Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

These people are not just numbers, they are real people with lives that have been destroyed. Reading about them is one thing. Seeing them tell their heartbreaking stories is a whole other thing. This is just a extremely tiny portion of what is happening in our world today. There are hundreds of thousands, around the world, just like these brave people, who have come forward to tell their stories. Do share this with others. Thank you to No More Silence Site and their Rumble Videos so their voices can be heard and especially to those, who came forward. It is extremely hard for victims to tell their stories. You may have a hard time watching these testimonies, just imagine how hard it is for them. Put yourself in their place. Now they want all the children. Imagine if this happened to your child.

Charissa Olivia Klamn – Pfizer & Moderna Adverse Reaction From Canada

Charissa Olivia Klamn
Moderna 1st Dose
Pfizer 2nd Dose

Severe Adverse Reaction: Vaccine triggered a blood disorder and anaemia requiring blood transfusions, a Pulmonary Embolism with Micro Clots

Charissa is a former EMT-paramedic and Registered Cardiac Invasive Specialist who has been medically diagnosed with an adverse reaction to the mRNA Covid vaccine(s). She had no prior history of blood disorders, but is now battling severe anemia, pulmonary embolism and micro-clotting, and needs 24/7 help raising her four year old son.

In her own words:

I’ve been very sick. I was FINE before my Vaccine(s) – My blood work was NORMAL

The Covid Vaccine is officially the cause of my health problems, and my blood transfusions. First it attacked my blood, requiring a blood transfusion now my CK (creatine kinase) is sky high my joints and muscles are literally being attacked.

Multiple findings right now, so far it’s:
Haemolytic anaemia
Macrocyclic anaemia
A Pulmonary Embolism
Micro Clots
High CK, which means my body is attacking my own muscles (inflammation). I see a specialist soon to plan the next steps, but these conditions are listed under “rare side effects from the Covid Vaccine”.

I have been extremely weak and on home oxygen. I may need another transfusion.

I am been slowly getting worse. I’ve been put on steroids because my joints and muscles are flared up and I’m in so much pain.

Because this is considered a severe adverse reaction, I am going to seek legal compensation, but right now I just need to get better.

I have been extremely weak and on home oxygen. I may need another transfusion.

I am been slowly getting worse. I’ve been put on steroids because my joints and muscles are flared up and I’m in so much pain.

Because this is considered a severe adverse reaction, I am going to seek legal compensation, but right now I just need to get better.

I am now exempt from any further Covid Vaccines!

I have full confirmation it was the Vaccine and my doctor has reported this to Health Canada. (Severe side effects from Covid Vaccine).

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Randy Hillier from Ontario has also been interviewing victims of the Vax. Go HERE for those as well.

Angelia Desselle – Pfizer Severe Adverse Reaction From the US

Angelia Desselle
Pfizer 5th January 2021 Lot #EL042
Severe Adverse Reaction

I have been in Health Care for over 20 years until I received my first dose of Pfizer.

Within two hours I got a severe headache, followed by flu like symptoms over the next three days. On the third night, I lost the use of my left leg. When I woke up the next morning both of my legs were gone. I couldn’t move them or control them. Within 30 minutes, seizure like activity started which turn into full body convulsions.

I have lost the use of my legs three times since January. Eleven months later, I am still dealing with tremors, fatigue, muscle weakness, pain, headaches, tingling, numbness, burning sensations all over my body, brain fog, memory loss.

I lost my career in Health Care. I didn’t drive for 7 months after my vaccine. I do not go out in public much. I am scared of the convulsions starting. It has happened before in public, and it scares everyone around me. I can’t go up and down stairs without my legs shaking to the point I cannot control them. I try to be hopeful but, I am not sure at this point if my life will ever be the way it used to be. I try to remain positive and supportive of others with these adverse reactions but I must be truthful with myself and accept things as they are.

I was hospitalized for 5 days. I have had around 60 office visits and travelled 5200 miles for failed treatments. I’ve spent my life savings on these treatments and visits. I am still undiagnosed.

It has been reported my Adverse reaction to Pfizer, the CDC, FDA, and the NIH Louisiana State Health Department. No substantial response from anyone.

If you end up like us vaccine injured, you are totally alone trying to figure out your treatments. There is no proper healthcare for you. Many doctors completely hide your symptoms and cover them up. They will not admit or address any of your adverse reactions.

