Warning Facebook Strikes again, this time a Virus

March 24 2010

Facebook Sent someone elses Password and a Virus

Today I received two emails from Facebook.

This one was sent to me with my email address on it. But I don not have a Facebook account and it had a Virus to boot. Not very impressed. I can’t say for sure these emails came from Facebook or from somewhere else. Don’t know, don’t really care. So either there is a scam going on or Facebook really messed up. Do be warned however this can happen. So if you get something from Facebook it may contain a Virus.
Click on screen shot to enlarge.

This was sent to me, but had another persons e-mail address on it. I have sent said person and e-mail to inform them of the mistake. This time of course there was no virus in it. Yes I checked. So now one has to wonder why I received the password for someone else. Click on screen shot to enlarge.

Seems odd that the new passwords comes in a Zip File as well. I didn’t open it to see what was actually in the file. Don’t really want someone’s password for Facebook anyway. So if and When the other person gets back to me, if they are even a real person or not is yet to be known. They like myself may not even have a Facebook account. If they do get back to me, I will update this and let you know what is happening. Until then be aware something fishy is going on.


Facebook Virus

This post was written by admin on November 9, 2009

Many users are receiving emails or links to the Facebook virus and the UPS virus which, once downloaded and extracted, compromise users PC Security. There is nothing new about these but the contents do vary.

Emails apparently from ‘Facebook Security‘ inform users that their password has been changed and they need to open the attached .zip file for the details, or from ‘Your Facebook Support‘ informing users that users must ‘ submit a new, updated account agreement‘ and again need to open the attached .zip file.

Sadly, many are doing just that and finding that their computer security has been compromised.

The UPS virus also comes in a .zip file attached to an email. I have received a number of these and in the past 24 hours have received no less than 9 of them, all informing me that ‘a parcel from 20th June could not be delivered to the addressee’……not that I was expecting one anyway!

Unsuspecting users download the .zip file to ‘fill in the details‘ only to find that there are no details but they do get a malware infection.


Seems this Virus is still getting around.

Some have also complained that Facebook has sent them e-mails to update their accounts as well.  Be careful.


Facebook: What you don’t know about it could get you in a whole lot of trouble


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