. They might be right. Hey if he did, he used tax dollars, to do that one too. What would you call that one officers? Hey if find that answer you might need, when you lay charges against, them. Or Him. Who, what, when, where, why, how and for what purpose? You know questions. We already know, what they will do with that stolen, information/property, that has already been proven. Hey guess what with the new little act being approved they can steal every Canadians information from everywhere. Oh my. I bet you didn’t know that? Well now you do. They can do that to any police officer too. Oh my. You should be worried. Hey have you guys and gals all paid your bills ahead and do you all have some extra cash on hand? Just checking. That is not part of the exam, just a warning sort of. Moving on back for anyone who missed it. Inquiring minds might want to take a gander too. This all involved you too remember. .Everyone has the right to know the answer to all the questions. Part 1 of the exam/investigation. Now I want a pity party here. That 10 year old kid started talking to a bunch of teen agers. So now my house if filled with teenagers. They are a lot like this. Help!!!! I have been getting the OOOHH OOOHH thing, for the entire time, I was typing this out. Ask this, ask that. I think that might have something to with this getting so long. They told their parent I need help with the dogs. So they are going to help with the dogs. Can’t have them lie, to their parents now can I? Oh those dogs, are in for a world of fun today. Teenage toys to play with. Woof. Well the dogs, do have to be well socialized after all. But oh please pity me. Giggle. I have one teenager, for each dog. Geez that worked out so well. I am amazed. By the time I am done with this, I will have a bunch of dog trainers. Don’t tell them this, but they will all be back. Those dogs will steal, their hearts forever. They are so sweet. So soft. So cuddly. So strong. So determined to do, what they want to do. I have a pack of alpha dogs out there. Snicker. I think, I will have to take movies of this one. For future references that is. Sort of like football. Then they can look back and see, how they started and how they have progressed. Then they can point out, their own mistakes as well. Yes of course, I have a camera person. The 10 year old kid. Does great work with video. Bloody amazing with video. When that one grows up Movie central That one has a brilliant future. Well could have if we get rid of all the ilk, that is. That kid has five years experience, with a video camera. I got a lot of those kind of kids out there now. Teach your children well. The kid had to learn, how to read the fumy instruction book too. Find what they love and they dive right in. Curiosity Eh. Passion. Creativity. Accomplishment. Fun. Pride. Success. Determination. When they ask a question, find the answer for them. Well when they are little that is. No question, is a bad question. Never, ever, LIE, to them either. That would be, a breach of trust. You lie to a child, they never forget. Loose their trust and you have lost it all. Meet my teenagers. I think, I was conned by the nieghbours. Now I know, why they wanted me to expand the Pack and why they help to feed the dogs. They helped me right into this, they did, they did. Yall have a good day now hear.
Freeland She wants free land. Yours.

Question Tuesday with Rocco – Is there anything I can do to watch my children play sports to ensure their safely without a vaccine?

Notices of Liability

Anyone can do this. You don’t need a lawyer.

These can bee given to anyone. Sports included. They will be informed they can be held liable.  Just print them off etc. Pretty simple. They have a number of them there. Put them to good use. Make your voice heard. Lets face it if you get vaxd and you die or get injured and have to cover, your expenses for life or pay funeral expenses etc they just might knock it off. How many printers are there in Canada? A few million. This is taking the bull by the horns. Why should tax payers pay for injuries etc.  Some asshole wants you to take the death shot then they have to pay liability. How much exactly would it cost to pay for everything for a person for a very ling time if you get injured from the vax. How much are funeral expenses. I hear insurance companies are not to willing to pay out for vax deaths of injuries. Sort of self inflicted harm if you get one. Insurance companies are not happy campers for some reason. Not sure why. I doubt if it covered under workman’s compensation. I think not. Oh geex a new exam question. This is never ending.  I am sorry this is not my fault. JT and his ilk did this. I did say this was going to be the biggest investigation exam or something to that effect. I never said it would be easy. Did I. This is just the beginning, by the way. So who pays when you die or get injured by the deadly vases?  If someone does how much will they dish out. Then the question is will that amount of money take care of me for the rest of my life? So of course you have to do some math. Oh good grief you have to know math. Don’t ask JT he cant do math remember. He will not be any help at all. He thinks 21% is a majority. Giggle. His teachers should be run out of Canada. Boy could they not teach. I would smack those teachers. I knew how to do math like that when I was in grade school. Grade 2 I think it was. Long time ago. I could be wrong. I was super at math back then. Anyway moving on.

To all Canadians, Americans and Police Officers Some important information to Consider 3 Updates on Feb 22, 2022f

Canadians now know who the WEF Traitors are. There are 185 of them. All 185 have broken ever Law on the books. Now the Real police know, who to round up. They are all criminals after all.

In Canada, they are even shutting down ATM machines. Got witness testimony, on that one myself.

Make sure you bills are paid and you have extra cash on hand. You just never know, when they will steal your money, out of your bank account. Or your property. They can do that to any Canadian they want to. They just need some feeble bullshit excuse.  Like you donated money, to a charity they don’t like. Hell you can fired over that one. Ask the chicky poo, in Ontario about that one. She could end up homeless too. Gee JT is doing such a bang up job, of protecting Canadians Eh.  He even let the press keep and use stolen property. Although many suspect he hired a hacker to steal it. Just voices you hear as you wander around. They might be right. Hey if he did, he used tax dollars, to do that one too. What would you call that one officers? Hey if find that answer you might need, when you lay charges against, them. Or Him. Who, what, when, where, why, how and for what purpose? You know questions. We already know, what they will do with that stolen, information/property, that has already been proven.  Hey guess what with the new little act being approved they can steal every Canadians information from everywhere. Oh my. I bet you didn’t know that? Well now you do. They can do that to any police officer too. Oh my. You should be worried. Hey have you guys and gals all paid your bills ahead and do you all have some extra cash on hand? Just checking. That is not part of the exam, just a warning, sort of. Moving on back for anyone who missed it. Inquiring minds might want to take a gander too. This all involved you too remember. .Everyone has the right to know the answer to all the questions.

 Part 1 of the exam/investigation. 

Now I want a pity party here. That 10 year old kid started talking to a bunch of teen agers. So now my house if filled with teenagers. They are a lot like this. Help!!!! 

I have been getting this OOOHH OOOHH thing, for the entire time I was typing this out. Ask this, ask that. I think that might have something to with this getting so long. They told their parent I need help with the dogs. So they are going to help with the dogs. Can’t have them lie, to their parents now can I?

Oh those dogs, are in for a world of fun today. Teenage toys to play with. Woof. 

Well the dogs, do have to be well socialized after all. But oh please pity me. Giggle. I have one teenager, for each dog. Geez that worked out so well. I am amazed.

By the time I am done with this, I will have a bunch of dog trainers.

Don’t tell them this, but they will all be back. Those dogs will steal, their hearts forever.  They are so sweet. So soft. So cuddly. So strong. So determined to do, what they want to do.

 I have a pack of alpha dogs out there. Snicker.

I think, I will have to take movies of this one. For future references that is. Sort of like football. Then they can look back and see, how they started and how they have progressed.  Then they can point out, their own mistakes as well. Yes of course, I have a camera person. The 10 year old kid. Does great work with video. Bloody amazing with video. When that one grows up Movie central  That one has a brilliant future. Well could have if we get rid of all the ilk, that is. That kid has five years experience, with a video camera. I got a lot of those kind of kids out there now.  Teach your children well. The kid had to learn, how to read the fumy instruction book too.  Find what they love and they dive right in. Curiosity Eh. Passion. Creativity. Accomplishment. Fun. Pride. Success. Determination. When they ask a question, find the answer for them. Well when they are little that is. No question, is a bad question. Never, ever, LIE, to them either. That would be, a breach of trust.  You lie to a child, they never forget. Loose their trust and you have lost it all. 

Meet my teenagers. I think, I was conned by the nighbours. Now I know, why they wanted me to expand the Pack and why they help to feed the dogs. They helped me right into this they did, they did.

Yall have a good day now hear.

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To all Canadians, Americans and Police Officers Some important information to Consider- Updated 3 times Feb 22 2022

To all the Police in Canada And Inquiring Minds.

Third Bloody Update for Feb 22, 2022

Oh yes more work. More investigation. I need the names of 185 traitors, who declared War on ever single Canadian Including Children. I might as well add all animals to that too. They need to be charged with Treason. maybe throw in some mass murder, genocide, theft of tax dollars, fraud, lieing to the public is, what kind of crime? Be creative. Guess what, you don’t need a warrant to arrest them either. Hey the 185 decided that. Use it to arrest the bloody 185 terrorists and throw them in jail. No bail either. Flight risk you know. Now all we need is some Police to actually do their job. I am waiting. The world is watching.

Canadian Embassy in U.S. paying consultants to woo ‘thought leaders’ after invoking Emergencies Act

As American criticism of the Liberals unjustified invocation of the Emergency Act rolled in, diplomats in Washington, D.C. went on a spending spree to charm influencers in the United States.

By Sheila Gunn Reid February 22, 2022

The 10 year old kid wants to know about the Code of Conduct for MP’s and the law they mus adhere too as well. Yes another part of the exam. Not my fault we need more information/ Blame that on the Law makers that are breaking the Law. The kid watched a video that is down in the Comments with an MP talking. The kid was appalled and angry. There are now about 52 comments to gander through. There is a lot of witness testimony.

Thank you to everyone, who left information. Keep it coming.

Second Feb 22, 2022 Update

As Trudeau destroys his reputation, the legacy media destroy their credibility

Feb 18, 2022

The main stream media has a problem with a pig roast. OK!!!!!

I bet they BBQ meat. Steak, burgers, pork chops, lamb chops, chicken etc. The main stream media is a joke. I guess smoking ham, in a smoker is a big bad too.

It’s Not like they set a building on fire and murdered/burned a man alive,  like BLM did.  

Those reporters, had better not, come anywhere near my property. I will let the dogs loose on them. If they don’t get out alive.  Oh Well. No trespassing means no trespassing. NO means NO. I never change my mind either. I cannot, tolerate liers on any level.

I hope they know, how to read. They certainly are stupid. Their brains are just mush.

My dogs are all smarter then those main stream reporters. Even they know a pig roast is normal.

Has anyone ever seen the movie Snow Dogs. My dogs are a 100% worse.  They are guard dogs. They even shock me by times.

See a sign that says “NO TRESPASSING”. Obey it. Fuck off. I will interoperate that for stupid people. That means “stay off the property” or something really bad could happen to you. That is for anyone and everyone, not just the main stream media. 

All my neighbours, also have those signs posted. We have an agreement, my dogs can guard their property as well. They have a really massive territory.

In our area, theft has been cut down to zero. We all sleep well at night. If the dogs bother to bark, we all know, they are taking care of things. We just laugh. The neighbours even help feed the dogs. They really love them. They have encouraged, me to grow the pack. So I did.

The main stream media is a joke. A very bad joke no one laughs at. They have a sickness. I am just not sure, what the name of that sickness is.

In Canada the media is compel, to tell the truth by Law. Well unless JT changed those Laws. I guess, someone should check that out too. More investigations. Happy hunting. Yes of core that is now part of the exam. Thank the sick media for that one. Bad media, bad. I think they are breaking the Law daily. Hey I could be wrong. I just do not have time, to check all that stuff.  

Great report. You think the pig roast is ridiculous, the rest of their reporting is as well.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ordered the arrest of political dissidents, the freezing of their bank accounts and a complete shut down of downtown Ottawa to end a peaceful, non-violent protest. As the legacy media continue their smear campaign against the freedom convoy, the government is using taxpayer funded Parliament Hill police to guard journalists in the streets, despite no acts of violence being reported against journalists during the protest

As for the pipeline thing. Looks like.

Antifa and BLM made it to Canada, to do their nasty deeds perhaps. They do things like all the time. I could be wrong. I saw one at a rally in BC a short time ago. All Canadians protesting are the KKK. I do not know any Canadian that would say that well except for the JT government that is. Why, am I sure JT, is paying those, so called pro vax protesters..

RCMP confirms investigation into officers’ troubling chat messages about protest

February 21, 2022

A couple of quotes from the report.

The RCMP has confirmed that it is looking into a series of group chat messages that allegedly document officers gloating over injured Freedom Convoy protesters.

All members of the RCMP, the police force said, “have a responsibility to hold themselves to the highest professional standards and are subject to the Code of Conduct of the RCMP at all times.” 

The Ontario Special Investigations Unit also announced that it would be opening investigations into several incidents. Ya Ya, sure they will. I will believe it when I see the perpetrators in jail. Until I will not hold my breath. I have seen some of their investigations before. Not to impressed, by the final outcome of some of them.  

Update Question: Feb 22, 2022—This comes from a 10 year old kid. “If the Emergency Act Trudeau invoked is the same as the Old War Measures Act, are they the same, or did they just change the name of the Act to con, all the kids now growing up? If the name was changed, who changed it and when and why? If they did that, the only purpose would be to fool all younger Canadians. That would also mean Trudeau declared war on his own people, wouldn’t it? Leaders are not suppose, to do that are they? It’s not like there was a war going on in Ottawa or anything like that. If a Leader of a country does that, what would the police call that? So after declaring war, on his own people, if he brought in people, from other countries to beat them up and hurt them, what would the police call the leader then? “

This was within the first couple of days in Ottawa. The pro vaxers. Now how much did JT pay them to do this?

The kid wants to know the answer to those questions, so they are also now part of the exam. Bloody good questions. The kids friends, want to know as well. I just had to add those to the exam paper. Sorry. Or you could call it a pop quiz. Pick one.

I am guessing the kids will have more questions in the near future. So stay tuned. Geez they ask good questions. I am impressed. That kid babysits the blog sometimes when I am doing other things. The kid is good monitor I must say. The kid can run this blog as well as I can. Maybe better in the technical part of it. And to think some out there think kids are stupid. They are in for a big awakening on that front. That kid has already sent out texts to all his friends. Imagine a bunch of little kuds askung the cips all these questions. So to all the pokice out there you had better know those answers. Wouldn’t want to disapoint the kiddies now would YOU? They have just as much right to get those answers as anyone else else has. Maybe even more right, as their futures is as stake. You had better be prepared. How far and fast can texts, get in day I wonder? So if thekid know 10 and each of them know 10 and so on/ Oh WOW. Boggles the mind. That is faster then e-mails. Faster then a PCR manufacturing process. Just thinking…………………………………………..By the way the kids loved, the ladies video, on the police codes of conduct oath or what ever it is called. That one has been shared, like wow by now. They love her. They also say thank you to her. Some of them have already checked it out as well. They can google, like nobody else can. They have talent, coming out their yin yang. You know if you are older and you need help, with your computer, the kids can and will help you. they are great teachers. They can make a computer sing, dance, roll over and play dead. They are amazing.

So, the Kid wanted to give the Lady who did the Video on the police protocols a gift So, this is the gift. From a 10 year old to you. Yes I have to do this or the kid will not fix my computer for me any more when it breaks down. I call that kiddy blackmail. Giggle. The nerve of the child.

URGENT MESSAGE TO ALL CANADIANS: Nationwide Walkout Begins Feb 21st Forward

So I get a break from those 15 hour days. You mean like just rest and do nothing for a while. Well that works for me. It just dawned on me, I have not had a vacation in two years. Over two years. I know I can find a trillion things to do that are much ore fun then work. Like watching Ghost Busters again. The very first one is just the best. Listen to tons of music. Take a two hour shower. ………………………………………………………………. Just thinking of all the fun things I could do. Wow. Long list there. I am in. Rest time.

Now if you do take the day or two or three off, you will need something to do.

This is the part that for Police Officers all across Canada and of course all Inquiring Minds.

Police code of conduct in Canada Really! Who knew?

So we start with this. She found out it was fun to do some research. Go figure.

She gave me an Idea. She did such a good job of that. I am impressed. I just can’t stop laughing is all.

The more often, I listened to her, the more thoughtfulness went into it

.Then curiosity got me,

My poor, one celled brain, was just spinning like a top.

Well Dustin does think, we are all really, really, stupid, after all.

How will the, one celled brained people ever survive?

So I started thinking.  I hear, if you do that for a few hours a day, you get smarter. Maybe. Who knows?

To answer her question.

Well I think, we should tell them. I think we should tell then. all the way across the country. North, south, east and west. Just to check up on them to make sure, they know about this. They might not you know. After watching hours and hours of video I think, there are a lot out there, that just do not know. Shocking it all was.

