UK Pfizer Report &Canadian Doctor Reviews “Mind-Boggling” Stats from Released Pfizer Documents

I will start with the Doctor From Canada

Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency Pfizer’s Documents FOI requests. The third one down is the one. “postmarketing experience” The last 8 pages will wake you up. This one is 38 pages long. This is the report the doctor is talking about.

If that Report does not wake you up, maybe this will

Report Run Date: 02-Dec-2021,

This report is from the UK gov on The Pfizer vax.

COVID-19 mRNA Pfizer- BioNTech vaccine analysis print

This is a long one but another must to read. Again the list of side effects is a nightmare.Hundreds of them. It is no wonder doctors cannot figure out, what is going on with their patients. All doctors, all governments on every level, All drug stores or vaccine sites should have this information. Everyone should. Give these to any employer who thinks you should have these death shots The other death shots are no better. They all kill and maim. They are weapons of mass destruction and nothing less. They say Pfizer is the safest one, even for children. A massive fraud on all fronts. Anyone who authorized these vaccines, should be jailed. So should those in the Drug companies, who lied to authorities. CEO’s for sure. Does anyone out there, know how to use e-mail? Hell you can put those two links in one e-mail and send it to 50 or more people at one time. Snail mail. How about handing people, a copy of it. Give copies to the Police, while your at it. How fast could we get those two copies of the reports, around the world? To every country? Share the hell out of this. Remember they want to murder and maim your children, grandchildren etc. By the way never sit there thinking someone else will do it. Just do it.

Concerned parent and outspoken activist, Vladislav Sobolev, delivered “important documents” to Toronto, Ontario Police Chief James Ramer

Documents are at the site.

Canadian Armed Forces vet working in forestry is fighting the Alberta gov’t vaccine passport


Listen to their stories. These are the people who have had their lives destroyed. Do you want this happening to children? Many have already been harmed. Some died.

Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

Page 2 of Devastating Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines

Canadians speaking out: Adverse reactions to Covid Vaccines- 2 suicide reports

Links to Freedom of Information requests that prove Covid was never Isolated, are also at the post below. Last time I checked there were 127 sent out around the world. US and Canada included in those.


Legally speaking I do not believe with a survival rate like that, the Drugs/Vaccines can even be used.

Add to that other drugs could have been used to stop any problem, even for the old folks. Those drugs that had been used for years safely were banned in many countries. Legally speaking with drugs like that, the use of the so called dangerous drugs/vaccines should never have been used,

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