Hiba Al-Shamaree Iraqi Female Blogger Trial set for March 3 2010

February 27, 2010
URGENT: UPDATE 4. Hiba Al-Shamaree Iraqi Female Blogger

Finally received some news regarding the arrest and imprisonment of Hiba Al-Shamaree, Iraqi female blogger whose real name is Dr.Hanan Al-Mashadani, by Iraqi security forces.

And someone who insists on remaining anonymous kindly translated the latest appeal sent by her sister Huda Al-Shamaree. So THANK YOU Anonymous.


The Iraqi Government, which had previously denied the existence of Dr. Hanan Al-Mashhadani (aka Hiba Al-Shammari), has finally allowed a telephone conversation between Dr. Al-Mashhadani and her lawyer, Mr. Karim Ahmed Al-Asadi. During the conversation which took only five minutes, the legal status and nature of charges against Dr. Al-Mashhadani were discussed. According to what we got from the lawyer, the charges revolve around the rubbery Terrorism Act that has been known to take the shape and form of its implementing parties.

1. Supporting terrorism through written articles described as “confidential”, and requesting Dr. Hanan to reveal her journalistic sources.
2. Encouraging terrorist attacks on police and army by terrorist elements.
3. Prejudicing symbolic national and religious figures.
4. Impersonating the character of an existing Iraqi writer (although they have not told us who that writer might be).
5. Dr. Hanan told us that she was subjected to harsh treatment and verbal assault, and that she was under solitary confinement and had been given poor food.
6. Trial is going to be held on 3/3/2010.

Awaiting your responses to save your honor and the daughters of Iraq We appeal to every honorable person to raise his/her voice in condemnation.


Petition: Demand the release of Iraqi Female Writer/Blogger Hiba Al-Shamaree


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