Snipers, guns, whatever, riot gear, swat gear, stuff you know. Would that build trust? Big fucking bats???? Hello!!!!! Somehow, I do not see that, as building trust. More like The Build Back Better bullshit. You know them taking over the world and you will own nothing bullshit.

First question to every Police officer in Canada  Is she right? Cus I think she is right.

Did anyone have their rights read out, them In Ottawa for example? I am not sure, but I think you, have to do that, when you arrest someone. I think, but I am not sure. I think you have to tell them, why they are being arrested, but hey I could be wrong. You tell me. Your the so called experts.

Officers could you answer, those questions for me? I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing, but the truth so help you ____________or something to that affect.

We will call it a test, to see if you know, what the hell you know.

Just pretend  I am your teacher. This is an exam. Don’t forget that part.

Will you pass or fail?  Do not try to be teachers pet either, or I will smack you up the side of the head. I hate suck ups?

I want to see some intelligence. If you fail you get kicked off the force. No second chances with this teacher either.

My final word on that is, I guess you should have studied.

If you fail, go blame the person in the mirror. The one you stand right in front of, Front and Center. Alrighty then.

Well to a whole lot of officers, out there, You have the right to remain silent blah, blab,blah. Just wanted  to know, do we have to tell you that part too. Just wondering? I can’t read minds or anything weird, like that, you know. But if I could, I would probably laugh.

Now, there are a whole bunch of cops out there, that broke the law. I am pretty sure We have witnesses. And well any Police officer, that saw them breaking the law, have that code thingy to live by.

Now how do I explain this? The ones, who behaved, you know, followed the law,  have to arrest the ones, who broke the law and with great care of course, because they must not have, any loop holes to use. Wouldn’t want any of them to get off, due to say typos or anything like that. Right? No spelling mistakes either. All of this does have to stand up in a court of law, you see, and yes you will have to testify against the nasty, bad old cop, you saw breaking the law and of course proceeded to arrest said cop, Lawfully of course.

Now. You do know, you have to do, what is right? So tell me just exactly, the procedure to follow, so I can over see the event? Or events. I am sure there are many. But of course you are the experts.

I want all that Detail, by ,detail, by detail etc. Yes that is also part of the exam paper.

Now if any of those Police officers, you are arresting, say, maybe, just maybe, might not be from  Canada, welllllll, then they are just a terrorist or hired thug, so the procedure might be a bit different. So I need to know, how that goes down too. Detail by detail by detail……….. Yes that is part of the exam too.

Do terrorists or hired thugs get bail? Nah. Let them out and they sneak out of the country! Flight risk.

Right? I am pretty sure, they would run like hell, given the opportunity. Maybe close the airports, so they can’t escape?? Is that, what you would have done? Yes that is an exam question. Just need to get the facts straight.

I want to know, where to find the Bills or whatever you want to call them.—– I want to know about the ones that tells Canadians, how to set up a police force’s. Yes that is project you must do, to pass the exam. I want  copies of those placed on my desk. So you have the ones for the RCMP, The OPP, Quebec police etc (Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)) Municipal police, like the Ottawa’ police force, They all have different rules, regulations etc they have to follow. Bills, bills, bills.

About a Citizens arrest. Like if someone is breaking the law I can arrest them Yes or No. If yes the procedure I should use. Would be?

There might be a bill for that too. Another bunch of paper to hunt down. Bills galore on these topics I am sure.

I have a really big desk, just look down. It is a massive desk. What you do, is call the Parliament building In Ottawa and ask them, where to find those documents/bills. the names of the bills. They should be able to, provide you with a copy and name of each bill you are looking for.. That is, where the bills or wherever in the hell they call it, is. They after all, were the ones, to create the things in the first place.. Right? Something about that being part of their job or whatever they call what they do. Over the last two years they haven’t done much of anything constructive. Well, they did spend billions of Canadians money. All tax dollars do belong to Canadians, not them. Even the building they use belongs to all Canadians, not just them..All the money they get paid is from Canadians and they work for Canadians. They are employed by the Canadian people. The Canadian people, are their bosses . One should never piss off your boss.

That is the only hint, I will give you.

Now lets see? Thinking I am. This might take a few minutes.

Maybe listen to this while you are waiting. I always, have last minute questions.

Feb.19th Ottawa Freedom Convoy2022 Leader Tom Marazzo Holds Press Conference Saturday

Inquiring Minds could call the police and ask them, some of these questions. I always ask at least, three different ones to see if I get the same answer from them. Do NOT’ use 911 for that. I repeat do NOT use 911 for that. . Inquiring minds, can also call the Parliament building and ask about that bill or whatever it is called as well. You might have fun doing that.

 I wonder if Border Guards have a code of conduct. I am guessing there is a Bill thingy for that one too..

There is also cops from other provinces, that investigate cops. Like Alberta might investigate Like in New Funland. For example. They have rules, regulations etc, I am guessing there  are bills or whatever for that too.

Oh lookie more homework. Well of course I want that to. How will you ever learn to find a suspect, if you can’t do something, as simple, as finding a few sheets of paper. Come on now Really?  I never said, I was a nice teacher. Did I?

Look, do you want to keep that badge or not? It is up to you. I frankly don’t care if you do it or not. So you fail. Personal problem. Go look in that mirror again.  Then, ask yourself.  Should I do all this? Should I fail? Do I want to be a Police officer, serving the people, with honesty trustworthiness. dignity and pride,  or do I want to be a quitter?

  Inquiring minds, might have the urge to do that one too. If you take on this mission be sure to take notes. Then you can compare them to others, who might have done the same thing. That goes for the ones taking the exam. I want notes too. Notes on all phone calls, who you talked to, what they said and did they give the answer, you were looking for? Hey I never said this would be easy now did I?  Just pretend, it is an investigation. You have to know how to do that don’t you?

To make it fun turn it into a scavenger hunt. The winner gets to keep the badge stupid, What’s the prize? what a stupid question to ask???? Teacher scratches head. Goes to the closet to laugh.

Prays no one hears the laughter. Really prays teacher doesn’t piss their pants.  Now where were we?

There is that nasty cough again. .Just like strolling through the grocerie store.  Damb I can’t spell grocerie!  You know, what I mean. If you don’t you must have missed a few pages.  It is back there somewhere. I am to bloody tired to go find it for you. You want to see it, you find it,  These 15 hours days. I am so tired, I have the over tired giggles. I just can’t stop laughing. I really need to get more sleep. 2 hours a night just doesn’t cut it. I could start hallucinateing, or something weird like that. I got it Red Bull That will fix me right up. Well for a little while.

By the way, if there any teenagers out there, this would be a great scavenger hunt for you. You would lean a lot of things.  Make it a class project. Just a thought.  Never mind. Bad teacher, Bad I tell you. Just talking to my self. Sorry about that.

I was going to tell you how to con, your teacher, but that would be a bad thing to do. Right? I am not sure about that one. Now, when I was a teenager. Thinking……………… Giggle. Nah it would take to long..

A story I found as I was wandering around. I thought it was special, in it’s own way. So I stolded it. Yes, yes, yes,  I had permission, to use it. What you think I wanted a slap up the side of the head. I think not. I would never use stolen property. I am not the CBX and Washington Post. I am just a simple one brain celled something or other. .

The author of course will remain Unknown. Sort of like the Unknown. Soldier. Some really daft cop, and we seem to have a lot of them,  might try to hunt down the author, to get something, that is none of their bloody business. Some things are to be left in the past. Of course if the cops had done their due diligence, in the first place, it would not have happened in the second place.  Such a shame, we have has problems with some Police, breaking the law so many times.


There were some Police in Canada that use to drive people out of town and leave them there when they felt like it. That was fine until someone froze to death. Then there were the cops that raped women. Also in Canada. One I remember really well in Canada went after teenage girls late at night and raped them as well. Poor fellow, got left naked out in the boonies, with his car keys in a snow bank. His clothing was dropped of in front of the police station door. The SOB never did that one again. Not sure why. Low life piece of shit. He even got fired. Oh there was a note in with the clothing explaining what happened. Detail, by detail, by detail.,……………….. I think he picked on the, wrong teenage girl, that night. I could be wrong of course. LOL Nope not wrong. That one was lucky to be alive. Well he is dead now. He died of old age I think.

Now if you get really bored, start asking for all the codes of conduct MP’s, MPP” and PM must follow and they probably have an oath, they must take as well. More stuff to hunt down. Not part of the exam. They all have laws Bills they have to follow too. Those are just a curiosity.

See there is always hope.

Feb 20, 2022 Thank you Stephen Kempton for joining in support of Police on Guard for Thee.

Feb 18 and 19 2022 Trucker Convoy Updates Lots of videos, in the comment section of that page. 20 plus videos and news reports.

There is convoy in Quebec now too. At the Parliament building there. The Provincial one. It is probably still there. I think, the Alaskan convoy is in BC. I could be wrong. Might have been them singing the American National Anthem that gave it away.

Remember everyone that works in Public service work for Canadian Citizens, not the governments. Give your mail delivery person, a hug today. Thank them for their service. Be sure to make sure your walk way, is safe for them. Give them a thank you card. How about a rose. Kids can give them a pretty picture. Well the little ones, do need something to do, to make others feel good. Right?

It isn’t just Irish mothers that can do that. All mothers can do that.

Thank you to everyone, who left comments. Wow there were some really great ones.

Keep them coming people. Just keep leaving them on the desk. I will listen too or read them.

Have a great day. Got to go make a coffee again.

Play with the puppies, for a while. You know stuff.

Yes, I definitely need a few days vacation, to unwind.

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Police in Ottawa Brutalizing Peaceful Protesters -They are way out of control

The Police are beating, tear gassing, terrorizing, causing injuries galore, using rubber bullets, using check points, attempting to keep the press out or arresting them. They want to hide their brutality from the public. They are dressed like warmongers. Oh they are warmongers. That is all to obvious. What next are they going to go and beat the shit out of patients in hospitals because they donated to the truckers? Are they going to go into homes and beat the shit out of people because they donated to the truckers?

Hell this has already happened, This woman could end up homeless. .The hacker is walking free and the press in possession of stolen property, causing this to happen to her.

For all we know the government hacked the site, to get the information, to torture, those, who helped the truckers. Would they do that? Of course they would. Of all the people in Canada, they are to be trusted. the lest.

Looks like the Ford government, is using it, for just that purpose. There is a name for people like that. It runs from about 7 to 10 words long. Although many can think of many more. None of those words, are nice words either. I will just say, lowest form of life on the planet. Wouldn’t want to upset my audience.

So the press, are now stalking people as well. With the use of the stolen property. Again, lowest form of life on the planet. Maybe lower, then the lowest. Trusting any media, that does that, means, you should check your self in to a mental hospital for evaluation. You are obviously brainwashed. You might want to get the checked. Stalking and being in possession of stolen property, use to be a crime in Canada. When did the government change those laws? Anyone?????? Hey Ask Ford. That would be a fun thing to do. Using the stolen property, to do criminal deeds, is even worse. Ford knows all about being a criminal. He is also good at enabling criminal behavior.

Top Canadian gov’t aide fired, after hackers expose her $100 donation to Freedom Convoy
Her information was exposed alongside some 100,000 other donors as part of an elaborate hacking scheme, allegedly involving the Canadian government. Thank the Ford Government for this one. I would thank him a few million times. Gee I wish there were a few million people out there just like me.

The Police will never be trusted again. Children will never trust them again, I will never trust them again ever, In my opinion they should be arrested and charged with assault causing bodily harm, just like any other preparatory. This is also premeditated violence, by the Police. They have no right to use force, as they are doing, to unarmed, peaceful, people. The Police are the ones, who brought violence, to this protest. The only criminals I see are the Police. Oh yes, we are watching you.

The Government is stealing their money, causing hardship, that will lead to homelessness, they are going after those, who helped the truckers, with the use of the mainstream media, the media is in possession of stolen private and confidential property, As noted above. I just can’t say that enough. The government of Canada is guilty of theft, among many other crimes. That list is getting rather long. Every day they nail one more nail, into those crimes. Build Back Better. What a joke those words are. Anyone who has used those words, needs to go to jail immediately, for treason. They sure as hell are not from the, better business bureau that is for sure. Of course they use those words to make it sound inviting and fluffy, They can;t tell the truth. Like they want to destroy everything and everyone on the planet, now can they, so they use fluffy words to CON people. Another old tactic Sometimes, they even give Bills they want passed, fluffy names to make then sound sweet and innocent. Did you know that a lot of time the elected fools do not even read the bills before voting on the, Sometimes they one, who presents the Bills did, not even write the bloody thing. The word Tobin I think it was comes, to mind. I am terrible with names. He was so forgettable at any rate. He was really stupid and did some really stupid stuff. He was a mess. Not sure how he ever got elected. He presented a bill and never even read it. Something to do with protecting people from pedophiles, but it didn’t really do that. It just took away more of our rights. Here we my memory is failing me again. Then again I remember when Air Canada was messing up and people were screaming to privatize it. Funny thing was, it had been privatized years before that. Some days I really have to wonder, about people and their memories. It is like their memory falls into a black hole, Now, what is more disturbing, is the press failed to mention to those screamers, that it had been privatized. The main stream says, they read the comments. people leave, Bullshit. I say that becasue a while back they were winning that they were getting nasty comments from people. The don’t read the comments. They lied yet again.

I digress. Moving on.

Canadian police brutalized protesters with wooden batons


Point of interest. Where the hell is everyone that should be there? Have they been kidnapped? Just curious. Kenney in Alberta got one of Shwabbs books. Shwabb sent it to him. The Reset Book or whatever it was called. A dirty filthy book I would imagine. How to destroy lives and steal shit from people. Like their money. Their land. Just take everything from everyone and let us run the world type book. Kenney talked about that, one day a while back. Shwabbs daddy, used Jewish prisoners as slaves. Just a bit of information I picked up a while ago. Yes I know I spelled that name wrong. Guess what??? Oh and the idiot NDP needs to learn, how to use a comb. Maybe just shave his head bald, it would suit him better anyway. Imagine a grown man, who was never taught, to comb his hair. I mean Really? DUH. My tolerance for stupid people, is getting lower ever day. Shwabb is a fanciest pig. He actually think he and his ilk are better equipped to rule the world. I would not even let that piece of garbage, scrub my floors. Then again that slim, would never be allowed in my House, not now or ever.

I would be willing to donate a bit of cash, to have him sent to Pluto. If everyone in the world donated one penny to the cause, we could do that. He can rule over Pluto. Lets see over 7 billion pennies is how much? Hell we would have money left over, to send all the others, along with him. Everyone could afford one penny. Who is willing, to donate to a cause like that?

Then we could all wave to them, the Build Back Better folks, as they fly off into the great blue yonder. We could even write songs about it. Poetry. Books. Movies. Just so we never forget, what terrible people they were.

The same brutal tactics, used by the Police in Canada, has been used in Australia, New Zealand, France, the Netherlands, the UK and the list goes on and on. I see the pattern of extreme abuse, all around the world. All against peaceful protesters. I have noticed this many times.

The main stream media, always blames the protesters of course. It was the Police that brought the violence.

I am starting to feel like the energizer bunny. Just keeps going and going and going. While beating my bloody drum. All the Police have blood on their hands.

They attacked peaceful people.

Playing hockey will get them, to kick the shit out of you. Not wearing a fucking useless mask, can get you killed. Yes, yes, yes, the cops have been doing a bang up job, of handling things.

Fauchi Tries to Walk Back All Of His Lies – Lock Him Up There after all only about 1,000 side effects with these vaccines. Not problem right. Pfizers alone had at least 800 side effects. so I may be minimizing things a bit. That was in the marketing report, they put out, after the first 2 and half 3 months of it being out there. The government including Fauci said, it was safe and effective, even after that report. They had that report, long before the rest of us. It is really effective at killing and maiming innocent people. That is all it is good for. It was a safe way for governments to kill and maim. So you see it was safe and effective. Just not for the people, that got the death shots. They thought, it was a safe and effective way, to commit Genocide. Here I go again. Another passenger for the trip to Pluto. He did make a lot of money off of this fake pandemic however. We will just keep that money, he will not need it on Pluto anyway.

