Breaking News: 4 killed in Gaza as Israel strikes food-tunnels

South Gaza, January 8, 2010

Following the extensive Israeli attacks across Gaza Strip, Israeli air force launched a number of air raids against the food tunnels with Egypt. Medical sources reported that 4 civilians killed and a number injured in the heavy bombardment.

Israeli F16 were used in the attack and easily heard directly within the targeted the area. Due to the raids number of 10 Palestinian civilians is missing at the moment, while 4 have been confirmed as dead.

There are more than 1500 tunnels between Gaza and Egypt that are mainly used for smuggling food as Israelis impose a harsh siege. The tunnels considered to be the key lifeline as the main crossings blocked via Israeli occupation.

Less than 2 hours ago a massive explosion took place few moments ago western Gaza City, in Tal Al Hawa neighborhood. Eyewitness reported that Israeli F16s launched an Arial attack midnight. The attack was followed by a series of air raids.

Palestine Telegraph reported that a number of air raids took place northern Gaza Strip while no new reported about the attacks yet. The attacks also targeted the middle areas of Gaza Strip.

Medical sources reported no casualties till this moment while ambulances hurried to the targeted area.
A number of F16 can be heard at the moment and a case of panic and fear spread amongst the civilians who were in a sleep.

The attacks came amid a very densely populated area where around 150 thousands Palestinians live.
Israeli army launched a number of attacks last week killing a number of Palestinians.

via Ayman Quaider and Sameh A. Habeeb


The leaflets bore telephone numbers and email addressed, urging people to inform the Israeli army of any activities by the Palestinians in the border area.

They also warned residents to stay at least 300 meters away from the border with Israel.

Settler Violence Report: November – December 2009

If Gaza was not  under the blockade there would be no need for the tunnels. The tunnels are needed to get food to those in Gaza.

It is Israel who is at fault. They are the cause of all the violence.

Remove the blockades,  remove checkpoints, open the boarders and treat Palestinians with human compassion, then and only then will there be any progress.

Israel creates the problems. They have always created the problems only they are too blind to see it.

If this were done to those in Israel they would dig tunnels too, just like the Jews did in Warsaw.  There is really little difference.

The Jews in Warsaw were considered brave and heroes. Those in
Gaza doing exactly the same thing for the same reasons are considered terrorists. Israel needs to be sanctioned. There needs to be an arms embargo agains Israel as well.

All Aid to Israel should be cut off until they stop torturing, imprisoning and starving Palestinians.

Do to them exactly, what they are doing to Palestinians.

It’s time for the International Community to wake up.

To all Americans Ask Your Rep to End Gaza Suffering

Take Action

Write to your representative and urge him or her to join this important effort to end Gaza suffering and reinvigorate U.S. Middle East diplomacy.

Arbitrary occupier’s law used to clamp down on Palestinian life

Reading “The Collection of UN Resolutions on the Question of Palestine 1948-1982” can get you arrested by Israel

This is Gaza. From July 13, 2009. Nothing has changed since then. What you see here cannot be rebuilt as construction material is not getting into Gaza. Israel will not let it across the borders.

This is what Israel doesn’t want the outside world to see.  This is why they keep out reporters and thsoe from the Gaza Freedom March. That is why those in the Viva Palestina Convoy can only stay for 48 hours.

Heaven forbid they see the destruction and devastation caused by Israel.

Believe me when I say Egypt is enabeling Israel. Just as the US is.

Just as much as the West and the EU. Anyone who remains silent on this is enabling Israel. Shame on them all who remain silent. There are no excuses. No reasons.

To remain silent is a crime against humanity.

To do nothing is a crime against humanity.

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