Gaza: Al-Wafa Hospital received warning they would be shelled

January 5 2009

Gaza/Bethlehem – Ma’an – Israeli forces fired in the immediate vicinity of three hospitals in the Gaza Strip on Monday, witnesses and medical personnel told Ma’an.

The Al-Wafa Hospital eastern Gaza Strip received warning that they would be shelled, but the hosptial administration and staff refused to evacuate on account of the number of injured people being treated there. Some of the wounded have been injured so severely that they cannot be safely transferred.

At Ash-Shifa Hospital, the largest in the Gaza Strip, Israeli warplanes bombed the offices of the Health Committees, about 400 meters from Ash-Shifa hospital. Last week warplanes bombed the Ash-Shifa Mosque, which is part of the medical compound.

Israeli forces also shelled the parking lot of Al-Awda hospital in Jabaliya in northern Gaza.

Spanish human rights worker at the hospital Alberto Arce reported, “Two consecutive shells just landed in the busy car park 15 meters from the entrance to the emergency room of the Al Awda hospital. The entrance of the emrgency rooml was damaged. At the time of the shelling Ambulances were bringing in the wounded that keep pouring in. Medical teams and facilities are being targeted. Nowhere is safe.”

On Sunday, at least three paramedics were killed by two consecutive Israeli airstikes while they attempting to rescue the wounded from an earlier strike.

The international aid agency Oxfam has also reported that personnel working for its affiliates in Gaza have been killed, their ambulances coming under attack.


Israel is targeting hopsitals. This is not about Hamas this is about killing innocent people,  murding those who are already injured and preventing people from being helped. Hospitals are not to be targeted during any war. This  war Israel has unleashed is baced on extermination not peace.

This has grim reminders of what the US did in Iraq. They too targeted hospitals. Two peas in a pod it seems. They use the same tactics.

Taking out hospitals and ambulances is not acceptable on any level.

This is just one more step in the Ethnic Clensing agenda.

Israel is Targeting

  • Police Stations
  • Mosques
  • Hospitals
  • Homes of Civilians
  • Schools
  • Water

To date these are just a few of the sites I have noted and none of the above are in any way destroyed to  protect Israelis. This is beyond ones imagination of cruelty.

It is also no accident these places are being targeted it is deliverate on part of the Isaeli Government.

They are stopping aid from entering Gaza.

  • Food
  • Medical Supplies

Israel is saying they let aid in but, what they have let in during the past week is certainly not enough, just a mere trickle of what is actually needed.

They waned people to get out of their homes because they were going to bomb them. Where exactly are they suppose to go? There is no where to go.

They are trapped in a death zone. They might as well be trapped  in a Gas Chamber. Depending on how much DU an other Toxic Chemicals that have been  dropped on Gaza or exposed to from the bombing of buildings, they may very well be in one. You just can’t see the Walls of the Chamber is all. Even with fires there are many Toxic Chemicals involved,  just from the building materials them selves. Ask any Fire Fighter in your neighbourhood what kind of dangers there are from  fires in a burning building.

Gaza is filled with Toxic Dangers, that have long term affects on people’s  health.

Israel is contaminating the water, the earth and the air in Gaza.

With war also comes numerous types of pollution.

Innocent children will die, long after this war is over, if any are left to die that is, because of the Toxic slop left behind, compliments of Israel. The History of  wars deem this to be true. I don’t even have to think about that. That is a well know fact.

The mental problems they will have to live with, are also paramount as well. War is a horrifying creature.

If one needs to kill something, “KILL WAR”!

If you think by chance this war isn’t affecting everyone around the world it is. No sooner did it start and the price of Gas/Oil is rising just as it did after the war in Iraq began.

This will of course affect the world in general. The price of everything will rise including your food. So be a complacent as you want but for all around the world this war will hurt you at the dinner table and in many other areas. This of course is great for the “Profiteers”. They profit and the rest of us lose. This could also bring on another wave of the “Financial Crisis” across the planet.

Not to worry the Governments will steal you hard earned tax dollars to pay for it all, the war included.  We all pay for wars, one way or the other.

Israel pounds Gaza strip, vows to continue attacks

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