Israelis can’t stop playing the victim card

Sept 12, 2012

By Jim Dean

I guess you have figured out by now that I am challenging your moral standing. I don’t see that you have any. If I am missing something, please email me. I have not even gotten into yet about your special operations people who have been doing black flag operation in Iraq and Afghanistan, which include killing American troops and blaming the locals. That was nasty.Yes, I know I know I am not supposed to tell people this but you made it hard for me not to today. But you have to understand that a lot of American military and civilian Intel people have access to these classified files and they are not happy cowboys to have learned this.”

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Dear Bibi, if being denied a meeting with Obama during a campaign period is a crime against Netanyahu humanity, where does Israel’s denying all of their weapons of mass destruction stockpiles and programs rank? How far do all the rest of us have to go to the back of the bus with President Obama to make you happy?

And while we are speaking about denial, why do you continue to deny your holocaust against the Palestinian people? And we know you used Jonathan Pollard to get nuclear first strike info that you sold to the Soviets? As Shakespeare said, “Methinks you doth protest too much!”

Corporate media is once again spreading a disinformation scam worldwide. Obama is speaking at the UN on September 25th, and Netanyahu on the 28th. Although Obama is in the middle of a hard fought reelection campaign it seems the Israeli militants expect him to pay homage to the Likudite Supremacist. They want Obama to wait for Bibi to reach New York so the shoe salesman can grandstand in front of an American president and scold him like a Catholic school nun with the ruler across the knuckles.

Dear Bibi, you did that once…burned that bridge, so it is gone. Welcome now to Hillary land. She will be happy to dance with you. Everybody knows you want to make Israel’s Iran attack the central issue of the election campaign. Why don’t you look at the polling numbers? It’s at the bottom of voter concerns, even for Jews. You could easily be accused and guilty of reinforcing a negative stereotype.

You say, “The world tells Israel, ‘Wait, there’s still time.’ And I say, Wait for What? Wait until When?”

Well maybe the world will wait as long as it has for Israel to comply with UN resolutions that you Israelis have snubbed your collective noses at for decades. Who set that moral precedent?

You say, “Those in the international community who refuse to put red lines before Iran don’t have the moral right to place a red light before Israel.”

Bad move there Bibi. You have stepped into my area of expertise now in regards to who has the biggest history of aggression against its neighbors. And I have good or bad news for you. You win hands down.

The evidence is overwhelming and easy to find. It’s readily available in the American declassified intelligence, both military and state department. Allow me to start with a good warmer upper.

In March, 1948, a Joints Chiefs of Staff paper on Force Requirements for Palestine, anticipating the termination of the British Mandate, predicted that the Zionist strategy will seek to involve [the United States] in continuously widening and deepening series of operations intended to secure maximum Jewish objectives…
a) Initial sovereignty over a portion of Palestine,
b) Acceptance by the great powers of the right to unlimited immigration,
c) The extension of Jewish sovereignty over all of Palestine,
d) The expansion of Eretz Israel into Transjordan and into portions of Lebanon and Syria, and
e) The establishment of Jewish military and economic hegemony over the entire Mid East.
The JCS paper added ominously: All stages of this program are equally sacred to the fanatical concepts of Jewish leaders. The program is opening admitted by same leaders, and has been privately admitted to United States officials by responsible leaders of the presently dominant Jewish group…the Jewish Agency. …Source: Taking Sides, by Stephen Green, 1983

This all sounds like a pretty offensive plan, even a war crime under the Nuremberg Trial precedents. It inspires me to ask you now what moral right would a county like Israel have to claim any position other than a dangerous aggressor and international pariah?

Do you think that just because of your AIPAC friends over here, and your buddy Rupert Murdoch’s media operation, that you can erase the history of Israel’s crimes against humanity? Do you think such things were written in the sand to disappear with the next breeze.

No sir, we have not forgotten. In fact we learn more every year, every month, every week. We know that Golda Meir’s terrorist organization blew up the Seramis hotel. We know that Manachem Begin, Sharon and Shamir joined a too long list of Israeli prime ministers who were terrorists, and unrepentant ones I might add. The so called ‘only democracy on the Mid East’ seems to have cornered the market where having been a terrorist actually enhanced one’s political prospects.

We know from your former Prime Minister Shertok’s diaries that Sharon had a rogue IDF unit that dressed up like Arabs and attacked Jewish settlements so the army could conduct reprisal ethnic cleansing raids.

Moshe Dayan publicly revealed that you were mobilized for war in all of your major border operations hoping that a reprisal could be used to initiate seizing additional territory for ‘defensive purposes’. And you have the gall to bring up the term ‘moral right’? I have piles of this declassified stuff.

Veterans Today has its own nuclear expert here in Atlanta. His name is Clinton Bastin, an ex-Marine officer who worked for the Atomic Energy commission and later the Department of Energy for thirty years. His chemical engineering specialties were in reprocessing, nuclear weapons and proliferation. He briefed us extensively on your false claims years ago regarding Iran’s being able to produce weapons grade material and master warhead technology without blowing themselves up.

All of your past claims proved untrue. You hide your own WMD programs from international inspection. And you are on record in public internal debates for admitting that your WMD programs are for offensive purposes since your conventional military power is superior to any potential neighbor opponents. The rest of us not only can read, but we can look up your archive material, also.

I guess you have figured out by now that I am challenging your moral standing. I don’t see that you have any. If I am missing something, please email me. I have not even gotten into yet about your special operations people who have been doing black flag operation in Iraq and Afghanistan, which include killing American troops and blaming the locals. That was nasty.

Yes, I know I know I am not supposed to tell people this but you made it hard for me not to today. But you have to understand that a lot of American military and civilian Intel people have access to these classified files and they are not happy cowboys to have learned this. Some even think you should pay for these crimes, Nuremberg style, at the end of a rope…really.

But one thing I can guarantee you Bibi is we have no intention of being your victims. We are not weak, and there are more than a few of us. Yes, we know you are layered up, with a lot of human shields around you to use as cannon fodder. We actually look forward to having a meeting with you some day.

I have been test marketing the declassified material on you scoundrels for years now, mainly on retired military officers who did not know about it. It was very effective. They got very angry. How much more angry do you think they will be when the classified stuff gets released?

After all we still have this Bush doctrine thing on the books where we will go after anyone, anywhere, who aids and abets terrorism against Americans. And I don’t mind telling you buddy, you and your Lukudite gang are guilty as hell, and there is an army of folks over here just waiting to help round you folks up and balance the books out a bit.

What’s that you say? Oh yes, I know…that’s what Romney is for. He’s going to keep the cork in that bottle. And yes, that is why you hosted the fund raising deal for him over there and even flew the drug dealers, Rooskie mobsters and Chinese wheels in. That was a bad idea. You make even more enemies by being one.

And yes, Bibi, we know that this ‘Bibi gets denied his meeting’ campaign is all part of the plan. We expect such things from you. Even the interns picked up on it right away. But for the international media to all join hands so quickly to spread this charade around, just when you think that media can go no lower, it does.

I am hoping that Press TV will publish this. You see, Iran doesn’t have a history of attacking its neighbors. We don’t have a top secret JSC report on them like we do on you. They don’t have a thirty year old WMD program like you do. And they don’t have 90% of our Congress on the take.

They are not the threat Bibi. You and your militant Israeli buddies are. And if anyone is in denial about the rest of us having caught onto your scam, it’s you buddy. It’s you. Source

US gave Israel green light for Sabra, Shatila genocide

Sept 19, 2012

By Finian Cunningham

Yet not a single person has ever been prosecuted for the slaughter at Sabra and Shatila. As part of Lebanon’s civil war settlement in 1990 an amnesty was afforded to all those who had participated in this and other atrocities. Some would later clear their consciences by confessing publicly to media and tribunals to the most barbaric acts of cruelty one can imagine.”

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This week sees the 30th anniversary of the single-worst atrocity during the more than six decades of the Arab-Israeli conflict.

For three days, between 15 and 18 September, up to 3,500 men, and children were butchered in the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps of West Beirut. Their mutilated, mangled bodies bulldozed into mass graves.

For three days, Lebanese Christian Phalangists under the command of intelligence chief Elie Hobeika returned over and over again to go on an orgy of systematic slaughter in the camps. The massacre would not have been possible only for the collaboration of Israel’s Defence Forces, which had months earlier invaded Lebanon and taken control of the camps.

Sabra and Shatila were populated by destitute families of Palestinians that had fled from the pogroms in 1948 carried out by Israel’s Haganah death squads. The refugee also burgeoned with Lebanese Shia displaced from the civil war in their country that erupted in 1975.

The United Nations’ General Assembly later condemned what happened at Sabra and Shatila as “an act of genocide”. A UN inquiry, headed up by Irish statesman Sean MacBride, concluded that the Israeli authorities and their forces were involved and responsible for the deaths. The then head of the IDF was Ariel Sharon who later would hold four ministerial posts before becoming Israeli Prime Minister from 2001 to 2006.

