October 2009 Index

Foreign Arms Supplies To Israel/Gaza

New report highlights Israeli exploitation of migrant workers

Iran approves Uranium exchange plan

NATO bombings: Aftermath takes toll on Serbia, now left with DU Poisoning

Israel and US were behind the Georgian Attacks on South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Jeffry Picower died: Biggest beneficiary of Bernard Madoff’s fraud

Study Shows 151 Members of House and Senate Get the “Public Option” 55 are opposed to it for you/Call them

New Pro-Israel Lobby Group Formed

British UN nuclear expert may have been murdered, police say

Nasa scientist accused of trying to sell secrets to Israel’s Mossad intelligence service

GLENN BECK: Interview with Benjamin Netanyahu

9/11-Twenty Minutes with the President, Video Contest/Win up to $14,000

Chicago: Protesters tell Ehud Olmert what they think

UN backs Goldstone UN Mission Report in spite of Israeli Threats

Trafigura attempts to silence Norwegian Media/Trafigura charged in Norway

Lebanon: Monday night Explosion/ Israel in violation of Resolution 1701

Petition/E-mail the UK Government in Protest of Gag orders on the Press

Aftermath of war: Drug addiction taking a toll in Gaza

Pollution Reports including Top 100 Corporate Air Polluters 2008 in US

UK: Press Banned from Reporting on Parliament

Israeli War Criminals, think they are above the law

Is Osama bin Laden still alive, Seems the answer is no

Why: War in Iraq and Afghanistan

Israel: True Cost to U.S. Taxpayers

Poll: Should Israel be disarmed of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Federal Reserve rejects request for public Audit

To President Obama: Free Mohammad Othman Now

Under pressure from US, UN delays action on Gaza war report

Legally Israel owes the US Billions

Call on A.G. Holder to Launch a Full-Scale Investigation of the “Torture Memos”

Afghanistan: 24 Civilians Killed by NATO in past week

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