Louisiana, USA

Cienna Knowles Pfizer Severe Adverse Reaction – Blood Clots From Australia

Cienna Knowles
Pfizer 21st October 2021
Severe Adverse Reaction: Blood Clots to Both Lungs and Legs
Aged 19 Years Old

Cienna an Australian horse trainer and a promising equestrian talent received her second Pfizer injection on October 21st

She said her entire existence flipped upside down later that evening.

She said she woke up with myriad adverse effects, including heart palpitations, muscle aches, headache, vomiting and blurred vision and she knew “something was seriously wrong” with her that night.

She went to the emergency room the next morning. Doctors discovered blood clots in her legs, stomach and lungs and they also discovered internal bleeding.

Cienna was diagnosed with portal vein thrombosis (PVT) – blood clots in the portal vein. The portal vein “is the main vessel of the portal venous system (PVS), which drains the blood from the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, pancreas, and spleen to the liver.”

She said “So for those who personally know me, know that I was scared of getting the vaccination and said I’ll hold off for as long as I can until I have to. And I was pretty much told no jab, no job, can’t compete with my horses, can’t go anywhere. You’re selfish if you don’t get it, just get it. So, I tossed it out and did what was ‘right’ to do. I was a perfectly healthy, normal 19-year-old kid and have never been to hospital whatsoever.”

Gosford, New South Wales, AUSTRALIA

Talija Raffone – Pfizer Severe Adverse Reaction From Australia You might have to turn up the volume for this one.

Talija Raffone (Nat)
Pfizer 24th October 2021
Severe Adverse Reaction

Nat gave an account of her severe Adverse Reaction in an interview on 31st October

Nat’s Story:
On the 24/10/21 my friend took me to get my 1st Pfizer vaccine shot at 1:29pm in my right arm, they told me to wait 15 min just so there’s no effects.

I got in the car and maybe 10min later I was really energetic and hypo, sculled 2 bottles of water in a matter of 30sec tipped the last mouth full all over me because I was burning up a lot, then maybe 15min later the whole left side of my body from my head to my feet was burning up and pins and needles everywhere, shortly after that my chest started tightening and my throat started to close up, was difficult for me to breathe or move my upper body, 5min later my head started to tilt like I couldn’t hold my head up I was dizzy and very nauseous.

The next day got rushed to hospital because I collapsed and couldn’t walk properly, couldn’t keep my head up I was very dizzy, did an ecg scan and blood tests.

The next day I started collapsing more got my period again and I had just finished 2 weeks before that, it wouldn’t stop gushing down for about half an hr it was just flooding and I was bleeding out black and clots, a day after that is when I lost all mobility in my legs and my arms. I started shaking and then I lost my voice to talk, I can’t talk properly now, from there on till now 7 days later and i’m still in a lot of pain, my chest and throat still tighten and close up on me, no panadol or nurofen can help my migraines or dizziness.

I collapse a lot, kidneys, lower groin area, heart and everything in my organs in stabbing pain, especially when I lay down, I vomited blood last night and it was a struggle for me to sleep, I feel Like someone is pouring acid in my internal organs and ripping out everything in my chest and head. I haven’t been able to eat for 7 days, the only thing I can down is just fruit, even then when I finish, I feel nauseous and find it hard to keep my food down, I have to really struggle and force myself to keep it down.

I have to cry myself to sleep because im yelling in pain, Its just I cannot describe the pain, I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone. I mean ANYONE. If I could describe it in a few words, is it feels like someone is pouring acid all over your internal organs.

Doctors cannot give exemption to second Jab and now she must take it up with the Vaccine board.

Melbourne, Australia

Rozanne de Wild – Pfizer Severe Adverse Reaction From New Zealand

Rozanne de Wild
Pfizer 27th August 2021
Severe Adverse Reaction: Neurological Problems, Word Searching, Terrible Pain, Hallucinations Etc

Rozanne, aged 50, explains all in her video

Despite her Severe Adverse Reactions, her GP told her that she MUST get the 2nd Vaccine and she will probably get sicker, insisting she must have the 2nd shot for the sake of ‘her’ children who she does not want to get Covid!

