October 2008 Index

Using Federal Money for Bonuses Is a ‘Betrayal

De Menezes ‘was killed without warning’

CIA officers could face trial in Britain over torture allegations

Scandal of six held in Guantanamo even after Bush plot claim is dropped

Longest-serving US senator found guilty in corruption case

Plot to kill Barack Obama, massacre African-Americans foiled

Sommet de la Francophonie in Canada

Princes William and Harry set for charity motorcycle rally

B.C. court says homeless can camp in parks

MoD should ‘hang heads in shame’ over corporal’s death

Senator John McCain’s Record on Troop and Veterans’ Issues

Clashes erupt in Montenegro over Kosovo

Bulgarian analysts in Obama-McCain debate

As Budgets Tighten, More People Decide Medical Care Can Wait

Who Cares about Omar Khadr ?

McCain scrapping to change course of election

New State-Run Glitnir Bank Established

Iceland’s Kaupthing Prepares Lawsuit against Britain

Iceland Registers Complaint about Britain to NATO

Unbowed Icelandic PM sends a strong message to UK

Government set on collision course with Iceland over Landsbanki assets

CIA Torture Tactics Endorsed in Secret Memos

Portrait of an Army Cemetery

Iceland ‘working day and night’

Devil Is in Bailout’s Details

Exclusive: Storm over Big Brother database

Harper wins minority government

Petition to Eliminate the Federal Reserve

The banker who wouldn’t say sorry

Stock Markets Recovering

U.S. bailout may include $250 billion for bank stock: official

Jews protect Palestinians in harvest of hate

MP3 Players Could Cause Future Hearing Loss

Terror detention extention, in Britian Voted Down

Prime Minister Harper officially endorses North American Union!

A Detailed Description of Management Strategy Fraud

McCain was not tortured, PoW guard claims

How the banking bail-out works

Bookies taking bets on the reccession, Now there’s a thought worth pondering.

Economist, deregulation and loose fiscal policies lead to Meltdown

US Deliberately causing Hostility in Pakistan

Tactics versus strategy in Afghanistan

Iraq says time for British troops to Go

Calling and Eight Year Old Child a Terroist is just too much To Swallow

Economist explains how conservatives engineered financial free-fall

Republicans will do anything to Influence Voters or Stop them from Voting

A £516 trillion derivatives ‘time-bomb’

Carnage: Seven days that shook the world

Salaries hit by Icelandic bank Collapse

Who profits from WAR?

World Bank director claims Federal Reserve is ‘part of government already’

Poverty is not decreasing as the World Bank claims

IMF/World Bank Meeting

Fear on streets of Reykjavik as country can only go to IMF for financial bailout

Traders’ worst fears realised at Lehmans auction

UK Government ‘ignored Iceland warning’/ Charities may lose

Stephen Harper lied about Cadman Tape

Stephen Harper hid the actual cost of the War

Wall Streeters are just Welfare Recipiants in Disguise

17 Chinese Released from Guantánamo Bay

Cholera rips through Iraq

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has condemned Iceland’

War “Pollution” Equals Millions of Deaths

Global gamble: the fightback begins…

How Britain’s banks will never be the same again

Council millions at risk in Icelandic banks

NATO to consider talks with the Taliban?

Bank of Canada among nations to cut interest rate

Stock Market, History,Causes and Affects

£50bn ($88bn)UK Bailout Plan Announced

Asian stocks plunge on fears of global recession

A Crisis Made in the Oval Office

Retirement Savings Lose $2 Trillion in 15 Months

Guess What AIG did after the Bailout? Party Time?

Europe catches America’s financial disease

Iceland government seizes control of Landsbanki

Icelands, Icesave freezes deposits and withdrawals

Questions the Government faces over banking guarantees

EU leaders tear up rules of Eurozone

The £2trillion question for British economy

US Spending and Revenues 1902 to 2008

Food Stamp Participation Increases as Economy Lags

U.S. DOD to Fund Pro-American Publicity in Iraqi Media

Bush Threatened Nations That Did Not Back Iraq War and Free Trade

Europeans Angry at their Money being Used for Bailouts

The End of the American order

EU, Iceland, Canada Suffering Fall Out, Caused By US Crisis

A little problem with Capitalism

Bush signs US$800B bailout but What about Accountability

Spammers Do Something Constuctive Like Call Congress For Everyone else I do appoligize

Campaign Money, Who Donates and How Much

White House bullish on new bailout bill

Markets down as U.S. Senate to vote on Bailout Plan

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