Yet not a single person has ever been prosecuted for the slaughter at Sabra and Shatila. As part of Lebanon’s civil war settlement in 1990 an amnesty was afforded to all those who had participated in this and other atrocities. Some would later clear their consciences by confessing publicly to media and tribunals to the most barbaric acts of cruelty one can imagine.

Former Phalangist commander Hobeika was due to give evidence in a Belgian court, which had claimed international jurisdiction for crimes against humanity to prosecute the case. Ahead of the hearings, Hobeika had publicly stated that he was going to testify against Aerial Sharon to implicate him in the operation of the massacre. He never made it to the courtroom. He was assassinated in a car bomb in Beirut in January 2002. At least two other former Lebanese Phalangists who were similarly due to testify were also mysteriously killed. Eventually, the Belgian court was forced to drop the under pressure from Washington. Many believe that Israeli agents carried out the assassinations to spare Sharon international ignominy.

Despite the lack of criminal convictions, there is not a shadow of doubt that Israel has blood on its hands over Sabra and Shatila. The Lebanese militia recruited to do the dirty work were assembled by the Israeli Defence Forces at Beirut International Airport days before the mayhem was unleashed. The 1,5000 or so killers were armed by the Israelis and driven in IDF vehicles to the camps. The Israeli army had surrounded the site with armed guards and checkpoints to ensure that no-one escaped when the slaughter began. Indeed, some reports at the time claimed that Israeli soldiers ordered families trying to flee from the carnage back into camps to face their certain deaths.

Overlooking Sabra and Shatila was the seven-storey Kuwaiti embassy, which had been commandeered by the Israelis. From top floors, the Israeli and Phalangist commanders would have had a clear, uninterrupted view of the unfolding sickening spectacle. Not least because the Israeli forces would fire night flares over the camps as the death squads – fuelled with cocaine and alcohol courtesy of Israel – proceeded from hovel to hovel killing the inhabitants.

One Dutch nurse working in the camps for an international aid organization said that the area was as bright as day because of the constant barrage of flares.

From their vantage point, the Israeli commanders would have witnessed the most grotesque bloodletting carried out by their Phalangist fanatics against women and children. Yet the Israeli commanders did nothing to stop the slaughter. Why should they have? It was all evidently executed according to plan. Later, the Israelis claimed that they had instructed the militias to not injure civilians and to behave with discipline. That self-defence is beneath contempt.

The respected American human rights lawyer Franklin Lamb, based in Beirut, recalled what his late wife witnessed in the hours following the aftermath of Sabra and Shatila. Janet Lee Stevens was in Beirut working as a young journalist and was one of the first internationals on the scene. Here is just an excerpt of what she witnessed:

“I saw dead women in their houses with their skirts up to their waists and their legs spread apart; dozens of young men shot after being lined up against an alley wall; children with their throats slit, a pregnant woman with her stomach chopped open, her eyes still wide open, her blackened face silently screaming in horror; countless babies and toddlers who had been stabbed or ripped apart and who had been thrown into garbage piles.”

This week, only days before the 30th anniversary of Sabra and Shatila, Israel’s current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was afforded the customary privilege of articulating his noxious views to the American people on various nationwide Sunday television channels. To be sure, Sabra and Shatila were not mentioned. No, instead Netanyahu was spilling his bile about Iran’s alleged nuclear ambitions. He also called the worldwide Muslim demonstrations outside American embassies over the latest anti-Islam video “mob rule” and he compared the Iranian government to these “fanatics”. In a leap of twisted logic, Netanyahu said: “You can’t let such people have atomic bombs.”

Such is the twisted world we live in. When will the voices of Sabra and Shatila be given such prominence on Western mainstream media to explain to the world the horror and injustice that they suffered? Maybe if such voices were somehow heard and understood, the American people would stop their governments bankrolling the fanatical, criminal state of Israel that has, and continues to, instigate so much conflict in the world. Washington gives Israel a license for genocide. The American people need to stop that. Source

Lest We Forget
The Sabra and Shatila Massacre

By Robert Fisk

Robert Fisk provides eye witness report of the slaughter of hundreds of Palestinians by Lebanese Christian militias who were under the control of the Israeli military.   Source

Details Emerge of US Role in Sabra-Shatila Massacre

By Al-Akhbar

The Palestinian fighters had previously been evacuated from Lebanon in a US-coordinated effort whereby they provided assurances to protect the camp’s residents, which included both Palestinians and Lebanese.  Source

Catholics call for Israeli hate-crime crackdown

A spate of hate crimes against Christian places of worship in Israel has prompted usually reticent Roman Catholic officials to speak out, hoping that intervention by authorities might bring an end to the vandalism.

­In the early hours of September 4, vandals set fire to the door of a renowned Trappist monastery in Latrun (outside Jerusalem) and defaced it with anti-Christian graffiti, stating “Jesus is a monkey”.

In the two weeks which have elapsed since the act of desecration, no arrests have been made, despite police vows that the culprits would be brought to justice. Similar incidences of vandalism also occurred in the months preceding this attack.

The Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, one of the church’s top officials in the Holy Land, expressed deep concern over the state of relations between Jews and Christians.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Pizzaballa pointed out that because the local Christian population is miniscule, they aren’t taken into consideration by “the majority”. Approximately 155,000 of Israel’s citizens are Christian, which equates to less than 2 per cent of the population.

He stated that “the main atmosphere is ignorance.”

However, he also told AP that the minority Christian population may not have invested “enough energy and initiatives” in reaching out to Israeli Jews.

The “custos” (custodians) of Catholic holy sites, including Pizzaballa, have issued a declaration, calling on leaders to act. Although he recognizes that the arson and vandalism that Christians have been victims of are not demonstrative of wider attitudes, he is firm that Israel must do more.

In February this year, a Jerusalem monastery was tagged with the phrase “death to Christians,” painted in Hebrew, as part of what is now known as the “price tag campaign”. In July, an Israeli lawmaker ripped the New Testament out of a Bible and threw it into the garbage, later claiming that “millions of Jews were murdered in the name of the New Testament,” and calling the book “revolting.”

Shortly after the September attack, a statement signed by the Latin Patriarch for Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, and Giorgio Lingua, Apostolic Nuncio for Jordan, the Assembly of Catholics Ordinaries of the Holy Land asked, “what kind of ‘teaching of contempt’ for Christians is being communicated in their schools and in their homes?”

Pizzaballa echoed their concerns, asking AP, “What is going on in Israeli society today that permits Christians to be scapegoated and targeted by these acts of violence?” Source

Israel ‘kills two’ people in Gaza:   An Israeli attack near Rafah town in Gaza Strip has killed two security officials and wounded another, Palestinian officials say. Hamas said “Israel has assassinated our officers as they were doing their duty in protecting the security of our people”. Video HERE

Palestinian Authority Faces Fiscal Crisis, As World Bank Blames Israelis




Who Benefited the most by J.F. Kennedy’s Death?

Secret nuclear and biological weapons programs in Israel

Gaza : A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Massacre of Gaza and Lebanon

CBS 60 Minutes Exposing Israeli Apartheid

ADL Supports Censorship. Crayonophobia?

US/Israeli Charity uses little Palestinian Childs photo to raise money for Israel’s Hungry

U.N.: Israel won’t allow food aid to enter Gaza

A Jewish Defector Warns America /Zionists Poisoned/Radiated 100,000 Sefardi Jewish Children

Full El Al flight took off on 9/11 from JFK to Tel Aviv


Innocence of Muslims, Protesters are telling the US to get out of their country

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Israel’s middle class launches mass protest at rising cost of living

Reports of 300,000 on streets across country as pressure for reform grows on Netanyahu

By Catrina Stewart

August 8 2011

Over a quarter of a million Israelis staged the country’s biggest protest in decades over the weekend, calling for far-reaching social reform to ease the financial burden of the increasingly straitened middle class.

Israeli media reported the numbers of protesters at over 300,000, most of them in Tel Aviv, where hundreds of youths have been camped out for nearly four weeks in tents and wigwams in protest at soaring living costs, the original source of frustration.

Since their modest beginnings, the protests have mushroomed into a nationwide movement addressing a whole range of issues that have brought together Israelis from both ends of the political spectrum in a rare show of unity. Personal politics have taken second place to gripes over high taxation, soaring food and petrol costs, the divide between the rich and poor, and shrinking social services.

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They also represent a critical challenge for Israel’s right-wing government, led by Benjamin Netanyahu, a proponent of free-market reform. His fractured coalition has struggled to present concrete solutions to the diverse set of demands, many of which call for the kind of sweeping change that harks back to Israel’s early socialist principles.

In an effort to defuse the protests, Mr Netanyahu yesterday formed a panel of economic experts and cabinet ministers to study ways to bring down the cost of living, which has soared at the expense of stagnant salaries even though Israel’s economy is thriving. While promising “real dialogue”, he warned that “we won’t be able to please everyone”.

But protest organisers seemed reluctant to embrace the government’s measures, wary that it would fail to translate into actual social reform. “I want to be sure… we will not be given the runaround for three months, at the end of which we will not emerge with real solutions,” Itzik Shmuli, a protest leader, told Israel Radio.

