In memory those who gave their lives

War is a Nightmare.

Being a soldier is:

Seeing death, destruction and your fellow soldiers dying. It is more difficult then one could ever imagine.

Every day one wakes up not knowing, if they would still be alive at the end of the day.

Soldiers should be remembered with the greatest of respect.

They give their lives, as many around the world have done for each and every war.

There have been too many wars, too much death. They never seem to stop.

The losses because of war are ongoing.

Every day there is a loss of life whether it be soldier or civilian.

When will we ever learn, war is not the answer. Prevention is.

Many wars could be prevented and the political will seems to be weak in the prevention.

Too often it is used to gain wealth, power and control over another nation.

Lives are sacrificed because of lies and propaganda when in reality the problems could and should have been solved in other ways.

To often people jump on the band wagon of war as a solution, not realizing the impact of what war really means.

It means death of many innocent people, destruction of countries, and ongoing hate for years to come.

It means the loss of families, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, children, parents and friends.

It means future generations must live with the consequences of the pollution left by deadly weapons, that destroy for years to come.

It means that the one person who may have found the cure for cancer or other incurable diseases may have been killed and hence the cure is lost in the past forever.

Each person has a gift of one sort or another and with each death is lost a gift.

We have lost over the years the potential of millions of gifts.

Close your Eyes and :

Imagine if you can, if John Lennon had been killed in a war, how much we would have lost from his life’s gift to us all. How he has inspired millions around the world. The gift he left us, is wonderful. “Give Peace a Chance”.  John was a warrior a warrior for Peace.

Imagine if you can if James Blunt had died in the war in Kosovo.  We would not have “No Bravery” a heartfelt song about war. His gift of song is beautiful.

Imagine if you can if Cliff Hudson had died,  he wrote the song “Send My Love” for his wife while stationed in Ramadi, Iraq.  He has a special gift. 

It’s hard for many to realize how hard it is for someone when they are in a war zone, but Cliff expresses it so well.

Imagine the children who’s parents came home, how fortunate they are, but what if they didn’t?

Imagine if your son or daughter was lost forever because of war.

What are the gifts they held in their hearts?

What could they have done?  They would have had a future. They could been many things.

Unfortunately their futures were stolen from them and we will never known. 

Imagine the Doctors and Nurses who died because of war. How many lives would they have saved had they not died?

Imagine if you will, that my father had died in the war and I was not here today to share this with you.

Imagine you died because of a war. Think of how many lives you have touched and the simple things that may have changed the life of another. Whether we know it or not, sometimes it is the simplest things that we do, that can change another persons perspective in life for the better.

Be it a poem that touches your heart or a smile to brighten someone’s day.

There are so many ways to impact another life.

I wrote this some time ago for a friend of mine.  He wanted people to know how he saw the children of war.  So he talked about things he saw and how he felt. This I wrote from his memory.  He was my inspiration.

He was a most beautiful man. He had a heart of gold and memories of great sorrow.

There is no glory in war.

Through the eye of children he saw their suffering.

Through his eyes came a child’s cry.

He helped me understand how hard it is to be a soldier.

So in memory of him I will share this with you.

A Child’s Cry

Can you imagine how I see life?

Can you understand what it feels like?

Can you know the agony?

Can you know how often I cry?

Is it so much to want to be happy?

Is it so much to want peace?

Is it so much to ask for love?

Is it so much trouble?

My friends have died.

My life is hopeless.

My relatives are sick.

My home is gone.

I am just a little kid.

I am so scared.

I am not who you think I am.

I am not bad.

Can you imagine how I feel?

Can you understand what I say?

Can you now see why I need help?

Can I tell you I am afraid? I am.

Is it so hard for you to understand?

Is it that I am different?

Is it my religion?

Is it I don’t count?

My memories scare me.

My thoughts are all sad.

My future is short.

My mother always has tears in her eyes.

I am just a little kid.

I am dying.

I am not who you think I am.

I am only kid.

Can you stop the bombs from coming down?

Can you stop the guns?

Can you help my mommy stop crying?

Can you take care of my friends?

It is hard to leave them knowing they are so sad.

It is not my fault.

It is not me who started this.

It is not easy to be a kid sometimes.

He was a Warrior

He was fighting for peace

I can’t find the word just the tear.

When I reached out my hand to you.

You reached back and took mind in yours.

We shared Our happy and sad moments

Your were truly a Special Gift to The World.

Now you are with the Angles.

I Miss you.

I will always “Remember” what you taught me.

It was an honor to know you.

I know you are in Heaven.

Know I am thinking of you.

People come into our lives for many reasons.

Some for a short time, others for life time.

Remember those who died with love and understanding.

Be thankful for those who somehow survive.

They give a gift to each of us, in their own special way.

May we someday find peace.

Let Love be our guide.

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