December 2008 Index

Ontario man’s Gaza trip an extended nightmare, he is trapped in Gaza

Pro-Obama Haitian-Americans want help

Trial of shoe throwing Iraqi journalist postponed

Israel ‘rammed’ medical aid boat headed to Gaza

Leaders Lie, Civilians Die, Israelis-Palestinians

US Veto Blocks UN Anti-Israel Resolution

December 29 Reports:Global protests against Israel

Israel Used Internationally Banned Weaponry in Massive Airstrikes Across Gaza Strip

Iran preps humanitarian aid ship to Gaza Strip

Top Ten Myths About Iraq, 2008

IMF confirmed international loan to Latvia

Shoe Bush? JANUARY 19th

Family says journalist who threw shoes at Bush beaten into apologizing

Madoff investor found dead of possible suicide, authorities say

Did Contractor Expose Troops To Toxin?

Israeli teenagers jailed for refusing to serve in army

FBI diverts anti-terror agents to Bernard Madoff $50 billion swindle

IoS Christmas Appeal: In Zimbabwe, porridge once a day makes you a lucky girl

Luxury for generals but hovels for the soldiers

Iraqi MPs reject UK exit deal

‘Greek Syndrome’ is catching as youth take to streets

Shoe-tossing journalist was abused, Iraqi judge says

Protesters shake shoes at US Embassy in London

US court extends Dr. Aafia Siddiqui’s sanity probe

IDB helps, ICE hurts Haiti:Mr. President, are you listening?

1 Billion People Face Hunger

The Rebirth of Konbit in Haiti

Brown attacked for delaying Iraq war inquiry

Gordon Brown Needs a lesson in logic

Bush considering ‘orderly’ auto bankruptcy

Death toll tops 1,100 from Zimbabwe cholera

The Top Ten Ethics Scandals of 2008

Protesters at Acropolis urge Europe-wide protest

Madoff house arrest ordered as European banks reel

White House Protesters Throw Shoes at Bush Effigy

Dec 17: Peace Activists Take Shoes to White House in Solidarity with Shoe-Throwing Iraqi Journalist

Madoff victims threaten legal action

Sarkozy defends climbdown on education reform

Greek youths break into TV centre, interrupting broadcast featuring PM

Judge: Guerra can’t re-indict

Workers protest massive wave of job cuts

Auto workers rally in Jackson

Israel’s ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

Why We Must Prosecute Bush And His Administration For War Crimes

Senate Report Links Bush to Detainee Homicides; Media Yawns

Cheney admits authorizing detainee’s torture

Join the Calls to release Iraqi Journalist Muntadhar Al-Zaydi

British newspaper investigates Icelanders

Homeless Nepalese in Baghdad are victims of Human trafficking

UK: Council’s pension fund ‘caught up in Bernard Madoff’s Wall Street fraud’

Gaza Families Eat Grass as Israel Blocks Food Aid

Kibaki is told: Apologize over Journalists Arrested

Bank billions at risk from Wall Street Fraud

Canadian Governments willing to help Auto Industry

Obama free to chart new course with Cuba

A glimps into the minds of Greek Teenagers

World Bank loans money to China for biogas project

World Bank: Mexico’s loan approved plus an offer of another one

Motorcycle thieves stalk victims online, warn police

Education not enough to fix Native disparities

Auto bailout collapses in Senate

South Korean central bank slashes key interest rate

Bank Of America Says It Will Cut 35,000 Jobs

Citigroup Inc, UBS AG Settle Deal on Payback

Blame Bush policies for detainee abuse: U.S. Senate report

Haiti’s road to ruin

Did being part of the EU protect them from the Financial Crisis

SHC adjourns petition seeking return of Dr Aafia Siddiqui

The Persecution of Syed Fahad Hashmi

Last Guantanamo trial of Bush era is delayed

Hawaiian man threatened to kill Barrack Obama

UNICEF Reports 2008

Lawmakers Seek to Attach a String to Detriot Bailout

Attorney General stays sewage prosecution, Chapman v. BC

Pleading Guilty after Torture-Did you really do it?

Legal Scholars Outraged by Talk of Blanket Pardons

Home is where the healing occurs for these soldiers

Tribune Co. files for bankruptcy protection

White House reviews final Democrat auto bailout plan

Starvation slams Haiti: Kids dying after 4 storms ravage crops, livestock

Alberta Oil Sands a Pollution Nightmare

Memorial to fallen Canadians an ‘oasis of peace’

Omar Khadr witness withdrawn to `cover up’ abuse: defence

A series of political rallies were held in cities across Canada

Uranium Mining, Grand Canyon now at Risk, Dangers, Pollution, History

Traumatic brain injuries the signature wound of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq

Zimbabwe Appeal: First cholera. Now it’s malaria and anthrax

Climate protesters demand swifter U.N. action

Recession Means Recruiting Boom For Army

Fidel Castro has offered to speak with Barack Obama

Banking on Bloodshed: UK high street banks’ complicity in the arms trade

IMF Grants Malawi $77 Million Loan

Solar car completes 1st round-the-world trip

Gov’t Study Concludes “Gulf War Syndrome” is Legitimate Condition, Affects 1 in 4 Vets

Vietnamese Agent Orange Victims Demand Accountability from US, Chemical Companies in Suit

Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean has suspended Canadian Parliament

141 states support Depleted Uranium Ban

Zimbabwe declares national health emergency

Silence on Canadian coalition crisis in U.S. media What a Shocker, LOL

AIG giving “Cash Awards” (a new term for Bonus) to 130 managers

Harper ‘lies’ about coalition details

UK: Mandelson accuses Tories of ‘colluding’ with Damian Green over Home Office leaks

Canadian Leaders Fighting tooth and nail

Will the world do nothing to stop Genocide in Gaza?

Salary Board rejects Iceland MPs’ pay cut request

Iceland Crisis Sends Viking Descendants Back to Norway for Jobs

Pakistan Promises IMF to Raise Rates If Reserves Drop and Eliminate Electricity subsidies

Zimbabwe: Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières

Save the Children Donates To Zimbabwe Crisis

Zimbabwe runs out of water-Public desperation is increasing

Outcry over arrest of French journalist

Pollution Costs Trillions Annually

Haitian children died from severe malnutrition

Now anthrax takes toll on the starving in Zimbabwe

Rape now war strategy in Congo, doctor says

Zimbabwe’s cholera epidemic hits 10,000 to 11,000 and rising

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