On Saturday night, Tel Aviv’s main thoroughfares were thronged with people holding banners with slogans including “We want a welfare state”, and “Israel is dear”. “There has been nothing like this for decades – all these people coming together, taking to the streets, demanding change. It’s a revolution,” Baruch Oren, a 33-year-old protest leader, told Reuters. But not all felt themselves caught in the embrace of the protesters. Amid the hundreds of tents catering to different social causes, only tent No 1948 addresses issues linked to Palestinians and the Israeli Arab community. Critics claim that protest organisers have explicitly avoided turning the protests into a referendum on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for fear it will be seen as leftist and lose support. “Perhaps if I was a Jewish Israeli, I [would] be proud of the July 14 movement. … [But] I am Palestinian,” Abir Kopty, an Israeli Arab activist, wrote on her blog. “I want to speak about historical justice, I want to speak about occupation … and I want to speak about them in the heart of Tel Aviv.”

In the occupied West Bank, too, Palestinians are following the protests with interest, but argue that Israelis are seeking rights that the Palestinians can only dream of. “For us Palestinians, it isn’t a housing crisis we are facing but a housing ban,” Nariman al-Tamimi, a Palestinian woman from Nabi Salih, a village in an Israel-controlled part of the West Bank, told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Her home is under threat of demolition after the family, unable to secure permits to build, added an unauthorised extension.

Others predicted that protesters would start linking the deterioration of their economic condition with the Jewish West Bank settlements, considered illegal under international law, into which successive Israeli governments have invested huge sums of money in the shape of tax breaks and cheap loans.

“In due course, [the protesters] will reach the conclusion that the money for the major reforms they demand can only come from stopping the settlements and cutting the huge military budget by hundreds of billions – and that is possible only in peace,” wrote Uri Avnery, an Israeli former politician, in a weekly letter.

Q & A:

War on cheese prices turns into a wider class struggle

Q. How did the protests in Israel begin?

A. Organisers say that a Facebook campaign against a rise in cottage cheese prices in June provided the inspiration for collective action. However, the protests actually started when a young woman was evicted from her apartment in central Tel Aviv because she had failed to pay her monthly rent. She erected a tent on the city’s stylish Rothschild Boulevard, prompting hundreds of others struggling with high rents to join her.

Q. What are the demonstrations about?

A. They were initially about the high cost of rented accommodation, which has risen much more quickly than the average Israeli income. The protests now embrace issues ranging from high taxation, the cost of childcare, low salaries for doctors and nurses and calls for improvements to social services, which have shrunk in recent years. Many people have directed their anger at the country’s wealthiest families, who are seen as growing rich at the expense of ordinary Israelis via monopolies that have pushed up the cost of goods.

Q. So who is actually doing the protesting?

A. Broadly speaking, it is Israel’s middle class. They pay high taxes but receive few of the welfare benefits that are extended to the poor.

Q. What is the government doing about the problems?

A. The government has struggled to meet the diverse demands of the protesters. The Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, pushed through a housing reform Bill last week, which protesters said would benefit the rich and damage the environment. The government’s latest step is to set up a Cabinet-level economic task force to look at ways to bring down prices. It has a month to reach its conclusions.




Will anything change? Of course not, the rich will get richer and the poor will get very much poorer. After all someone must pay for all the war toys. Just like the USA the poor there pay for all the wars and the poor are the ones who also pay with their lives. The poor are nothing more then cannon fodder.

This is an older report, but the cost to those who live in Israel is staggering. No wonder they are poor.

P.S. They spend even more now.

Foreign Arms Supplies To Israel/Gaza

Israel get weapons from everyone and their dog.

Also I don’t know if anyone has noticed but every time the the US starts a new war the price of Oil/Gas goes up way up which drives up the cost of everything else.  Now isn’t that special?

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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorized assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

Update February 25 2010: Apparently there were also a few more people involved. Some used Australian passports.

Mounting diplomatic fury over the killing of a top Hamas commander in a Dubai hotel reached Australia on Thursday, with Israel’s ambassador summoned over the use of Australian passports by a suspected assassination squad.

Dubai authorities have now identified 26 people suspected of involvement in the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, with three using forged Australian passports named among 15 new suspects, most of them Europeans.

“Any state that has been complicit in use or abuse of the Australian passport system, let alone for the conduct of an assassination, is treating Australia with contempt and there will therefore be action by the Australian government in response,” said Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, without elaborating.


Now they are looking at 26 perpetrators as opposed the the 11 previous suspects. Concern over fake passport use should be  in the forefront as Mossad has a long history of such use of passports.

Finally some are now becoming aware of  forged or stolen document use. I just have to wonder what took everyone so long to finally do something about it? This has been ongoing for years.

Newest suspects

Photo from Press TV

Report: PM approved Dubai assassination in early January

February 23 2010

By Yossi Melman, Ofer Aderet, Liel Kyzer, Barak Ravid and Avi Issacharoff

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorized in early January the assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, according to a report published in the Sunday Times.

Based on information obtained from “sources with knowledge of Mossad,” the paper reported that Netanyahu gave Mossad chief Meir Dagan the green light for the Dubai operation during a meeting at the Midrasha – the intelligence agency’s headquarters, in the northern suburbs of Tel Aviv.

The sources also said that the Mossad hit squad trained for the Dubai mission by secretly rehearsing in a Tel Aviv hotel.

Netanyahu reportedly told the Mossad agents, “The people of Israel count on you. Good luck.”

Meanwhile, Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan Tamim said that an internal Hamas source leaked information to Mabhouh’s assassins that led to his killing, Israel Radio reported.

Speaking to Persian newspaper Gulf News, Tamim said that the aide, whose identity was not revealed, was the only person who knew about Mabhouh’s visit to the emirate.

Meanwhile, Hamas on Saturday again blamed Israel again for the hit. At a press conference, Salah al-Bardawil, one of the group’s Gaza-based leaders, said he does not suspect that the Palestinian Authority was involved in the killing and that the entire affair was the responsibility of Mossad.

However, the Hamas official said the two Palestinians arrested in Dubai in connection with the killing are former officers in the Palestinian security services, and were employed by a firm owned by a senior member of rival Fatah.

The London-based newspaper Al-Hayat reported that this company is owned by Mohammed Dahlan, formerly a Fatah strongman in the Gaza Strip before its takeover by Hamas two and a half years ago.

Bardawil also said that Mabhouh had put himself at risk by booking his trip through the Internet and risked a security breach by telling his family in Gaza by telephone which hotel he would be staying at.

Also Saturday, the daily newspaper Al-Bayan reported that Dubai police had new evidence implicating the Mossad in Mabhouh’s assassination, which included credit-card payments and suspects’ phone records.

“Dubai police have information confirming that the suspects purchased travel tickets from companies in other countries with credit cards carrying the same names we have publicized [from the passports],” Al-Bayan quoted Dubai police chief Tamim as saying.



Police in Dubai said that some of the assassins involved in last month’s killing of a Hamas commander had entered the emirate carrying diplomatic passports.

Dubai Suspects Are Interpol’s Most Wanted
International Police Issues Red Notices for 11 Alleged Assassins; Dubai Authorities Finger Israel’s Mossad Spy Agency

February 18, 2010

Interpole Website showing 11 suspects wanted by Dubai Police in connection with murder of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

Interpol has put 11 people suspected in the slaying of a Hamas militant leader in Dubai on its most-wanted list as Dubai police stepped up their accusations against Israel’s Mossad spy agency for the murder.

The international police agency said it has issued red notices, its highest-level alert, to its member countries worldwide for “11 internationally wanted individuals who have been charged by UAE-Dubai authorities with coordinating and committing the murder.”

Interpol says it was acting on the request of Dubai authorities and that it believes the suspects used false passports.

Interpol issued the notices – which include photographs – “to limit the ability of accused murderers from traveling freely using the same false passports.”

Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh’s body was found Jan. 20 in his hotel room.

Meanwhile, Dubai Police Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim was quoted as saying he was “99 percent, if not 100 percent” certain that Mossad was behind last month’s slaying of al-Mabhouh in a luxury hotel room in Dubai.

Israel insists there is no evidence that Mossad agents were involved.

The comments – which appeared on the Web site of UAE daily The National – came as international pressure mounted for Israel to answer questions about possible links to the killing.

The investigation also widened to the United States. Emirates authorities said the alleged killers used fraudulent passports to open credit cards accounts through U.S.-based banks, an official said.

“Our investigations reveal that Mossad is involved in the murder of al-Mabhouh,” Tamim was quoted as saying by The National, which is owned by the government of Abu Dhabi.

He told another local paper, Dubai-based Gulf News, that: “All elements strongly indicate the involvement of the Mossad.”

Tamim and other Dubai police officials could not be immediately reached for further comment. Israel government spokesman Mark Regev also had no comment.

The international fallout from the murder in a Dubai hotel room showed no signs of easing, with Britain and Ireland summoning Israeli ambassadors Thursday for talks about the case following allegations that European passports were used by the alleged team of assassins.

