Obama Revokes Bush Executive Order on Presidential Archives

Forces release of Bush Records!

By Hal Turner
January 21, 2009

Washington, DC
Barack Obama today revoked President George W. Bush’s Executive Order which makes presidential records secret for up to 12 years after leaving office!

This would be the first logical step for his Administration to take if they were/are considering going after Bush for criminal prosecution over. . . . . the fraud he perpetrated against the nation by lying to take us to war in Iraq.

The very last section of Obama’s Executive Order issued today (Here) states “Sec. 6. Revocation. Executive Order 13233 of November 1, 2001, is revoked.” This puts up for public consumption, most of the records from the Bush administration and I suspect those records will provide the legal basis for criminal prosecution of Bush and Cheney.

George W. may want to jump on a plane and head to his family’s 100,000 acre refuge in Paraguay so he can be safe from extradition!

Personally, I would LOVE to see Bush criminally prosecuted and, if found guilty, hung by his neck just like Saddam Hussein.

Executive Order 13233 limited access to the records of former United States Presidents.

It was drafted by then White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales and issued by President George W. Bush on November 1, 2001.

Section 13 of Order 13233 revoked Executive Order 12667 of January 18, 1989. Ronald Regan.

The Order was partially struck down in October 2007, and President Barack Obama completely revoked it by executive order on January 21, 2009.


Well that is a step in the right direction.

When you hide what you have done, then you must have done something wrong.

Maybe now they can find out how much more money, was “funneled” through Israel, to fund even more wars to prop up Dictators and cruel brutal Regimes. Bush and a few of his predecessors, were anything but wonderful people. As I read through the history of what was done in South America, by the US and Israel it was enough to make a person sick.

All the wars just to oppress people. All the wars just to keep cruel leaders in power. Africa is suffering the same fate because of the US and Israeli policies. How many millions have died,  is beyond imagination.

Any leader in any country who perpetrate such crimes against humanity and war crimes or even be aparty to such crimes, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

There is no statute of limitation on “war crimes”.  If a President or any leader is allowed to go free after killing millions of people, then there certainly is something wrong with the laws of the country they lead or the laws governing the world.

As they search through the archives they will find there was interference in European countries as well. Hopefully now they can find the evidence of it all or at leas a small part of it.  If you know what they do and have been doing for years,  it is very easy to conclude the pattern of terror, they both have rained on the entire world.

If there were ever two Rogue states,  it would be Israel and the US.

And for what , money, power, greed. and to rape the land and people of their natural resources. To use them as cheap slave labour.

How “Superior Race” is that?  Murder millions to for your own,  self interest.

When Chevez talks about the US or Israel he knows full well what they did. He is always demonized by the US and their media. The media that lies.

He knows full well what both countries have done,  as I do.

If you don’t know, I think you should find out. There is enough information out there on these subjects, so there is no excuse for Ignorance on these issues.

They want to rule the planet. At the expense of the innocent people who were massacred, at the expense of the soldier who served, at the expense of peace on the planet and at the expense of our environment. The war on terror was just a fabrication of an enemy so both countries, could rain down their terror on the entire world. Just as they had in Latin America and Africa.

Israel now wants to still go to war with Iran. Iran may or may not be a perfect place. But then again neither is Israel or the US. Even Canada is planning on selling India Nuclear Reactors. So if Indian can have a Nuclear Reactors they why is wrong for Iran? Oh they might build a bomb. Well India did just that back in 1974. India has not signed the treaty and yet Canada is still willing to sell them Reactors. Oh because the US said it was a good thing to do.

Iran at least signed the treated and the war Israel wants in Iran has everything to do with oil and gas pipelines and Oil and Gas itself and nothing to do with the fact they may build a bomb.

Does every country on the planet need the good old US approval. The country that has rained down a trail of absolute terror on innocent people. Well lets wake up Adolph Hitler and get his bloody permission, to piss in the pot next to your chair.

What the US and Israel have done together is no less criminal, then anything Hitler ever dreamed of doing and between the both of them have murdered far more innocent people.

Oh and the the best yet this week was the story on how Evil Iran is because it wants to help rebuild homes etc in Gaza. Well there are one hell of a lot of Evil people out there if that be the case, myself included.

God damb I just became Iranian. I guess every person on the planet is now Iranian, that wants to help the people in Gaza. Well there’s a few billion of us. Israel can kiss my ass. They are just like any common murdering criminal. I am so fed up with their propaganda. Of course the more they talk, the more obvious it is that they are lieing.

The history Israel has left behind and is till perusing is a bloodbath of  horrifying, dead, rotting, corpses.  Million and millions have died because of their rein of terror in co-operation  the US.

The more Israel sprew’s it’s lies and propaganda, the more obvious it is they are full of BS right up to their pretty little ears. Their history of terror is enough to make one sick.  They have no qualms about killing innocent people or helping any other horrifying regimes,  to do so, as well.  If anyone is fool enough to believe their lies then I pity you. Your country could be next.

Hopefully the trail of leaders that were assassinated or they tried to assassinate, will catch up with them as well.  Seems anyone who gets in their road they will have assassinated.  They even assassinate,  Peace and Human Rights activists. The US had done this type of thing for years.

Israel had a great teacher to help them. The CIA is just one of the most disgusting, agencies ever created.  Who knows Bush may have had people assassinated, while in power. Wouldn’t put it past him. He was a very cruel and bloodthirsty leader. But as they say if he couldn’t do it he could get Israel to do it for him.  Partners in crime.

Both counties harbour “war criminals”.

Their history is an extremely, bloodthirsty, genocidal, one I must say.

The media in Israel even had the majority of people believing that Hamas broke the Ceasefire, but then again the media in the US convinced people that Iraq had something to do with 9/11 ,both are “blatant lies” of course, so needless to say the media contributed to the “war crimes” as did both countries leaders. All are guilty of “war crimes” media included. Anyone who gave anyone “false information” through the media is just as guilty as the leader’s. The owners who forced their journalists to do so are guilty. They are just as responsible.

Journalists and media are not there to promote and lie about a war or how it began they are suppose to dig out the “truth” and inform the people. That is their job. Of course as well all well know, both countries would think nothing of either putting a journalist in jail or having them assassinated.

Thank our lucky stars we have a few good honest journalists out there, or we all would be brainwashed robots.

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