Québec tonight in solidarity with Ottawa Feb 19, 2022. Throwing this in so you all know about it. This will not on the main stream media. They failed to show all the protest over the past two years. Well until the truckers came along. There have been thousands of protest all over the world over the past two years. Did you know that? Well millions of us do. Anyone who hugs an cuddle up to CBC, CNN etc would be clueless. They were all busy watching the IS burn with the so called peaceful protests from Antifa and the BLM protesters. They only kill something like 14 people that I am aware of. There may be many more, that just never got reported however. One man was burned alive. They destroyed billions of dollars in property as well. They terrorized millions of people, who lived in those hell holes they created. The main stream media kept saying those protests were peaceful. Peaceful may ass. Biden and his laughing hyena, VP, were raising funds, to have them bailed out of jail. Funny how those fund raiser’s were never shut down. Now those so called protesters, were terrorists if I ever saw any. JT thought those so called protesters were just wonderful people. So peacful as they burned pillaged plunder and killed. He has his properties I guess. I really hope the normal Americans, who were appalled, at the nightmare perpetrated, by those thugs, did not think, he was speaking for the people in Canada. Any Canadian that did see, what was happening certainly did not think those thugs, were peaceful, by any stretch of the imagination. JT is stupid, blind and way out of touch with the Canadian people, as we all have noticed. Well normal people, notice that is? Well can’t expect much, from someone, who has shit for brains. He is so bad he even Makes old Brian M look better. Who knew, there could be some worse then Brian? He caused a lot of job losses too. JT is doing a much better job, of putting people out of work. Yes believe it or not, there is someone worse then Brian. How do these criminals get elected? Again I digress.

This is a real Peaceful protest. I guess, we have to teach some people, the difference between one and the other. Imagine that? JT is one of those people we have to teach. To think he and Biden are in this together. That is like the, one celled brainless twit, helping the other. North America, we have a problem. A penny for your thoughts??????????

Now back to the peaceful protest. Now JT this is what we call peaceful. See. Hell it would be easier to just lock him up in the Royal Ottawa. Give him some happy pills. Let them teach him. I really don’t have time, to teach him, simple stuff like this. He is toooooooo far gone.

Canadian Protest Song Freedom Convoy – Greg Arcade – I Can See This peaceful protest JT. I know JT it is really complicated. Not my fault you were taught all the wrong things. You are a bit backwards we know this.

Now back to peaceful protest. Do they by chance, support the truckers convoy and all Canadians? Just asking! A penny for your thoughts?

I love this song. It says so much. The truth will set you free.

CANADA STORM TROOPER PASSES OUT Looks lie a vax injured cop. Oh well. There will be many of those. There already are as matter of fact. Just one more of millions who are vax injured. It could be due to lack of oxygen from wearing the mask as well. Shit happens eh. I have seen lots of vaed people just keel over. Just like that. Good thing, he wasn’t driving. He could have killed himself or others. That has been happening, to people driving. OK JT this is what happens to people that got that safe and effective vaccine you are pushing onto people. You know the ones who don’t want it. Well JT this happens a lot. JT this is one of the reasons all those people out there, are protesting. Do you understand JT. Didn’t think so.

Falls down goes boom, bangs his head. Could have head injuries as well. Maybe the helmet will protect him.

Hey JT everyone that has had the vax, should wear helmets now, to keep them safe and heaven forbid, they should ever drive again. They are a danger to the public.

Loads of head injuries for those, who have been vaxed cus they fell over, just like this guy. Some even died, from those head injuries. Of course the vax could have taken them out anyway, so maybe, they were the lucky ones.

Standing back, looking at JT playing with his toys….. Shaking my head. Boy is he messed up.

The cop needs a D dimer test, among about 1,000 other tests, if he was in fact vaccinated.

There goes the health care bills skyrocketing. Those vaxed people will cost taxpayers a fortune. If they are damaged, permanently, it will cost tax payer even more. You see a blood clot could have went to his brain. Just another victim, who was helping, push the Build Back Better agenda.

Plop. That is old hat for me. I have see it so many times I can’t even remember how many. Well hell I looked for it is how is did that one. Not rocket science or anything complicated. Just a bit of research. I do love a good scavenger hunt.

Such a shame those that got magically elected, do not know how to do that. There are so many of them that just do not know. JT would like some friends in here with you? Seems you are not the only one, with one brain cell left.

GRAND JURY THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION-Day4-INJEKTIONS & PSYCHOLGICAL WARFARE We are going to need this again, just for all the Police brutality. The evidence is building. Thanks to all the collectors of evidence out there. Boy do we have evidence. . Millions of us have evidence. Seems we are better Police officers, when it comes to collecting evidence, then actual Police officers. We have lawyers and stuff too. Just another point of interest. No JT watching this, might make you want to commit suicide. NO no this is not for mentally unstable, people like you. Only normal people can watch this one.

Make sure everyone keeps a copy of this one in their files. This is evidence we do not want to vanish. You know censorship and their garbage, they have been pulling, for months. A few million copies should suffice. I love the normal people. Thank god there are a few million of us left, to sort out all this garbage. Remember to save all evidence to a file. Be it video or a responsible news report. They will attempt to wipe it all out. I am sure the shredders are hard at wok as we speak. Then there are the deleter’s. Hillary Clinton, pulled that one. Lets not forget what they do to hide their crimes. Amazing, how all those e-mails just vanished eh.


Everything was Peaceful, on the trucker side of thing, until yesterday, when the thugs, called Police moved in. with brutality and violence. The Police began to beat the shit out of people. Some of that is in the link from Feb 18 and 19. Lots of information, in the comment section as well. Thank you so much to those leaving comments, with links to evidence. If there is one thing I love it is evidence. Right down to the horse stomping on people. With a cop on top of said horse. They are actually attempting to lie about that one. Sorry assholes, we have proof it happened. We also have witness testimony to go with that. Just a point of interest. No one is going to believe anything the Police say any longer. They have lost all credibility. In my court room if they persisted with the lies they would be charged with Perjury. Just a point of fucking interest there. Yes I am having a bad hair day. Got a problem with that. Have you ever tried to teach JT anything. He would give anyone a bad hair day. I think I will go scream into my refrigerator now. Just to get rid, of some of my stress. I might even cool off a bit, while my head is in there. Wouldn’t want to blow my top or anything. That might take the roof off the HOUSE.

Feb 18 and 19 2022 Trucker Convoy Updates

Trudeau vows to freeze bank accounts and have insurance removed from anyone, who supports the Trucker Convoy

Canada: Surveillance, Prison Camps, Trucker convoy, Pfizer crimes, Slaves, Dictators

Address TO Canadian POLICE by Retired OPP Officer Ed Grenier

Freedom Convoy – Address To Canadians by Tom Marazzo Feb.10, 2022 And More information

More countries joining the Convoy = They are following Canada

Ottawa is now a Police state of the worst kind People could die due to their insanity

Trucker, Supporter Convoys within Canada

Part 3 Trucker Interviews Exploring Coventry Road Rigs and gofundme Update

Part 2 of Interviews with Truckers if you want to know what is really going on

Trucker interviews What is really going on with the industry and why they went to Ottawa. A Must watch video.

I think that words on that pic need to be changed up a bit. I am to lazy to do that.

It should read What I know and What I tell you.

I may be a lot of fucking things, but stupid is not one of them. I have been called every name in the book. And yet here I am. Still going strong. I get stronger every day.

This is my motto. I don’t get Mad I get Even. I have to go an dig out another 20 foot snow drift. Anyone want to help with that? A penny for your thoughts???

I am really old school.

Yall have a good day now hear.

JCCF News Release – Ottawa Police Breach of Charter Rights – Right to Peaceful Assembly

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Feb 18 and 19 2022 Trucker Convoy Updates

Do check the comment section for updates. There certainly is a lot going on. The police are causing a whole lot of problems and abusing protesters.

Interrupting the Government Bullshit for this Update. Something we all should be concerned with. Remember only about 1% of all events ever gets reported to VAERS. Add a couple of zeros to get the true picture. .

Nearly 24,000 Deaths After COVID Vaccines Reported to VAERS, Data Show

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released new data showing a total of 1,119,063 reports of adverse events following COVID vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Feb. 11, 2022, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). 192,517 reports of serious injuries, including deaths,

The most recent death involves a 7-year-old girl (VAERS I.D. 1975356) from Minnesota who died 11 days after receiving her first dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine when she was found unresponsive by her mother. An autopsy is pending.

U.S. VAERS data from Dec. 14, 2020, to Feb. 11, 2022, for 12- to 17-year-olds show:

The most recent deaths involve a 13-year-old male (VAERS I.D. 2042005) from an unidentified state who died from a sudden heart attack seven months after receiving his second dose of Moderna, and a 17-year-old female from an unidentified state (VAERS I.D. 2039111) who died after receiving her first dose of Moderna. Medical information was limited and it is unknown if an autopsy was performed in either case.

  • 68 reports of anaphylaxis among 12- to 17-year-olds where the reaction was life-threatening, required treatment or resulted in death — with 96% of cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.
  • 639 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis with 627 cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.
  • 158 reports of blood clotting disorders, with all cases attributed to Pfizer.

There is more

Autopsies Show: Vaccinating Teens for COVID Is Literally ‘Heartbreaking’

Autopsies of two teenage boys who died days after receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine prove the vaccine caused their deaths.

Canada where the hell are your Autopsies? Oh right you never do any.

I have a twenty foot snow bank and for every flake of snow, in that snow bank, is a dead or injured body. I need a whole lot of anger to move that snowbank. So I am looking for enough anger to uncover the truth. Anyone out there want help me, with that bloody snow bank? I hate shoveling this drug induced shit. This is what the truckers are fighting against. Lets never loose our focus on the cause. Point of interest the Canadian statistics are pure bullshit. They have hidden the deaths and injuries, in a massive way. Complete fraudulent statistics. Canada if your lucky, reports about 1% of 1% of all adverse events. Even that may be to high. What a farce that reporting system is. The governments across the country, think they can bury, the dead bodies, under their lies. Only a person with one brain cell, would believe their bullshit. Oh yes I am angry. You should be too. You could bury the parliament buildings in dead bodies and have some to spare. .

Deaths and Injuries due to Covid vaccines Page 3

News Release: Ongoing Ottawa Police Enforcement

Canadian Tax Dollars hard at work.

Ottawa Police Armed With Assault Rifles Squash Freedom Convoy, Make Arrests

This type of bullshit they use against peaceful protesters, that includes women and children. Imagine, what the children must be thinking and the terror they feel. They will never trust the Police again, as long as they live. That renders the Police useless, for the next generation. That trust can never be rebuilt. It is lost forever. Through the eyes of a child they see tyranny. They will fear the Police for the rest of their lives. Good job there, you fools.

If someone did that to your children how would you feel? That is a question everyone should be asking the Police. The real criminals, are in that building called, Parliament Building. Top villein being Trudeau. I will never trust the Police again as long as I live either.. they are nothing but a waste of space and money. How dare they use Canadian tax dollars, to do this.

BREAKING: Ottawa police on horseback trample freedom protesters

Some officers wore riot gear, some gas masks, most had pepper spray at the ready in their vests, some held batons and some high powered rifles as they arrested hundreds of peaceful citizens.

The gov is busy stealing money from those, who donated. There are about 100,000 who donated to the truckers. Are they going to steal all their money, have them all fired? All of this based, on stolen property however. The hackers stole the information. No one, is allowed to keep stolen property. So, why are Media outlets allowed to keep stolen property? The information is also, Private and Confidential. I hope the gov remembers that, when their banking and personal information gets hacked. Maybe the hackers, will steal all their money. Well if that happening’s, the gov, right now at this moment, is guilty of the same thing. If it happens to the gov, they whine about law and stuff. But for them to do it, is just fine. No one, is above the law. The press, is in possession of stolen property. They are as guilty, as the thieves. Using it to have people fired is just unacceptable. Someone left a story, in the comments about just that. Thanks to the Ford Gov, a woman was fired, because she donated money to the truckers. Firing someone, for donating to a cause is illegal. A cause for Freedom. We all want our freedom back. Every normal person around the world wants their freedom back. They are now, stealing money from an alternative media outlets, as well.

CBC needs to be shut down. Right now, they are just doing dirty work for JT. They have lost all credibility.

If everyone shared all the home addresses and phone numbers of all the elected thugs promoting this tyranny, would that be a problem I wonder? What could possibly happen?

Ottawa Gastapo Checkpoints Have The City Backed Up For Miles!

February 18th, 2022.

Now I am amused. The Police are doing the truckers job for them. Nice to see them helping out with the blockade. I hope no one needs to get, to a gas station in hurry or anything. That would be a real problem. How many cars, are just a bit short of gas this morning? Then the cops, will have to go on a gas run for them. It would be their fault, that they ran our of gas after all. This must be the George Carlin special. What could possibly go wrong. Funny I was dreaming about George Carlin last night. I woke up, laughing my ass off. Then, the first thing I see is this. Allrighty then! If the police keep this up the plow drivers, just might go on strike. They could all get covid after all.

The Bank Run Is On In Canada Will We See It In The U.S.?

Little Justin, does not have foresight. Being a drama teacher, does not prepare you to do much of anything. He isn’t even a good actor. I paid all my bills for five months. I was saving for some new appliances, that are much needed. Took out the rest, just in case. I might have to take a cab, to buy groceries and such. It is that or hook up the dogs, to the sled to get there. The dogs, would have such fun, at the grocery store. Imagine a bunch of huskies roaming around the store. Well I can’t leave them outside, they might get cold you know.

I would not try to stop me. The dogs, are well trained as guard dogs too. Even the police are afraid of them. LOL Just thinking ahead you know. You think the Doberman gang was bad, you have never met my bad boys. They sure are fun to have around. They also have a mind of their own. Now they will listen to the owner about 99 percent of the time BUT the other 1 percent is very unpredictable. Faced with a 120 pound piece of fluff, the cops, do not have a prayer in hell of stopping them. I know this, I trained them. They are the most amazing creatures.

No police dog, could ever take down, those bad boys either. They have more tricks up their furry, sleeves, then you could ever imagine. Just a point of interest.

Canadian Trucker update The Washington Post, is owned by Amazons owner. Who by the way.made billions on the Lockdown’s . Trusting the Washington Post, is Like trusting the CBC. Not going to happen.

Tjay and MAC discuss the breaking headlines coming from Canada. The American perspective. The video he is talking about, the MP one, is in the last post I did. It is in the comment section. I will leave the link to that post below.

Convoy Karen’s are litterbugs. The agitators strike again. I wonder how much she got paid to do that? Now what would she do if JT decided to take the money, out of her bank account. Does she think, she is safe from his tyranny?

Just a reminder.

We are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets

Now for a little history lesson.

Since St Patties Day, is coming up in the near future, maybe everyone should know why. This is just the tip of the iceberg of things that happened. Sort of the short version of things.  It was not an accident it was by design. To this very day they keep countries in poverty, on purpose. All by design. A an example, Haiti’s rice farmers, were destroyed by design.

I was never taught the entire truth in school. Fortunately my grandparents did.

Accidentally imported from America Eh. Was is really an accident? Like smallpox in the blankets given to the Indians.

They wanted more people to go to other countries to take over the land for them.

A lesson on trusting your government.

Maybe you should question everything your government does. History teaches us many things.  

How to cause migration to other countries.  Like the US and Canada.  

How to cause homelessness. 

How to kill off the overpopulation.

Never trust the royals.

Segregation was a big thing back then.

Oh look our governments are dong segregation again.

They are causing homelessness again.

They are causing deaths again.

They are stealing property again.

Their fake pandemic, sure is coming in handy.

Those death shots, will take care of their, overpopulation problem.

Desperate people, will do anything to feed their families.

No jab no job. How many fell for that one? 

Oh and Columbus never discovered America.  Seems to me there were already people there, who discovered it long before he did. A well kept secret for many years. They ran away from countries, that were oppressive.

They didn’t just magically appear there.

What is commonly known as Ireland’s Great Famine of 1845-1849 was a catastrophic tragedy that has embedded itself in the island’s consciousness. The crop collapse and the political decisions around it decimated the island’s population changing the course of Irish history. World history was also affected by a resultant wave of mass migration that spread Irish culture abroad, particularly to the United States. This documentary aired on the A&E cable channel in 1996. A small portion is missing at the 1:12:58 point (it is marked by a program ID) but the documentary and its information are basically intact and it is well worth watching.

