Israel continues to attack Hospitals, Clinics and Public Buildings in Gaza

As of January 12 2009 : During the 17-days Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip, over 900 Palestinians have lost their lives, while another 4080 have been wounded. According to Hamas records, 33 Israeli soldiers have also been killed.

Israeli missiles destroy a mosque and Islamic school in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip on Sunday.

Israel destroys medical clinic in Gaza
January 11 2009

Charity groups say Israeli aircraft have bombed and destroyed a clinic in the Gaza Strip, shortly after targeting Hamas’ ministry of culture.

The medical facility – administered by the Middle East Council of Churches – had been evacuated prior to the Sunday evening attack and no one was injured in the incident.

“The clinic is completely destroyed with all its equipment and medical supplies,” said Zack Sabella from the council’s Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees.

“Minutes before the missile hit the building, which hosts the clinic, the Israeli Air Force fired a warning missile next to it, forcing all residents of the building and the adjacent buildings to flee the area. A short while after, the army directly hit the building and razed it completely,” He added.

The building was registered as a medical facility and was given assurances that it would not come under attack.

The attack on the medical center came minutes after Israeli forces reduced the ministry of culture’s building to rubble.

Since the launch of Operation Cast Lead on December 27, Israeli forces have repeatedly targeted public buildings, civilian houses, schools, mosques, hospitals, as well as government buildings including the seat of Hamas Parliament.

Tel Aviv has intensified the incursion into the costal region, pounding the civilian areas across the populated enclave despite UN resolution 1860 which calls on Israel to put and ‘immediate’ end to the onslaught.

The offensive has so far claimed at least 890 lives and another 3,800 people wounded. Palestinian medics say women and children are among the victims.


Israel kills five Gazan civilians
January 12 2009

At least five Palestinian civilians have been killed in separate Israeli attacks in the north and east of the impoverished Gaza City.

Medics in Gaza reported Monday that two women and a child were killed in eastern Gaza City after their house was hit by an Israeli shell.

Israeli tank shells also claimed the live of a Palestinian outside Jabaliya refugee camp, north of Gaza City, while a fifth died of wounds sustained the previous day.

Israeli forces continued operations inside Gaza on Monday for the 17th consecutive day, attacking residential areas and a children’s hospital in the strip, regardless of UN resolution 1860 which calls for and ‘immediate’ and ‘durable’ ceasefire in the region.

Israeli gunboats also opened fire on the southern parts of the city.

Despite sending thousands of reserve soldiers to invade Gaza City on Sunday, Israeli troops and tanks have been kept outside the city by resistance fighters, Press TV correspondent Akram al-Satarri has reported.

Tel Aviv attacked Gaza on December 27 and has so far killed at least 900 Palestinians and wounded over 4,000 others including women and children. According to the United Nations at least one-thirds of the dead or injured in Gaza are children.

In response to Tel Aviv’s full-scale invasion, the Palestinian group have kept firing several Grad missiles into the Israeli towns


Israel keeps pounding Gaza, hits children’s hospital
January 11 2009

Israeli forces have attacked a children’s hospital in Gaza in a fourth day of attacks after a UN Security Council call for ceasefire.

The al-Dorra children’s hospital was targeted by Israeli forces, the Palestinian al-Aqsa TV station reported early on Monday.

The attack came as clouds of smoke filled Gaza’s skyline in day 17 of Israel’s deadly military onslaught in the region.

On Sunday, Israeli aircraft also bombed and destroyed a clinic in the Gaza Strip after firing warning shots close to the building.

Although evacuation of the clinic prevented any human casualties, all the clinic’s equipment and supplies were destroyed. This is while the region faces serious medical shortages, which make treatment of the wounded extremely difficult.

Since the beginning of its military campaign in the Gaza Strip, Israel has targeted several registered medical facilities, which were given assurances that they would not come under attack.

It seems that even Gaza’s main hospital, al-Shifa, is not save from the threat of deadly raids as the Israeli website Ha’aretz quotes intelligence sources as claiming that Hamas fighters are hiding in its basement.

A Palestinian man holding his wounded baby
This is while two Norwegian doctors who have been working in the al-Shifa hospital say that the medical center is nearing collapse, as patients die because of a lack of specialist doctors and basic medical equipment.

The Israeli army’s indiscriminate killing of civilians, denial of humanitarian aid, and attacks on aid workers forced the UN Security Council to pass a binding resolution for immediate and durable ceasefire in the region on Thursday. The US, Israel’s main ally, abstained from the vote.

The International Committee of the Red Cross, which earlier limited its activities to Gaza City alone, has now stopped escorting ambulances to hospital as medics and aid convoys are still targeted by Israeli forces, Press TV’s Yousef Al-Helou reports from Gaza.

This is while rights groups and medics confirm that the Israeli military’s is using banned weapons, such as phosphorus bombs, in its attacks on Gaza.

On Sunday, Human Rights Watch said that Israel had fired artillery shells with the incendiary agent white phosphorus into Gaza.

A Gazan woman who was burnt along with her sons, in an Israeli phosphorus bomb attack

Phosphorus bombs are extremely deadly weapons which cause fires on the ground and serious burns on the skin and in the lungs when inhaled. They can also cause severe heart, liver and kidney injures.

“My family was inside our house when a shell hit it spraying sparks like lava. Two more shells hit the house separately. The sparks set my sons on fire. But I couldn’t put out the blaze because my face was on fire. I couldn’t see. They were screaming mom, we’re dying. One of my sons was burned to death, burned to a crisp,” a Gazan woman told our Press TV reporter.


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