The State of Israel: Since its Creation

This is from 2002

Since its creation, the State of Israel:

– Has mass destruction and nuclear weapons, refusing to sign the No Proliferation Treaty.
– Has used weapons forbidden by the international community against the Palestinian civil population under Israeli military occupation.
– Has attacked sovereign Mediterranean states such as Lebanon and Tunisia.
– Has systematically violated the Fourth Geneva Convention on the protection of civil population under military occupation:

-It has destroyed towns and villages and expelled civilians from the occupied territories, turning them into refugees with no right to return.

-It has built illegal settlements and moved civilians from the occupying power to occupied territories.

– It has committed war crimes such as deportations and extrajudicial assassinations of Palestinians.

— It has locked the civil population under occupation up in what can be referred to as concentration camps that has led to the destruction of the infrastructures and the economy of the Palestinian society.

— It has raided Palestinian populations and plundered their natural resources.

— It has imposed collective punishments against the civil population such as massive house demolitions and destruction of farmland.

All this with the Blessing of the US and a few other Supporting Countries. Which as far as I am concerned, are as guilty of these crimes as Israel is.


If I give you a gun, or any other tools,

And I of course am aware,  your intent is,  to  kill your next door neighbours,

If I stop anyone, who would prevent, you from killing them, assist you in any way, I am as guilty as you are of the crime. Am I not?

Under laws of the majority   of country’s,  this is called accessory to the fact and I can and will be charged.

Conspiracy to commit murder. Pre meditated murder and whatever other laws there are. I am as guilty as the murder. Right?


If  leaders of a country assists another country, to murder people they too, are guilty of the crimes committed by the Country they assisted such as Helping Israel.

Any leader who has assisted Israel, in the War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity etc., are as Guilty of these crimes, as is Israel.

You do not give weapons, to a country that will commit, mass murders, steal their land, etc etc etc. You do not assist a country who is, committing  these types of crimes . That would be wrong would it not?

If any country helps in any way, they are as guilty of these crimes as is Israel.

If a country is a member of the United Nation and violates the mandate of the UN. They should be punished regardless of membership.


If I were a police officer and I killed anyone,  because I wanted their land, possessions or their wallet,  I am  guilty of  Murder.

If I am a Police Officer and traffic Drugs I am as Guilty as any Drug Dealer.

If I commit any crime I am as Guilty, as any Criminal.

Just because I am a member of the police force, doesn’t excuse me from any crime. Right?

The same should apply to the UN, who in a way are the Police Force, of the world.  So to speak.

Like a police officer on any police force, who murders someone, I  can and should be charged with crimes, like everyone else on the planet.

The rest of us have to live by these laws, so to should all people.

Equality you know. We all are equal under the law and we all must equally obey the law. Right?

The member countries,  of the UN  who helped Israel, are as guilty as the Police Officer.

The United Nations was not created to make war, it was created to prevent war. If one of their members does anything to assist in the creation, of a needless war, they should be punished like the anyone who assists in a murder……


If you came to my house to borrow a gun or money to buy,  weapons to murder your next door neighbour, steal their possessions, ( Robbery)  or other wise harm them and I knew what you were doing or going to do,  should I give you the gun or the money knowing you will kill them , steal from them or other wise harm them,  or should I call the Police and have you stopped?

I know you have done everything within your power to hurt and torment your neighbour for years. You have stolen their property, you have killed their pets, you have  held them hostage, you destroyed their property, you terrorist their children, and you want to kill them.

The rest of the neighbours hate you, because they also,  know everything you did it too.

They know all the crimes you committed against this neighbour, as I do.

Many have reported your crimes and you have yet to be charged which tells me, the Police they reported to are Corrupt.

There should be an investigation into it all, don’t you think?

Those who are corrupt and guilty of letting you away with this type of behavior, should be punished as well.

Well isn’t that the way things should work? Is this not what the so called civilized world, is about or is about letting others kill because they want what the neighbour has?

You then had the nerve to claim self-defense one day,  when this neighbour fights back. He punched you in the nose.  You are offend, you whimp, whine,  snivel and throw a temper tantrum, like you always do and rage on as usual. Then you burned down his house.

All in the name of self-defense you say, when all along you were the one terrorizing the neighbour and had been for years. From the day you moved in next door to them, you terrorized them. You were the one committing all the crimes.

Just because the police never charged you, doesn’t make it OK.

It just means the Police like you, are as Corrupt and Rotten to the core as you are.

You even terrorize, all the other neighbours.

You even  terrorize your own family. You even get them to help you steal and terrorize others. Well if they don’t you beat the crap out of them too.

You however think your the greatest thing since, Cream Cheese was invented.

You are in fact just an abusive person. Nothing more nothing less.

Your just another wife beater, child abuser or whatever. You are not special at all, just a sick minded, abusive, sadistic, criminal like any other criminal……..

The law applies to everyone .

No one is above the law.

No one should be, above the law.

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