April Fools’ Comes Early: Read All About It

Thousands of New York commuters on Wednesday morning were handed copies of a newspaper that looked a lot like The New York Times, with a main headline blaring “IRAQ WAR ENDS.” Articles described a nation turned hard left: nationalized oil companies, a “maximum wage” law, the enactment of national health insurance, President Bush indicted for treason and evangelical churches providing sanctuary for Iraqi refugees.

Even a skeptical reader might take a minute to notice that the date on the paper was July 4, 2009. The 14-page spoof is richly detailed, with layouts and typefaces similar to the genuine article, and ads that look realistic at first glance.

An e-mail message to the news media announced the hoax, calling it “an elaborate operation six months in the planning” but did not say who was behind it. The statement said that 1.2 million copies were printed, more than the weekday circulation nationwide for real issues of The Times. That number is suspect, if only because of the printing costs that would be involved.


Well maybe by next year most of it will actually come true.
Here’s wishing………………………………

Pranksters print spoof NY Times

Front page of spoof paper

The spoof edition fooled many readers

A fake edition of the New York Times announcing the end of the Iraq war has been handed out to commuters in the US.

More than 1m free copies of the 14-page “special edition” newspaper were distributed mainly in the cities of New York and Los Angeles.

Another bogus story was about all Americans being given free health care.

A liberal group called the Yes Men, well known in the US for its practical jokes, claimed responsibility for the elaborate prank.

The fake paper – dated 4 July 2009 – had a motto on its front page which read “all the news we hope to print”.

The hoax was accompanied by a web site that mimicked the look of The New York Times’s real website.

A page of the spoof site contained links to dozens of liberal organisations, which were also listed in the print edition.

The fake edition surprised commuters, many of whom took the free copies thinking they were legitimate.

Later, the Yes Men issued a statement claiming responsibility.

“In an elaborate operation six months in the planning, 1.2m papers were printed at six different presses and driven to pre-arranged pickup locations.”

The statement added that thousands of volunteers helped to distribute the fake edition.

A spokeswoman for the newspaper, Catherine Mathis said “This is obviously a fake issue of The Times. We are in the process of finding out more about it.”


My Favorite Headline would be:

January 21, 2009

Bush Arrested, Charged with War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity.

Photo of I_Am_Rainbow_Warrior on Netlog

George Bush was arrested at his home today. Photo by Somebody with a Wish

They hauled him away to jail. He didn’t seem very impressed.

Not sure why?

I am Guessing that legislation making him immune to charges didn’t quite squeak through.

He has since attempted to get a lawyer but unfortunately, there isn’t a lawyer out there that will touch his case with a ten foot pole. It seems he will have to defend himself. Good luck George.

If he is found guilty he could be executed or in prison for life. I rather prefer the latter.

Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, would be the perfect place for him to live out the rest of his days, which is where he is now being held until his trial.

Well it does need to be put it to some good use and that is poetic justice is it not?

The evidence against him is staggering according to the FBI and other Investigating agencies.

The date for his trial has yet to be set, but is estimated to be in five or ten years according to sources who prefer to remain anonymous.

He is to be given all the same rights, as those held in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.  So everything will be fair and just.

Until his trial date he will remain in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

I am sure he will be taken care of adequately. He will also be given the same treatment as all  prisoners have gotten in the past.

George should be proud of the high set of standards, he implemented while President.

Now he will have to live by his own laws, created by his Administration.

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