Covid death, but not from Covid because of WHO?

Update January 30, 2021 Adding VAERS

In the U.S., which relies almost exclusively on passive surveillance, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Check it out you might be shocked, at what you find.

September 5, 2020

Some information, we all should know.

Some old and some new.

The testing is still, noted as being sad and meaningless.

There is yet another Update on that one. I added it in September 7, 2020 Updates at the bottom.

I was looking for something else today, when I found this.

Truly a heart breaking story.

Saudi Arabian Child Dies After COVID-19 Test Swab Breaks in His Nose

A one-and-a-half year old Saudi boy, has died in Shaqra General Hospital after the stick used for the nasal swab, broke inside his nose.

There is no ”gold standard” for the Covid 19  test, meaning there is no purified isolation of Covid 19 to test against. That has been said, time and time again by many of us.

Then came the operation to get it out.

Had that swab, not been taken, odds are good that child would still be alive.

All operations come with a risk.

All he had was a fever. Kids get those from time to time.

If it were not for all the Covid panic, fear induced, insanity, this child would be alive.

They rushed, to the Covid testing, garbage and the child died.

Bless you Erin for finding this news story

Italian Parliament

This is one of the best speeches that the Italian Parliament has ever had. The courage of Sara Cunial is fantastic, all the Italian people is supporting her fight that coincides with our fight: the struggle of having a really free society based on transparent information and real power belongs to the people that exercise it within the Constitutional limits. These very limits that are being broken by the Government that is not working for the good of the people but rather for the interests of lobbies and the Deep State and other secret societies that are ruining the whole country. The words of this lady have to be spread all over the web, let’s fight back the tyranny all together we are unstoppable!

May 14, 2020

MP speaks in the Chamber

You can turn on the CC and in the setting have it changed to English.

It doesn’t translate perfect but good enough you get what she is saying.

“We have been spied on, subjugated, treated as criminals by a government that in two months has destroyed our fundamental, natural and constitutional rights. Parliament has been replaced by the various task forces, the media bombardment has been used to condition the minds of Italians, leveraging the fear of dying and censoring anyone who dares to raise their heads. Zingaretti, taking example from the Lombardy vaccination campaign that caused the disasters that we pay today, thought well to impose it also in Lazio, even though he knew that there is already extensive evidence that flu vaccinations lead to almost 40% more Covid cases for viral interference. As if we did not know that the coronavirus is a co-factor and therefore indicates other environmental criticalities, such as pollution, even the electromagnetic one: the antenna yards have never stopped, who knows why”. So the MEP Sara Cunial, former M5s now in the Mixed Group, speaking in the Chamber. He then adds: “All these dpcms are unconstitutional, they are the symbol of authoritarianism by the health-media regime mashed with the blood red of our rights. History does not forgive, and one day you will have to explain why you sacrificed Italy, selling off all our information. ( Ansa – CorriereTv ). Watch the video on Courier:

Italian Mayor Outlaws Mask-Wearing in Public Without Serious Need

30 Aug 2020

Ethiopia: Call for the resignation of Tedros Adhanom, petition launched

Posted by: ECADF in News October 28, 2017

Open letter to the WHO: Purge Dr. Tedros Adhanom out  or Face the Shame!

November 27, 2018

Tedros Adhanom played a key role in kidnapping of prominent dissident

Posted by: ECADF in News May 5, 2017

Electronic Support for Public Health–Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (ESP:VAERS)

ICC complaint to be filed against Tedros Adhanom!25703&ithint=file%2cdocx&authkey=!AIcbIBOPW2LsVzo

The Tedros Adhanom-Michelle Bachelet Conspiracy of Lies and Disinformation on Ethiopia EXPOSED

Michelle Bachelet is the former president of Chile (2006-2010)

Tedros Adhanom is a high level member of the terrorist group known as the Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF).

Bombshell Report: 90% of Positive COVID-19 Tests Should Be Negative

Up to 90% of people who test positive for Covid barely carry any virus & are not contagious.

Lockdown supporters are using psychology pseudoscience to label anti-maskers as irrational, stupid sociopaths

Your Coronavirus Test Is Positive. Maybe It Shouldn’t Be.

What is Covid-19, SARS-2. How is it Tested? How is It Measured? The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis

September 2, 2020

What is Covid-19, SARS-2. How is it Tested? How is It Measured? The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis

How Accurate Is Coronavirus Testing? It Depends On The Test You Take

Sweden’s top epidemiologist is refusing to recommend face masks

September 7, 2020 Updates

Australian Government’s Own Website Admits COVID Tests Are Totally Unreliable

Australian Government’s Own Website Admits COVID Tests Are Totally Unreliable

AstraZeneca receives protection from COVID-19 vaccine liability claims, report says

11 August 2020 

A new report has outlined that AstraZeneca has been granted protection from product liability claims regarding its COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

A report has revealed that AstraZeneca has been given protection from future product liability claims related to its COVID-19 vaccine candidate. According to a senior executive who spoke to Reuters, the company has made this arrangement with most of the countries where it has formed supply agreements.

COVID-19 Diagnostic Test instruments and apparatus exports by country in 2018

Video: Confronting the Lies about the Virus: The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis

Video: Confronting the Lies about the Virus: The Fear Campaign Has No Scientific Basis

I now recommend Screen shots of things.

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