Lebanon: Monday night Explosion/ Israel in violation of Resolution 1701

October 16 2009

There are various versions as to what happened, but is seems the investigation of the explosion is not finished as of yet.
So much of everything being reported is just  guessing,  for the moment.

What really happened is not really known.

Apparently there was an explosion at the home of  of a Hezbollah figure named as Abdel Nasser Issa, in the village of Tayr Filsi.

The cause of the explosion could be anything.  The investigation as of today is still not finished.

Israel said they had a drone flying over the area which is a violation of Resolution 1701.

They just happened to have a drone flying over at the time of the explosion or shortly there after.

What a coincidence. Could this be a set up so Lebanon doesn’t get the seat.

It just happens that apparently Lebanon to get a  Security Council seat. Could this be a ploy so Lebanon doesn’t get the seat? What wonderful timing.

Would Israel be happy about that? No of course not.

Italian Peace keepers are in the area keeping a watchful eye on the area.

These photo’s do not tell me anything. They say much,  of nothing in fact.

It certainly isn’t evidence of anything.

Israeli photo from Drone

Their caption below the picture

Footage from an Israeli drone shows a group of men carrying objects, purportedly weapons, to two trucks which are then driven to a village about 2.5 miles away. The irregular-shaped, flat-roofed building seen on the right of the frame is the house where the explosion occurred. (Image: IDF spokesman’s office)

I got the Photo from this report.

It is obvious to me one can’t see much of anything,  so this photo proves absolutely nothing. To say they are carrying weapons is absurd.

To say they are carrying rockets again is absurd.

To say they are carrying anything in particular, using these photos would be again absurd.

You can not see with any clarity, that they are carrying anything.

I even enlarged it, way big and still saw nothing in particular, well except it looked a bit photo shopped, but could not see anything really.

So if this is the type of proof Israel is using against Lebanon,  it is absolutely  ridiculous. This proves nothing. It doesn’t even prove there was in fact an explosion.

I don’t see any evidence in the photo there had been an  explosion or the after math of one.

Here is the Israeli Video, it’s not so clear either? Could be a corps or two for all we know.  I certainly wouldn’t say it was a rocket. Maybe it is but maybe it is just shutters.

For sure we know Israel broke the law. Violated the Air space and Resolution 1701. They have incriminated themselves.

I see no evidence of an explosion even.

OK I just looked at the video for the tenth time, I didn’t see anyone covering anything on the truck. They were on the truck. Could be an injured person they were taking care of,  or anything.

The last part of the Video is even a bit off it is much different in quality then the first part.  There is also on the top and left side Gray parts like why. And a thick black line, why? How odd. Taken by the same camera I presume. There is also a target thingy in the center on the last part which is missing from the first part of the Video. The coloring is also much different.

Even the video makes no sense. I smell a rat.

Something is definitely  not right.

I watched it 10 times and still haven’t got a clue what is on the trucks.

Could even be a rolled up carpet. It does seem that whatever they are carrying is rather light as well.

For all we know the entire video was a fabrication. Israel is a master of fake passports, why not photos and videos?

There are many reason why an explosion can happen.

Even if there was an explosion, that doesn’t mean it was a munition that caused it.

What we probably know for certain is there have been numerous reports about this event. All Reported Israel took photo with a drone, which is a violation of Lebanon’s  Air space and Resolution 1701.

It is Israel who is saying these people are moving weapons, without any real evidence.

So to add to the violation, they may also be lying to the world.

Do I believe there accusations, not based on the evidence I have read or seen.

I think I will wait until the investigation is finished.

Jumping to conclusions based on an illegal activity on part of
Israel,  is like believing a murder when he said the devil mad me do it.

For all we know if there was an explosion Israel could have planted a bomb. They have been known to do that before.

Maybe they were trying to assassinate  Abdel Nasser Issa.

Now knowing what I know, that would be closer to  the truth. That would be so much easier to believe.

Assassination is one of Israels pass times. Among other things.

Newest Update:  Still nothing conclusive as of yet.

Strugar: UNIFIL, LAF inspect sites related to Teirfelsay incident

October 16, 2009

UNIFIL Director of Political and Civil Affairs Milos Strugar told the National News Agency on Friday that UNIFIL and the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) conducted an investigation in the Deir Qanoun River village, where equipment related to the Teirfelsay incident was retrieved.

He also said that the LAF assisted UNIFIL with the investigation, facilitating the latter’s access to locations relevant to the investigation.

The LAF also confiscated a truck inside a garage in the village and is currently inspecting it. They also found what is believed to be the door to the Teirfelsay storage facility.

Teirfelsay was the site of a Monday night explosion that resulted in the injury of a Hezbollah member identified as Abdel Nasser Issa.


Hezbollah says Israeli ‘rocket’ pictures were metal shutters

October 15, 2009

Hezbollah on Thursday denied Israeli pictures, which showed rockets being removed from the south Lebanon home of one of its activists, insisting the images merely portrayed metal shutters.

The Israeli army on Tuesday released film taken by a drone, saying it showed rockets being taken away from the home of Abdel Nasser Issa in Teirfelsay village after a rocket exploded in his house.

“The supposed rockets recorded by Israeli spy planes are in reality were only the metal shutters at the place where the Teirfelsay explosion occurred,” Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television station reported.

The station broadcast pictures taken in daylight, it said, showed men outside a garage putting a rolled up metal shutter into a truck, watched by a Lebanese soldier and two troops from the UN’s peacekeeping force UNIFIL.

The scene was filmed at Deir Qanun el-Nahr, a place near Teirfelsay Al-Manar said.

Israel has repeatedly accused Hezbollah of rearming, and an Israeli army spokesperson claimed on Tuesday night the group has “dozens of arms caches containing hundreds of rockets.”

The pictures from the drone “show how the rockets were transferred to a weapons store in a village four kilometres away,” an Israeli army spokesperson said.


Qassem says Israeli filming of Hezbollah ‘rockets’ is real attack on Lebanon

October 15, 2009

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem said the Israeli film taken by a drone and released by the Israeli army, which said the footage showed rockets being taken away from the home of Abdel Nasser Issa in Teirfelsay village, where a rocket exploded earlier, was a “real attack on Lebanon.”

He said the Israelis themselves admitted they had sent a drone and filmed the area,  Israel’s action is a violation of Lebanese airspace and of UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

Qassem called on the foreign affairs ministry to use this film to call on the international community and punish Israel.


There are tons of reports on this story but what I see is Israel attempeting to sway public opinion against Lebanon and Iran.

They want another war,  so they can kill even more people.

They have breached many UN Resolutions,  this is just one more.

They certainly have done everything imaginable to discredit the UN Mission Report on the war in Gaza,  this is just one more way to manipulate the world.

This is yet another distraction to take the heat off their war crimes.

The propaganda machine is hard at work once again.

From November 21 2008/Israeli violations of Lebanese sovereignty

These photo’s on the other hand say it all.

Photos of Lebanon War 2006

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