Irish Doctor Suspended for Refusing to Vaccinate Patients With Experimental COVID Jab

An Irish GP who describes himself as a ‘conscientious objector’ has been suspended by the country’s medical licensing body for refusing to vaccinate his patients with the new experimental COVID-19 jab.

Dr. Waters told The Irish Times, “My problem primarily is that I don’t think the pathogenicity of Covid is sufficiently severe to A) cause lockdowns or B) use a messenger RNA [vaccine],” expressing concern his over the unproven safety record of the new vaccines.

The government agency is threatening to target any doctor which they deem to be spreading ‘misinformation’ or not following the government’s ever-changing and arbitrary guidelines relating to the ‘global pandemic’ or its mass vaccination campaign.

Irish Post reports…

Last month, we reported on Kildare GP Dr Gerard Waters of the Whitehorn Clinic in Celbridge, who faced backlash after admitting he would not be vaccinating his patients and also does not refer anyone for Covid-19 tests even if they are exhibiting symptoms.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Liveline in February, Dr Waters said he was a ‘conscientious objector’ and said he disagreed with how quickly the vaccines had been developed and how it had been handled by authorities.

He went on to say that he would have no issue if his patients went on to receive the vaccine from somewhere else, but he would not put anything in his patient’s arms that he would not put in his own.

Now Dr Waters has been suspended by the Medical Council after they made an application to the High Court under the Medical Practitioners Act 2007, The Irish Times reports.

Source: 21st Century Wire

Considering the Nuremberg Code, the Doctor did the right thing. Then there is the fact the vaccines are experimental and have killed thousands and injured thousands more.

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  1. […] Irish Doctor Suspended for Refusing to Vaccinate Patients With Experimental COVID Jab […]

  2. Thank God some people are willing to do the right thing in spite of consequences!

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