Trudeau vows to freeze bank accounts and have insurance removed from anyone, who supports the Trucker Convoy This one has the video in the comments of the MP.

Canada: Surveillance, Prison Camps, Trucker convoy, Pfizer crimes, Slaves, Dictators

Address TO Canadian POLICE by Retired OPP Officer Ed Grenier

Freedom Convoy – Address To Canadians by Tom Marazzo Feb.10, 2022 And More information

More countries joining the Convoy = They are following Canada

Ottawa is now a Police state of the worst kind People could die due to their insanity

Trucker, Supporter Convoys within Canada

Part 3 Trucker Interviews Exploring Coventry Road Rigs and gofundme Update

Part 2 of Interviews with Truckers if you want to know what is really going on

Trucker interviews What is really going on with the industry and why they went to Ottawa. A Must watch video.

Emergencies Act

Thank you Ron Flynn for joining in support of Police on Guard for Thee.

Trudeau vs The Honkening

Just because, you are a teacher, does not make you intelligent.

George Carlin speech at the National Press Club (May 13, 1999) for those who never heard of him. He has a lot to say. Extremely important things to say.

“George Carlin delivered a humorous speech in which he made fun of Washington politics and the language of politics. He also talked about America’s penchant for euphemism and about labeling minorities. After his remarks he answered questions submitted from the audience.”

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Trudeau vows to freeze bank accounts and have insurance removed from anyone, who supports the Trucker Convoy

Feb 16 Update below. Sancara left this in the comment section. Thank You. Just awesome.

Justin Trudeau Declares Canadian Freedom Truckers TERRORISTS!? | Louder with Crowder

Hack If anyone gets an e-mail from anyone, maybe report it to the Police as a scam.

Report the e-mail address and a copy of the e-mail to them.  Report it to Crime Stoppers if you do not want to tell the Police. .  It is stolen property after all. Some people, are on a fishing expedition. Do not reply to any e-mails of this sort. Never give them, any information. Report it. You have two choices. >>>>>>> Video Report <<<<<< Do check it out.

Canadian trucker speaks out after Trudeau vows to freeze bank accounts

Banks, Insurance companies.  If they do that they are shooting themselves in the foot.

So anyone who  supports the truckers can have these things done to them. So JT thinks.

Anyone, who follows JT’s lead is completely insane. You do realize this includes many billions of people world wide. It will affect millions in Canada. Can anyone see forward. Look into the future. What could possibly go wrong?  JT needs to be locked up in a loonie ward and soon. I hear the Royal Ottawa is very close to him. He needs, a mental health check up, in the worse way. I know insanity, when I see it. I have worked with a number of mentally ill people, over the years. So I have a clue, as to how they behave. They all, were saner then Trudeau is. I am guessing those vaccines, all three of them are affecting his mind, in the worst way. Those vaccines can do that you know. It is listed, in the thousands of sided effects.

Officer! Officer! HELP!!!!!! I found someone, who is, right off his rocker. He is, putting millions of people in danger. Do I have to call, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, for help, or will you do it? I can do that you know. Anyone can. Canadians do have the right to be kept safe, from insane people.

FOX Business’ Grady Trimble speaks with Canadian trucker Tyler Armstrong about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest actions against the convoy.

I think these are some of the terrorists JT is talking about.

Love is in the air in Ottawa!

How Will The Bedwetting Lunatics Virtue Signal Now ? Taxpayer Funded Tests Coming To An End

“My Sister Won’t Speak to Me” — Freedom Convoy Supporter: Trudeau, The Media Are Destroying Families

Canada: Surveillance, Prison Camps, Trucker convoy, Pfizer crimes, Slaves, Dictators

Lots more information in the comment section as well. 

I will finish this latter. I have to run and get all my money out of the bank.

Thank You to all, who left comments.

Justin Trudeau Declares Canadian Freedom Truckers TERRORISTS!? | Louder with Crowder

Crowder is Canadian. He now lives in the US. He sure knows how to dig out dirt.  Their presentation is amusing to watch. So, when you need some news that is tolerable, these are the people to  listen to. Trust me. You will enjoy it.

Streamed on: Feb 16, 10:34 am EST

Justin Trudeau went full commie against the Freedom Convoy. Whatever you’re thinking, we guarantee it’s actually worse. There is a lot to unpack! Also, TikTok is a communist psyop. And a Joy Reid regular tried to kill a mayor. #JustinTrudeau #FreedomConvoy #EmergenciesAct

Thank you PM Trudeau for unintentionally reigniting the True North Strong and Free!

Our Veterans Stand Proud

This is a long read. There are a few videos.

All Vaccines Contain Dangerous Poisons

This is Quote from the article Compliments of Dr Young.

Dr. Kaufman addresses in close focus the faulty concept of Virus-Isolation on which germologists predicate Virus-Replication, proof for either of which really does not exist, given that what they begin with and call “isolation” is in actuality NOT isolation–unable to produce a finite specific form from the debris of patient sputum or patient specimen which they admittedly mix with Vero cells–diseased African monkey kidney cells, as well as fetal cells, bovine calf serum, formaldehyde, antibiotics and other chemicals and toxins, they arbitrarily fixate on shreds of debris containing immiscible genetic matter–bits of RNA encased in bits of cellular membrane–extruded from cells, and call these “viruses” which they then genetically sequence using amplification processes like the faulty PCR. In no way shape or form, scientifically, logically, reasonably or otherwise can they say they have extracted a specific virus from patient sputum after subjecting it to this mix-up-and-stir miasma-creation process, as Dr. Kaufman explains, and which leads only, Dr. Young says, to a “Frankensteinian concoction filled with random anatomical elements.”

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Canada: Surveillance, Prison Camps, Trucker convoy, Pfizer crimes, Slaves, Dictators

This is going to be very long. All of this information is extremely important. Sorry about that.

The Truckers and Canadians, do not want this coming to Canada. Some of it is already in the country. Covid camps anyone. They are prisons. Surveillance, is already in Canada. They have been using it for a long time. Longer then many realize. Canadian dictators, Canada has a lot of those.


“Show Us The Virus” Case Before South Africa’s Constitutional Court 

CDC Withdraws Use of PCR Test for COVID, Finally Admits It Can’t Differentiate Between Flu and Covid 

Autopsies performed on vaccine takers   December 28th, 2021.

On COVID vaccines: why they cannot work, and irrefutable evidence of their causative role in deaths after vaccination 

Address TO Canadian POLICE by Retired OPP Officer Ed Grenier The comments, have a lot of information. Be sure to check them out. Thank You to all. Austrian, is really ramping up. The drone footage is spectacular.

Sayragul Sauytbay shares the horrors and atrocities of communist China’s Uyghur genocide on ‘One Nation.’

Chinese concentration camp survivor speaks out.

 China is one of those countries, that hold power in the UN.  One of the five.

China uses these people as slaves. China has made billions on the fake pandemic.

Corporations need to pull their businesses, out of China.  Thanks to Free Trade Agreements,  China was one of the countries of choice to set up shop.  Why? Cheap labour. Outsourcing. We all remember Outsourcing right. How many people, have lost job to Outsourcing in your country?

China Concentration Camps How Forced Labor Creates Large Profits for the CCP

Who Made Your Mask? We Traced PPE to Uighur Workers in China-s Harsh Labor Program Coronavirus News

Gravitas: Did China harvest organs of its own citizens? Yes they did.

I have more information on that subject. I am just not sure where it is right now. There was a long investigation carried out, to find the truth. China made a fortune, on organ transplants. They do anything for money. Want a fresh organ, go to China. People were told the organs came from those on death row. That was a lied of course.

For 21 years, Falun Gong practitioners have been victims of State-sponsored persecution. In 1999, China declared millions of them illegal & drove them into exhile. There have also been accusations that China robbed these practitioners of their organs

Did I mention that China is one of the countries with the most power in the UN. Did you know Tedros in the WHO, loves China and communism? China is involved with the WHO, like the filthy, greedy, regime it is. Did I mention China made a fortune on the fake pandemic?  A few leaders in China need to be arrested and jailed for crimes against humanity. China is a surveillance state.

Quebec Emergency Ending, But New Laws Will Make Measures Permanent. Do not let this happen.

The passport is just, what China does to every citizen, in their country.

SPECIAL REPORT: Inside China’s surveillance state

The Chinese Communist Party is crafting a nightmare surveillance state – flooding the country with an ocean of surveillance cameras, which now invade the homes of minorities.

They want to do this to everyone in the World.  Like you for instance. It has already started. Download an apps latterly. Cell phones are a problem. They can be used to track you everywhere you go. Apparently in Wuhan they had 5G up and running when the so called pandemic started there. The PCR testing, was used to collect your DNA.

Justin loves China. Just an observation.

This surveillance started, when you purchased your cell phone.


Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday lauded the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” protesting vaccine mandates and reiterated his call for an investigation into crowdfunding platform GoFundMe for canceling fundraising efforts to support the truckers.

“It is powerful to watch,” said Mr. Cruz, Texas Republican. “I think the Canadian truckers are standing up not just for the freedom of Canadians, but for the freedom of Americans.”



No this is interesting.



I heard Fords company made a whole lot of money on the fake pandemic. Does he own share in any plexie galss companies. Who else owns shaes in those companies?


OTTOWA Policeman tells Chief of Police of Ottawa to “hit the road!”


This is interesting.






Scott Morrison continues to commit crimes against the Australian people deploying Sonic low frequency weapons against peaceful protesters! Shame on you SCOMO

Yesterday is turn off the cell towers disrupt all life feeds for the protests

Sunday its:

Militarized Forces

Tactical Forces

Australian Police Force

Australian Police Dogs and Handlers

Sonic Weapons

All to try to drive them out of the campground and the police revoke permit of Farmer this morning who was going to allow the people from that camp to relocate to his property. Scott Morrison is crapping himself!

Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese are Behaving Like a Dictator in A Middle of an Uprising to Unseat His Power

Thank you Diane Cromwell for joining in support of Police on Guard for Thee.

Ottawa Resident Speaks Out

American Police Officers Message to Canadians

Did anyone ever see the Movie Short Circuit. Well I am starting to feel, like that little robot. Need more input. Keep the comments coming. Thank You. You make life so much easier.

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Address TO Canadian POLICE by Retired OPP Officer Ed Grenier

All Police world wide, should listen to this man.

What damage are we doing to our Youth? I see children, like that, all the time. I see, the sadness, in their eyes. Then again, I see a lot of sad eyes. Eyes are, the windows to the soul, after all.


A great speech from Marcus, who was a member of the RCMP. He is old school. You know, when the Police protected the citizens of Canada.

Some War Veterans have gone to Ottawa. They are stepping up to the plate. John left it in the comment section. Be sure to check it out. There are other important, information in the comments as well. Thank You to all, who leave information. I learned something new today.

Freedom Convoy USA “We have a right to resist and we have an obligation & duty to do so!” She is a powerful speaker. United We Stand divided we fall.

Freedom Convoy – Washington DC (America TV) talks to Marcel Irnie Live – Uncensored

One thing no one has noticed, is the starvation due to the mandates, that have taken over in some countries. Millions are starving and have been for some time. Those, who pushed this fake pandemic, certainly do need, to be arrested and charged with, crimes against humanity, genocide, mass murder and the list goes on and on. There is certainly enough evidence.

As for the supply chain, it was interrupted two years ago. The interruptions have been ongoing all along. I don’t know, how many times, I went to purchase something over the last two years and due to covid mandates, the things I needed, were just not there.

Freedom Convoy Truth by Daniel Nagase | IrnieracingNews Feb.12, 2022

How many have read Agenda 2021 and 2030? The UN has created the fake climate change garbage, for profits, for the corporations. Then again, they helped promote wars as well. for profits, for the corporations. The UN has been corrupt for years. Does anyone even know how the UN works. 5 countries, have all the power. It is about as democratic, as a line up of Domino’s. They can also fall, like Domino’s. Now where is Interpol, when we need it? Where is the FBI? Where is CISIS? Where, are all the agencies? You know, the ones that are suppose to protect the people, of the world. Get to work or get fired. If you do nothing, then the whole lot of you, are worthless. If you all do nothing there is no point in anyone paying your salaries. Who pays your salaries? The taxpayers. Do nothing and get fired, is what I am thinking. Either do your jobs or find a new job. Of course if you do nothing I would never hire you. Why bother, you are useless. Maybe go to work, for a fast food joint. Hell there are enough of them, to go after all the criminals world wide. Their children”s lives are on the line as well. Take a look in the mirror. How many from those agencies just do the corrupt bullshit, the corrupt governments want? Don’t get me started on that one. I would have to write, a set of encyclopedias. If anyone tries to pull another Operation Paper Clip, well they need to be arrested too. Criminals hiding criminals. Never again! Sick SOB’s.

Ontario freezes funds from GiveSendGo trucker convoy fundraiser.

Is this true? Maybe. Global News does lie after all. It could be, they just want people to stop donating to the truckers cause. If true then I guess, a few folks should tell Doug, where to go. If Global lied, then I guess, a few should tell them, where to go.

Give Send Go Freedom Fund raiser for truckers

Freedom Convoy – Address To Canadians by Tom Marazzo Feb.10, 2022 And More information Lots more Information. Evidence to arrest and charge those responsible. That is a very long list of criminals. In the comment section there is a link to the New Brunswick Convoy Live from Druthers. That is from Feb 11, 2022. It is still there. So far Facebook has not censored it. A miracle. The people from NB had a lot to say.

World Premiere

This is just fantastic. Sheer Magic. It goes and  goes and goes. You just never want it to stop. Best thing I have seen years, Even the couple of commercials are incredible. This just made my day I recommend this highly  

Terrain Movie NICE

When you think it over, it, is just starting. I highly recommend this one.  You will be in for a lovely surprise. Some of it is so relaxing. It will take you to another world.

My precious, my precious. Seems governments, around the world, are attempting to hang onto the rings of power. They are drunk on power. Then again, some are also on drugs. Oh yes drugs have been found, in some government building, in places, the public, doesn’t get into. So only the ones that work there, could have possibly, left the evidence behind. The rich mans drug as they advertised it,years ago, to con the rich into become drug addicts. It is posh to snort, sniff and hit it up, so they said. Cocaine I think it was. Don’t quote me on that. I may have remembered the wrong drug. I think it time to start testing those, who are elected for drug use.

Anyone remember Mayor Ford. Yes it happens more then you think. Dougie, was always covering for him.

Why wait for Spring? Do it now. I don’t know about everyone else, but come Spring I have a zillion better things to do. I hate wasting my time, on the Build Back Better lot. Time for the lot of them, to be locked up and throw the keys, into the pits of hell, where they belong.

Now, how many, Honest Police, do we have out there?

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Freedom Convoy – Address To Canadians by Tom Marazzo Feb.10, 2022 And More information

Freedom Convoy – Address To Canadians by Tom Marazzo Feb.10, 2022 | IrnieracingNews

Vaxxed II & No Virus ever Isolated Freedom of Information Request prove covid has not been isolated.

Masks are just not a good thing They can make you sick Masks are dangerous. Read the studies.

PCR Covid 19 Tests are Worthless

December 21, 2020 The date these pages started. Deaths and injuries right from the start.

Thousands had side effects from Covid Vaccine- Deaths and Injuries Page 1

All new updates on deaths and injuries are down a bit. I update them as I find them. 

I had to start a Page 2 and now a Page 3. 

Page 1 It was started in December 2020, so there are a lot of entries.

For all new Injuries and Deaths go to the Page .3

Page 3 started July 19, 2021

Deaths and Injuries due to Covid vaccines Page 3

 Page 2 started April 16, 2021

Deaths and Injuries due to Covid vaccines Page 2

These people are all telling the truth. These are the victims. There are many more victims that have not come forward as of yet. Millions in fact.

Canadians speaking out: Adverse reactions to Covid Vaccines- 2 suicide reports

Page 2 of Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

Covid Lawsuits against Governments and Others

If you don’t want to believe any of the above then Listen to this.

This is the Lawsuit, that will be held world wide. This is just Day One. They have gathered more evidence and witnesses then you could ever imagine.

All Police world wide should watch this.

Feb 9, 2022 I Wednesday Night

Been Eventful So Far, Lets Keep Going !

A trucker from Indiana is in Ottawas.