A UAE official, who has close knowledge of the investigation, said at least 18 people – including two women – are now suspected in what Dubai police describe as a highly coordinated operation to kill al-Mabhouh, one of the founders of Hamas’ military wing.

Ten of the men and one woman were identified by Dubai police Monday as members of the group that traveled to Dubai on apparently fraudulent passports – six from Britain, three from Ireland and one each from Germany and France.

Britain has said it will investigate how some of the suspects came to have British passports – and how they might have been produced.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband said one of the nation’s top diplomats, Peter Ricketts, “explained the concern we have for British passport holders in Israel” during the meeting with Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor.

“He made clear that we wanted to give Israel every opportunity to share with us what it knows about this incident, and we hope and expect that they will cooperate fully with the investigation,” he said, adding he would raise the issue with Israel’s foreign minister when they meet in Brussels in the coming days.

Prosor told journalists he was not able to add additional information to Britain’s request.

Israel’s ambassador to Ireland, Zion Evrony, said he had nothing useful to tell Ireland because he knew nothing confidential about the Dubai assassination.

Irish Foreign Minister Micheal Martin has said the three Irish passports did have valid numbers but were issued to people with different names than those made public by Dubai.

He said the Foreign Ministry had contacted two people with the same passport numbers and found they had not lost their passports or had any stolen. The assassins apparently had access to pre-2005 passports that lacked biometric information, Martin said.

Also linked to the slaying are two Palestinians in Dubai custody and five others, including one woman who was caught on video surveillance at the luxury hotel where al-Mabhouh’s body was found Jan. 20, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in line with standing policies.


Alleged Assassins Caught on Dubai Surveillance Tape

February 17 2010

Dubai authorities have released extensive footage from surveillance cameras that allegedly shows the movements of a professional 11-person assassination team in the hours before and after a top Hamas leader was killed last month in a hotel room.

February 2 2010 Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, 49, a military official of the Islamic Resistance Movement, was found dead in his Dubai hotel room late last month. While the death appeared to be from natural causes, an autopsy revealed Mr. al-Mabhouh was killed, apparently by suffocation with a pillow after receiving electric shocks, perhaps from a taser.

Hamas has accused Israel of carrying out the killing, and Dubai police chief Dhahi Khalfan said that Mossad, Israel’s infamous spy and dirty tricks agency, was one suspect.

“I don’t exclude any party that has an interest in the assassination,” Mr. Khalfan said. “There were seven or more people holding passports from different European countries” in the group suspected of killing Mr. al-Mabhouh, he said.

This is not  a new phenomenon as this has been done many times, among other assassinations and terrorist acts by Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also  authorized the assassination of Khalid Mishal in 1997.

Mishal came to power largely as the result of a botched assassination attempt by seven Mossad agents in September 1997. Mossad used Canadian passports, some forged and some stolen from a Canadian embassy.

Update February 26 2010

UK police meet passport victims connected to assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

GLENN BECK: Interview with Benjamin Netanyahu

Glenn Beck

Interview with Benjamin Netanyahu

Aired November 17, 2006



GLENN BECK, HOST (voice-over): Benjamin Netanyahu, elected prime minister in Israel in May 1996 in Israel’s first direct election. As prime minister, he combined fighting terror with the advancement of the peace process. Through his three-year term, the number of terror attacks drastically decreased.

In the U.S., he’s been credited for his central role in changing American policies on international terrorism. Now, he’s come out with a bold, new statement: urging the world to pay attention to Iran and warning we could be facing World War III.

Powerful, influential, and frighteningly honest, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tonight faces honest questions.


BECK: Welcome to the program. On Fridays, this show breaks every rule. Well, it kind of does that all week. We spend an hour talking about one person, one thing, one item. This week, the focus of our program has been our special, which was on Islamic extremism. We wanted to spend an hour with a gentleman who knows it extraordinarily well, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Hello. Welcome, sir.


BECK: This program and this particular hour, we spend time asking just sometimes I think politically incorrect questions. I’m a regular American shmoe that quite honestly, right before 9/11 — and I don’t mean any offense, sir — but Israel and the Palestinians, everybody who’s been arguing for so long, as a typical American before 9/11, I was like, “Oh, you know what? Just set it out — you can all just fall into the middle of the sea and it doesn’t matter to me, because you’re always fighting.”

Now 9/11 happened. I thought, “Gee, maybe I should pay attention to this.” And many Americans did and saw, “Wait a minute. There’s trouble.” But now that’s changing even more, and you said something in Los Angeles that I’m so grateful that somebody’s finally saying, that this is World War III, this is Germany 1938.

Could you explain that?

NETANYAHU: Iran is Germany, and it’s 1938, except that this Nazi regime that is in Iran, that’s a religious kind of fanaticism, but it wants to dominate the world, annihilate the Jews, but also annihilate America. Remember, we’re the small Satan. You’re the big Satan.

BECK: Right.

NETANYAHU: We’re just the first way station en route to you. So there is this fundament fanaticism that is there. It’s a messianic cult. It’s a religious messianic cult that believes in the Apocalypse, and they believe they have to expedite the Apocalypse to bring the collapse of the West.

BECK: See, nobody is saying — why isn’t George Bush saying this? Why is it nut jobs like me who is saying this? Why isn’t the media bringing this stuff out?

NETANYAHU: Well, I think they’re getting around to it, but it has to be explained. And that’s why I appreciate the opportunity to say it. But if I had to offer an analogy — you know, Glenn, I was looking for an analogy to try to explain to Americans what it is that is so dangerous about Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. You remember those crazy people in Waco, Texas?

BECK: Yes, David Koresh.

NETANYAHU: David Koresh?

BECK: Yes.

NETANYAHU: So imagine David Koresh with nuclear weapons. Imagine David Koresh, not with hundreds of followers, but millions of followers, with nuclear weapons, wanting to obliterate America, wanting to obliterate America’s allies, wanting to take over the world’s oil supply.

If the lunatics escape from the asylum, that’s one thing. But if they can get their hands on a nuclear weapon, that’s another. And this is that kind of cult. It’s the cult of the Mahdi, a holy man that disappeared a thousand years ago. And the president of Iran believes that he’s supposed to — he was put here on Earth to bring this holy man back in a great religious war between the true Muslim believers and the infidels. And millions will die in this Apocalypse, and the Muslim believers will go to heaven.

That’s dangerous, if they have nuclear weapons to realize this fantasy. And that is where the world is coming to. Now, people said that of Hitler in the 1930s. They said this man has a mad ideology, very fanatic, very dangerous, and if he gets his hands on a military power, he would use it. Hitler did use it, but Hitler developed atomic weapons, tried to develop them only after embarking on the world conflict.

Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, is first trying to develop nuclear weapons and then going about his mad fantasy of global conflict. So he has to be stopped. I think when you have something as fanatic and as dangerous as this, the question now is not whether he should be stopped, but how’s he going to be stopped?

BECK: I was in the Holocaust Memorial in Washington, D.C., and one of the more powerful rooms for me was the room where they have all of the newspapers up on the wall and all of the headlines. And to me, what stuck out was, Hitler was very clear, very clear. Basically, he was saying, “Take the Jews before I kill them.” And everybody was in denial.

Now, let me play devil’s advocate with you. We’ve heard nut jobs, especially in Iran, for a very long time. What makes you say we should take this nut job at his word? Why is this guy different than what we have seen with religious fanatics that are really only interested in power and not interested in the Apocalypse?

NETANYAHU: Well, I was getting this question in the 1990s, and I said that the West really doesn’t understand militant Islam. So I wrote a book in 1995, and I said that, if the West doesn’t wake up to the suicidal nature of militant Islam, the next thing you will see is militant Islam is bringing down the World Trade Center.

Other nut ideologies don’t do that, but militant Muslims do, and they are competing. They have two strains: the Sunni type, led by Al Qaeda, who have done the World Trade Center; the Shia types, led by Iran, who want to top that by having nuclear weapons with which they can dominate the world, ultimately bring down America.

We’re merely the first target. They hate us because we’re you, and we’re the first station, in the Middle East. They hate Israel because it represents America. They don’t hate America because of Israel, because we’re part and parcel of that same free, to their minds, hated hedonistic civilization.

BECK: Right.

NETANYAHU: So I think the real problem is: Do we let this fanatic regime, this messianic cult of the Apocalypse, get their hands on atomic weapons? I think it’s folly.

And I don’t think it’s just an Israeli question any more so than Hitler was just a Jewish question. Hitler started with the annihilation of the Jews, but pretty quickly moved on to threaten the entire world. And America woke up late, after 6 million Jews died.

But in our case, you know, we don’t have to wake up dead in order for people to realize that he threatens America. We want to both defend ourselves, defend the Jewish state, certainly, but also defend America and free civilization against people who would extinguish our freedoms and our lives.

