Israel and US were behind the Georgian Attacks on South Ossetia and Abkhazia

This is a rather long story. It began a few years ago.  Russian is not to blame for the problems caused by the US ans Israel.

October 26, 2009

Figured it was about time to get to this. Considering how the US ans Israel have been  using the media in bombarding you with Iran misinformation.  Iran is doing nothing wrong.  Just like Russia did nothing wrong. But that certainly was not what you were told by the main stream media.  So if you have the time and the inclination read all the stories provided and you will have an education on how the US and Israel manipulate and lie. How they use others to achieve their goals of domination over other countries and use the media to brainwash the public.

Education is one of the best weapons any of us can have.

Obama and the new administration are still using many of the same tactics against Iran.

Israel well that never changes.

So now to the Georgian Russia war

Yes Israel and the US were behind it all. I will try to put it all as simply as possible.
So once upon a time: Before Obama was elected

The Puppet Masters decided  Georgia’s  Leader should be President Saakashvili.
August 21, 2008

The controversy over the Georgian surprise military attacks on South Ossetia and Abkhazia on 8.8.08 makes a closer look at the controversial Georgian President and his puppet masters important. An examination shows 41 year old Mikhail Saakashvili to be a ruthless and corrupt totalitarian who is tied to not only the US NATO establishment, but also to the Israeli military and intelligence establishment. The famous ‘Rose Revolution of November 2003 that forced the ageing Edouard Shevardnadze from power and swept the then 36 year old US university graduate into power was run and financed by the US State Department, the Soros Foundations, and agencies tied to the Pentagon and US intelligence community.

Mihkail Saakashvili was deliberately placed in power in one of the most sophisticated US regime change operations, using ostensibly private NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) to create an atmosphere of popular protest against the existing regime of former Soviet Foreign Minister Edouard Shevardnadze, who was no longer useful to Washington when he began to make a deal with Moscow over energy pipelines and privatizations.
Saakashvili as mafioso President

Once he was in place in January 2004 as Georgia’s new President, Saakashvili proceeded to pack the regime with his cronies and kinsmen. The death of Zurab Zhvania, his prime minister in February, 2005, remains a mystery. The official version—poisoning by faulty gas heater—was adopted by American FBI investigators within two weeks of the killing. That has never seemed credible to those familiar with Georgia’s gangland slayings, crime, and other manifestations of social decay. Zhvania’s death was followed closely by a functionary of the Premier’s apparat, Georgi Khelashvili, who allegedly shot himself the day after his chief’s demise. The head of Zhvania’s research staff was later found dead as well.

This is how new Regimes are formed by the US in other countries.

This tactic has been used many times in many countries.  The above is just a small excerpt from the article. For the rest of the story, on how they do it,  go here.

Recently the same attempt, using the same tactics were  made in Iran.

Oh Gee what a shocker. Like anyone who knows a fragment of US/Israeli tactics would have figured that out from the onset. Most however believe the propaganda spoon fed to them by the  major Media.

The same media lashed out at Russia for stopping Georgia. Russia was the bad guy, ya right. Russia was anything but the bad guy. They did not start the war. They were actually defending South Ossetia and Abkhazia from Georgia’s attack.

Israel ‘needs Georgia for Iran strike’
LONDON, August 26 2008

Columnist Ian Brockwell says the US is interested in Georgia because it borders Russia, has a pipeline that is intended to transfer oil to Israel, and most importantly is a country that can be used in an attack against Iran.

According to his article in the American Chronicle, the Bush Administration has been looking for an excuse to attack the Islamic Republic so that it can take possession of the country’s oil and give Israel a share in Iranian crude by transferring it through Georgia. Source

Well there is another Shocker they want the oil. Well that certainly isn’t anything new.

So now we know the How, Why and Who of a few things.

So now the US and Israel have Georgia in their slimy paws.

War With Russia Is On The Agenda

August 26, 2008

By Paul Craig Roberts

Russian peacekeepers, together with Georgian ones, had been stationed in South Ossetia since the early 1990s. On orders from Mikheil Saakashvili, the American puppet “president” of Georgia, the Georgian peacekeepers turned their weapons on the unsuspecting Russian peacekeepers and murdered them.

