Israel threatens Syria with war

April 18 2010

Israel has tried to justify a war on Syria, claiming it could be attacked by Syrian-supplied missiles of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement.

Based on allegations that Syria is equipping Hezbollah with Scud missiles, Tel Aviv communicated a menace-laden message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad earlier this month, the British weekly newspaper The Sunday Times reported Sunday.

In the ‘secret’ message, Israel alleged that Hezbollah may launch an attack on Israel using the projectiles, threatening to engage Syria in a war if such missile offensive by the Lebanese movement materializes.

“We’ll return Syria to the Stone Age by crippling its power stations, ports, fuel storage and every bit of strategic infrastructure if Hezbollah dares to launch ballistic missiles against us,” the paper quoted an Israeli minister as saying.

Last week, Syrian Foreign Ministry rejected the Israeli allegations, insisting that the claims were meant to justify military actions against Syria and provide it with the excuse to avoid peace.

Also, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naim Qassem on Saturday described the Israeli allegations as “cover-up” for its somewhat uneasy ties with the United States and its nuclear arms program.

Both Syria and Lebanon have areas occupied by the Tel Aviv regime and have invariably supported each others’ anti-Israeli stance.

Tel Aviv has recently reinforced the verbal aspersions with action by intruding into Lebanese border town of Abbassiyeh and firing flares over southern Lebanon.  Source

Israeli jets violate Lebanese airspace

April 19 2010

Israeli jets have violated Lebanese airspace, breaking the sound barrier over several villages in the southern part of the country.

Lebanon’s National News Agency reported on Sunday that several Israeli fighter jets crossed into Lebanese airspace at 10:30 a.m. local time (0830 GMT) and hovered over the southern town of Jezzine, located some 22 km (14 miles) from Sidon and 73 km (45 miles) south of Beirut.

According to Lebanese military authorities, an Israeli reconnaissance drone flew over the village of Naqoura, along the Mediterranean coast close to the border with Israel, on Saturday evening and left Lebanese airspace hours later.

Lebanon’s military often reports airspace violations by Israeli aircraft but does not usually open fire on them.

The United Nations considers Israeli violations of Lebanese airspace to be breaches of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which brought an end to the Israeli offensive against Lebanon in 2006. Source

You can be sure if another war starts in the Middle East Israel will one way or the other be behind it.  If anyone should be disarmed of WMD it should be Israel.

If I were in the Middle East and lived next to Israel who is always violating International law on a daily basis, I would want weapons to defend myself too.

Israel is always threatening someone. Israel is loosing all respect from other countries.

The block bully is at it again. Seems Israel cannot get enough of killing and destruction, they want more.

The US had better wake up and smell the death before it is too late.

They must stop as all countries must,  providing Israel with WMD.

So I guess it would be fair to say to any country in the world if you provide weapons of mass destruction to Israel,  any country could go to war with the country that provided weapons ti Israel.

Basically if Israel thinks that way then maybe the rest of us should think that way.

Of course that type of thinking is just ridiculous.  That type of thinking means you need medical help as you must be mentally ill.

So would someone start medicating the Leaders of Israel, they are all quite ill it seems.

So here is a little scenario for you to think about.  Lets say:

My neighbour just bought a gun. So now I can go blow his house up.

My neighbour has every legal right to buy a gun, but I have decided he can’t,  in spite of what the rest of the world thinks. To hell with laws.

I have told him he can’t own a gun. I told him if he bought one I would blow his house up.  So he has been warned.

He says he has every right to bear arms under the law.

I told him I don’t care about the law, the only law that counts is mine.

To think that way is pretty dumb now isn’t it????

P.S. I own 95 guns. So stick that in you pipe and smoke it.

Would you say I was a bit nuts maybe?

Would you say the neighbour wanted a gun to protect himself from me?

Considering I am always threatening all my neighbours and doing one thing or another to annoy them, all the time. I have even been know to shoot up their property. I steal their stuff. I rip up their yards with my truck. I even put up a fence on their land, to keep them off my property.

All in the name of self defense of course.

Well that’s what I say. I am the victim you know. I am for sure. Them neighbours should just move.  They do things like walk around or breath.  You know one of them actually had the nerve to plant an apple tree, imagine. Boy was I angry, so I just went over there and sawed it down. For sure my neighbours really annoy me.

So who is the bad guy me or my neighbours?

So who died and gave Israel dictatorship over the Middle East?

Update April 20 2010

US ‘Unsure’ About Hezbollah Scud Claims. So Why Is President Obama Publicly Lashing Syria Over Them?


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