There are agitators in Ottawa. Watch out for them. They will start trouble. They are probably not even Canadians. The Police should be checking their ID’s. If they are not Canadians then send them packing.

They have already invaded protests. Out west a so called protesters, against the truckers and other Canadians, called the truckers and Canadians the KKK. No Canadian in their right mind would do that.

Justin Trudeau thinks BLM is a good cause. He even went out and protested with them.
BLM arsonist’s lenient sentence draws backlash.
Antifa was there as well. Antifa has been in Canada before in a mall town out in western Canada. The real protesters ran them out. Antifa just brings their hatred with them. They will pretend to be Canadian or speak for Canadians. They are just trouble makers. They burn, pillage, plunder and kill innocent people. So to all the Police out there. They are the people to watch. Not the truckers. They cost a billion of two in damages as well. The so called, pathetic, main stream media said, the protests were peaceful. Peaceful my ass. Fox and RT will do a much better job, then the rest of them. To all Police Officers in Ottawa or anywhere else in Canada if one child is harmed due to some jerk telling you to do things. The backlash will be staggering. If anyone is harmed by any of you there will also be backlash. Remember those people pay your salaries. Remember your oath, to protect and serve. You serve the Canadian people, not a corrupt government, on any level. If you have not figured out, as of yet, who is the real criminals are, then you have not been doing your job very well. The real criminals are the elected ones. Just point of interest. If you harm a real Canadian who is standing up for their rights to not be forced to get the deadly, experimental, vaccines. Then you will be held accountable. Those who force people to get vaccines, are murderers. Don’t forget that. I have seen more deaths and injuries due to those death shots then anyone should ever have to witness. Will you do something when your child dies or your relative, your friends.After someone you love dies, it will be too late. I have lost a loved one, to a deadly vaccine. Prevention is the cure. Stop it and stop it now. The protesters, against the mandates are right. It is time to clean house. Right across Canada. This would be the biggest investigation ever conducted in Canada. Murders, never get off the hook. No one is above the law not even those who have been elected. If they are corrupt and they are, they need to be held responsible.

More countries joining the Convoy = They are following Canada

Dozens of Anti-Mandate Protesters Arrested Amid Clashes with New Zealand Police

New Zealand police crackdown on protesters camping outside the New Zealand Parliament in solidarity with Canadian truckers, arresting more than 50 people after forcibly dispersing the demonstration against Covid-19 restrictions.

They just shut up and video protests. They keep their opinion out of it most times. That way people can decide for themselves what is really going on.

Ottawa Canada Freedom Convoy Stream 2022-02-09

Peace Bridge – Fort Erie ON Live stream. Canada Bound Truck Inspection

Canada Bound Bridge Peace Bridge – Buffalo NY Live stream


The Canadian people have spoken!!!

Thank you to all who have been leaving comments. All the information you have provided is important.

To John I did answer your comment on the previous post, about homelessness and added some information. Considering many of the truckers could end up, in just that position, it is extremely important. You are right..Governments do create poverty and homelessness. I have seen that many times. They do it with, the stoke of a pen. They do want them, for their wars. If they die, or are maimed they don’t care. That is so true. Many of those, who served their country, also end up homeless as well.

CBC Workers In Ottawa “Must Watch” | IrnieracingNews

Kristen Nagle shames CBC workers in the streets of Ottawa. CBC people have no heart. This is a must watch.

Mary Poppins lyrics changed We all remember this song, from years ago. It has a new twist however. I like it.

Pandora left these in the comments section. Seems the live stream I posted are dead in the water as well. Youtube is doing the dame thing. They can’t hide the truth. They just think they can.

Ottawa Police Steal Truckers Fuel Jerrycans Feb 9th

The Police broke the Law. more then once. Stealing fuel and driving a vehicle with only one plate. Jim did get the plate number. Congratulation to Jim. The OPP just sat there and watched,, now they will have to go to court and testify against the officers, who did the stealing. I wonder if they noticed the missing plate too?

It is a bitch when you have to testify against cops, who are criminals. To the OPP that were watching I am guessing they have your plat number too. So no way out of testifying. They are all watching you. I saw you sitting there too. More wasted court time. That is going to cost tax payers a shit load of money. All because the police were there stealing. Does anyone have any idea how much that court case is going to cost tax payers. I think those cops should have to pay for all the court costs as well. They after all know they are not allowed to break the law. Right after the Judges orders no less. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Especially, when you are a Police Officer. They are telling people it is fine to break the law. If the Police do it then Canadians will see that and think well, we don’t need to follow the law either. HELL WHY should they?

Is there a cop put there, who answer that question? Didn’t think so. So to the OPP , who were watching. SEE you in court. I will be the one laughing my ass off. Until then. Have a great day boys and girls. I just happen to know, how much court cases cost, as well.Those cops get to pay out of pocket for that. They full well knew, they were breaking the law. Premeditated theft anyone. Conspiracy to commit a crime, Theft. Harassment and I am sure I can think of a few other things, like abuse of power, for example. Endangerment. I am sure there are more. Good grief. Elected officials, turned a bunch of cops, into criminals. Those criminals, just might loose their jobs. Can you be a Police officer, if you have a criminal record.? I don’t think so. Shit happens eh. Now who was the fool who order the cops to do that. Whoever it was can help pay, for the court costs, out of their own pocket as well. They need to be charged as well. I know it is so sad, they don’t get off the hook either. There is an old fashioned saying. Stop breaking the law stupid!!!!!!!!!!!

For Freedom Convoy 2022 Protesting Covid Mandates

So what happened NEXT Check it out. Canadians are so creative.
Canadians are being dis-obedient. LOL Freedom Convoy protesters TROLL Ottawa Police

P. S. I charge much more then that. Just a point of interest.

For my new Neighbor

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Suburban life, a pretty wife

you think you’ve got it made

But you don’t know, what’s in store

for you and your family

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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

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Welcome to, home sweet hell

dissatisfaction guaranteed

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Invite you in and say

Won’t you be my neighbor

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I try all night and day to get a piece of the action, a-haa

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It could be out ‘n’ you’re drinkin’

So don’t you knock it until you try it

It could be you in a little while

I hope I didn’t ruin your day

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I dig your wife, she sure is good

It’s a beautiful day in the neighboorhoor… ha, ha, ha

Just so we can all sing along. I am thinking of John. Bless your heart John. .

If say, about 14 million people or more, went To Ottawa. Would that be enough, to prove to Justin Trudeau, this is not a fringe group? Do we really (all), have to go there, to help out? Just asking, for a friend. That friend I am asking for, is 5 years old. Sitting right beside me. I thought it was a good question.

This is an after thought from the 5 year old. Apparently her Grandma play this all the time. Took a while to find it. Then I remembered, who helped, with that song. This is from a 5 year old. All I can say it Thanks To grandma.

Northern Lights – With Kindness This is also from the 5 year old. In the comments There is the most well trained horse, I have ever seen. The Dancing Horse. This is one smart kid. Oh grandma Thank You so much. I am in Love with this kids Grandmother,

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More countries joining the Convoy = They are following Canada


Israeli Convoy Prepping — Join us

Imagine that. They are following Canadians for a change.  February 9th, 2022. If the citizens of Isreal ever find out the truth, the whole truth about what their government has been doing to them for years, ever since they day they were born. Their would be a revolution in Israel like their government has never seen. They even experimented on children. Jewish children. They radiated them as a science experiment. The Israeli government did everything imaginable, to have the story wiped out. As a matter of fact they Israeli government has tried to wipe out all history that would wake them up to reality.  Their government did sell them all out to Pfizer now didn’t they?  Their own government, turned the entire country in a massive lab and guess, who all the guinea pigs are? Every citizen of Israel. And they trust their government. WHY? Israeli’s have been indoctrinated and lied to for years. They have been isolated from the truth. Any truth that might be out there has been wiped out. The government make bloody sure of that. They even managed to get the people of Israel to help them do it. Oh yes I know what they have done and how they do it. Long, Long story on that one. It has only been happening, for what, 70 years. Maybe even longer. Yes now that I think about it, longer much longer.  They have been taught to hate with a passion. The government has done that to them all. It starts from the day they are born. Maybe finding out their own government is trying to kill off as many as they can, might wake them up. I will not hold my breath on that one.

A few things about, what I said above. Took me a bit to find that in the archives. I thought it might be important. History always is.

Zionists Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 Sefardi Jewish Children

Way, way, down at the bottom you will find that story. Of course you have to climb down the bean stalk, to find the truth. So how many are brave enough to climb down that bean stalk?  History is something that should never be hidden for people. Over  8 years ago this came out. It was kept hidden for a very long time. How many people actually know is a mystery. A study from the early 1950s found X-ray treatment effective in almost all cases of ringworm.

The documented dosages given to the Israeli children were similar to (if not less than) that administered to children treated for ringworm at New York University Hospital between 1940 and 1959.Oh Ya, the US did it too. The US paid Israel to experiment on Jewish children. In fact, the treatment in Israel was the same that was used elsewhere in the world. Oh my. How many know that? Oh well better late then never. It reminds me of all the MK Ultra experiments. They were not isolated to the US either.

That of course was a lie they were told. That is not how you treat ringworm. Any farmer with a single brain cell could tell you that.  I advise keeping a copy of everything on that page in a file somewhere. I do. You should too. All this history just might vanish. It is like the Never Ending Story when the Nothingness takes over. It is just like that. It has been that way for a very long time. Things just vanish. Censorship is not a new thing. It has been going on for as far back as I can remember. It existed during the world wars. So my parents and grandparents told me. They were alive and well during those times.  They wanted me to know the truth, not the lies the main stream media, told them, others and you. Imagine that, nothing has changed in all those years. They have always used the press, to lie for them. How shocking. Anyone ever notice the similarity between what happened to the Aboriginals getting small pox and Jewish people getting typhus. Bedbugs and lice. Do you know WHY? Germ warfare, is pretty old you know. Long story there too. Just scratching my head?????  You will too.

Convoy to DC – Live With Grassroots Organizers February 3rd, 2022.

The facebook one will be taken down. they are making things vanish. Not new of course. youtubeis also starting to censor. Never keep all your eggs in one basket. To everyone one out there rescue the videos before they vanish. The Nothingness is about to take over again. They did that with Anti War stuff too. Very old this vanishing act of theirs is. Very Old indeed.

Convoy to D-C 2022 new Telegram page:
Convoy organizer Brian Brase on Facebook:
Convoy organizer Brian Brase’s new GETTR page:
FreedomConvoyUSA2022 on IG:
ConvoyToSafeAmerica on Telegram:
Canadian Freedom Convoy on IG:
DVS7.0, a convoy organizer on IG:
Attorney Leigh Dundas working with some of the American convoy organizers:

Watch all my uncensored news coverage on my website and TV app:

Her bitchute channel.

Check out the comment section. There is a lot of information there. Like the Alaskan convoy for example. It also has links to all the other posts on the convoys.

Ottawa is now a Police state of the worst kind People could die due to their insanity

Police misconduct Freedom Convoy Ottawa Police Targeted Harassment. Feb.7 2022

They went after a very old man as well. That link is in the comments, in the above link. Look for OTTAWA POLICE – BULLY TACTICS – CRIMINAL SENIOR ABUSE

Freedom Convoy Preemptive SOS Press Conference Feb7 2022



A major Thank You to all the people, who left comments. Keep them coming. You find things, I don’t. If we work together we might get it all.

There was more then one of these in that convoy. If I see any military being used to harm any civilian of their own country they can be charged with Treason. Remember that. Now if I saw this with Freedom flags and or F*Trudeau flags on them, then and then only will I know, you are doing the job, you were sworn to do. Remember your oath boys and girls. Tax payers pay your wages. You work for the civilians not the tyranical governments. You serve the people of your country. It is your duty above all duties to protect the citizens of your country. To other wise is to become a criminal, a traitor and in some cases, could make you a murderer. So lets not go there. Protect the people, not the government, who has been using you a cannon fodder for years on end. Used to steal oil and resources from other countries, is all you have done. They used you all. They create poverty on purpose so poor people join the military. If you die they do not care. They never have. History tells us that. They are the many of the same people behind the fake pandemic.

Yes poverty is created on purpose, by governments. Look at how many have become homeless due to this fake pandemic. Just another way to recruit cannon fodder for their new up coming wars. Oh yes they want more wars. All based on lies of course. Nothing new there. I see it coming. So as they say dress for succes not mass murder. One would think, after all these years everyone o the planet would have figured that out.

The UN loves wars. WHO loves fake pandemics. Get with the program people. The UN wants to become the world government. They already have a good head start. I have been watching it all unfold for years. Long Long story. Don’t have time to go into that one. Why do you think some countries are kept in poverty. So they can steal their resources. Oh and imagine the Military world wide, have helped do just that. Then there are the paid Rebels, paid for, with drug money, no less, that pretend to liberate their country. OH the opium, is really good for that one. They were not even from those countries, they were imported from other countries. History is a wonderful thing. They have pulled that stunt so many time over the years I can even remember, how many times anymore. Then of course, they get the press to lie for them. How funny it was one day, when I found a truck, in Syria with California license plates on it. On a main stream media news story. Gee how did that get there I wonder. Oh fake news. I am guessing, the entire thing was cooked up in California by someone. Oops, forgot to take off the plate boys and girls. Just little things, some of us notice.

The Canadian people have spoken!!!

Feb 8, 2022

Now get out there and Save the Children. The child you save, might be your child.

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Ottawa is now a Police state of the worst kind People could die due to their insanity

I am going to star with the press conference first.

BREAKING Ottawa press conference with Dr Roger Hodkinson, Dr Paul Alexan

Looks like the Police are creating a replay of Ice Storm 98.No heat, no hydro, no way to cook food, high possibly of freezing to death.

I was informed of something, very disturbing today.

Children could freeze. They could go hungry. They will feel hated, by the police no less.

Everyone else could suffer the same fate. One can die in the cold, rather quickly. Pretty hard to drink frozen water or eat frozen food. Starvation, hum. Dyhydration hum. Freezing to Death hm. Frost bit damage can mean loosing parts of your body. So Amputations could occur hm.

The truckers have no money as it was taken from them, now they want to take away, all the fuel for the vehicles, propane for cooking included. Can we say a shit load of firewood is needed. Blankets for the children. Just wear it around you. You were extra cold and needed the cover. It is really cold in Ottawa you know. Now it is deadly.

I call this war against Canadian Citizens. That is what they do to the enemy during a war. That is standard operational procedure (SOP). Destroy food chains. SOP. Destroy anything that will help the enemy. SOP. So this a war against the people, pure and simple. Premeditated murder. Premeditated assault and battery. Conspiracy to commit a crime, against a person or persons.

I would go so far as to say the perpetrators are Terrorists. They fit the definition. Just following orders are they? Looks like some have been turned into major criminals. Then again duing the past two years thousands of Canadians were turned into criminals. Thanks to the so called illegal, mandates. People have been put in prison even. People have been tortured. Isolation as well as other mandates, are in fact torture. The use tax dollars to all of that. The vaccines I would say are just a weapon of mass destruction. They do and have killed and maim millions.

The entire planet has been terrorized, by their own governments. Those in said governments are Terrorists. They should be arrested and treated as such. All of their assets should be seized. All offshore bank counts they have should also be found and seized as well. Then go after the rest of the perpetrators and there are many.

Some of the dogs could freeze. Many do not do well in the cold and die easily, from the low temperatures just like people can. Make sure the animals are safe. Huskies would be fine they are built for the cold in Canada. The rest maybe not so much. I know there are some tiny ones in the convoy. I have heard the tiny barks. Those ones, are in extreme danger, when it comes to the cold. Those that are tiny, can be snuggled inside you coat, if need be. A large poodle, not so much. They just will not fit. To big. At any rate the Police, have put all the animals, in danger as well. Animal abuser I have no use for. How Dare They.

All of the above are being terrorized, by the Police.

Ottawa police decree is illegal, Justice Centre warns

Posted On: February 6, 2022 OTTAWA: The Justice Centre today warned that Ottawa police would be breaking the law if police attempt to intimidate or arrest people who bring food or other supplies to truckers who are peacefully exercising their Charter rights and freedoms in Ottawa.

tweet from Ottawa Police from 11:52 a.m. on Sunday February 6 states “Anyone attempting to bring material supports (gas, etc.) to the demonstrators could be subject to arrest. Enforcement is underway.”

