Israel ‘admits’ using white phosphorus munitions

Children play with a flaming lump, allegedly containing white phosphorus, in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday

Children play with a flaming lump, allegedly containing white phosphorus, in the northern Gaza Strip on Monday

The Israeli military came close to acknowledging for the first time yesterday its use of white phosphorus munitions during the war in Gaza, but continued to insist that it did not breach international law.

As fresh evidence emerged of Gazan civilians being burned by phosphorus, Avital Leibovich, the army spokeswoman, said its use was “legal according to international law…All the munitions we were using were legal, like the French, American and British armies. We used munitions according to international law.

“They [Hamas] were committing war crimes by putting the civilians in the front line,” she said. “If Hamas chooses to locate training camps, command centres…in the middle of the [civilian population]…look how populated it is…naturally they are endangering the lives of civilians. Hamas is accountable for the loss of the civilians.”

Major-General Amir Eshel, the army’s head of strategic planning, said that firing shells to provide a smoke screen was legal. “It is the most nonlethal kind of weapon we used. I don’t see any issue with that,” he said.

The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv reported that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) had privately admitted using phosphorus bombs, and that the Judge Advocate General’s Office and Southern Command were investigating.

The Times first accused Israeli forces of using white phosphorus on January 5, but the IDF has denied the charge repeatedly. Phosphorus bombs can be used to create smoke screens, but their use as weapons of war in civilian areas is banned by the Geneva Conventions.

Yesterday reports emerged from Gaza about the killing of five members of the Halima family, when a single white phosphorus shell dropped on their house in the town of Atatra on January 3. Two others were in a coma and three were seriously wounded, according to doctors and survivors.

Salima Halima, 44, who is in Gaza City’s Shifa hospital, said that the chemical burst in all directions after hitting her living room.

Nafiz Abu Shahbah, a doctor who trained in Britain and America, said he was sure white phosphorus was responsible. Her wounds at first appeared superficial “but it eats at the flesh, it digs deeper and gets to the bone…The whole body becomes toxic,” he said.

In the Jabaliya refugee camp, the Associated Press found a crater that was still producing acrid smoke days after the war ended, and in the town of Beit Lahiya a lump of white phosphorus burst into flames after some boys dug it up from beneath some sand.

Ban Ki Moon, the UN Secretary-General, expressed outrage at Israel’s destruction of Gaza yesterday, when he became the first world leader to visit the Palestinian territory since the end of the war. “This is shocking and alarming,” he declared while visiting a UN warehouse that was still smouldering after being hit on Thursday, allegedly by white phosphorus shells. “I’m just appalled.”

Visibly angry, he condemned Israel’s “excessive” use of force, and demanded that those responsible for shelling schools and other facilities run by the UN Relief and Works Agency during the 22-day offensive should be held to account. “It is an outrageous and totally unacceptable attack on the United Nations,” he said.

Israel has apologised for attacks on UN facilities but insisted in almost every case that Hamas fighters were using the buildings for cover.


Repetition, misinformation and demonetization

They [Hamas] were committing war crimes by putting the civilians in the front lines.

All the munitions we were using were legal.

Hamas fighters were using the buildings for cover.

Or the infamous they were shooting at us
There are numerous other lines they always use as well.

The UN knows no one was  shooting at the Israelis from the UN buildings. Israel lied. Misinformation you see.

I guess they figure if they repeat it, often enough others might actually believe it. Repetition, now that reminds me of something and somebody who also used the repetition tactic. Oh yes now I remember the Bush Administration. How could any of use forget that tactic. Bush beat that one to death. I guess Israel is doing the same thing.
Just like telling a kid they are “stupid” repeatedly, after a while they believe it to be true.
Abusive men also use the same tactic n their women. After a while they start to believe what they are told as well.
Repetition, misinformation and demonetization is a “tactic” , duck before it gets you.
It  also constitutes a form of brain washing.
It can affect many people, or a few depending on your knowledge, of it’s use. Those on drugs pharmaceuticals, anti-depressants or anything else that may alter your through process, for example are more susceptible to repetition and misinformation tactics…..Children are very susceptible to it as well. They learn what they live. If they hear lies often enough they believe the lie to be true. Many carry the lies into their adult lives.  Such as “White Supremacy propaganda” taught by parents.
Even schools who teach that Columbus was a hero, who founded America is a lie, as we all well know he was rather barbaric. He was anything but sweet and wonderful.
These tactics were also used in schools for Aboriginal Indians. The school in many peoples minds, at the time were thought to OK but eventually, the truth did surface. Seems those churches were not the sweet wonderful, they were deemed either. People can be made to believe, abusive people, are wonderful and the victims are the evil demons. History tells use that.
Just repeat the same thing over and over and over and many will start to believe it.
  • White House officials used repetition and misinformation – the “big lie” tactic – to create the false impression that Iraq was behind the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States, especially in the case of the alleged meeting in Prague five months earlier between 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Atta and Iraqi intelligence officials.
  • The “big lie” tactic was also employed in the first Iraq war when a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl named Nayirah told the horrific – but fabricated – story of Iraqi soldiers wrenching hundreds of premature Kuwaiti babies from their incubators and leaving them to die. Her testimony was printed in a press kit prepared by Citizens for a Free Kuwait, a PR front group created by Hill and Knowlton, then the world’s largest PR firm.
  • In order to achieve “third party authenticity” in the Muslim world, a group called the Council of American Muslims for Understanding launched its own web site, called However, its chairman admitted that the idea began with the State Department, and that the group was funded by the U.S. government.
  • Forged documents were used to “prove” that Iraq possessed huge stockpiles of banned weapons.
  • A secretive PR firm working for the Pentagon helped create the Iraqi National Congress (INC), which became one of the driving forces behind the decision to go to war.

“We must never be hoodwinked again”.

Repetition, misinformation and demonetization

Say it often enough and people might believe it.

They have even done “psychological studies” on the subject to perfect it.

They even use the FEAR FACTOR.

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