The Health Insurance Racket: Getting Rich by Denying Americans Care

The Health Insurance Racket:

Getting Rich by Denying Americans Care

UnitedHealthcare CEO Stephen Hemsley owns $744,232,068 in unexercised stock options. CIGNA’s Edward Hanway spends his holidays in a $13 million beach house in New Jersey. Meanwhile, regular Americans are routinely denied coverage for the care they need when they need it most. Welcome to the American health insurance industry. Instead of helping policyholders attain the health security they need for their families, big insurance companies get rich by denying coverage to patients. Now they’re sending lobbyists to Washington, DC to twist the arms of lawmakers to oppose reform of the status quo. Why? Because the status quo pays. Learn more about the glamorous lives of billionaire health insurance executives and tell us your story of being victimized by their greed.

Hundreds of entertainment industry workers in California and New Jersey who buy health insurance as a group are being hit with a rate increase that will raise some family-plan premiums to more than $44,000 a year.

There are also some Videos at the site as well as a bit of information on how much CEO’s make  a year.  They make millions while average folks die because of their greed.

Micheal Moores “Sicko” was enlightening and he also recieved hundreds and hundreds of stories of people being shafted by insurance companies. etc. That is just the tip of a massive Iceburg however.

Well there is more that people should know about and the above site has some rather interesting information and they too are looking for stories as well.

Senator Sanders is going to be speaking about healthcare reform on Thursday’s Senator Sanders Unfiltered

One might want to have a listen to what he has to say.

One of your friend may die or you may die or go untreated becasue Insurance companies rip you off by dening treatment or you may loss everything just becasue you are ill. You may not even be able to afford Insurance.

Get educated and get active to get Universal Health Care for everyone.

The life you save may be your childs, your wife, your parents or your best friend. You may even save your own life.

Obama fights Health Care Reform Propaganda

Move on. org is also involved
Right-wing mobs aren’t just disrupting congressional town halls—their outlandish lies are now making their way into mainstream news coverage, too.
We need to set the record straight. The majority of Americans support real health care reform. And no wonder, given the incredible cost of inaction.In the U.S., 14,000 people lose their coverage every day.1 And for those with insurance, yearly premiums will hit $22,000 in a few years if we don’t act.2
We can’t let right-wing extremists ruin the biggest opportunity in a generation to get real reform.Can you send a quick letter to the editor of your local paper about the urgent need for Congress to pass health care reform with a real public option?
Click here:

Our tool makes writing a letter really simple. You can send the letter right from our website—it only takes a few minutes.
If you’ve never written a letter to the editor before, now is the time to send your first. The letters page is one of the most widely read—and most important—in local newspapers. Members of Congress and their staffs read it to understand how their constituents are feeling. And since members are all home in the district this month—and paying close attention to the health care debate in particular—your letter will make an even bigger impact.

Here are some talking points specific you can use in your letter:

  • We can’t afford to wait for reform: Each day, 14,000 people in the U.S. lose their health care coverage. And without reform, those who still have insurance will see their yearly premiums go up by $9,000 in the next decade—to a staggering $22,000.
  • Reform with a real public option is key to expanding coverage: Under current legislation, which includes a strong public health insurance option, 37 million Americans will gain coverage by 2019.3
  • A real public health insurance option is crucial to lowering costs: With premiums projected to hit $22,000, we need to get costs down. By spurring competition, a public plan will help bring down out-of-control costs4 for individuals, families, and small businesses.
  • Can you send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, as part of our “Real Voices for Change” campaign? Just click here to get started:
    Sources:1. “Health Care in Crisis: 14,000 Losing Coverage Each Day,” Center for American Progress, February 19, 2009. “Health Care Premiums Run Amok,” Center for American Progress, July 24, 2009. “Coverage for America: We All Stand to Gain,” Families USA, July 2009. “Why We Need a Public Health-Care Plan,” The Wall Street Journal, June 24, 2009.

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