Jewish Supremacism of Chabad Lubavitch

Came accross this today the Israeli Cyber Warrior group. The go after bloggers, Youtubers and facebook people or groups. They say they want to rid them of  Antisemitism.
They should take a look at what their own people say about
Jews before they go after others.
This is a story I came across today about the Gaza Freedom March. The comments from the Jewish people are just horrid. Good story but some of the comments are just terrible. Proves however that Jews hate Jews and are as anti Semitic as anyone maybe more so. They should practice what they preach.

They have
Honest Reporting and Camera which goes after the Press.

This one goes after Human rights groups like Amnesty International for example.
This statement is rather  amusing considering Israeli lobby groups through out the world
NGO’s they monitor Index A to Z
Who monitors these groups ? Someone should be monitoring them. After reading though many of them they seem to shower a lot of hate as well.  They also infringe on Freedom of Speech.

Their sole purpose is to stop the Truth coming out about what Israel does.  They just want to prevent people from knowing the truth.

This is all too interesting as well.

AIPAC Celebrates 47th Birthday in Court

Israeli jets and tanks strike Gaza

January 2 2009

The Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip marked the latest violence along Gaza’s border [AFP]

At least four people, including a child, have been wounded when Israeli war jets and tanks struck several targets in eastern and southern Gaza Strip, witnesses and medical sources have said.

Israeli F16 fighters fired two missiles and tanks fired two shells early on Saturday that landed at empty areas east and northeast of Gaza City, witnesses said.

Local ambulances took four people from eastern Gaza for medical treatment at Gaza hospitals, according to medical sources. The four were lightly injured.

Residents also said Israeli warplanes carried out a fifth raid on a post belonging to the Hamas movement in the southeast of the Gaza Strip. No injuries were reported.

An Israeli army spokesman confirmed aircraft had attacked Gaza, but gave no further details.

The offensive marked the latest violence along Gaza’s border, which has been mostly quiet since a war Israel launched in Gaza on December 27, 2008 ended on January 18.



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