Ukrainian Government in Action: Egg Throwing? Smoke Bombs? Wrestling?

Ukrainian opposition lobs eggs, smoke bombs in Parliament

Controversial deal to extend Russian lease at heart of controversy

April 27, 2010

The speaker in Ukraine’s parliament had to take cover behind an umbrella while opposition politicians pelted him with eggs and lobbed smoke bombs inside the chamber during a debate over the extension of a lease for a Russian naval base on Ukrainian soil. The government in Kiev eventually ratified the 25-year extension in order to secure discounts on supplies of Russian gas. However, as the brawling in the legislative chamber showed, the deal is meeting fierce opposition from pro-Western politicians in Ukraine. The pro-Russian government says the agreement will help Ukraine secure a loan from the International Monetary Fund, but former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko said the day would instead “go down as a black page in the history of Ukraine and the Ukrainian parliament.” Source

This is the new way of running Government.  Somehow this is wrong  on every level, but  one has to smile at the oddness of it all.

Seems the opposition got into a bit of a tussle. My  how interesting it all is.  This beats a filibusters  in the US for sure. They were having so much more fun.  Americans could learn from this.

This fellow is Rising to the occasion. Seems the others are not to concerned about him. Boys will be boys.

The smoking section. Working on a large project. Well at least one of them is working.

I am pretty sure they took up wrestling. Well they might be just hugging.

There are 24 “priceless” photos in all. Check HERE for the rest of them.

Somehow the photos are better then the videos. They say so much more for some odd reason.

Video of smoke bomb egg fight in Ukraine parliament

They were even considerate enough to cover much of the furniture in an a attempt to keep it safe. How sweet.

Something a bit more serious.

Nice to see how civilized the Pro Westerners are?


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