BECK: I am amazed at the parallels of World War II, just it is incredible, all the way down — you hear people say all the time, “Well, it’s the Jews. It’s Israel. They’re causing the problem. They’ve done all these horrible things, yadda, yadda, yadda,” just as though Hitler used the Europeans and saying, “Well, it’s the Versailles treaty, and it’s this, and it’s that.” That was a mask to bring in the real point of Hitler.

NETANYAHU: Well, let me ask you a question, you know, because people really don’t get this. Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, and the cult that he represents, they couldn’t care less if we made a deal with the Palestinians or we didn’t. As far as they’re concerned, the only deal possible is the elimination of Israel. And even that would merely remove an obstacle on the way to Europe and on the way to the United States. Israel could disappear, and it wouldn’t make a difference.


NETANYAHU: Because they’re out to get you; they’re not out to get us. We’re simply standing in their way. They’re not interested in Israel, per se. They’re interested in bringing down Western civilization, led by the United States. That’s why you’re the great Satan, and we’re just the little Satan.

BECK: Tell me what the world looks like if we don’t act.

NETANYAHU: If you don’t act, it means that it will be the first time in the history of the world that a totally unstable, globally mad regime will have atomic bombs and the means to deliver them.

This means, a, that they will dominate the Middle East very quickly. They will make the Persian Gulf an Iranian pond. They will control the world’s oil supply. And they will probably use the weapons, first against my country, and then to intimidate or threaten Europe. They want to control the world.

Now, eventually, they’ll be brought down. How many millions will have to die for that? How many cities will be wiped out before the Western world and civilization realizes that this is not a local problem, that this is their problem, that it’s directed against them, directed against you?

BECK: OK. When we come back — we have to take a break — but when we come back, I want you to answer my father’s question. My father told me on the phone a couple of weeks ago, “You know what? We’re the United States of America. Nobody can defeat us. Stop. It’s not that big of a problem.”

And the second thing I want you to address is, how long do we have before we are right on the front lines?

Back with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in just a moment.


BECK: Back with a full hour with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, about the situation we’ve been talking about all week. Before we broke, I told you that I was on the phone with my father, and he says, “You know, you’re talking about this scary stuff. Glenn, we’re the United States of America. Nobody can come in here and destroy us.” And I said, “Dad, if people don’t wake up, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

Please convince my father and others like him that that is a possibility.

NETANYAHU: What your father says is absolutely true in the case of deterrable powers. The Soviet Union had enough firepower to destroy the United States, but they realized that you would destroy them, so they were deterred. They were not suicidal.

But militant Islam is suicidal. They often put their zealotry, their ideology above their survival. That’s why you didn’t have any Communist suicide bombers, but militant Islam produces hordes of them, battalions, and they smash into buildings in New York.

Now, do you doubt that if, for example, Al Qaeda had nuclear weapons, this city would not exist today?

BECK: Oh, it would be gone.

NETANYAHU: Where does your father live?

BECK: Seattle.

NETANYAHU: No, that’s far away, but they could get there, too, right? And Seattle could disappear, because they’re not deterrable. That’s the whole point.

If they were a normal power, a normal regime, without this crazy messianic cult of death, the idea that millions have to die in order for their particular Islamic messiah to come, millions have to die, and the sooner the better, in their view, because they have this cult, that’s what makes them so dangerous, if they acquire nuclear weapons to realize it. So your father is right if you were dealing with the Soviet Union…

BECK: Sure.

NETANYAHU: … or with Russia, or with China, or with India. None of the powers that have nuclear powers today have this zealotry, this mad ideology, but Iran does. So if Iran acquires it, and they think that you are their worst nemesis, we’re just an underling, we’re just your subordinate, we happen to be a small Satan, a small appendage of America.

But their goal is to reverse a thousand years of history. The rise of the West, the rise of America. This was the mistake of history that has to be corrected through this Apocalypse. Don’t wait for them to realize this; don’t let this David Koresh in Tehran get his hands on atomic weapons so he can test out his theories on us or on you.

BECK: OK. I had a conversation with Rush Limbaugh this week. And when you’re on his program, you don’t usually disagree with him, because he’s a pretty bright man. And he said, “Glen, I think this is coming, and I think we’ve got — and the world is going to change within the next 15 years.” And I said, “I hate to disagree with you, but I think we may have three.” How long do we have before it is just too late to wake up?

NETANYAHU: There are different estimates, but they all hover between the two- to four-, five-year range, and we may be wrong. We were wrong about North Korea. And it turned out that they could get…

BECK: But North Korea, when you say North Korea, you know, North Korea, we said it’s unacceptable for North Korea to have nuclear weapons. I think when you — you know, we saw those pictures of that mountain where they tested. I think, when we see the ground rise up in Iran, I think when you see that they’ve successfully tested a nuclear weapon, I don’t think they say, “Hey, well, I’m going to wait for the U.N. to tell us” — I think they make a call to us and say, “Get all of your stuff and get out of the Middle East,” and then game on.

NETANYAHU: Yes. And, well, they’ll go a lot further than that, I can tell you.

BECK: Well, yes.

NETANYAHU: How long will it take? The estimates could be wrong. I was referring to the fact that people thought that North Korea would take longer to produce a device, first device. And here, we think — we don’t know — the official statement give by the chief of Israeli intelligence — and I can say this because it was publicized — it was said in our foreign affairs and defense committee in our Knesset, our parliament, he said it will take them anywhere up to three years to cross all the nuclear technology threshold, and then it takes about a year or two to weaponize.

But this at most would give us five years. It could very well be next year. Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, is boasting that he’s on the express train.

BECK: Right.

NETANYAHU: Yesterday, the international atomic agency commission two days ago found enriched plutonium traces in Iran, which means that they’re moving ahead towards making that weapon. Again, that weapon is aimed at my country. I want to be, as you say, complete open…

BECK: Sure.

NETANYAHU: … divulgence. How do you call it?

BECK: You want to be cards face-up on the table.

NETANYAHU: Absolutely, yes. I’m worried about the survival of my country, but so is Czechoslovakia.

BECK: Sure.

NETANYAHU: It was engulfed, and the Jewish people were engulfed by Hitler. So what? That was on the path towards engulfing the world. And when you have this religious fanatic cult, you do not let it, hating the United States, wanting to bring down the United States, and anything associated with it, like Israel, you do not let these fanatics get their hands on atomic bombs.

BECK: People…

NETANYAHU: And tell your father that they’re not deterrable. That’s the main problem: They’re not deterrable.

BECK: People have said that I was nuts when I said, before we went into Iraq, it is about Iraq. This is about Iran, right, wrong, and why?

NETANYAHU: I think you’re right. I think in the larger – there’s a pecking order here. I think Afghanistan was the first one. It dispatched Al Qaeda. You got the right to do. By getting Iraq, you got Libya. Libya dismantled its nuclear program.

But Libya and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq were essentially neighborhood bullies, very dangerous, very, you know, poisonous, but you could either bring down their dictatorship or force them to become reborn, OK, as Gaddafi was trying to be. They are not suicidal.

If you got Iran, you would have folded the entire chain down and you would have eliminated the most virulent and the most dangerous of the lot. This is a regime that seeks to influence a billion people worldwide, a billion Muslims. Now, granted, they’re not going to influence a billion Muslims, but suppose they influence 10 percent. That’s 130 million or over 100 million people.

And it’s not merely the ability to incite radicals in every Western capital, or in anywhere from San Francisco to Bali, Indonesia, and Bali and even north, south, anywhere. It is that they will have the nuclear weapons to back up terror. They’ll have terror with a nuclear umbrella, so the terror that we’ve seen will be on a scale we haven’t seen. And the greatest terror of all is that they may actually use atomic bombs against our cities and our countries.

BECK: OK. More with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in just a minute. And we get to Iraq and also why so many Jewish people here in America vote for the Democrats.



BECK: Welcome back to the program. We’re spending a whole hour with ex-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from Israel. Are you going to run again?


BECK: Good. Let’s talk a little bit about Iran — I’m sorry, about Iraq. First, honest question: Are you afraid of us? Are you afraid that we’re going soft?

NETANYAHU: Maybe in the short term the United States could have some setbacks. In the long term, the free peoples always win, you know? But the question is: At what cost?

BECK: That really wasn’t the question. I’ll let you escape.

NETANYAHU: Well, come on…

BECK: I’ll try one more time. Are you afraid we’re…

NETANYAHU: I got out of that one.

BECK: We are now proposing a phased redeployment, which, if you would translate, would be cut and run. What happens if we get out of there?

NETANYAHU: I think you’re going to find it a lot more difficult than you think, because what happens when you run, when you cut and run, from terror, terror has this unfortunate quality of chasing you. This is, however, an American decision you make.

BECK: Yes, but a lot of people believe that if we just — you know, they haven’t stood up. I don’t think most people understand the fear that people live under of these kooks that are, you know, beheading people. But they’re saying, “If the Iraqis want it so bad, they should step up for it and we will leave them, because most people think that, well, it’s their responsibility.”

NETANYAHU: Look; I won’t get into a debate on Iran — Iraq, rather, because in a way I think it sidelines the main argument. What you decide to do — it’s an American decision…

BECK: Yes.

