British officer leaked 8,000 Civilians killed in Afghanistan

British officer held over Afghan casualties leak
February 5 2009

A senior British Army officer has been arrested in Kabul and faces charges under the Official Secrets Act for allegedly leaking figures about civilian casualty figures in Afghanistan to a human rights group.

Lt-Col Owen McNally was detained after details about people killed and wounded during Western military operations were leaked from Nato headquarters in the Afghan capital. According to defence sources, Col McNally had become friendly with a female employee of a human rights group which had been carrying out an inquiry into the extent of “collateral damage”.

The issue is highly sensitive in Afghanistan, with more than 8,000 deaths in the eight years since the fall of the Taliban. Col McNally, 48, of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, was arrested last Sunday after an investigation carried out by the Royal Military Police. He is in custody in Kabul and is expected to be flown to the UK within 48 hours.


We have the right to know how many have died in Afghanistan just as we have the right to know how many civilians have died in any war.

I also suspect there are more then 8,000 as well.

Being arrested for telling the truth is bazzar to say the least.

Kudos to the Lt-Col Owen McNally for telling the truth. A truth we all have the right to know about.

It’s about time someone told the public at large, the truth or at least part of it.

Seems Nato is trying to hide the truth from us

So I wonder how many thousands have been wounded?

We have the right to know. This is just discusting they are keeping this from all of us.

They better start coughing up the truth.

They have been trying for some time, to make us all believe the war is going just fine. Everything is wonderful. Of course anyone who knows anything about war, realizes this is anything but true.

Seems to me this is what those in Afghanistan have been complaining about for some time. They want the civilian killing stopped.

Many of those who have died have been children.

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