Canadian Doctors host ‘A Celebration of Medicare in Canada’

August 28 2009

There is also a video at the site.

Canadian Doctors for Medicare hosted a celebration of Medicare in Canada. The speakers included Roy Romanow, former Saskatchewan Premier and Commissioner on Health Care in Canada.

The present debate in the U.S. over health care has at times resulted in having Canada’s health care system being shown to Americans in a negative light. The Canada Health Act’s 25th birthday party was thrown by an activist group of physicians known as Canadian Doctors for Medicare, which has set up shop in Saskatoon in a large part to act as a counterweight to the Canadian Medical Association’s reformist lobbying. Canadian Doctors for Medicare want to send a message to Americans telling them the Canadian universal health care system works and to encourage Americans to implement a single payer universal health care system. Former Premier of Saskatchewan Roy Romanow, who was also the man that headed up the Royal commission on health care in Canada says the system needs some work, but changes should not include privatization reports the Canadian Press. He said that the present debate in the U.S. “taps into Canadian emotions” and that “Canadians object to the misrepresentations of the Canadian health care system by a lot of the American opponents.” He said that 86 percent of Canadians rate their health care system as “high” and “are extremely satisfied with their services.” Continued vigilance and lobbying will be required to protect and improve Canada’s medicare system, Mr Romanow said. “A great responsibility rests on all of us who believe in medicare,” reports Canadian Medicine. Dr Danielle Martin followed Mr Romanow’s speech by arguing that evidence has shown publicly delivered, not-for-profit health care to be cheaper and of a higher quality than private, for-profit care. Another advantage, she said, can be seen in the difference between administrative costs in the health care systems of the United States and Canada. In the US, administrative costs represent 31% of health spending; in Canada that figure is just 1.3%. As attendees got ready to leave, one young med school graduate stood up at a microphone to invite people to her friend’s parents’ house to drink sangria and continue the conversation about health policy, proving once again that the Canada Health Act truly is an unusual piece of legislation. As Dr Nuala Kenny, the well-known retired Nova Scotia pediatrician and bio ethicist, said, “just compare the civil tone of Sunday’s Canada Health Act discussion to the wildly acrimonious attitudes we’ve seen on television at the health insurance reform town-hall meetings taking place now in the United States.”


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