Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, asking the UN Palestinian ‘freedom’

September 23 2011

Today, the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, presented a bid for the state of Palestine, based on the 1967 borders, to be considered by the Security Council for full membership in the United Nations.

Shortly afterward, he addressed the General Assembly, where he reviewed, from the 1948 Nakba until today, the multitude of ways in which Israel has suppressed Palestinians’ rights. While the question remains if the UN statehood bid adequately addresses the larger issue of Palestinian rights, Abbas’ address importantly gave voice to the Palestinian struggle for self-determination. While there is no uniform support for this UN bid, today was undoubtedly a historic and moving day. After over 63 years struggling for global recognition, it was moving to see the countries of the world represented in the UN general assembly give President Abbas a rousing standing ovation.

Not so for Prime Minister Netanyahu, who spoke shortly after Abbas. Netanyahu responded to the Palestinian leader with diversion and doublespeak instead of honest engagement, and peace slogans couched in hostility, aggression, and denial of Palestinian claims—a continuation of the standard Israeli tactic. We know from history that this empty rhetoric has been used by Israeli government for decades and will only mean further pain and oppression for Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and all over the world.

As a Jewish-American organization, we believe it is important to remain focused on our primary responsibility:  having an impact on U.S. policy. As such, we will continue to speak out strongly against the U.S. using its veto power in the Security Council to reject this bid for statehood.

We know now that President Obama will not do the right thing. Speaking at the UN on Wednesday, Obama lauded the Arab Spring—but rejected the Palestinian Autumn. The president retreated from his earlier positions that demanded Israeli accountability for its military occupation, and he did not acknowledge the ongoing role of the U.S. in maintaining that imbalance through its extraordinary economic, military, and diplomatic support for Israel, even when its actions violate international law, human rights, and U.S. policy.  And he didn’t acknowledge that twenty years of the “peace process” has brought only a more entrenched occupation. Instead, Obama merely said that both sides should “sit down together, to listen to each other, and to understand each other’s hopes and fears.” (1)

While this week has not been an easy one, we at JVP actually feel a redoubled assurance in the promise of our strategy to change the dynamics on display at the United Nations.  We know now, more than ever, that the President or Congress will not change on their own.  The array of power and money is simply too strong—for now.  We know, as with the examples of the civil rights movement and the anti-apartheid movement, to name just two, that it is movements like ours that force our governments to change their policies.  It was the steadfastness, the creativity, the demonstrations, the local organizing, and the BDS tactics that helped these movements and so many others for social justice eventually succeed.  So we’ll let the politicians play their games, and meanwhile, our work will continue.

Jewish Voice for Peace

For the entire speech By Abbas asking UN for Palestinian ‘freedom’

Gaza and the West bank could be turned into provinces and both elect representatives to represent them as a country. Both I am sure could agree to this. That way both are represented fairly.

Israel will oppose this of course as will the US but who cares what they think anymore.

Israel will have to be forced to accept this, but they will not negotiate in good faith, as it has been proven over the past 63 years.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took the time to push his racist agenda against Islam.

He repeated his slanderous, hatred, repeatedly.  He should take a long hard look in the mirror. The past record of Israel speech volumes.

The man is paranoid and fabricated a lot of what ifs. Wow I sure hope no one believes his hateful, racist, rhetoric.

He says he wants peace. That is a lie. He keeps promoting hatred to attempt to get other countries to go to war.

His speech was racist. All I heard was about his haltered of Islam.

He talked about how they removed Israelis from settlements but he neglected top tell the UN how many time Israel has bulldozed homes and displaced thousands of Palestinians.

He forgot to mention how many people Israel has imprisoned, assassinated, stolen property from  and murdered.

I think he actually believes what he says which is very sad.

This fellow calls them as he sees them.I really have to put this in my post. He says what a lot of people think.

He is right on so many issues.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Addresses United Nations General Assembly

If you wish to read his speech it is HERE

I have to back him up on a few counts

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