KKK Member Testifies On The Evils Of The Klan

Former KKK Member Testifies On The Evils Of The Klan

November 13, 2008
By Dave Spencer

A civil lawsuit in Meade County surrounding a teenager who was verbally and physically assaulted brought a former Klu Klux Klan member to testify.

The testimony came from a former Klu Klux Klan member and included allegations the imperial wizard on trial, had a plot to kill the co-founder of a group designed to stop KKK activity.

18 year old Jordan Gruver says KKK Imperial wizard Ron Edwards and Klansman Jarrod Hensley share in the responsibility of what happened to him at Meade County Fair two years ago.

Saying Hensley and members of the KKK shouted racial slurs, spit and kicked the teenager. Edwards was the man who ordered them to do so.

Edwards says he was never aware of the incident, “I don’t believe in what happened. I don’t condone what happened. If i was there i would have stopped it.”

Both Edwards and Hensley are defending themselves. Hensley entered a guilty plea to the assault and served time. They both say they don’t have enough money for a lawyer.

Attorney’s for Gruver had a former KKK member testify about his past experiences with Edwards.

Kale Todd Kelly told the jury this, “Mr. Edwards was a very dangerous man to me. He promotes violence and hatred among anyone who he feels threatens him, minorities, Jews, blacks, I lived with him. I know this.”

Kelly went on to tell the jury about the plot to assassinate the founder of the southern poverty law center, the same organization that now represents the teenager in this case.

Gruver is asking for six million dollars for compensation and whatever the jury wants to award for punitive damages.

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  1. The FBI informant who foiled the plot to assassinate Morris Dees was Dave Hall, who spent three years undercover in the Aryan Nations as an FBI informant. Hall made two trips with Kale Kelly to Edwards’ compound in Powderly, KY in 1998. During one of the trips Hall overheard Edwards tell Kelly that he “would be glad WHEN that (expletive) Dees was dead”. Later that night, Edwards, drunk and carrying a bible in one hand and a loaded shotgun in the other, confronted Dave and accused him of being a Judas and possible informant.

    A book about the undercover operation was released by Random House this past April, written by Dave Hall and Tym Burkey, the FBI Agent who handled the case. Into The Devil’s Den: How an FBI Informant Got Inside The Aryan Nations and A Special Agent Got Him Out Alive, also details other plots, including the plan to blow up the Earl Cable Federal Building in Dallas, Texas.

    You can find out more about the book at http://www.intothedevilsden.com , and listen to interviews with Dave and Tym about the undercover operation.

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