Silence on Canadian coalition crisis in U.S. media What a Shocker, LOL

December 4 2008


I watch a lot of CNN. I watch a lot of MSNBC. I read many news sources online. I have seen nothing in the US media about the attempt by the Liberals, New Democrats and Bloc to oust Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a no confidence vote and rule by a coalition of the opposition parties.

I understand that there has been a mention in the Huffington Post and one other progressive site.

Perhaps it’s too much to expect the myopic and self-absorbed US media to pay any attention at all to events in Canada. In reality, I feel strongly that this is extremely short-sighted and journalistically irresponsible.

I have to wonder if such a crises occurred in Mexico, if the coverage in the US press would have been any different. Because of the border and immigration issue, I suspect it would be.

These are possibly cataclysmic political events in one of the leading democracies in the Western world AND the USA’s number one trading partner.

This is serious stuff of which the incoming administration of Barack Obama, who strongly favors continuing cooperation on North American trade, travel and security issues, should, and probably are, keeping an eye on.

But the media? No. And that is a shame. Every day across Canada, Canadians are kept abreast of everything that happens to the neighbor to the south. Americans knowledge of Canada lands up being a punch line for Rick Mercer.

Well, I’m doing my part here on rabble and talking to MY fellow Americans about this issue. Of course, most of the time I get the MEGO (my eyes glaze over) reaction.

I don’t expect much international news from the myopic American media. But for goodness sakes we shouldn’t be ignoring historically significant events in Canada.

And for that, as a former journalist, I feel a sense of shame.


Poor Keith: well you know the American media only airs what is important to the Bush agenda nothing more nothing less. Could be nobody told them about it. Could be they are blind as bats.

Do Canadians want their politics ravaged by the American media anyway.?

They would come up with some interesting scenarios I bet.

My Lord they would have Canadians turned into terrorists in not time flat.

Then they would be bombing the country just for the sake of so called “WE MUST PROTECT OURSELVES” from those evil doers up north.

You know it may be better if Canadians just didn’t bother to mention it at all to the Americans for their safety. They can really take a simple thing and turn it into something outrageous.

Wouldn’t want Canadians to be accused of something horrible.  One thing about the American media is they can take anything simple and make a mountain out of it. Anything for ratings you know. So Keith in the best interest of the Country be thankful they haven’t noticed.

So sorry for your dilemma however. I do whole heartily see what you mean and it is rather odd one might say.  Or is it? Americans are told only what the Government wants them to know.

So I guess my Question would be:  Why don’t they want them to know?

Then again I haven’t noticed it anywhere else in the world either.

Do you think Canadians should mention it to the rest of the world?  Cuz they don’t know.

Amazing that little secret has been so well kept. LOL

Well you know Iceland became a Terrorist Nation because of Gordon Brown and I have to wonder how many in the US knows anything about that one either?

I have it on good authority they probably don’t have a clue.

The Shame of it all. Now that I think of it when Palin was running for office with McCain, she didn’t even know Stephen Harper was the  Prime Minister of Canada. LOL Her next door neighbour and she missed it. How special.

So now someone actually expects their media to notice anything.  Okey dokey.

OK I rest my case.

All I can say is Keith if I trip over a story (on page 22 or 35 whatever the case), in any of their papers I will send you a copy. Then you can Frame it for future references. Or throw darts at it whichever you feel is befitting the story they write. I promise. Honest to goodness I will.

I swear on a stack of bush wackers. Or on a box of Cracker Jacks.

Sometimes being ignored is a good thing.

These are the folks who thought the $2 coin with a poppy on it was dangerous. Go figure that one. Fox news had a great time with that one.

OH that evil coin. Oh that one is so hard to forget. LOL

Harper ‘lies’ about coalition details

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