NETANYAHU: … whether you leave in phases, you leave with a timetable, you leave with no timetable, you stay in Iraq, OK, either way, if Iran acquires nuclear weapons next door, you lose Iraq. Not only do you lose Iraq, you lose the entire Middle East, and you lose control of the world oil supply, and your cities come under a nuclear threat of a crazy, fanatic regime.

So the question is: Why is the American debate exclusively focused on Iraq when you should look next door? And the last thing you should do — whatever you decide on Iraq, I would give one piece of advice: Do not mortgage that solution to the Iranians. Do not get into a situation where you are giving the Iranians any kind of license to develop their nuclear program in exchange for anything that they do with you in Iraq, do or not do.

You should stop the Iranian nuclear program because it is a great threat to the security of the world and the security of the United States.

BECK: Let me give you my biggest fear. My biggest fear is — we only have one minute? Let me state it, and then I want to come back, because I want to hear your full answer on this.

My biggest fear is that you’re being set up, that Israel is going to – – we’re not going to do anything about it. The rest of the world is already starting to talk, “Hey, let’s talk peace with Iran. Let’s bring Iran and Syria in as partners for peace,” which is absolutely insane. You will be sitting in a position saying, “OK, well, we can’t deal with it”. You’ll go in and do something about it, and then the whole world will turn and say, “It’s Israel. We were close to peace.”

NETANYAHU: Yes, well, that’s what they said about Czechoslovakia when they sacrificed it for Hitler and they thought they’d have peace in their time, and the Munich Accords. And it turned out to have been merely feeding the wolf and wetting its appetite.

But I’ll tell you one thing: Somebody has to take out the Iranian nuclear program.

BECK: OK, I want to get to that. We have to take a quick break. Back in a minute.


BECK: Back with Benjamin Netanyahu, the former prime minister of Israel, talking a little fear-mongering here with Glenn Beck. What a surprise.

We ended with my belief that you’re being set up to make your — because you’re going to — well, let me ask you. Are you going to make a move, if nobody else does, on Iran? Do you feel that you would have to make a move if nobody else does to stop them?

NETANYAHU: If that’s the only option. It has to be stopped. And if it means saving the life of the Jewish state and another 6 million Jews who live in Israel, then the answer is yes, because we reserve the right to live.

The Jewish people are not going to be set up again for a second Holocaust by a man who denies the first Holocaust as he prepares our mass annihilation. What would you do? Suppose somebody said, “We’re going to bomb America. We’re going to destroy America.” And you sit back and you say, “Oh, he doesn’t mean it.” And he prepares, and he does mean it. Are you going to sit back and let him do it?

BECK: I got to tell you, I’ve said this many times before — no offense, Canada, because I know we’ve got a lot of Canadian listeners, but you’d be toast. I mean, if we had somebody sitting on our border saying the same thing, that people on your border are saying, oh, we’d roll over him or her with a steamroller.

But what does that mean? I mean, let’s say you go in. They’re so far underground. Do you, a, have the capability of doing this? And, b, if you did, what does that do to the Middle East and the whole world?

NETANYAHU: I think that it’s not particularly useful to discuss these kinds of questions. I would say that there’s a time factor. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes, the more firepower you need.

The earlier you do it — and you may even — the earlier you do it, you can actually avoid the need for military action. If you had, for example, a concerted international effort, you could probably get Iran to back off. But the longer you wait, the more you have to get into the harder options and the harder the options become.

And I think that that is unfortunate. But you asked me, what will the world look like if action were taken against Iran by us or by you? Would they retaliate? Yes, of course. But they wouldn’t have nuclear weapons to retaliate with. You do not want them to have these atomic bombs.

BECK: I get that. I get that. I’m with you. However, you know, when you say — if you go in and take it…


BECK: … and people will rise up — you know, I was talking to James Baker, and I said, you know, how much trouble is Europe in? We think of these — oh, well, we’ll just be able to, you know, rely on our European allies. My gosh. If the Muslim extremists that are in the center of those cities all throughout Europe ever decide to rise up and connect, the armies of Europe are going to be busy in Europe doing guerrilla warfare street to street.

NETANYAHU: But, you know, it’s an interesting question. There are Muslim communities interspersed now throughout the world and throughout Europe, as well. Many of them, most of them are peaceable people.

BECK: Yes.

NETANYAHU: OK? But there’s an extremist core. The extremists core gets more extreme as the two virulent strains of militant Islam get more and more powerful. When they knock out the World Trade Center, they get new adherents. When Iran acquires nuclear weapons, they get more adherents.

So the Muslim communities around the world are looking at it. They’re sitting in the bleacher, and they’re looking at this, and they’re saying, “Who’s winning, the West, the forces of civilization as we understand it, or the militants?” If the militants appear to be succeeding, then the ability to recruit more radicals in Europe and elsewhere, in the United States, grows. So it’s important…

BECK: Well, that’s because they have an understanding that the reason why they are still living the way they are with sticks and stones is because they haven’t been militant enough in their own religion, that they haven’t submitted enough to Shiva law, et cetera, et cetera.

NETANYAHU: Not true. I think it`s actually the other way around. I think that, if they see them winning, then they say, “Ah, Allah is with us. That means that the direction of extremism has a future.”

What you want to do is actually create despair in the militants. You want to create despair that nothing will succeed; you will never defeat the West. Even if we have setbacks, the free societies, this pro-realistic, free societies that we have, we’ll defeat you. Your way of this pre- medieval, crazy creed that you have, it’s not going to govern the world. There’s no chance that it will govern the world, because the free societies are much tougher than you think.

When they think that, they can’t recruit. When they think the opposite, they do recruit. It’s very important that they understand they’re going to lose and early.

BECK: OK. Now, we’ve talked about millions of people possibly dying in World War III, and nuclear holocaust, and another Holocaust for the Jews, but now let me get to the tough question.

NETANYAHU: That was the easy part?


BECK: That was the easy part. Here’s the tough question. I am so frustrated — and I said you were going to be on. I got so much e-mail from people asking me the same question that we can’t figure out.

Why is it that it seems as though conservatives are the ones that are the most strong on the protection of Israel, we are the most — that we’re the strongest in defense, and yet so many Jews here in America are so on- fire liberal and they side with the people, the politicians who are ready to just give away the candy store?

I don’t understand it, and so many Americans don’t. What is it that they can’t see who’s willing to stand up and think it’s important to defend Israel?

NETANYAHU: There is a difference of opinion, obviously, on what is the right sort of defense. And I’m not going to get into that. I mean, Jewish-Americans…

BECK: I told you it was going to be the hard question.

NETANYAHU: … Jewish-Americans are loyal Americans. They just have a different…

BECK: No, no, no, no, I’m not saying…


NETANYAHU: They have differences among them. You know, some of the most staunchest conservatives in the United States are Jewish, and some of the most staunchest liberals are Jewish, so there are different views. I have enough in my politics in Israel not to get into…


BECK: Sure, not to get into ours.

NETANYAHU: … American politics. And I have enough Jewish politics in Israel, by the way, more than you can imagine.

BECK: Then let me go here on politics where I think you’re a little freer to talk, the United Nations. Holy cow, I don’t understand the United Nations. I don’t understand — I don’t even understand — when I went to Israel for the first time, it was after 9/11, and I really wanted to understand.

And I went to Israel, and I went up to the Israeli-Lebanon border. And I was standing there, and I saw a billboard with beheaded Israeli soldiers and underneath, in Hebrew, it said something along the lines of, “Sharon, your dogs die here.” And it was one of the most shocking — I’m an American — one of the most shocking things I had ever seen. And it was sitting next to a little, like, pillbox area, and it had two flags. It had the Lebanese flag…

NETANYAHU: And the U.N. flag.

BECK: … and the U.N. flag.


BECK: What does that say to you?

NETANYAHU: It says to me that the U.N. is a pretty good separation between consenting adults. If you have two governments who want to make peace between them and they put an U.N. tripwire basically symbolizing their agreement to make peace, then the U.N. works.

Anywhere where you have real combat, anywhere where you have real enemies, anywhere where you have a crazy outfit like Hezbollah, which is really a proxy for Iran that we’re talking about, then the U.N. is fairly useless. It doesn’t really get the job done, and that billboard was a perfect example.

BECK: I don’t mean to be crass here, but they were meat shields for Hezbollah over the summer. They were…

NETANYAHU: Well, you know that we had this whole war in the summer. And Lebanon was ignited by the kidnapping of a few of our soldiers.

BECK: Yes.

NETANYAHU: The previous…

BECK: Which seemed to get lost in the shuffle.

NETANYAHU: Well, the previous kidnapping took place — there was a previous kidnapping of three of our soldiers by Hezbollah, and the U.N. was there. You know what the U.N. did? They photographed it.