At the vaccine centre, on seeing how unwell Rozanne was, they refused to give her the 2nd Pfizer Vaccine, but despite an exemption being requested, The Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC) have declined the Exemption!

Auckland, New Zealand

Casey Hodgkinson – Pfizer Severe Adverse Reaction From New Zealand

Casey Hodgkinson
Pfizer September 2021
Severe Adverse Reaction – Severe Neurological Involvement, Convulsions, Tics & Vocal Tics, Severe Pain
Aged 23 Years of Old

Anna telling her Daughter Casey’s story

This is just a small part of what my daughter is going through, caused by one dose of the Pfizer Vaccine.

Four weeks of this now, and getting worse, with the bad episodes she also loses the ability to talk! She’s in constant pain always which is excruciating when she’s having a bad episode, what can last from half an hour or for many hours at a time! Her legs are either in agony or then numb. Her partner said her pain was a 10/10 and he couldn’t even touch her legs without causing her agony.

The pressure in her head is unbearable and getting worse with each episode. She’s struggling to walk on her own and when she has to walk over 100 metres it sets off an episode, as happened twice today getting her into her blood’s and doctors appointments, with no wheelchair available!

I wanted to film her today but not allowed to in the med lab. She was sent home from the hospital with false information on her discharge papers, and given meds for anxiety and schizophrenia, suggesting someone in her family told them that she had a history of tics, which is utter bullshit! It’s been written in her release notes… the bastards! She did have either of these before the vaccine… what the hell are they thinking!!

Please, I continue to ask for us to pray for my girl and that we figure this out soon and that it stops getting worse each day!

My heart is just breaking for my girl 💔😢

This video is of what Casey has to endure


Casey bravely tells her story below.

“I’m done being silent!

I’ve recently been dealing with horrible side effects of the vaccine..
I have ongoing muscle spasms and what the Drs are referring as Tics. I get bad episodes where my body convulses for ages. I can’t control the Tics. I also get Vocal Tics, and all-over Body Tics, and I can hardly walk now.

I can’t drive, nor work – which is why I got the vaccine, so, I could work!! Now a lot of things have been taken away. A lot of doors maybe closed for good.

The Doctors have admitted it is a bad reaction to the vaccine, and that it has more than likely made any underlying issues worse. – I’ve been dealing with it a few weeks now. With no sign of it stopping.

I do not judge ‘Anyone’s Choice’. You can be anti-vax or stand with the vaccine and I’ll still support you.

What has hurt me most of all is that family members have treated my issue as if it is nothing, trying to make themselves feel better. Because they believe in the vaccine.

I want others to know the truth. I took the vaccine believing it will help and I was wrong. Others have reacted badly also.

When I was rushed to the hospital unable to control the tics and unable to walk or communicate (this bad episode lasted all day), I heard Drs saying how someone else had also been rushed in, unable to breathe because of a bad reaction to the vaccine.

I do not want to change your opinion. I only want people to know my story and what I’ve been through.



Molly Valdez – Johnson & Johnson Severe Adverse Reaction From the US

Molly Valdez
Johnson and Johnson 17th September 2021
Severe Adverse Reaction
Aged 21 Years Old

I am currently battling an extreme adverse reaction from receiving the Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccination.

I received the Johnson and Johnson vaccination on September 17th at 12:00pm. After 10-15 minutes post vaccine, I began feeling the normal vaccine reactions such as a head ache and nausea. I felt nothing of it and pushed forward. After 30-45 minutes post vaccine, I felt I was on the verge of vomiting and I began feeling tingling on the left side of my body from my foot up to my buttocks, my left hand and left cheek. I rationalize it as the vaccine moving through my body but I decided it was best for me to go home. I clocked off and started my drive from Newberg to my home in Tigard.

On my way home, about an hour post vaccine, my father called to check in, at that time I realized I was talking strange, my father even recognized the change. I looked at myself in a mirror while at a stop light and noticed the left side of my face has gone paralyzed. In extreme fear I began crying, told my father I would let him know how things go but I was close to home and wanted to make it safely so I hung up and continued home. Once I arrived home, the tingling reached to a numb feeling and it became increasingly difficult to walk. I laid down for a few hours hoping it would resolve but it hadn’t. I informed my work and decided to head to the ER. I had my brother pick me up and we made our way around 3:30pm.

