Pro-Gaza protest, march set for Saturday Jan 3, in St. Petersburg

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A few reports about the protests

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Posted Jan 2 2009

Pro-Gaza protest, march set for Saturday in St. Petersburg

January 3, 2009

By Wayne Garcia

This in from Rise Up Tampa Bay:
St. Petersburg — Peace groups and concerned citizens will be gathering outside of the Baywalk facility in support of the victims in Gaza during the most recent military actions.

“Regardless of where one stands on the conflict, we can all agree that war is not the answer, and the horiffically one-sided casualty counts are a travesty”, said Mike Fox, Rise Up Tampa Bay member and Chair of the Pinellas County Chapter of Progressive Democrats Of America.  “We ask that all who see the Palestinian people as the “Davids” in this “David vs Goliath” struggle join us as we ask that the US government and our fellow citizens support a free Palestine and an end to the slaughter.”
Saturday, Jan. 3,7:30pm

On sidewalks outside of Baywalk
2nd Avenue and 2nd Street, N
Downtown St. Petersburg

Rise Up Tampa Bay


Petitions can also be signed at page below.

Actions we can take to help Palestinians in Gaza

There is also a March in New York and Toronto Canada


Toronto: January 3, demonstrating against Israeli assault In Gaza

Other Protests across the US

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