British newspaper investigates Icelanders

By Alex Elliot
December 15, 2008

The British newspaper the Sunday Times published a long article yesterday in which British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is severely criticised for using anti-terrorist laws against Iceland.

Journalist Adrian Gill visited Iceland to acquaint himself with the country’s situation and gained a new appreciation for the land and its people during his stay. In his article, he variously describes Iceland as, “The most liberal, reasonable, hard-working, decent, moral, amusing and well-educated people on the Continent,” reports.

The country is large, but its people few – only 300,000 people. And it is this nation Gordon Brown chose to kick: “He put an ally into intensive care for the sake of a headline and three points in a weekend poll,” the article reads.

Gill says in his article that Brown would never have treated other nations the way he treated Iceland, “He would never have started it if the banks had been German or French, or even from Liechtenstein”.

Adrian Gill used his time in Iceland well and spoke with a great many people.

He makes a point of pointing out how little it can take to improve the mood of the nation, drawing on the example of when people gathered on the grass earlier this year to celebrate Iceland’s silver medal in Olympic men’s handball – one of the nation’s greatest sporting achievements to date.

He also proves he can put things into perspective, like when he jovially says the Icelandic parliament building is smaller than Elton John’s guesthouse.

The online version of the article is followed by a succession of reader comments complimenting Gill on his excellent writing and thanking him for his brutally honest, yet fair portrayal of today’s Iceland.


I have to wonder what Gordon Brown has in his play book to address a real criminal.


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