Israeli military forces stage attacks on the various areas of the West Bank almost on a daily basis

Israelis kidnap 6 Palestinians in WB
February 8 2009

Israeli military forces have intensified their incursions into the West Bank after their unilateral cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli troops have taken six Palestinian youth into custody after clashes erupted between the two sides in the Ras Al-Arud region.

Palestinian news agency, Maan, has reported that the Saturday arrests followed clashes in Ra’s-ul-Orouz north of Al-Khalil on the west bank late Saturday.

A group of young Palestinian men hurled stones at Israeli forces after Israeli forces opened fire at them.

No injuries were reported.

The incident came a day after the Israeli troops arrested five other Palestinians during their assaults on various regions of the West Bank.

Israeli military forces stage attacks on the various areas of the West Bank almost on a daily basis under the excuse of arresting Palestinian fighters. They detain Palestinian people and take them to unknown locations.

Around 12,000 Palestinian detainees are currently being kept in the Israeli prisons.

The Israeli forces have intensified their assaults on the West Bank after declaring a unilateral cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.

Israel launched a 23-day offensive against the Gaza Strip claiming to counter Hamas rocket shells to its settlements. Around 1, 330 people including a large number of women and children were killed and 5, 450 others were injured during the slaughter.

In the wake of the strikes, the Israeli regime faced a widespread international condemnation and declared a unilateral cease-fire in the besieged region after failing to achieve its goals.

The war is considered the second major blow for the regime after its military failed to realize its goals in 33-day war on Lebanon in summer 2006.


I guess they want to blow up the West Bank now.

So what we have here is someone comes into your neighbourhood and shoots at you and becasue you get pissed off “YOU” get thrown in jail.  Well I understand that completley don’t you? You should have just stood there and let them shoot you?????? What would give you the right to ever dare to think you had the right to get pissed off?

Why is it they think people will just sit complacently by while they do this. If the Palestinians fight back they are called the Terrorists.  How pathetic. Israel is the one terrorizing people.

It is time for the world to wake up and the leaders especially to what happens daily to the Palestinians and Boycott Israel. Stop the Weapons from entering the country and stop the Aid from the US. These daily incursions are yet again breaking International Law.

This of course accomplished one thing, the people will rebel then as usual Israel cry’s Self Defense. When in fact Israel is the cause in the first place. But nope they always blame the victims.

So why does anyone believe anything they say, when it comes to Iran or any other country surrounding them? They fabricate lies to spoon feed everyone.

Everything they say and do is just to start yet another war. Pure and simple. They are the problem. War, War, War is their constant scream.

They are a Fascist country. As they say “Cinderella if the Shoe fits”.

They were given the country on a silver platter and now they abuse anyone and everyone. Cinderella isn’t looking so cute these days is she? She looks more like the wicked witch of the west.

Netanyahu ‘will coax Obama into Iran war’
February 7 2009

The Israeli prime ministerial frontrunner will win a US blessing to enter war with Iran, says a source familiar with US Mideast policies.

Aaron David Miller, the US State Department’s top analyst in the 1980s, said Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu will be able to convince President Barack Obama that a military attack is the only solution to the Iranian nuclear issue.

“The Israelis will be pushing [Washington] to ensure that Iran never gets to that point and failing that, they will consider a military strike,” Reuters quoted Miller — who is a former US Middle East peace negotiator and is currently an analyst at the Woodrow Wilson Center — as saying late Friday.

“It need not be conclusive or threatening, but it will be very serious and … scare the daylights out of the president that unless the international community mobilizes to address the situation, the Israelis will,” he said.

Tel Aviv accuses Iran, a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), of having plans to develop nuclear weaponry.

Tehran, however, insists that it enriches uranium for peaceful purposes and that it has the right to the technology already in the hands of many others.

Israeli leaders, who have in their possession the sole nuclear arsenal in the Middle East, have intensified their go-to-war rhetoric against Iran in the run-up to Tel Aviv’s elections set for February 10.

Israeli election frontrunner Benjamin Netanyahu said last week that his first mission, if elected prime minister, would be to “thwart the Iranian threat” once and for all.

“[Iran] will not be armed with a nuclear weapon… It includes everything that is necessary to make this statement come true,” warned the leading candidate for the prime minister post.

Israeli legislator and weapons expert Isaac Ben-Israel, meanwhile, claimed that Tel Aviv has only a year to pull off a unilateral strike on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure, asserting that any attack would only delay, rather than sabotage, Iranian breakthroughs in nuclear technology development.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has also stressed that possible Washington-Tehran talks “should be kept short and followed by readiness to take action”.

British strategist Mark Fitzpatrick, however, has asserted that Israeli military action against Iran was “a significant possibility, but not a probability”.

“That point will probably be some time towards the end of this year,” said the senior fellow for non-proliferation at London’s Institute for Strategic Studies, adding that Israel should consider the negative consequences before it makes any move.


If Obama gets sucked into a war against Iran then he surely is and all day sucker. The world leaders as well must stop being so gullible, and wake up to the fact Israel lies to the world and to their own people.

Seems to me Israel would be thrilled with a world war yet again like two of them weren’t enough. They are warmongers and instigators.

They assassinate people, kill innocent people, then lie about it. It was Self Defense. What a crock of BS.  Poor wee Israel. How pathetic.

They scream we have the right to exist well a little tip for them. Everyone else have the right to exist too. The rights of Israel are not greater then anyone else’s. They are not special. They must abide by the laws like all of must. They have tried to wage war on all their neighbouring countries. They are the threat. All they ever talk about is waging war. This guy is bad that guy is bad blah blah blah. That’s all they ever do.  So everyone else is the bad guy and they are the good guys. How dare they ever presume the entire world is fooled by their rhetoric and warmongering. They are the bad guys. They prove that on a daily basis. They lie on a daily basis. If they ever told the truth who would believe them.? They have cried wolf so many times in the past that it is just another wolf cry. If anyone is foolish enough to believe anything they say, then they really need to get a reality check.They feed their lies to the press for the world to read. How nauseating. Even the press gets sucked in by their lies. The propaganda  they spew out is getting to be extremely hard to swallow.

If anyone dislikes Israel it is her own fault. Like the wickid witch of the West, terrorizing people does that you know. Israel goes out if her way to create new enamies on a daily basis. She does it on purpose. Then crys for the rest of us to help her.

If she were my child I would give a good sound spanking. I would ground her for a very long time.  I would  have her enroled in an anger managment classes for a few hundred years. I would take all her toys away. I would take her allowance awasy.

If my child ever behaved in this manner she would be disiplined.  I would never tolerate any kid of mine behaving in such a manner. Israel behaves just like any child who has been spoiled rotten.  Worse still a drug addict on her addiction is war and fear.

So if we would not tolerate out children behaving in such a manner, why would we tolerate a country behaving in such a manner?  When kids are allowed to behave in such a manner their children will also have the same problems. It is after all handed down from generation to generation. We all know that.

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