They saw me right away for a possible stroke. Blood was taken and rushed to the lab, I was taken in for a CT scan and was put into a room for a telehealth appointment with a neurologist. After meeting with the neurologist and doing a brief exam as well as reviewing my CT scan, he thought it was best to give me medication to stop an active stroke, however, it had a very high death rate if given to a patient who was not having a stroke. I declined the medication and we proceeded with an MRI.

Once the MRI was complete, the ER doctor and neurologist met and went over everything. They came to a conclusion that it was not a stroke but was a complex migraine and told me to take an Advil and it will be gone in the morning. Frustrated with this diagnosis and inability to walk, I was sent home with no assistance out of my bed and to my husbands car, mind you, I was hobbling.

Waking up the next day, i could barely feel most of my left side, though my face had mainly recovered, my smile was still crooked. I could feel tingling on my right foot and I was scared it was spreading. My left arm and left leg were very weak and the numb, jello sensation had moved to my left shoulder/collar bone and I could not walk without assistance so I bought a cane. I took an Advil as directed by the ER doctor and took a long nap at about 12, waking up around 4. I visited a friends home with my husband to vent our frustration regarding the last ER visit. We all decided it was best to call my PCP to inform him of the new and worsening symptoms and asked for guidance.

He told us to go back to the ER to rule out Guillain Barre Syndrome which is a common side effect with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. So, we rushed back over and arrived at 7:30pm but weren’t admitted till 11pm. Through the wait, I was experiencing muscle spasms throughout my left side and a jello like sensation in all my joints and major muscles. The ER doctors did a full exam and agreed that there is significant weakness and drooping on my left side and some on the right and that it would be best to be admitted to the main hospital to me monitored and run further testing. I was assigned a room at midnight.

In short for my 2 days spent in the hospital, my symptoms worsened and I failed each neuro exam the nurse and doctors performed. I saw a physical therapist and occupational therapist and they both urged me to seek inpatient rehabilitation for a week or more to regain my strength again. However, I declined and said I would seek physical therapy separately because I did not want to be away from my family and pets during this emotionally stressful time.

I had another evaluation with a neurologist and he believed it was conversion syndrome but since I was having signs of nerve damage, it was not a confirmed diagnosis. My PCP recommended me seeking another neurologist outside of the hospital to get nerve conduction testing to finally get a confirmed diagnosis and get on the road to recovery.

So here I am today, September 24th, 2021. The weakness has spread further on my left side to my neck and jaw, making it hard to eat and tiring to keep my head up. I continue with physical therapy exercises the PT and OT gave me in the hospital and am awaiting an appointment with the neurologist.


In April 2021, I caught COVID-19 and was hospitalized for Covid Pneumonia where my right lung was full of fluid and no antibiotic was working to rid the infection. It was truly scary and it took a huge toll on my system that made it extremely challenging to recover and I still have lingering respiratory issues from it.

Due to working in the medical field and governor Kate Browns mandate for health care workers, I was required to be vaccinated, provide a medical exemption or voluntarily leave my position at my company where I would be unable to collect unemployment. I spoke with my primary care doctor regarding vaccine options with my medical history in mind. We both came to an agreement that with having the natural antibodies of COVID-19 and how my immune system reacts, it would be dangerous to get the vaccination at this time.

My doctor predicted that if vaccinated with the MRNA vaccinations and how they disguise your normal cells into COVID cells, the natural antibodies and normal cells would get confused and it could cause two different reactions. 1. I would have a severe auto immune reaction, making my cells attack everything, even the healthy cells, resulting in another auto immune disease to surface. Or 2. The stress the vaccine would put on my system when reacting with the natural antibodies and my weakened immune system, it could send a negative signal to my brain, causing my brain to tell parts of my body to shut down, as it tries to process and take care of the stress response that the vaccine is putting on my cells and immune system.


He wrote me a medical exemption form and I swiftly turned it in over a week before the deadline. Then I started running into issues. ***The members of my works committee denied my medical exemption and agreed that there was not a valid reason for me to not get the vaccine because there have been cases of diabetics and immunocompromised people getting the vaccine and being fine. However, on the CDC website, it states that there is not a lot of research regarding immune compromised ones and folks who have auto immune diseases, it states that it is in discretion of the person and their doctor whether they deem it safe and at this time, it was not safe for me.