This action by Saakashvili, elected with money from the neoconservative National Endowment for Democracy, an election-rigging tool of US hegemony, was a war crime. In truth, the Russians should have hung Saakashvili, as he is far more guilty than was Saddam Hussein. But it is Russia, not Saakashvili, that the US media has demonized. Source

As we see Russia was defending itself. What else would you have them do?  The Media did demonize Russia as they demonize anyone they attack.

This covers their lies and sucks the public into believing the lie,  but fortunately the truth does in the end come out. Well most of the time. Sometimes years to late.

The US and Israel in this case are also  war criminals, as is the Georgia.

They all conspired to commit a crime.So now we have established who the real Criminals are.

Russia claims proof of genocide

August 26, 2008

RUSSIAN investigators say they have proof Georgian forces committed genocide in their attack on the rebel region of South Ossetia this month.

“It has been fully established that between August 7 and 12, Georgia’s armed forces invaded the territory of the unrecognised republic with the aim of fully annihilating the Ossetian ethnic group living in South Ossetia,” Investigative Committee head Alexander Bastrykin.

“They spared no one. We found a woman who had been killed with a shot to the head. She was eight months’ pregnant. Her unborn child died too,” he said.

Mr Bastrykin was summarising the results of an ongoing investigation into the Georgian attack on the Moscow-backed rebel enclave, which prompted Russia to pour troops and armour into its southern neighbour.

Mr Bastrykin did not say how many South Ossetian civilians were killed, but a senior local prosecutor last week said 133 civilian deaths had been confirmed in South Ossetia and that the toll was likely to grow.

Russian officials earlier backed up the genocide accusations by saying up to 2000 of South Ossetia’s population of 70,000 had been killed.


From August 29, 2008

Putin smells a US rat in Georgia crisis

What was a top national security aide to Vice President Dick Cheney doing in Georgia shortly before Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s troops engaged in what became a disastrous fight with South Ossetian rebels – and then Russian troops? Source

Seems to me there were quite a few Rats behind this. The infestation started long before the conflict. It started with the US/Israeli coup in Georgia.

War in South Ossetia: Georgia started it 

October 1 2009

The responsibility for a war between Georgia and Russia in August last year in which 850 people were killed and over 100,000 fled their homes turns on one key point. Was a Russian invasion of the breakaway province of South Ossetia already under way on the night of  August 7 when Georgia opened fire? Had Russian tank columns passed through the strategic Roki tunnel, between North and South Ossetia, as Tbilisi claimed? Or did Georgia fire first, with an artillery and rocket barrage on Tskhinvali, as Russia maintained?

In more than 1,000 pages of analysis, documentation and witness statements, an exhaustive investigation by the European Union yesterday found in Russia’s favour. It laced its judgment with caveats. It found that there had been an influx of volunteers and mercenaries through the tunnel in early August, and that the Russian air force attacked targets outside the disputed zone long before they admitted to doing so. But on the central issue the report found there was insufficient evidence for a large-scale Russian incursion before the morning of 8 August. Nor could it be verified whether Russia was on the verge of a major attack, and nor could Georgia’s actions be justified under international law.

The fact-finding mission, headed by the Swiss diplomat and old Caucasus hand Heidi Tagliavini, was not one-sided. It condemned Russia for its disproportionate response to the Georgian assault, for allowing the ethnic cleansing of Georgian villages, and for attacking another disputed territory well away from the conflict, the upper Kodori valley in Abkhazia. These findings are important, and not just because the conflict is still continuing: more than a year on, around 35,000 people have yet to return to their homes, and they probably never will. They are important because they chronicle an event that does not have a single cause, and therefore not a single solution. At the time, Russian military action was taken as exhibit A in the orthodoxy that an oil-rich Moscow could not accept retreat from empire and was destined to impose its will on its weaker neighbours by recreating a mini-USSR. Former victims of Soviet power such as Poland and the Baltic states argued then that Nato should stand up to a reassertive Russia, by accepting Georgia and Ukraine into the western military alliance. They still do.

The Caucasus is more complicated than that. The ability to jump in front of a CNN camera does not confer on the Georgian president, Mikheil Saakashvili, the gifts of a democrat. Nor is Russia the sole aggressor in a region of ancient disputes. This report should induce caution among those who come to premature judgments about Russia’s relationship with its near-abroad.


The power of the Israel Lobby is an important component of keeping Americans in the dark. Recently I watched a documentary that demonstrates the control that the Israel Lobby exercises over Americans’ view of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The documentary is available here:

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