Petition stop GM Rice from Bayer

This new GMO rice is designed to be resistant to Bayer’s ultra-toxic pesticide glufosinate, a chemical so deadly it is being banned within the European Union.  No problem for Bayer!  They will just poison rice paddies and hundreds of millions of people all over the third world, and the rice grown will end up on our plates.

Video on GM Rice An important Public Service Announcement from your Government and The Biotech Industry (represented here by chemical giant Bayer) pronouncing the benefits of genetically modified rice strain – LL62. Barely tried and tested this GM Rice is coming to your dinner plate nevertheless – unless you take action now! Sign the petition:

GM foods are the cause of many farmers loosing their livelihoods as well as being dangerous to the environment and out health.

Say no to GM Rice.  The toxic poison sprayed on the crops goes directly into them and the soil. They contaminate the food and the land.

Pesticides are killing many non harmful insects such as the bee population.  One should not mess with mother nature it is extremely bad for the Environment and our health.

Herbicides kill other friendly plants as well.  Contamination from herbicides last for many years . Agent Orange is still damaging peoples health and the soil.  What Bayer has in mind is similar.

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