A member of the committee spoke in detail with my primary care doctor regarding his reasoning behind granting me an exemption. However, his reasoning was not enough and the member of the committee stated my doctor was giving misinformation regarding the vaccines and was putting his patients at risk. In addition to that, he consulted another physician from OHSU without my knowledge and shared my conditions and story to this doctor and they decided (without ever seeing me as a patient) I am fine to be vaccinated. Angered at this time, I went and got antibody testing done to prove there is no need to receive a vaccine and was still denied the exemption.

I was stressed and upset and my hope was running low. I loved my job too much and I did not want to put added stress on my co-workers in looking for a new employee. **I was given until September 17th to make my decision to either get vaccinated or leave my position. So, I caved and got vaccinated.

I received the Johnson and Johnson vaccination on September 17th at 12:00pm.

Julian Schofield – Johnson & Johnson Paralysed from the Waist Down From Canada

Julian Schofield
Johnson and Johnson
Severe Adverse Reaction 25th July 2021 – Paralysed from the Waist Down

Angela Telling Her Husbands Story

Julian’s paralysis occurred 12 days after his second vaccination. Julian is currently paralysed from the waist down.

On July 25th, Julian started feeling a tingling and numbness in his left foot. This quickly progressed up his left leg and then started on his right foot and travelled up his right leg. Within two hours, Julian could not walk or stand. He was rushed to Penticton Regional Hospital.

The Neurologist in Penticton became concerned that Julian had developed a myelinic form of Post-Vaccinal Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis (ADEM).

This condition is characterised by a brief but widespread attack of inflammation in the brain and spinal cord that damages myelin, the protective covering of nerve fibres.

Julian has swelling on his spine at the T7 – T8 area of his back which is producing the paralysis.

With two rounds of steroids and IVIG therapy, some swelling has gone down and we’re hoping and praying that over time, Julian will regain full mobility. To date, Julian’s mobility has not returned.

We are hoping to bring Julian home October 22. That date marks almost 12 weeks in hospital.  

On behalf of Julian, Emma, Thea and me, we would like to extend a very big heartfelt thank you for all the love and support during this very difficult time.

XO Angela

Vancover, Canada

Geoffrey Young – Pfizer Death within 24 hours of Vaccine From the US His wife is telling his story

Geoffrey Young
Pfizer 17th April 2021
Died 18th April 2021 – The Morning after Pfizer
Aged 45 Years Old

Ona telling her husbands story in the video:

Geoff passed away the morning after his first dose of Pfizer Vaccine. Whilst healing from the loss, Ona is nauseated by the lack of compassion coming from other people regarding vaccine reactions.

Geoffrey Young, 45, was a father and had a young family of three boys, a husband, and a FBI Special Agent. He was not just protecting his family, but also protecting his country.

He trusted science, and he wanted to do the right thing. On April 17th, he got the first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine.

Within hours, Geoff felt a headache come on. He took Tylenol and tried to get rest. He also had some vomiting, which they thought was due to the headache.

His wife, Ona, checked on him in bed many times because he was rustling around, but he seemed fine, and they thought the side effects were normal.

The next time she saw him several hours later, he was blue, and his arm stretched out hanging off the bed. He wasn’t breathing and he was eventually pronounced dead.

The medical examiner said the timing of the vaccine and his sudden death was “just a coincidence”!!!

Prior to the Vaccine, Geoff was experiencing no symptoms. He was completely asymptomatic.

Because the Covid-19 Vaccine is part of his extremely recent medical history, and the only thing that was different, there is no way to exclude the Pfizer Vaccine from playing a role in this young father’s untimely death.

Arizona, USA

Jake Kazmarek – Died 4 Days after Moderna From the US

Jake Kazmarek
Moderna 31st August & 28th September 2021
Died 2nd October 2021 – 4 Days After Moderna
Aged 28 Years of Age

Jake just 28 Years Old, died 4 days after receiving the 2nd dose of the Moderna.
Jake Kazmarek got his 2nd dose of the vaccine on September 28th. He experienced multiple symptoms shortly afterward. He unexpectedly died on October 2nd, just 4 days after the vaccine.
Jake was employed by Fed Ex of Rochester as a driver. He enjoyed bodybuilding, weightlifting, listening to music, and food. He leaves his wife Cecelia

Rochester, New York, USA

Three Young Belgium Cyclists Collapse From Pfizer Vaccine

Three Young Belgium Cyclists from Kempen, Belguim all get heart problems following the Pfizer Vaccination – Two admitted to intensive care. The three young cyclists are part of the same team.