So what are they going to do, bring bigger cameras to photograph it, and to have bigger billboards? I mean, this is not — I think the U.N. is of limited value. It started out as a wonderful idea, but the U.N. is a reflection of its components. And if there’s not enough political will to actively face down the extremists, the radicals, the murderers, the killers in the world, then the U.N. can’t really do the job. It`s left to the free societies to do it, unfortunately.

BECK: Then let me go here. We’re going to have to take a break, but when we come back I want the ask you about political will. There were a lot of us rooting for Israel over the summer and saw the way the war was fought and the saw the concessions made and were horrified. Your answer to that here in just a second.



BECK: Back with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sir, I watched the fight this summer with great interest, and it didn’t take me very long to figure out — I watched the events unfold. And within just a couple of days — and, again, I’m a rodeo clown — but it took me a couple of days to go, “Wait a minute. This is all about misdirection. This is all about Iran.”

And for you to lose that war was pretty significant. And I don’t know if you perceive it as a loss, but it certainly was a shift of perception by the rest of the world. You seemed to be the “drive them all the way back to Saudi Arabia” kind of act. Did you perceive that as less than stellar?

NETANYAHU: It certainly wasn’t a victory. I think basically the war was not won because we lacked a strategy, and the strategy’s a very simple one. We faced about 5,000 Ebola, which are really Iranian forward infantry with missiles, when you — in a war, in order to win, you take overwhelming force, with the firepower and mobility. You move very quickly at the enemy’s weakest point. That’s basically how you win wars.

And in our case, we went with almost the same number of troops against right into their gun sites. Not smart. We should have come from the behind, if you will, with 10 times the force.

BECK: So you would say that it was a lack of strategy. It wasn’t your catching our politically correct disease? You’re not fighting a war for media or anything like that?

NETANYAHU: I think the decisions, the strategic decisions were flawed. No, the people fought, even under bad strategy, the Israeli soldiers fought very, very well.

BECK: No, no, I don’t mean — yes, yes, yes. I don’t mean that. I mean…

NETANYAHU: … and ultimately defeated any Hezbollah that were there. But in order to crush an enemy, you have to find his weak point and apply maximum force, and that wasn’t done. And there’s a whole range of commissions now examining in Israel why it wasn’t done. But I think it was basically a problem of strategy and leadership.

BECK: Can either of us win against a foe that understands how to use media, how to manipulate it…

NETANYAHU: Yes, we can win. Of course we can win. We could have won that war. And the next time they do it, you know, if I have anything to do with it, I can guarantee you that the results will be different.

And I think the people in Israel have that power. The soldiers have that power. They have that fighting spirit and ability. But even the best of soldiers need to have the right guidance, the right direction.

And so I wouldn`t give up on the free societies, but we always learn. In history, we see that the free societies, they always get it at the end. But the question is: Do they need what Churchill called a jarring gong of self-preservation? You sort of have to be woken up from your stupor, from your sleep to realize that you’ve got a new Hitler around the block and you have to take action. Do you let him first demolish a few countries and a few millions of peoples?

I hope not. I hope that we have the ability to learn something from history. And certainly, I think that we’re facing a juncture of history unlike any other, where primitive religious creeds are trying to acquire the weapons of mass death. That has never happened before, because nuclear weapons have been around only for half a century. And now the most primitive creed on Earth is trying to get the most advanced weapons on Earth.

And we’d better wake up. We’d better hear the jarring gong of self- preservation and act to preserve our lives, our cities, our children, and our civilization in time.

BECK: What is a sign that people can recognize here? What is it that you — the first sign that you said, back in Israel in the day and you went, “Oh, boy, that’s not good.” What is the sign that may be just beginning to hit over here, that people can recognize over here, and say, “Oh, wait a minute. I have noticed that.” Do you remember the first signs you saw over Israel?

NETANYAHU: I think the most important thing to understand is that — you know the best sign of how dangerous things are? That the president of Iran is not even trying to fake it.

You know, normally, if he wasn’t as fanatic as he is, he’d say, “Well, you know, yes, I think we could recognize Israel if it made the right concessions to the Palestinians.” He’d play along; he’d play the game. He’d say, “We’re not really developing nuclear weapons. We just want nuclear energy for peace.” You know, he’d say all that.

But that’s not what he’s saying. He’s saying — and listen to him carefully. He’s saying, “We’re going to wipe Israel off the map. The Holocaust didn’t happen. America’s the great Satan. Iran will have the power to reshape history.”

Now, a normal person would not say that. An insane person says that. In the 1930s, an insane person wrote in a book called, “Mein Kampf,” “My Struggle,” and that was Adolf Hitler. He said exactly what he would do. He was stark-raving mad, but he communicated.

You asked for a sign? That was a sign, 300 pages of signs, OK? Ahmadinejad every day is writing a page. He’s saying what he’s going to do. That’s the best sign. That tells you that there’s a fanaticism at work here which is not even calculating. He’s just going to do it. And let’s not enable him to do it. Let’s stop him.

BECK: It is interesting to me that “Mein Kampf” is “My Struggle.” Jihad is “my struggle.” Back in a moment.


BECK: Back with Benjamin Netanyahu. In the last break, you said that Islam is the most primitive religion.

NETANYAHU: I didn’t say that.

BECK: You didn’t say that?

NETANYAHU: No. I said that militant Islam is a primitive religion.

BECK: How much of…

NETANYAHU: Most Muslims are not part of this crazy creed.


NETANYAHU: You know, just like you have crazy creeds and crazy cults in Christianity or in Judaism, you have people who are crazy. The difference here is that here you have a crazy cult that is a small percentage, but these are very large numbers when you talk about a billion people. And it’s very violent, very violent, and it may get its hands on nuclear weapons. That’s the reason we’re discussing it.

BECK: All right, only time for one e-mail here. This is from Michelle in Ohio. She says, “I am just an average, middle-class mom and wife in America. What can I do to fight this extremist terrorism? I try to stay informed by listening to Glenn’s show and reading, but I feel helpless.”

So many Americans feel this way. They don’t know what to do.

NETANYAHU: Well, they shouldn’t feel helpless, because the difference between this, what’s happening now and the 1930s, is that, at the time, America was an isolationist power and didn’t operate on the world stage. So as we were facing the tremendous fanaticism and destructive power of Hitler, there was no one to face up to him. France and Britain at the time did not have the kind of leadership or the kind of power to stop him.

The fortunate thing is that, in the first half of the 20th century, the dominant power in the world is the United States. And citizens like the one that wrote in do have power. You have representatives. You have a voice. You have Internet and you have congressmen and senators. Make your views known.

If citizens in a free society rise up, in a society like America rise up, and they say, “We want to act in time while action can be effective, while the danger can be stopped, before it gets out of hand,” then America will act. And in that sense, I have the confidence that we live in a different age because we’ve already witnessed the horrors of the previous century and we know that we have to stop it. And that’s why it fills me with hope that action is possible.

BECK: We are up against the clock here. I’ve only got 15 seconds, but I want to thank you, sir. And thank you for joining us for this hour. And thank you for your service to, not only your country, but, I believe, the rest of the world, as well.

NETANYAHU: Thank you very much.

BECK: Thank you.

NETANYAHU: Thank you.



Sounds like the Ranting of  “Pure Hate”.

Now if this were said of Israel I bet the Zionists would be going mad. They would be screaming from the roof tops. They would be ranting and raving and screaming in the streets.  They would freak.

They would be horrified, but since it was Benjamin Netanyahu it’s OK.

Well it isn’t OK.

Israel has over 200 Nuclear Bombs.

Iran has zero Nuclear Bombs.

Israel has committed war crimes galore.

Netanyahu is saying Iran is Germany in the time of Hitler.

Funny it doesn’t seem like Iran has been attempting to take over anything.

Israel on the other hand has been attempting to take over countries all around them for years.

But whatever turns his crank.

This is Israels New Leader.

Would you want him as your leader?

I certainly wouldn’t want him as my next door neighbor.

An Israeli Scholar has already bragged,

“We Could Destroy All European Capitals” he also said all Palestinians should be deported etc etc.  Deported from their own land???? What is said is pure hate.

The US and Sanctions
The United States has imposed sanctions on Iran for the past three decades since the two countries severed ties in the wake of the 1979 Islamic Revolution that toppled the US-backed Shah.

Well how dare anyone topple a US backed leader.

Well the US like’s Dictators and and very oppressive regimes.

The IAEA has so far made 25 unannounced inspections of the Iran’s nuclear facilities and has published more than 20 reports — all of which confirm that there has been no diversion of the civilian nuclear program for military needs.

IAEA has not inspected Israels however in spite of UN Resolutions. Even J F Kennedy wanted inspections.

Putin Aide’s Stance
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin underscored Iran’s right to civilian nuclear energy.
Talking to the German news magazine Der Spiegel on Saturday, Vladimir Yakunin said “Iran has the right to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

Nuclear Hydro and Medical Isotopes are peaceful purposes and many countries do the exact same thing.

Iran has also signed the Non Proliferation Treaty and “Israel has not”.

Personally I would feel safer having Iran next door to me then Israel.

I know for a fact,  “Israel would find a way to bomb the crap out of my country”. They have proven that repeatedly over the years.

