Canadian students participate in Israeli Apartheid Week

By Lydia Parafianowicz

March 1 2010

Students at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa, and in over 40 cities internationally, will be participating in this week’s sixth-annual Israeli Apartheid Week, despite controversy surrounding the events.

Organizers of Israeli Apartheid Week say they are trying to support equality for Palestinians living in Israel. The week has been called discriminatory by groups such as the Institute for Global Jewish Affairs and Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies.

Progressive Conservative MPP Peter Shurman moved a Feb. 24 resolution in the Ontario legislature denouncing the event. It has been reported that Conservative MP Tim Uppal will be presenting a similar motion at the House of Commons this week.

While posters advertising the week have been taken down at Carleton University and the University of Ottawa, students are going ahead with scheduled events.

Student members of Palestinian Human Rights uOttawa and Students Against Israeli Apartheid-Carleton will be participating in at least one event every day during the week, including guest speaker events and a film screening. Many guest speakers are scheduled, including Dr. Jamal Zahalka, a member of the political leadership of Balad, the National Democratic Assembly of the Israeli parliament.

“[Israeli Apartheid Week] 2010 takes place following a year of incredible successes for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement on the global level,” says the event’s website. “Lectures, films, and actions will highlight some of theses successes along with the many injustices that continue to make BDS so crucial in the battle to end Israeli Apartheid.”

A full schedule can be found at or


Progressive Conservative MPP Peter Shurman moved a Feb. 24 resolution in the Ontario legislature denouncing the event. Conservative MP Tim Uppal will be presenting a similar motion at the House of Commons this week. Typical of the Conservative Government. Support those who oppress others.

Needless to say Israel is a major problem.

I guess they also forgot Israel used Canadian passports in an assassination attempt a few years back, among numerous other things as noted in link below. Nothing like a long list to make a person think. Assassinations are something that is common for Israelis. The world must not sit idley by and continue to support such horrendous acts of violence in which many innocent civilians also die as a result. Israel is by no means a victim.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also  authorized the assassination of Khalid Mishal in 1997.

Mishal came to power largely as the result of a botched assassination attempt by seven Mossad agents in September 1997. Mossad used Canadian passports, some forged and some stolen from a Canadian embassy.

They are also attempting to take away Canadians freedom of speech. What the conservatives are attempting will do just that. Everyo9ne should protect their freedom of speech. Canada already has laws to cover hate etc, there is absolutely no need for more laws. This is just yet another way to silence people from speaking out or knowing the truth about what Israel does.

Then of course the Liberal Leader is in there like a dirty shirt. Anti Semitic my foot.  To criticize a country, any country for abusing people and depriving them of Human Rights is not Anti Semitic. It is the concern of all citizens of the world to see to it the rights of all people are protected regardless of which country they live in.. Michael Ignatieff really should really get educated on what is happening to those in Gaza and the
West Bank. Protecting those people is not Anti Semitic. It is the responsibility of everyone in the world to speak out on behalf of those who need our voices.

Canadian liberal leader says calling Israel ‘apartheid’ state is anti-Semitic

Seems Leaders of the world do virtually nothing to stop the theft of land, imprisonment of victims by Israel and the deaths of innocent people in Gaza and the West Bank. Meanwhile those people are hungry have few medical  needs addressed and have little supplies getting to them because of the blockade.

Someone needs to free the prisoners.  If we do not fight for their rights, World leaders certainly will not. I take it as a total insult to be called anti Semitic because I stand up for the rights of Human Beings who deserve to be treated with respect.  To make another point all Palestinians are in fact Semitic.

There fore I guess I can say Michael Ignatieff and the Conservatives are in fact Anti Semitic as well since they support the horrifying oppression of Palestinians.

So obvious isn’t it?

Don’t let you voice be silenced.

Even the press in Canada is not doing as well as it use to

Back in 2002 Canada was number 5 on the list of Press Freedom it has dropped to down to 19 in 2009.  Sad but true. Freedom of the press should be better from a so called free country. Canada is loosing ground. This new legislation if passed, will also affect the freedom of the press as well.

