Israeli settlers apply for Canadian Visas

‘Israeli settlers apply for Canadian visas’

January 12 2009

Israeli settlers in Sderot city have applied for Canadian visas as Palestinian fighters keep firing rockets from the Gaza Strip, a new report says.

Palestinian al-Aqsa TV quoted unnamed sources as saying that a growing number of Israeli settlers in the city are seeking Canadian visas.

Sderot is located in southern District of Israel and is just less than a mile away form the Gaza Strip. The city is considered as an easy target for rocket firings and mortar bombs of Palestinian groups.

The groups say they fire rockets to retaliate the ‘daily atrocities of the Israeli regime’.

Tel Aviv says it waged Gaza war in a bid to topple Hamas government and stop rocket firings from the Palestinian territory to Israel.

Despite heavy Israeli bombardments and a massive ground invasion which has so far killed at least 905 Palestinians and wounded 4000 others mostly civilians, Palestinian groups have managed to fire more rockets into Israeli towns inspiring widespread fear among Israelis.

Three Grad-type rockets hit the settlement of the Israeli towns of Kiryat Gad, Shaer Haniv, eersheba, Ofakeem and Eshkol on Monday.

The settlements of Nir- Aouz, Nir Iziq, al-Majdal, al-Ayan al Thalitha and Marhafeem also came under Palestinian rocket attacks on Monday.

Since the start of the Israeli incursion into the Gaza Strip Palestinian groups have fired home-made rockets deeper into Israel, hitting two Israeli military bases near Tel Aviv for the first time ever, according to Hamas affiliated Al-Aqsa television.

On Friday, al-Qassam grad rockets hit a major Israeli airbase 27 kilometers away from Tel Aviv, which is believed to house nuclear arms.

On Sunday, a Palestinian rocket struck Israeli Palmachim Air Force base 15 Kilometers from Tel Aviv.

Since the beginning of the US-backed Israeli onslaught on Gaza and the escalation of the rocket firings by Palestinian groups there have been several anti-war demonstrations in Israel.

The Israeli military however says the number of rockets fired from Gaza has reduced as a result of its military campaign.

On Saturday, at least one thousand of Israeli protesters held a demonstration opposite the Israeli Defense Ministry building in Tel Aviv, calling on Israel to review its military policies on Gaza.

The angry protesters expressed deep concern about the fate of Israeli soldiers and firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip.


Really. So why should they be let out of the country, when those in Gaza are trapped. Being bombarded by Bunker Busters, White Phosphorous and Cluster Bombs and lord only knows what else.

I certainly hope Canada says NO.

They voted for warmongers, let them live with it.

Why should they get special treatment,  when those in Gaza are being slaughtered. Let them live with the pollution their government has given them.  No escape. Why should Canada allow them in the country they have nothing to offer. They are victims of their own demise.

If it were and Israeli soldier wanting to leave the army, I would consider it.
Other wise NO. Who wants that type of hate slithering to their country. Let them go beg at the door step of the US,  they are such great friends after all.  Maybe the Americans will tolerate their presents.

To all Canadians don’t help them.

Help those in Gaza.

They are the real victims.

To all Americans you may not want them, but George just loves them to bits.  So much so he is shipping them yet more weapons to murder even more  in Gaza. US delivering more “Weapons of Mass Destuction” to Israel

During the 17-days Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip, over 900 Palestinians have lost their lives, while another 4080 have been wounded. According to Hamas records, 33 Israeli soldiers have also been killed.

Do you want them in your country?

No you already have enough hate in your country already.

They can go to Mars, I am sure they will love it there.

Nice, Hot and Sunny.  No air but hey,  those in Gaza have no real air either. I am having a very hard time,  doing a pity party for anyone who thinks Genocide is OK.

Beside they took over Palestine wouldn’t want them taking over any other country and they have already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt they would exterminate the present owners.

Namely YOU?

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