Call on A.G. Holder to Launch a Full-Scale Investigation of the “Torture Memos”

Call on Attorney General Eric Holder to uphold the Constitution and the law by releasing the OPR report and authorizing a full investigation of those who ordered, designed, and justified torture. Only then can the nation truly move forward.

Anyone in the World can sign this petition.

No one should be above the Law.

People in other countries are tried,  convicted and punished for these crimes.  The US should not now, or ever be exempt.

The Laws should apply to all,  the US included.

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Spanish judge resumes torture case against six senior Bush lawyers

Back in March, Judge Garzón announced that he was planning to investigate the six prime architects of the Bush administration’s torture policies — former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales; John Yoo, a former lawyer in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, who played a major role in the preparation of the OLC’s notorious “torture memos”; Douglas Feith, the former undersecretary of defense for policy; William J. Haynes II, the Defense Department’s former general counsel; Jay S. Bybee, Yoo’s superior in the OLC, who signed off on the August 2002 “torture memos”; and David Addington, former Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff.

Fall issue of War Crimes Times

Why: War in Iraq and Afghanistan/War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity And Genocide In Iraq

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