“People who bring food, water, gasoline or other supplies to peacefully protesting truckers are not breaking any law. There is no basis for this police threat, that was issued by Twitter this morning,” states lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter, retained by the Justice Centre, which is representing the Freedom Convoy.

“In a free and democratic society that is governed by the rule of law, citizens can freely associate with each other, including the giving and receiving of goods and gifts. There is no law that would allow the Ottawa Police to arrest people for giving fuel or food to another Canadian,” continues Mr. Wansbutter.

“The truckers themselves are exercising their Charter freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly, as they are legally entitled to do,” concludes Mr. Wansbutter.

News Release – Urgent Message to Canadians

Feb 7, 2022

We, the undersigned, wish to make the following statement based on the fluid, unfolding events in Ottawa in relation to the Freedom Convoy.

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees every Canadian’s right to peacefully assemble and the right to protest.

For nearly two weeks, Canadians with their families and children from all over the country from different ages, races, ethnicities, religions and beliefs have gathered in our Nation’s capital to exercise this right in unity, peace and love.

Many of the undersigned have attended and are still present in Ottawa. We have witnessed peaceful demonstration and have observed multiple acts of humanity which define what it means to be Canadian. These acts include providing meals to the homeless population, tidying the streets of trash and snow, keeping watch of the tomb of the unknown soldier and other monuments and assisting business owners with tidiness while providing patronage to their establishment. There is overwhelming evidence to substantiate what we have witnessed first-hand.

The corporate media’s coverage of these events does not accurately depict what is transpiring.

The government’s decision to block refueling of the trucks puts fellow Canadians and their families including their young children in danger due to the extreme cold temperatures currently occurring in Ottawa. Regardless where one stands on this topic, these actions are inhumane and do not align with Canadian principles.

The spirit of the protest in Ottawa is that of peace and coming together as a nation. We will continue encouraging the non-violent nature of the protest and non-interference with emergency vehicles and businesses established in the area.

If Canada truly is a democratic nation, then we call on our duly elected members of government to engage in meaningful dialogue consistent with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Unjustly labelling those protesting the unconstitutional public health orders as terrorists, racists and misogynists is unacceptable and creates further divide.

I am a Canadian, free to speak without fear, free to worship in my own way, free to stand for what I think right, free to oppose what I believe wrong, or free to choose those who shall govern my country. This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for myself and all mankind.

John Diefenbaker, July 1, 1960 from the Canadian Bill of Rights.


Police on Guard

Mounties 4 Freedom

Stand up Canada

Take Action Canada

Mama Bears

Police for Freedom

Vaccine Choice Canada 

Rick Nicholls – Deputy Leader Ontario Party, MPP Chatham-Kent-Leamington

Harold Albrecht – Retired MP – Kitchener Conestoga

Derek Sloan – Leader Ontario Party

Dean Allison – MP for Niagara West

Randy Hillier – MPP Lenark-Frontenac-Kingston/No More Lockdowns

Larry Sault – Former Chief and Grand Chief in Ontario/ Indigenous Consultant (Present)

There are links to other Covoy videos and information at the bottom of the page in the link below. Be sure to check the comments as well. People, bless them all, have been leaving important information for everyone.

Trucker, Supporter Convoys within Canada

Arrest the real terrorists, not the truckers. The trucker are just attempting to Canadians all their rights back. For the fist time in two years of this fake pandemic, the real perpetrators, need to be arrested, just because, someone was elected, does not mean, they are above the Law. They have been breaking the law all along. They are the criminals. There are select few that did not break the law and stood up for the rights of Canadian and they were punished for doing so.

Canadians speaking out: Adverse reactions to Covid Vaccines- 2 suicide reports

Page 2 of Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

UK Pfizer Report &Canadian Doctor Reviews “Mind-Boggling” Stats from Released Pfizer Documents

Vaxxed II & No Virus ever Isolated

This has not been updated in a few weeks. As it is, anyone can get a really good idea, as to how many have died. There are three pages of information on the deaths, of those souls that were given the deadly vaccines. Remember those numbers are higher now as well. All the number do is go up from week to week.

Deaths and Injuries due to Covid vaccines Page 3

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Trucker, Supporter Convoys within Canada

I spent the day In some provinces at different Convoys. I think, what I found, was more like a fringe Majority.

Freedom Convoy Okanagan with 2000+ Patriots. BC Canada Feb.5, 2022 |

I have already watched this. I was wondering can someone, who watches count all the vehicles. Maybe make it counting contest. This was not all of the vehicles. There were more before and after he stopped filming Marcel did a great job of this. As you watch you almost feel like you are him, standing there. Even when you go up to the window of a vehicle, it feels like, it is you there. Now I know what it was like for Patrick to jump, into the chickypoo in the ghost movie It is sort of like that. Giggle.

To one who came up to chat to Marcel. You were never alone, there were a whole lot of us out here, doing the same thing. To you Marcel Researching, is something of lot of us did. Dirt diggers, together are strong. We have all the keys.

Some one came up to chat with Marcel. He talked about the Bank of Canada. He has that one right. Then they got into the Federal Reserve Bank in the US, which is privately owned.


The above was publish some time ago. September 29,2008 One update added latter.

Now don’t forget to count the vehicles. Then please put the number of vehicles, you counted, in the comments. Then we can go visit Marcel and tell him. There will be a part two to this. Just have to find it. Latter.

Got to be a fast counter to get them all. If you miss a few no big deal.

Penticton BC Freedom Convoy 12:20pm Feb.6, 2022

Convoy against public health mandates rolls into Regina Manitoba

Feb 5, 2022

Another convoy against public health mandates made its way into Regina on Saturday, driving up Albert Street, with some vehicles parking on the road.

Intense Clashes With Counter Protesters At The Truckers Freedom Convoy In Vancouver, BC.

In this one you find agitators. I do not think they are from Canada. One posed as a First Nation. No First Nation from Canada would say things she said. Never. They know many of the truckers are in fact First Nation. The Police should have checked their IDs, to see, where they were from. I bet they were not even Canadian. They certainly did not act like any Canadian, I have ever met.

Tweeted Feb 1, 2022 Justin you lie.

Everything in that tweet is a lie, about, what happened in Ottawa.

As one person said, Justin has Untied Canadians.

His attempt to divide and discriminate against people, backfired on him. He is the one spewing hatred. He is attempting to get you, to hate the truckers and those, who refuse the experimental vaccines, which in fact, are not a vaccines at all.

Justin is mentioned in this one, others a well.

The World Economic Forum, The Trucker Standoff and The Hand of God

Toronto Feb 5, 2022 Convoy and Rally

Some short videos.

Australia Truckers Convoy Showing Support Across the World

Brilliant Scene in Australian Capital Canberra as Aussies Unite Against COVID Tyranny

Finland Convoy Against Tyranny and Mandates

That was all the time I had to spend yesterday, finding things.

There were other convoys in Canada Yesterday Feb 5th as well. If anyone has any please add them to the comments. If I find any new ones, I will just make a new page. I know there are more out there.

Part 3 Trucker Interviews Exploring Coventry Road Rigs and gofundme Update

Part 2 of Interviews with Truckers if you want to know what is really going on

Trucker interviews What is really going on with the industry and why they went to Ottawa. A Must watch video.

Australian Convoy 2022 Has arrived at the capital

Netherlands, Canada, Bolivia Convoys 2022

What the truckers want people to do Jan 29 2022 Lets help them with this

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive Part 2

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive

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Part 3 Trucker Interviews Exploring Coventry Road Rigs and gofundme Update

This is Sheer Magic. Just loving it.

They are extremely well organized. WOW. This is just too sweet, for words.

Mike hats off to you. In the event, you see this that is. odds of that are pretty slim. But hey, just in case.

Coventry Road Rigs Feb 5, 2022

Tuesday night Feb 1, 2022
Scotty starts the night down at the Shepherds of Good Hope homeless shelter. All the money wasted on the pandemic could have eliminated homelessness right across Canada. More drug rehab centers, could have been set up. More mental health help for some of them, could have been implemented for them. They certainly do not get the help they really need. Due to the fake pandemic many more will become homeless. Even you, could end up in their shoes.

The horses are gorgeous.

Most frozen food as long as they stay frozen would be fine, Just thaw and use.
Those apples would make fabulous apple crisp. If I were there and they wanted to give them away. I would take them no problem. I love apple crisp.
You can even freeze milk. No problem. I have even frozen canned food. Not in the can, but that should not be a problem as long as it stays frozen until you use it. I freeze a lot of canned stuff. I use half of a can of whatever then freeze the rest in containers, until I need it. I have been doing that for years. You just use it right away, after you thaw it out.
I have even frozen bananas in the skins. I just bagged them and froze them. They make for great banana bread. Unthaw and throw them, in a blender. Then add to everything else.
Oranges make for great orange juice. I never, waste anything.
Even the water from canned vegetables, or ham etc goes into soup. Both can be frozen until you need it too. Of course after you make the soup, it too can be frozen. With the price of food these days, I do not waste anything. I even re-use cottage cheese containers etc. That is where the soups etc go, when I freeze them. Over the years, I have saved a lot of money, doing these things..
Even the water that froze is fine. Would make for good ice cubes or to keep foods in coolers cool. Then when it melts drink it. No waste at all.
Pop bottles, ketchup bottles etc, I used for Ice in the cooler, on long road trips. Plus you have extra water.
During the summer, I freeze a lot of bottles of water, just in case the hydro goes out. It helps keep the food in the freezer safe and if needed can be used in a cooler. It always pays to be prepared, just in case. So as I get room in the freezer, I add more water bottles. Right now, I have water bottles in the freezer. As it empties I add water to the mix. Just in case. No way I want to go thirsty if the hydro goes down.
Snow is great for flush toilets if need be or for doing dishes, taking a bath etc. It melts. Add soap and you are good to go.. I have done that one too.
I have a ton or two of snow in my yard, so no shortage of water, where I am and it is clean. It could even be used for drinking water, if you boil it long enough. Snow in cities, might be a problem. It might not be so great, for drinking. If you were desperate, it’s better then nothing.

During the summer that bottled water, has come in handy, a number of times, when the hydro went down. Just a few tips, that can help save, you some money and food. I have a huge freezer so no way, I want the food in there lost. Things I learned from my parents and grandparents. During the depression years, they saved and reused everything. Not such a bad concept. They recycled, everything they could.

During ice storm 98, people lost food, from their freezers. Why did they not just put that food outside? Canada is a massive deep freeze. People went out to buy ice to keep food in coolers safe. I guess they didn’t hear about the ice all over the place. There was no shortage of ice or snow, that is for sure. Both work great in a cooler. Just something I noticed.

Always think ahead. What if? What would I need? You know the truckers could teach people a lot. They have to be prepared for all sorts of things. Maybe you could learn from them.
When you talk to farmers, they can teach you even more. Right now Ottawa has a massive class room, with tons of teachers, you can learn from. Farmers have to deal with all sorts of things too, like how to keep the animals safe, during the winter and summer months. Many of them would have gardens. Learn how to grow your own food and the list goes on. I see the biggest class room, the world has ever had in one place.

Food does not just magically, make it to store shelves. Some advise. Be very nice to these people, they make sure you get fed.

I buy as much food as I can from farmers. I grow some as well. I have a garden. I grew up on a farm. I know the hard work it takes, to operate one. Hard work and long hours. Many a night, I did not get much sleep. There were so many reasons for that one.

The main stream media, has lied right from the git go. So have some of the Political leaders. Absolutely shameful they are. Then again they have attempted to cause a division between Provinces for years as well. I don’t know how many times I hear Quebec is a problem. Oh if you go there, they refuse to speak English to you. Well that is not true. I spent a nice vacation in Quebec. I never had a problem talking to anyone. They never had a problem speaking English to me. I was treated extremely well, by everyone I met. I was treated with kindness, no matter, where I went. I have met some of the most wonderful people from there. So after my vacation I concluded the main stream media did nothing, but attempt to divide people. The media causes hate. Just like they are doing now, as I write this. I vacationed in Quebec to find the truth and I did. They are wonderful people. Boy did I have fun.

Getting back to the next video. Some of the above applies to it.
Investigates Media Claims !

Part 2 of Interviews with Truckers if you want to know what is really going on

Trucker interviews What is really going on with the industry and why they went to Ottawa. A Must watch video.

Australian Convoy 2022 Has arrived at the capital

Netherlands, Canada, Bolivia Convoys 2022

What the truckers want people to do Jan 29 2022 Lets help them with this

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive Part 2

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive




Feb 4


2 min read

UPDATE: GoFundMe to refund all Freedom Convoy 2022 donations (2/5/2022)

The update we issued earlier (below) enabled all donors to get a refund and outlined a plan to distribute remaining funds to verified charities selected by the Freedom Convoy organizers. However, due to donor feedback, we are simplifying the process. We will automatically refund all contributions directly — donors do not need to submit a request. You can expect to see your refund within 7–10 business days.

GoFundMe Statement on the Freedom Convoy 2022 Fundraiser (2/4/2022)

  • GoFundMe supports peaceful protests and we believe that was the intention of the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser when it was first created.
  • We now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity.

To ensure GoFundMe remains a trusted platform, we work with local authorities to ensure we have a detailed, factual understanding of events taking place on the ground. Following a review of relevant facts and multiple discussions with local law enforcement and city officials, this fundraiser is now in violation of our Terms of Service (Term 8, which prohibits the promotion of violence and harassment) and has been removed from the platform.

Organizers provided a clear distribution plan for the initial $1M that was released earlier this week and confirmed funds would be used only for participants who traveled to Ottawa to participate in a peaceful protest. Given how this situation has evolved, no further funds will be directly distributed to the Freedom Convoy organizers — we will work with organizers to send all remaining funds to credible and established charities chosen by the Freedom Convoy 2022 organizers and verified by GoFundMe.

All donors may submit a request for a full refund until February 19th, 2022 using this dedicated refund form. From the gofundme page

Well people I guess you just have to find a way to get the money directly to the truckers.

That is just cold. I for one cannot say I am happy about this move and of course the media etc have told so many lies to help this along. The truckers are not what they say they are. It is not an occupation, it is a protest. Even if the gov does not like it, on any level. The gov has caused the problem right across Canada. The mandates have harmed more people then one can ever imagine.Deaths included. People, find ways to help the truckers. thee is more then one way to do that. Think outside the box. The People of Ottawa itself, has been helping them in a massive way. I would also be letting those in gov how you feel about all of this.


12 Countries Roll Back COVID Restrictions, Israel Scraps ‘Green Pass’

Sweden and Switzerland joined Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, France and the UK in announcing they will lift COVID restrictions and open up their countries.

Europe is accelerating steps to roll back COVID restrictions as efforts to control the spread of the virus have failed and countries downgrade the threat posed by SARS-CoV-2.

Sweden and Switzerland joined Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, France and the UK in announcing they will lift COVID restrictions and open up their countries.

Top Israeli officials also announced this week they are abolishing the country’s “Green Pass” COVID vaccine passport for restaurants, hotels, gyms and theaters.

The policy update will take effect Feb. 6, Prime Minister Naftali Bennet’s government said, pending approval by a parliamentary committee. Israel’s proof-of-vaccination policy will remain in effect for events such as parties or weddings.

“To continue the green pass in the same way can create false assurances,” said Nadav Davidovitch, an epidemiologist and public health physician advising Prime Minister Naftali Bennet’s government. “It’s not reducing infections in closed spaces like theatres. It needs to be used mainly for high-risk places like hospitals, elderly care homes, or events when you are eating and singing and dancing.”

Sweden will lift all COVID restrictions by Feb. 9, the Swedish government said today.

Military tells Ottawa to find someone else to evict the truckers Feb 04, 2022

Despite the Ottawa Police briefly raising the possibility of a military intervention to clear a stubborn holdout of Freedom Convoy truckers blockading their downtown, the Canadian Armed Forces have been quick to say they will be doing no such thing . A spokesperson for the Minister of Defence told the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, “The Canadian Armed Forces are not involved in law enforcement in this situation, and there are no plans for such CAF involvement.”
Meanwhile, Torontonians are worrying that their downtown will be the next to fall victim to an invasion of big rigs that refuse to leave . So far, the only evidence of a Toronto demonstration is a series of flyers circulating online calling for a convoy to blockade the Ontario Legislation Assembly starting on Saturday, Feb 5

I would love to see the Military show up in Ottawa in support of the Truckers and Farmers.