Israel: Attempting to take away Canadians Freedom of Speech

Organizations like, Camera, NGO Monitor, Honest Reporting and Jewish Internet Defense Force, to name a select few are all designed to remove your freedom of speech, as well as that of Charities, Human Rights orgs,  the Press and anyone else they can.

Now ‘J Street’ is ‘an anti-semitic lobby’ And they are Jewish. How sad this is happening.  So who is saying J Street is anti Semitic well Israel of course. So who is really pushing anti Semitic garbage. Not me, not those standing up for Palestinians. Israel is?

Update: March 15, 2009

This statement was rejected by both the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail (as an op-ed). Please help this important statement get into broad circulation – pass it on to your networks (faculty, community, MPs, university presidents, unions etc.).  You may also wish to write to the Star and Globe editorials and express your  dismay that they have chosen not to publish it.

Jewish Canadians Concerned About Suppression of Criticism of Israel

James Deutsch, M.D., Ph.D.

Judith Deutsch, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Miriam Garfinkle, M.D.

Over 150 Jewish Canadians signed a statement expressing their concerns about the campaign to suppress criticism of Israel that is being carried on within Canada.

The signatories include many prominent Canadians, including Ursula
Franklin O.C., Anton Kuerti O.C., Naomi Klein, Dr. Gabor Mate, and
professors Meyer Brownstone (recipient of Pearson Peace Medal), Natalie
Zemon Davis, Michael Neumann, and Judy Rebick. *

The signatories are particularly concerned that unfounded accusations of
anti-Semitism deflect attention from Israel’s accountability for what many
have called war crimes in Gaza. They state that B’nai Brith and the
Canadian Jewish Congress have led campaigns to silence criticism of Israel
on university campuses, in labor unions and in other groups. Immigration
Minister Jason Kenney and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff unquestioningly
echo the views of these particular Jewish organizations.

They strongly state that they are against all expressions of racism. While
firmly committed to resisting any form of prejudice against Jewish people,
their statement explicitly states that these spurious allegations of
anti-Semitism bring the anti-Communist terror of the 1950s vividly to mind.
The statement underlines the immeasurable suffering and injustice to the
Palestinian people due to the severe poverty, daily humiliations, and
military invasions inflicted by the State of Israel.

Statement: Jewish Canadians Concerned about Suppression of Criticism of

We are Jewish Canadians concerned about all expressions of racism,
anti-Semitism, and social injustice. We believe that the Holocaust legacy
“Never again” means never again for all peoples. It is a tragic turn of
history that the State of Israel, with its ideals of democracy and its dream
of being a safe haven for Jewish people, causes immeasurable suffering and
injustice to the Palestinian people.

We are appalled by recent attempts of prominent Jewish organizations and
leading Canadian politicians to silence protest against the State of Israel.
We are alarmed by the escalation of fear tactics. Charges that those
organizing Israel Apartheid Week or supporting an academic boycott of Israel
are anti-Semites promoting hatred bring the anti-Communist terror of the
1950s vividly to mind. We believe this serves to deflect attention from
Israel’s flagrant violations of international humanitarian law.

B’nai Brith and the Canadian Jewish Congress have pressured university
presidents and administrations to silence debate and discussion specifically
regarding Palestine/Israel. In a full-page ad in a national newspaper,
B’nai Brith urged donors to withhold funds from universities because
“anti-Semitic hate fests” were being allowed on campuses. Immigration
Minister Jason Kenney and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff have echoed these
arguments. While university administrators have resisted demands to shut
down Israel Apartheid week, some Ontario university presidents have bowed to
this disinformation campaign by suspending and fining students, confiscating
posters, and infringing on free speech.

We do not believe that Israel acts in self-defense. Israel is the largest
recipient of US foreign aid, receiving $3 million/day. It has the fourth
strongest army in the world. Before the invasion of Gaza on 27 December
2008, Israel’s siege had already created a humanitarian catastrophe there,
with severe impoverishment, malnutrition, and destroyed infrastructure. It
is crucial that forums for discussion of Israel’s accountability to the
international community for what many have called war crimes be allowed to
proceed unrestricted by specious claims of anti-Semitism.