Van Herck (15), suffered from stabbing in his chest during a race in Vorselaar which turned out to be Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle).

Joppe Erpels (17), ended up in intensive care with his heart problem.

Xander Verhagen (17), became unwell during training.

Kris Van der Mieren, doctor of the Belgian Cycling Federation said. “In July, the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) received a letter about the risks of the two MRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. It states that there are cases of myocarditis and pericarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle and inflammation of the heart membrane, which can occur in the 14 days after vaccination, and that it happens more often after a second dose, and more in young, sporty men. But we now know of three! It’s not that rare anymore…..then we worry!” he tells HLN.


There are many more testimonies at the No More Silence Rumble site. The above is just a few. That is all I can listen to for one day. Prevention is the cure for this. Don’t let them get the children. To many young people have died already.

Deaths and Injuries due to Covid vaccines Page 3

World Wide Surge of Sports People Suffering Sudden Health Issues and Death

NO More Silence also has a this site to report adverse Events. People from all over the world can report their adverse events or those of their families. If you want to do a video they will post it on Rumble.


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  1. Reblogged this on Undercurrents.

  2. I had to go check the site

    This one is really interesting. 30 to 40 cases a day. WOW
    If it is happening there it is happening everywhere.
    Daniel Shep
    Pfizer September 2021
    Severe Adverse Reaction 18th October: Pericarditis 3 weeks after the vaccine

    Note that Daniels Partner also developed Myocarditis after the 2nd Dose of Pfizer

    He explains all in his video

    Daniel and his partner were diagnosed with pericarditis and myocarditis. Daniel developed pericarditis after his 1st dose while his partner suffered myocarditis after her 2nd dose.

    They both woke up with chest pains on October 18th. The athletic couple checked into the hospital for their symptoms where they were later diagnosed with heart complications.

    Daniel also says that the Hospital Cardiologist (from Knox Private Hospital) stated that they are getting 30 – 40 cases a *DAY* of Myocarditis in young men from the Pfizer Vaccine.

    Daniel was so concerned about these numbers that he phoned all his friends who had Pfizer to ensure they were checked and his cousin that same day was also confirmed as having Pericarditis from the Vaccine.

    His message is to get checked as this is not rare and is far more common than what is being reported.

    Wantirna, Australia

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    [NB – Given the fact that most people who have Covdid-19 recover from it and develop natural immunity, and that most deaths from it occur among those are already sick (with co-morbidities), this has led many millions to question whether it’s prudent to take an experimental drug (mRNA spike protein) that can have a toxic effect on the body. It’s a personal medical choice, and yet we’re being forced to take it or become second-class citizens, losing jobs, the ability to travel, and personal freedom. This coersion is morally wrong and medically unjustifiable. Many people have had their lives ruined by the negative side-effects (adverse events) caused by the spiked proteins. Some scientists, such as Michael Palmer, claim they are potentially fatal if one has enough shots of the ‘vaccine’ (see For this reason I have chose not to take it, myself, and personally would much rather have Covid-19 than the mRNA shot – especially after the attempt by authoritarians to push it on me. This is not and never was about public health (see my article on that: They are merely using a public health scare which they created in a lab and in the media for power and profit, which is wrong. It is a crime against humanity. I hope more people wake up to this before it’s too late and we lose all our rights and freedoms and our society is decimated by these ‘adverse events’ and deaths from ‘breakthrough cases’ (caused by ADE). It’s time for this manufactured mass hysteria to end.]

  4. It’s a Pandemic of the VACCINATED … Follow the SCIENCE!

  5. UPDATE! Australia Are vaccinating People Against Their Will Kids Included

  6. This woman thinks she will recover from the vaccine.
    Now that is brainwashed for sure. She will never recover. She thinks so called covid is worse.

  7. Her side effects are not so rare. I have seen a lot of others suffer from all of those side effects. Odds are she will never recover. Her side effects are getting worse as times goes on. Thank You Shadow.

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