Dress up the vehicles, the same way the Truckers, Farmers and the majority of Canadians have.
The Military in Canada, is there to protect Canadians, not the Government. They are there to protect the people, of the entire country. The gov is minority, not the majority. At this point in time the gov is a dictatorship. If people cannot see that then they are blind. Forcing people to take an experimental drug that kills and maims is a crime.
A massive crime that will cost Canadians a fortune now and into the future. .

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Part 2 of Interviews with Truckers if you want to know what is really going on

This is from February 3, 2022

Sotty was out again last night. Boy was it cold and windy out there. The trucker took very good care of him.

They fed him, gave him coffee and a few other assorted thing. Dried out his gloves for him. Warped him in a blanket. The truckers sure know, how to take of a person.

He even found someone from Nova Scotia. Found a fellow, that has to be related to Red Green. Talk about being creative. He had the most awesome set up. There was a fellow with two broken ankles. Now that is dedication to a cause, if ever I saw one. Hats off to him. Wow.

I did not do a play by play while watching this one as it was about 3 am in the morning when I was watching it. To tired to type. So you will just have to watch the video to see the events that occurred.. As Scotty is walking about, it is just like being there with him. Last night was bitterly cold. He toughed it out. Bless his dear heart, for getting the truth out to us all.


The interviews in the below link, are from February 2, 2022

There was a press conference with the truckers Lawyer etc yesterday. There are links to four videos. Two from the main stream media. Sad to say the least. The two under those have the complete press conference. The main stream media gave them five minutes. Even the Ottawa Citizen only posted a five minute bit. The press conference lasted longer, then five minutes. It is nice to compare, who does what however. I just checked the gofundme site and it is still under review. The lawyer at the press conference did mention, what happened. Then someone sent me a a story about Bonnie Henry from BC and the mintier of health. I never changed a word the author wrote. I listened to it while reading what the author had to say. I was amused. To bad these people can’t ell the truth. The author had some questions, I think others should be asking as well. So if you haven’t checked out that post I think you should.

Trucker interviews What is really going on with the industry and why they went to Ottawa. A Must watch video.

Here are a few other news report of interest.

Huge volumes of COVID medical waste posing health hazard: WHO

Tens of thousands of tonnes of medical waste have been generated in the two years since the coronavirus began spreading globally.

Thousands of truckers wait for COVID-19 testing to enter Chile From 4 days ago

Thousands of truck drivers are stranded on the border between Chile and Argentina as they wait to be tested for COVID-19. Some have been waiting for weeks, putting a strain on the goods they are carrying and on themselves.

COVID isolation rules could stop South Australia voters

There is another way to fix elections. Rates right up there with mail in voting. Mail in voting is just a disaster waiting to happen. How much you want to bet, they will try that one. They will say, it is safe and effective. We will be watching them.

Published January 24, 2022

Discussion begins around 40 minute mark. Sen. Ron Johnson moderates a panel discussion, COVID-19: A Second Opinion. A group of world renowned doctors and medical experts provide a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.
More at

I think that is enough for now. Odds are I will add more. I did that yesterday. So the post grew over the day.

If anyone has any news stories about convoys in other countries let me know in the comments. I do appreciate the help. Or if you have anything else, you may think is important.

Ottawa Truckers Convoy Recap

Feb 2, 2022 Update. Great report. The video is awesome. Did You Know The truckers are cleaning up the mess the agitators make.

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Trucker interviews What is really going on with the industry and why they went to Ottawa. A Must watch video.

Five New updates below, on the gofundme problem. The last one is Bonnie Henry from BC.

If you want to know what is really going on listen to these interviews with truckers on the ground.

There are people there from BC, Ontario, Quebec, a lot from Alberta,

Hope I didn’t miss any participants.

They have volunteers from Ottawa and Quebec helping the truckers. They are doing a fabulous job, taking care of the truckers.

There is a lovely lady, who came to Canada from Cuba. She give Canadians a warning.

There is a fellow from BC that has had videos he posted removed from facebook. Censorshit is alive and well.

There is a trucker talking about how hard it is to gets parts for trucks.

One fellow from Alberta has a web site people might want to check out.

Unify the People

A lady from Ontario has a lot say. She has been harassed by agitators. Odds are good those agitators are being paid to do just that. Those types show up at almost every protest.
They are there to make the protesters look bad. That is an old tactic. That has been used for years. I hope the police can find out, who they all are and who is paying them. For all we know Justin has hired them.

The main stream media reports on them and says it is the truckers doing the deeds. The truckers are not the ones doing those deeds however. Maybe the mains tream media is sending them out so they can get a nasty news story. I would not put that past any of them.

A shout out to Scotty. Terrific work. He is out there in the nasty weather doing, these interviews. Bless him.

Scotty is better at news, then all of the main stream media put together. He is getting the truth out there. 

Share, post his stuff to other video sites. If facebook is censoring, YT will start as well. Just a forecast of mine.  I advise saving all the videos on YT and reposting them elsewhere. Heaven forbid the truth vanishes. Save anything from facebooks as well. there are a lot of talented people out there, that can do that. So I am calling on you all to rescue the truth. No way should we let them sweep the truth under the rug.

If there are any typos etc. I wrote this really fast. I had only just woke up and had my first coffee of the day. I wrote as I watched. So I did not take the usual care I try to.

Little children have been giving truckers all sorts of pictures, notes and sending them their love.

To all the children, that are doing that, the truckers love it. I was watching a video the other day and the trucker was in tears. So a very special thank you to the children.

A child gives a trucker lots of love. This might make you cry. A note from 11 year old Kate

Lets hope twitter doesn’t start to censor people. Then again, they may have already started doing that too. Not a twitter fan and I don’t use the place so not sure what is going on there. If anyone knows let me know in the comments below. If you have any important videos or news stories please post them as well.

Australian Convoy 2022 Has arrived at the capital

Netherlands, Canada, Bolivia Convoys 2022

What the truckers want people to do Jan 29 2022 Lets help them with this

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive Part 2

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive

New update.

Shadow left this in the comment section.

Freedom Convoy 2022
Created January 14, 2022 Under Review February 3, 2022
Freedom Convoy 2022
$10,095,600 raised

Last time I check there over 100,000 donators. I am sure, they will want to know, what is going on with this. shut down/review.
This is what is written at the site
“This fundraiser is currently paused and under review to ensure it complies with our terms of service and applicable laws and regulations. Our team is working 24/7 and doing all we can to protect both organizers and donors. Thank you for your patience”
Got a screen shot of that one. I advise others to do that as well.
I am pissed it is under review. They had better get that fixed and soon. Shit for brains turd might be behind this bullshit. He tried that before and I am guessing trying again. The only ones who should be under review are the political leaders who promoted the pandemic fraud.

Just a few days ago they released some of the money for the truckers. So what the hell happened between then and now. I will be watching this very closely and think we all should.

My questions is big massive
WHO is behind this move?
That money belongs to the truckers and no one else.

Or it Could be the shit heads along with the Mayor of Ottawa behind it? They want to steal that money.

Whoever, is behind this move, needs to be made public. The people of Canada have the right to know, if it political interference.
People will want to know the truth.
Why is under review?

I went to the gofundme site and sure enough Shadow is right. Thank You Shadow for pointing this out. I want to know what is going on as well. I want to know, why as well.

I will keep checking to see, if anything changes.

All I can do is speculate, as to what or who, is causing this.

Recent Updates

This part 1 or is different from the one below

It is still under review.


 Thank You to Pandora for adding this into the comments

This has some information on the gofundme situation. Among other things/

The two below are the best. The above one leave a lot to be desired. One is Global and one is CTV Both are only about five minutes long. The two below have the entire press conference. Much longer then five minutes.

This one starts about 4 minutes in and is much different from the above two reports.

Of all the reports These two are the best. Some french, but mostly english


Ottawa Truck Convoy Press Conference This one is very good as well. The ending after the main event has a different camera person with a different perspective. She starts to ask the main stream media questions. Well done.

This was sent to me by the Author. While the convoy is progressing, Bonnie Henry is telling people they need booster 3 and 4. Next month is will be 4 and 5. The month after it will be 5 and 6, The author points out facts as they were watching the news cast. I listened to the video, as I read the comments and I have to agree with the author.

COVID-19: Provincial health update for Feb. 1 2022 | Vancouver Sun Adrian Dix, Minister of Health and Dr. Bonnie Henry, BC’s provincial health officer update on COVID-19 for Feb. 1, 2022 

I am going to do a point by point description as they talk. My points are more fact then theirs are. I have questions. So as you are watching them you can reflect on my points of interest. 

Sort of a play by play like a hockey game.  

Is that the new drugs, just invented?

 Ivermectin and HCQ are very cheap and effective. Still no mention of them.

The new ones, are really new I bet. Probably expensive. 

Add to that, they may have bad side effects on their own or if they are mixed with other drugs. If they are a new inventions. 

Who makes these new drugs and how much profit are they getting? 

How long have they been on the market?

How long were they tested for?  A few weeks or maybe a couple of months.

 I have questions. 

Bonnie, how many shares, do have in the drug companies, that make those drugs?

 Did you get any bribes, from said drug companies? 

 Main stream media, would never ask any of the questions I am asking. 

Remdesivir was deadly. That was a treatment as well. 

Those, who are in hospital, are probably there, due to the vaccines. That is happening all over the world.   

Omicron was created by the vaccines. It is one of the side effects. They can’t blame the vaccines now can they? 

Did they not vaccinate the older people first? 

I remember how they got covid, right after they were vaccinated. 

That was happening some time ago. Like right from the beginning. I remember reading all about it. Many died from the vaccines at that time as well. The vaccines killed them.

 The only way Omicron could get to Canada, is from people, who flew in. Well if is was a real thing that is. 

All those, who fly had to be vaccinated. So the vaccines caused the Omicron, as they call it. Or is caused by the vaccines.

The vaccines cause, hundreds of side effects. Delta these days are caused by the vaccines as well. Just another side effect.

They are lieing to cover up the vaccine injuries.  I know bullshit, when I here it. 

The reason the hospitals are stretched, is because you fired the employees Bonnie, who refused the experimental vaccinations. Bonnie Bonnie Bonnie you lie like a criminal. 

What kind of kickbacks or bribes are you getting to spew all this misinformation?

Don’t ever isolate the seniors again. That is criminal.

 Forcing people to get a vaccine to visit them, is also criminal. 

Trying to kill them off to are you? 

 Looks like Bonnie wants to be arrested for, crimes against humanity. 

She is making the case for the judges, all by herself.  She is telling you, what a criminal she is. 

Those questions also apply to this guy.

Adrian Dix, Minister of Health is also a criminal. He is bragging about, how many children, that are being harmed by the vaccines. 

He is probably lieing about the percentage of those, who got vaccinated as well. 

All the money wasted on so called covid, should have been used to improve health care and to help eliminate homelessness or other things, that are really needed. How many Billions of tax dollars, have they wasted?

 How many care home workers, doctors and nurses, have they fired for refusing the vaccinations? 

Oh the rapid tests. Well it has been found, they work as poorly as the PCR test. They don’t. Yet another waste of tax dollars. Who makes the profit from those? 

You know I really hate listening to these people. They lie and lie and lie. They keep promoting things, that do not work. That is fraud. 

We are loosing loved ones to the vaccines. Not covid. Anyone with a single brain cell left knows that. He knows that, but will not tell you.

Masking does not work. You might as well use a chain link fence, to keep out the viruses, even if there was one. 

Back to Bonnie. Oh get a third and fourth vaccine. Really Bonnie, you are one stupid person. As it has been pointed out, the more vaccines you get, the more compromised, your immune system becomes.  

Well I am certainly glad that is over. 

So this is the propaganda, they are telling the people of BC. 

Well I am going to go vomit now. You know, when you stop banging your head against the wall it feels so much better.  Now I have enough angry to go shovel all the snow that fell last night. I needed some rage for that. I got it. Full steam ahead. Lane way watch out the maniac is coming.

. Everyone should be asking those questions I have stated. 

One question I thought of is how many adverse event reports, doctors sent in were rejected? Dr Hoffe sent in 14 and they all were rejected. If they did that with his reports, then they did it with many others.

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Australian Convoy 2022 Has arrived at the capital

Trucker convoy arrives in the Australian capital January 31, 2022

The Aussie spirit was in full force, as thousands of everyday Australians came together in the nation’s capital to have their voices heard.

Convoy to Canberra REJECT violence

Convoy to Canberra crowds reject violent action, as they come together and voice their desperation to put an end to vaccine mandates and harsh restrictions.

Meanwhile back in Ottawa Published February 1, 2022

On the ground: What was it really like in Ottawa during Saturday’s MASSIVE Freedom Convoy protest?

I advise when you go to the page below, copy and paste the Freedom of Information requests and replies from all the sites and save them to word or what ever file. When you get to the sites just right click. The page will highlight. then copy the entire page at one time. Go to the file you want to keep it in and paste it into the page. I use Word. The more people that have a copy of those requests the better. They might attempt to take down the sites. As we well know censorship is infuriating these days.

The covid virus has never been isolated, by anyone anywhere in the world. It only takes a few minutes to copy and paste the letters. With all the sites maybe 10 to 15 minutes tops. All those letters need to be saved by as many people as possible. Especially now.

Vaxxed II & No Virus ever Isolated

CDC director in China admitting they never isolated the virus.

The above video comes from NBC.

China did not isolate the virus. CDC director in China admitting they never isolated the virus. His comments are near the end of this Jan 23, 2021 broadcast of NBC Nightly News. I am guessing the video is still there. Then again they may have removed it. It has been over a year after all. I could not be bothered to go check.

Netherlands, Canada, Bolivia Convoys 2022

What the truckers want people to do Jan 29 2022 Lets help them with this

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive Part 2

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive

Listen to the victims of the vaxes tell their stories. Be prepared, they are very hard to hear.

This is what they are now doing to children. YOUR Tax dollars pay, to do great harm to people. Many have died.

Canadians speaking out: Adverse reactions to Covid Vaccines- 2 suicide reports

Page 2 of Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

UK Pfizer Report &Canadian Doctor Reviews “Mind-Boggling” Stats from Released Pfizer Documents Read and save the Pfizer documents. The last 8 pages are all side effects. Beyond mind boggling.

Ottawa moves to seize GoFundMe cash from Truckers

They want to steal all that donation money. I am guessing the over 120,000 who donated, might not be happy about that. Millions of others across Canada, might not be to happy about that.

Billions of wasted dollars the gov has spend on bogus PCR tests, which are not a test all, should never have been used. they are useless and new rapid ones etc are just as worthless. The money wasted on vaccines, that are not even a vaccine was a waste of tax dollars. All they do is kill and injure people. they prevent nothing.

3 jabs and Justin gets covid does he?????? Money wasted on court cases. The list goes on and on.

If they had used that money to improve health care and help homelessness, then that money would have served a much better purpose.

Instead of doing something worth while, with the billions wasted on bogus garbage, they gave it to Drug Companies and To those, who made the bogus tests etc.

They destroyed jobs, destroyed the economy and created a whole lot of sick people. They tortured the elderly and the children. They turned our lives into a living HELL.

Now some bureaucrats, want to steal even more money from the victims of this tyrannical, fake pandemic. Seems to me they want to commit, political suicide.

Born free… Stay Free. This is must watch for each and every person here today. After all of the above to look at or read you need this. It is good therapy too. I have that on good authority. Trust me, you might want to watch this short clip, a few dozen times a day. Just because.

Thank you to everyone who posted videos etc in the comments. There are some great one you gave me. Thank You to those, who have reposted the blog as well. Thank you to those, who have shared it in other forums, blogs etc .

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Netherlands, Canada, Bolivia Convoys 2022

I am sure there will be more to come.

Dutch truckers drive in a convoy through Friesland, Netherlands, inspired by events in Canada.

Netherlands in the growing
Jan 31, 2022

RT News reported it.
The only news I found so far to do so.
A Dutch ‘Convoy for Freedom’ Sets Off from the Hague to Protest COVID Restrictions Jan 31, 2022

RT News
Freedom’ convoys protest COVID restrictions in Canada and the Netherlands

Lots of videos on the Canadian convoy. Three pages and in the comments there are videos as well.
What the truckers want people to do Jan 29 2022 Lets help them with this


Cities across Canada join the movement
Cities and towns coast to coast are joining in on this historic day! Several vehicle + trucker convoys along with massive rallies across the nation. This IS the new Canada Day. We are ALL fringe and proudly unacceptable. 🇨🇦♥️

Bolivia joints the Canadian Freedom Convoy #FreedomConvoy2022 Go Bolivia go Bolivia South Americans are now officially supporting us as well Good on you #Bolivia.

