Virginia Tech

The young man at VT had been in the US from the time he was 8 years old. He was on meds. He needed help and got little I bet. They say now they tried to help him but of course that may or may not be the whole truth. He bought the gun in Virginia and it took him only 15 minutes to half an hour to get it. All he had to do was fill out a couple of forms and show two pieces of ID. To simple. Way to simple. Personally I don’t think hand guns should be in the public but say that to an American and he will probably freak. They really are too easy to conceal. One just never knows who has one in their purse of pocket.

The note he wrote as reported on the ABC News cast I watched last night was 8 pages long. They think he wrote it after the first shooting in the morning then he gaffied a bunch of chains and locks and I presume he walked over to where he killed the rest of the students. He put chains on the doors and entered the school, all within two hours of the first shooting.

He certainly managed a lot in two hours I must say.

He certainly was not new to the US. He had been there for a long time.

Seems to me there is a lot more too this then we are being told.

I have to wonder about the 8 page NOTE. That’s not a note. That’s a lot more.

He obviously was a very sick young man. Whether he was white, black or purple it really doesn’t matter, he was just a very sick young man.

The initial reports were pretty much all the same except for Fox news and the reporter just had to mention it may be a terrorist attack a number of times, but of course he wasn’t sure of course, but he had to mention it. I found that to be just stupid on his part.

I was reading some stuff on a few blogs and guess what a few, select few thank goodness at the ones I read thought he was in fact a terrorist. Others were pulling a bigotry thing which I found typical, but foolish to say the least.

I feel for the families and those that were hurt, but one young man thought if they were allowed to take guns to school he could have stopped him. He actually was angry because guns are not allowed. Go figure. What a disaster taking guns into a school would be. To think some even would think that is OK, I found disturbing.

There is no comparison to Iraq however, what they are going through is beyond anything at VT. VT is a minor drop in the bucket in comparison. Virginia is lucky this may never happen again, In Iraq it happens every day and never ends. Every day kids are exposed to the killings. Parents and families and friends lose people they love every day. With no end in sight.

Will the US ever learn No not likely. Will they do anything to control the gun problem No not likely. There was a report I read a few yeas ago in Florida alone they sold about 1 million guns every year and that is in just one State. Since I read that they have sold another 3 or 4 million guns as well. Imagine how many hand guns are walking around the streets tucked away inside a purse or pocket. That alone should scare the entire population but NOOOOOOOOOOO they think it is their right and it keeps them safe.

In NC another 16 year old student also threatened two other students with a gun. Then shoot himself.

This is also in addition to a student who made a bomb at the end of the story.

America Wake UP. There is a problem.

I have a process of thought which I think is rather logical. If you have a gun you can kill more then one person with great ease and you don’t have to be up close and personal like with a knife for example. If there were no hand guns of any guns for that matter, there would be less murder. Most people don’t like to get to close to their victim they might fight back yell scream or do in the one who is trying to do the killing. It is harder to kill if you’re not in possession of a gun. But whatever turns their cranks.

How many people are killed by guns in the US every year, 30 thousand or more. Then you also have to wonder how many get wounded by a gun. That should tell people something. You should wonder. Other countries have clamped down on guns and things improved, but believe what you will. Maybe you should check out police reports around the nation and maybe you will find what I did and it wasn’t a pleasant trip.

When you think of those who died in VT also remember those in Iraq and other countries at war go through that every day not just once in a while. They go through much more. Imagine. Just imagine every day, with no end in sight.

No take a look at what Your President thinks is OK

2007 Pulitzer Priz: Charlie Savage, National Reporting

There are a number of other stories by the same reporter and he has done a rather good job. the One below is very informative however.

Bush challenges hundreds of laws

(By Charlie Savage, Globe Staff, 4/30/06)

WASHINGTON — President Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted since he took office, asserting that he has the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with his interpretation of the Constitution.

He thinks it’s OK to break the law. How will America ever get anywhere when their own president thinks it OK to BREAK the LAW JUST BECAUSE HE FEELS LIKE IT


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