Iran doesn’t need oil or gas they have their own. They have no need to control anyone else, but the US and Israel do. That is obvious in recent years.  No one can argue that. Both countries are war mongers.  All you have to do is listen to their news casters.

They spew out more hate and propaganda, then Iran could ever dream of spewing.  The interview with Beck says it all.

UN backs Goldstone UN Mission Report in spite of Israeli Threats

Aftermath of war: Drug addiction taking a toll in Gaza

Israel: True Cost to U.S. Taxpayers/Legally Israel owns the US Billions

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Netanyahu compares Iran to Nazi Germany in UN speech/ Why is he lying?

September 24 2009

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu caused a stir at the United Nations Thursday when he waved old construction plans for the infamous Nazi death camp at Auschwitz in an attempt to convince the international community to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons.

“The most urgent challenge facing this body today is to prevent the tyrant of Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu said during his speech, referring to Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The comparison between Iran and the Nazi regime comes days after Ahmadinejad again denied the Holocaust.

At the UN, Netanyahu warned that Iran’s nuclear program threatens the whole world, not just Israel.

“Perhaps some of you think (Ahmadinejad) and his odious regime, perhaps they threaten only the Jews. Well, if you think that, you’re wrong. You’re dead wrong,” he said.

Iran continues to deny it is producing nuclear weapons but the country has refused to stop enriching uranium, which can be used to make bombs.

Israel says Iran is a threat because it has a nuclear program, missiles, and its leader frequently talks of Israel’s demise.

During his speech, Netanyahu also showed a copy of minutes from a 1942 meeting at Wannsee Lake in Germany, where Nazis formalized plans to kill millions of Jews.

The blueprints to Auschwitz included details for gas chambers and other facilities at a Nazi-run camp in occupied Poland, where three million Jews died during the Second World War.

The U.S., Israel, and other nations say they want to stop any possible nuclear ambitions Iran may have through sanctions.

There has been speculation Israel might launch a military strike against Iran’s nuclear sites as it did against an unfinished Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981.

This week, Netanyahu said again that “all options are on the table” and Israel “reserves the right of self-defence.”

Netanyahu met briefly with Prime Minister Stephen Harper before Harper went on to Pittsburgh for the G20 summit.

Canada’s delegation walked out of the UN assembly on Wednesday when Ahmadinejad spoke.

Nuclear weapons

Netanyahu’s move came after that the United Nations Security Council  unanimously adopted a U.S.-sponsored resolution calling for stepped-up efforts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons and to promote worldwide disarmament.

From its opening paragraph, the resolution makes clear the council’s commitment “to seek a safer world for all and to create the conditions for a world without nuclear weapons.”

It backs the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, and calls for the ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, two key agreements on nuclear arms control.
The resolution also reaffirms previous sanctions that were imposed on North Korea and Iran for their nuclear activities, but does not call for any new sanctions.

“There is no better way to begin this historic day than to pledge to end nuclear testing,” said UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon before the vote. “The CTBT is a fundamental building block for a world free of nuclear weapons.”

U.S. President Barack Obama presided over the meeting, reaffirming that nuclear arms reduction is one of his administration’s priorities. It was the first time a U.S president has chaired a meeting of the Security Council, said U.S. deputy ambassador Alejandro Wolff.

“The historic resolution we just adopted enshrines our shared commitment to a goal of a world without nuclear weapons,” Obama said following the vote. “It brings Security Council agreement on a broad framework for action to reduce nuclear dangers as we work toward that goal.”

“International law is not an empty promise, and treaties must be enforced,” he said. “We will leave this meeting with renewed determination.”

The leaders of China and Russia were among those who voted in favour of the resolution, which passed by a 15-0 margin.

After the vote, Ban described the resolution’s adoption as a watershed occasion.

“This is a historic moment, a moment offering a fresh start toward a new future,” he said.

Major countries that have not signed on to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty include India, Pakistan and Israel. The draft resolution calls on all countries that have not signed the treaty to do so, in order “to achieve its universality at an early date.”

Presiding over the UN meeting on Thursday fits with Obama’s pledge to support nuclear nonproliferation initiatives. In a speech the U.S. president gave in Prague five months ago, he said he wanted to see “a world without nuclear weapons.”

Obama’s aides called the adoption of the resolution an endorsement of his nuclear agenda.

Under the Bush administration, the U.S. opposed the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. However, Obama plans to court support for the treaty in the U.S. Senate.


Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to compare Iran to Hitlers Germany??????????

He really needs to get a grip on reality.  Iran is nothing like Germany was during the second world war. Not even close. Anyone who believes this man needs an education in the worst way.

Israel is much like Germany however.

They are a mirror image in many ways.

Even the UN made that clarification, “Pertaining to Gaza”.

The way the Palestinians are imprisoned, is much like a concentration camp.

The treatment of prisoner is deplorable. They still torture people, they even “torture children”.

This coming from the country who “forges or steals passports” from other countries, so their spies can scurry around the world assassinating people.

Setting off “car bombs” or bombing people as they sleep in their beds, in other countries I might add. Knowing what I know I have to wonder how many so called suicide bombers, reported on the news, may have actually been “assassinations”?????

Car bombing isn’t that a pretty common thing?  One has to wonder just how many bombs Israel has planted around the world and had other people from other countries blamed for it? That is what they do.

They even fooled the Americans into Bombing  Libya, with the use of the Trojan transmitter, sneaky and cunning. Not so for Libya of course.

One has to wonder how many other wars they have deliberately started?

They are a terrorist nation if there ever was one.

They hide their nuclear capabilities for years. When an employee blew the Whistle they had him  kidnapped form another country and put in prison for years.

Israel made employees of the Nuclear facility drink radioactive material as an experiment.

Israel has over 200 nuclear bombs and refuses to sign the Non proliferation Treaty.

The UN wants weapons inspectors in there and you can be they won’t get in.

J. F. Kennedy wanted inspectors in there during his Presidency and was assassinated before he could finished the job. Kennedy went through hell with Israel.

Even then Israel was doing some very underhanded trickery.

After Kennedy’s assassination,, everything went just the way Israel wanted. To perfect actually. As a result of his death and LBJ taking the Presidency The following occurred.

  • US  foreign and military aid to Israel increased dramatically once LBJ became president.
  • Rather than trying to maintain a BALANCE in the Middle East, Israel suddenly emerged as the dominant force.
  • Since the LBJ administration, Israel has always had weaponry that was superior to any of its direct neighbors.
  • Due to this undeniable and obvious increase in Israel’s War Machine, a constant struggle has been perpetuated in the Middle East.
  • LBJ also allowed Israel to proceed with its nuclear development, resulting in them becoming the 6th largest nuclear force in the world.
  • Finally, our huge outlays of foreign aid to Israel (approximately $10 billion/year when all is said and done) has created a situation of never-ending attacks and retaliation in the Middle East, plus outright scorn and enmity against the U.S. for playing the role of Israel’s military enabler.
  • LB Johnson was the best thing that could have ever happened to Israel.
  • LBJ even turned a blind eye to the USS Liberty attack. He gave them free reign to do whatever they wanted. Kennedy’s death was the best thing that could have ever happened for Israel. This was done to con the US into war with Egypt.

Iran has nuclear facilities yes, Nuclear Hydro.

How many countries around the world have Nuclear Hydro?

Iran has also signed the Non proliferation Treaty something the UN is trying to get Israel to do, but to date has refused. They like their 200 plus nuclear bombs.

Talk about calling the kettle BLACK.

Israel wants to con the rest of the world “again” into going to war. Only this time it is  with Iran. Who has a whole lot of oil to boot.

Anyone who believes Benjamin Netanyahu needs to do a very through reality check. He has even ordered “people assassinated”.

If Ahmadinejad is ever assassinated, you can rest assured,  Israel would be responsible.

That is what they do. They have been doing things like that for years.

They even assassinate other Jews. One of the first being, the young martyr, Dr. Yaakov Yisrael Dehan was murdered on July 1, 1924. He was a man who devoted all his energies and the best years of his life to saving the remnant of loyal Jews, and to promote peace with the veteran Arab residents of the Holy Land. Through his knowledge of politics and diplomacy, Dehan contributed much to crystallizing an independent position for Orthodox Jewry unaffiliated with the Zionist leadership.

The web they weave when they practice to deceive.

Resolution 487 (1981)Israel to place its nuclear facilities under IAEA/Refrain from Acts or Threats

UN nuclear assembly has called for Israel to open its nuclear facilities to UN inspection

Unanimous! UN resolution aims for nuclear-free world

To Israel Hamas is not al-Qaida

Not one penny has reached Gaza to rebuild

IOF willfully kill a Palestinian child in al-Jalazoun refugee camp, north of Ramallah

PA minister accuses Israel of neglecting prisoners’ health

Israel’s Dirty Nuclear Secrets, Human Experiments  and WMD

There are many stories in the Archives pertaining to Israel and her criminal activity. Happy hunting.

Indexed List of all Stories in Archives

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