We recognize that anti-Semitism is a reality in Canada as elsewhere, and we
are fully committed to resisting any act of hatred against Jews. At the
same time, we condemn false charges of anti-Semitism against student
organizations, unions, and other groups and people exercising their
democratic right to freedom of speech and association regarding legitimate
criticism of the State of Israel.


Abigail Bakan
Adam Balsam
Sharon Baltman
Julia Barnett
Lainie Basman
Jody Berland

Sam Blatt
Geri Blinik
Anita Block
Elizabeth Block
Sheila Block
Hannah Briemberg
Mark Brill
Stephen Brot
Meyer Brownstone
Eliza Burroughs
Smadar Carmon
Gyda Chud
Charles P. Cohen
Nathalie Cohen
David Copeland
Natalie Zemon Davis
Eliza Deutsch
James Deutsch
Judith Deutsch
Abbe Edelson
Jack Etkin
Elle Flanders
Danielle Frank
Ursula Franklin
Dan Freeman-Maloy
Miriam Garfinkle
Alisa Gayle
Jack Gegenberg
Mark Golden
Brenda Goldstein
Sue Goldstein
Cy Gonick
Marnina Gonick
Rachel Gotthilf
Amy Gottleib
Kevin A. Gould
Daina Green
Lisa Frances Greenspoon
Ricardo Grinspun
Cathy Gulkin
Rachel Gurofsky
Deboran Guterman
Yesse Gutman
Freda Guttman
Judy Haiven
Michael Hanna-Fein
Jean Hanson
Jan Heynen
Maria Heynen
Adam Hofmann
Jake Javanshir
Jeannie Kamins
Marylin Kanee
Howard S. Kaplan
Gilda Katz
Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta
Mira Khazzam
Bonnie Sher Klein
Mark Klein
Martin Klein
Naomi Klein
Joshua Katz-Rosene
Ryan Katz-Rosene
Judy Koch
Anton Kuerti
Jason Kunin
Aaron Lakoff
Michael Lambek
Natalie LaRoche
Richard Borshay Lee
Andy Lehrer
Gabriel Levin
Gabriel Levine
Joel Lexchin
Kim Linekin
Abby Lippman
Lee Lorch
Martin Lukacs
Audrey Macklin
Elise Maltin
Richard Marcuse
Wayne Mark
Gabor Mate
Arthur Milner
Anna Miransky
Dorit Naaman
Joanne Naiman
Neil Naiman
Michael Neumann
David-Marc Newman
David Noble
Clare O’Connor
Robin Ostow
Andre W. Payant
Jenny Peto
Simone Powell
Chanda Prescod-Weinstein
Fabienne Presentey
Yacov Rabkin
Diana Ralph
Naomi Rankin
Judy Rebick
Ester Reiter
Jillian Rogin
Richard Roman
Joseph Rosen
Herman Rosenfeld
Martha Roth
Marty Roth
Ruben Roth
E.Natalie Rothman
B. Sack
Ben Saifer
Miriam Sampaio
Jacob Scheir
Fred Schloessinger
Alan Sears
Shlomit Segal
Edward H. Shaffer
Noa Shaindlinger
Ray Shankman
Eva Sharell
Elliot Shek
Sid Shniad
Max Silverman
Samuel Singer
Elizabeth Solloway
Susan Starkman
Greg Starr
Jonathan Sterne
Jeremy Stolow
Rhonda Sussman
Vera Szoke
Joe Tannenbaum
Howard Tessler
Marion Traub-Werner
Ceyda Turan
Sandra Tychsen
Cheryl Wagner
Jon McPhedran Waitzer
David Wall
Naomi Binder Wall
Kathy Wazana
Karen Weisberg
Barry Weisleder
Paul Weinberg
Judith Weisman
Suzanne Weiss
Abraham Weizfeld
Ernie Yacub
B.H. Yael
Yedida Zalik
Melvin Zimmerman



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