AUSSIE TRUCKERS: WHOOP WHOOP! THERE IT GOES! Well Lookie there. Aussie land is coming on board too.

Protesters rally at U.S.-Canada border over COVID vaccine mandate Jan 29, 2022 I had to use MSM news sites for this one. I did not find any other independent ones as of yet. Just ignore any propaganda in them. If anyone finds any other videos of this do put them in the Comment section.

Protests against vaccine mandate at the border 

People at Rainbow Bridge to protest vaccine mandate on truckers crossing to Canada 

Canada truckers hold Presser in Ottowa:Must Listen, Feel Freedom,Pride of Human Unity & Devolution

Freedom Convoy 2022 Gofundme

We have some great news to share with all of you! We have received confirmation that GoFundMe has released our first batch of funds and is initiating our first transfer. We can’t thank you enough for your patience.

If anyone finds other convoys around the world do put the link in the comments. If you find any border protests again please add the links to the comment section.

. Messages Of Hope To Canadian Truckers For Freedom

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Roll On Down The Highway – Mandate Freedom

Truckers are getting support, from around the entire world.

Thank You To all citizens of the world for all the support.

Just Drive – Jayme Knyx – Freedom Convoy 2022

Former sniper for Trudeau is now head of Freedom Convoy security

Police on Guard Partnerships.

Police on Guard’s Press Release Regarding The Truckers Convoy Jan 28, 2022

Police on Guard have Boots on the Ground in Ottawa

Sweet Video they have at the link. Jan 30, 2022

Canadian Truckers Bring Peace, Love and Freedom

Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity

Thank You to everyone, who left Videos etc in the comments. I really appreciate it.

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What the truckers want people to do Jan 29 2022 Lets help them with this

Just do it.

There are a lot of Videos in the comment sections as well. Thank you to all who have posted them. A link to some really pictures as well

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive Part 2

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive

This was also left in the comment section and it is a fabulous Idea.

Text, e-mail phone a friend, share one way or the other.

Got this idea from another youtuber A wonderful idea.

Can you imagine if everyone sent Trudeau a letter in support of the convoy? As the convoy sits outside Parliament, our letters can arrive inside Parliament.

Those who have cell phones could text this out and it would spread like wildfire. Even kids and teenagers could do this.

Give them all paper, pen and an envelope. Doing this would empower children. It would also make them know their voice is important too. They have been abused for 2 years. Let them tell their stories.

Dear Mr Trudeau I hate masks for example and why they hate them. Help the kids voice their opinions. Share this idea. I am loving it. How many texters do we have out there.

Let the kids help too. Every child forced to wear a mask etc has a right to have their voices heard too. All other supporters can do this too. That way all the voices make it to Ottawa even if they can’t be there.

Mail may be sent postage-free within Canada to any Member of Parliament at the following address:

Name of Member of Parliament, MP

House of Commons

Ottawa, Ontario

K1A 0A6

Vaxxed II & No Virus ever Isolated

The reason we need to end these mandates are in the links below. Add to that the masking is just a form of torture. Like the vaxes they prevent nothing and do more harm then good. The testing is bogus. Everything about this pandemic is fake.

UK Pfizer Report &Canadian Doctor Reviews “Mind-Boggling” Stats from Released Pfizer Documents


Three pages of testimonials and stories from those who were injured or lost family members to the vaxes. If you have not listened to any of their testimonies now is the time. These are just a few. There are millions of people like this out there now.

Canadians speaking out: Adverse reactions to Covid Vaccines- 2 suicide reports

Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

Page 2 of Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

We can do this. All over North America. All over the world.

Just stop complying. To the world out there, Just stop doing, what the tyrants want.

Fake Stream Media Caught Downplaying Support for the ‘Freedom Convoy Canada’

LIVE Freedom Convoy 2022 Ottawa

Streamed live 4 hours ago Jan 28, 2022

Beautiful 4 Minute Rallying Cheer for Freedom Trucker Convoy


In the annals of human history a time comes but rarely, when a nation awakes to freedom, to liberty, to truth and to a new beginning.

This is such a time.

You, the Truckers of Canada have brought hope back to a nation languishing in the long night of tyranny and oppression.

You have made our grandmothers and our children smile and dance again.

You, the Truckers of Canada have made the songs of freedom soar and sound anew – from mountain top to shining sea.

From PEI to BC and from our great white North to our teeming border South, your roar of freedom has reverberated across our towns and our cities and has been heard around the world.

Canada is cheering you on.

Our American brothers and sisters are cheering you on.

And we know that from every continent, from every global outpost of tyranny a shout of acclamation and a hand of solidarity is being raised for you and for us in Canada, for all of humanity.

You the Truckers of Canada have said to our rulers – “enough” – and we have raised the glass with you and our trembling lips also cry with you, “enough.”

You have said “enough” – we will not have vaccine mandates for Truckers, for our airplanes, for our trains, for our right to be strong and free Canadians in this strong and free and beautiful land …

And we cry with you, “enough!”

You, our Canadian Truckers for Freedom have said, “enough” – we will not have inhuman and illegal vaccine mandates in our hospitals, in our schools, in our hockey rinks, in the places we eat , in the places we gather with friends and lovers and families …

And we say with you, “enough!”

You, our heroes, Canadian Truckers for Freedom have said, “enough” – we will never allow you to lock us down again. Never. We are free.

And we say with you, “enough!”

You, our Canadian Truckers for Freedom say to our tyrannical rulers, “enough” – stop dividing us now! Stop making the vaccinated and unvaccinated “us” vs “them”

We are one people and we will be one nation, one family, one Canada.

And we say with you, “enough!”

You, our warriors for freedom say, “enough” – stop using our tax-payer’s money to muzzle doctors and censor the news. Stop!

And we say with you, “Stop!”

Canada honours you. Canada salutes you.

We have your back.

Canada has your back as you roll across this great nation!

The roar you hear is from the sleeping lion called Canada that is now awake!

And every roar of your trailer and truck will be met by the collective roar of Canada!

We love you.

We can never thank you enough!

God bless you.

And God speed!

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Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive Part 2

This is from Eastern Canada This is the first I found It was either the 25th or the 26th Of Jan The language in the song might not be appropriate for children.

The 2022 Truck Freedom Convoy NS/NB Border

This is from the nest day.

Freedom Convoy 2022 North Sydney, Nova Scotia Coming off the Ferry

Both of these are from today Jan 27

Truckers Freedom Convoy Enfield, Nova Scotia Jan 27,2022

Early in the morning

Overpass at Lincoln Big Stop NB.  Felt so great to see the huge crowd in support of the truckers.


2022 Truck Freedom Convoy NS, NB, NFLD

The lads leaving Enfield NS to join up with Trucks from PEI and then into Quebec heading west on Highway 1. Were coming, hold the line. Please Share God Bless!

Canadian truckers roll towards Ottawa to protest vaccine mandate

I am guessing Simcoe

FREEDOM CONVOY arrived to Montreal – Canada 2022 This was posted Jam 26 I do not know where they came from.

CANADA FREEDOM CONVOY ROLLING, 150 KM LONG & GROWING! Well Done Try not to cry when you get to the little kids. .

Freedom Convoy rolls into Winnipeg
Bridge City News
Aired on: Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Convoy Freedom Amazing Support 2022

This is Thunder Bay so one of the guys said. I would say this is Jan 26

Trudeau says the “small fringe” trucker convoy does “not represent the views of Canadians.”

So now Justin is hiding at home. He claims he was in contact with someone who had covid. Reality says, he is afraid to meet the truckers and friends that support them. I don’t believe a word he says. I will refrain from saying what I really think. Of course what I really think is not very nice. Use your imagination/

Freedom Convoy 2022 in Toronto

FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 TRUCKERS Today in Toronto GTA Highway 400 and Highway 401

Jan 27, 2022

Convoy Amazing Support from London Ontario


Trucker convoy rolls through Greater Toronto Area on its way to Canada’s capital | FULL

I really hate using Global, but I have not found another video of the Toronto area. It starts off really bad as the camera work sucks, but does improve after your in a bit. A least they got their sorry butts out there and are reporting on it. A small miracle for mankind.

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive Part 1

If you want to track the truckers the BearHug has their times of arrivals and departures each day. Just scroll down to the maps and click on the date above the map, for what ever day your looking for.

84 thousand Donors. Thank you to all, who have donated to help the truckers. WOW By the way the comments people leave are very inspiring. There have been many people from other countries that have donated as well. Guess what Justin, the world is watching you.

Why Everyone should support the truckers. This is a long read.

If anyone else has any videos from the convoy, do post them in the Comment section.

I am sure I will be doing a third page and probably a few more on this convoy. This is just incredible.

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Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive

Now if anyone has any videos of the Covoy I don’t have here, do post them into the comments. Even from small towns or villages. Ever single one is important. Every person in this convoy is important. Every supporter is important whether you give them financial help or cheer them on. Every voice counts.

In the West the convoy is 79 K long and growing. That is just part of it. There are trucks, cars, smaller trucks, one sighted a bus, RV’s and well you name it, they are joining this convoy. I have never seen anything like this,

Apparently there are about 10,000 truckers from the US, who also want to join in if they can get over the boarder.I think the broader guards should stand down and let them in.

I support these people wholeheartedly. To date over 59,000 people have donated to the cause. If there is money left over it is going to Veterans so we have been informed. The one thing to note is the support from people along the route. Many have been lining up along the route in support of them. The support they are getting is amazing. One lady doing a report was in tears. Hugs to her and all of them.

They are coming from East, West, North and South. One small town really stood out. It is small but quite a number came out of it.

Truckers are the life line of the country. 38,000 have been fired due to the Federal Mandates. Canada cannot tolerate the Federal Gov doing that. They have caused the unemployment of more people then in all of the history of Canada. There are losses in the Police, health care workers and the list goes on. they have destroyed businesses and devastated the country. All mandates must go. United we stand. People from all walks of life must join together and let the governments of the world know we will not tolerate their criminal behavior any more.

Freedom Convoy 2022 – Jan 23 Edmonton, Alberta — HUGE number of trucks and cars driving to Ottawa!

Freedom Convoy – Medicine Hat, Alberta – January 24, 2022

This is just a part of the convoy. the Police are out there supporting them and the numbers along the road etc are beautiful to see.  There is a group coming behind them from Calgary that got a late start.  This is first hand information right in the truck. Got to love it. She is getting emotional with all the support they are getting. Cheers to everyone coning out to see them off or through Medicine hat.

Freedom Convoy 2022 – Calgary, Alberta, Canada – January 23-24 2022  Great song in this one. 

Freedom Convoy parades past Swift Current Saskatchewan

Truckers Convoy Leaving Arborg Manitoba. There are two videos on this. The community with a population of about 1,232 added to surrounding area about 13,000. Small ones like this are hard to find so if anyone has any video of the smaller towns pleas let me know.  


Most are driving smaller trucks in this group but there are a lot of them.  There are more coming from Nova Scotia. This is just the first group I found.

Convoy for Freedom End of Day 1 Golden, BC 

Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson report


This is a good motto to have. Some come with music.


This reminds me of a Christmas parade except it is the biggest Freedom for Canada Parade in our history. Bless them all and keep up the support people. Meet and greet them along there way to show your support. If they go through your town or city be sure to go out and cheer them on. Even those who drive snow plows are truckers. We need them all from all sections of the trucking industry. 

The gogundme page with over 59,000 donors so far. The comments are incredible. For the first time in a long time many now hove Hope this can be ended and they all can get their lives back.

Police on Guard

Some of them have joined the convoy!!!

Add this one Jan 27, 2022

Truckers and supporters coming from PEI, NS, NB, Newfoundland, and Ontario

Canadian Trucker Convoy to Ottawa 2022 is Massive Part 2

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Vaxxed II & No Virus ever Isolated

Vaxxed II French Subtitles.


Some new “Freedom of Information Act”  Requests have been added to the list.  

The following written letters are responses from the following governmental and/or institutional officials that were obtained under the “Freedom of Information Act” or FOIA from the U.S., India, Republic of South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, U.K., England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, European CDC, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Columbia, Uruguay, Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Republic of Colombia, Ilse of Man, Philippines, etc., plus emails from Germany’s Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and several other so-called “virus isolation authors or researchers”.

University of Western Australia – NO Record of Isolation or Purification of CoV By Anyone Ever!

Freedom of Information Requests.  Covid never isolated.

Freedom of Information responses from 127 institutions (includingPublic Health Agency of Canada, USA CDC, UK Department of Health and SocialCare, Indian Council of Medical Research) in 20 countries/jurisdictions showthat health/science institutions have NO RECORD of “SARS-COV – 2 and 19”isolation/purification from ANY patient sample, by ANYONE, ANYWHERE, EVER! –

CDC NOW Admits NO ‘Gold Standard’ for the Isolation for ANY Virus!

Over the last several months we have requested from the Center of DiseaseControl (CDC) evidence for the isolation and existence for the any and allviruses, including CoV – 2 and 19, MERS, Influenza, Polio, Measles, HIV, XMRV,HTLV-1, HTLV-III/LAV, HPV, Ebola, Zika, just to name a few of the so-calledviruses, disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Another FOI for Canada and the smallpox virus, not being isolated or purified!  There are no viruses, it’s as clear as the cult is evil!

Jabbed Pilots NOT Lawfully Allowed to Fly

UK Pfizer Report &Canadian Doctor Reviews “Mind-Boggling” Stats from Released Pfizer Documents

Fauci Exposed -He Promotes Deaths and Profits for Drug Companies and Himself

Canadians speaking out: Adverse reactions to Covid Vaccines- 2 suicide reports

Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

Page 2 of Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

Metals, Micro- Nanocontamination found in Vaccines They tested 44 vaccines


Read the Fine Print, Part Two—Nearly 400 Adverse Reactions Listed in Vaccine Package Inserts

Vasculitis is caused by a few vaccines. (The flu ones being some of them. These ones can cause blood clots– Afluria, Engerix-B, Fluarix, Fluzone, Havrix, MMR-II, Recombivax, Twinrix)

Blood clots from vaccines is not a new thing.

Vaccines in Canada Prompted by WHO A lot of information on vaccines.

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Jabbed Pilots NOT Lawfully Allowed to Fly

FAA’s own rule says those taking drugs than have been FDA APPROVED for less than 12 months should NOT be certified. FAA have been served notice that vaxed pilots should be medically flagged, tested frequently for signs of cardiac and clotting issues, among other restrictions and cautions

Find out more about the show and where you can watch it at

UK Pfizer Report &Canadian Doctor Reviews “Mind-Boggling” Stats from Released Pfizer Documents

Links to Freedom of Information requests that prove Covid was never Isolated, are also at the post below. Last time I checked there were 127 sent out around the world. US and Canada included in those.


In a stunning 46-page legal filing to the International Criminal Court on December 6, an intrepid attorney and seven applicants accused Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Melinda Gates, William Gates III, and twelve others of numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code. These included various crimes against humanity and war crimes as defined by the Rome Statutes, Articles 6, 7, 8, 15, 21, and 53.

Seems a few people decided to get some of these tests and test all sorts of things. Just not themselves. There was a guy in Austria I think is was, used one, to test his cola and gee if it didn’t test positive. That fellow was in the Government by the way. So the folks in Ontario Canada thought doing things like that, might be a good idea too. Their finding will never end up on the main stream media of course. I do hope some of them video and post their results of those tests online or just share with all their friends and family. I imagine a few will end up online in the future. I bet those rapid tests work as well as the PCR ones do. Not at all.

Ford apologizes as 1M rapid tests ‘disappeared like rapid fire’ in LCBO giveaway

On Thursday December 16th in Pemberton BC, Canada- Dr. Charles Hoffe gave a speech to about 100 people who braved the cold to hear his message and it certainly was loud and clear…that you and especially your children do not need to rush out and get the Covid-19(84) vaccine and in fact your chances of being severely injured is far greater than what the so called “health officials” are saying. He talks about sending in Adverse Event reports. All of them were sent back to him, telling him, they were not caused by the so called vaccines.

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