Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority Discovery “Something was Missing”

This is a rather weird story. All the talk about horse meat has been going on for some time. Consumer’s being lied to, is bad thing. This story, however stuck me as rather funny.

Of all the things one might find, this was just not what one would expect. I just have to share it. Maybe others will find it amusing as well.  Food for thought. What is in our FOOD? Maybe what isn’t could be important as well.

Congratulations to those who found the problem. They didn’t find what they were looking for, but they certainly did find a problem.

So for all my followers, the next time you pick up a fork to dig into your food, you could be doing a bit of wondering. How many other companies might do this, to boost their profits?  It’s a big world.

The tests carried out by the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority (MAST) had a surprising result: there was no beef in the Icelandic beef pies tested, despite being labeled as containing 30 percent beef.

Magnús Nielsson, co-owner of Gæðakokkar in Borgarnes, the company which produces the brand of pies, told that he is dumbfounded.

On he was quoted as stating that, the testing must have been inaccurate as his company buys prime beef from SS and use beef stock to make them.

Magnús, however, admits that they have stopped mixing beef with lamb, when making their Italian lamb mince meatballs and that the labeling, stating that there is also beef in the product, needs to be updated.

Kjartan Hreinsson at MAST told that the latest equipment and strictest standards are used in the testing and the results are repeated if there is the slightest doubt in accuracy.

As reported last week, the results from the testing of 16 Icelandic products carried by different stores in the country found that they did not contain any horse meat, but only beef and lamb, as stated on the labels.

MAST has since been examining the samples closer regarding their ingredients and labeling. Source


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  1. What’s the big deal. I have eaten horse meat many times.
    It’s a little sweater.
    If you are not a vegetarian what are you complaining about.
    Is killing one kind of animal worser than another.
    Look how you use cows, you drink their milk, give them medication that they produce more milk. Their udders so large they must be in great pain. Anybody complaining about that? Or cutting of the beaks of chickens, the horrible conditions pigs live in, in their tiny cages unable to move around.
    May be the horses at least had for a while a decent life and roam around, just hoping that they were not abused.

  2. The problem is the consumer is being lie too. Other wise your right.
    If you were sold a fur coat and were told it was Mink and it turned out to be Dog or Cat fur, would that be a problem? If the label say beef, you expect it to be beef, not horse. Having no beef at all in a beef product is just fraud. As it is with horse being it int if it is labeled beef. When a company put the ingredients on the label and sell as beef, pork or whatever that is what you should get.

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