Khadr legal team turns down plea offer from U.S

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April 28 2010

Omar Khadr was to attend a pre-trial hearing in Guantanamo Bay Wednesday afternoon, hours after his lawyers turned down a purported deal that would see their client serve five years in a U.S. prison as a trade-off for pleading guilty.

The 23-year-old Khadr has been in U.S. custody since he was 15 years old, after being captured in Afghanistan and accused of throwing a grenade that killed a U.S. soldier.

The case involving Khadr — a Canadian citizen and son of Ahmed Said Khadr who died in a 2003 battle — will serve as a test run for the U.S. military justice system, which is supposed to process the remaining Guantanamo detainees so Washington can shut down the controversial prison.

In a case that has taken many twists and turns over the years, Khadr is now at a pre-trial stage, in which his lawyers are trying to have key evidence — a video that appears to show a young Khadr learning how to build an IED — thrown out on the grounds that it was not obtained properly.

Under the U.S. Military Commissions Act of 2009, evidence that is obtained through cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment of a prisoner is not admissible.

Khadr’s lawyers say that under these rules, the video should not be allowed as evidence.

He appeared in a military courtroom on Wednesday morning, but his hearing was pushed back to the afternoon after the prosecution and defence teams acknowledged they needed more time to review the rules for the military court.

CTV’s Lisa LaFlamme said they did not receive copies of the 281-page set of rules until late Tuesday evening.

“Strange as it sounds, on the eve of these very significant — crucial, in fact — pre-trial hearings, there was, in fact, no rulebook for the defence to even operate under,” LaFlamme told CTV News Channel from Guantanamo Bay on Wednesday morning.

The timing of the rulebook’s release was unprecedented, according Denny LeBoeuf, a lawyer with the American Civil Liberties Union. It called into question the fairness of the process, she said.

Such rules are usually released months before they come into effect so that lawyers have ample time to study them.

“There is no set of circumstances like this,” LeBoeuf told The Canadian Press from New Orleans.

“This would literally never happen, not in the most be-knighted backwoods court you can imagine. It would simply never happen.”

The hearing will proceed after Khadr’s lawyers apparently rejected a plea deal from U.S. prosecutors, LaFlamme said earlier on Wednesday.

“Prosecutors have offered a sentence of five years — either here in Guantanamo Bay if it is not closed, or in a U.S. prison — if Khadr pleaded guilty to war crimes offences.”

“The defence turned down that offer. They had been talking, in fact the defence openly discussed yesterday the fact that plea bargain negotiations were ongoing.”

The fact that Khadr has received a plea offer may suggest that the prosecution isn’t confident it could get a conviction on the murder, LaFlamme said. Source

8 years he has been in prison.

If anything he should have been released years ago.

He has been in prison since he was 15.

Even if a soldier did die and if and that is a big IF, he did do it. It would be self defense. After all who did the invading. Oh that’s right the US and NATO invaded Afghanistan on the grounds that they had something to do with 9/11 which as we all well know, is a crock of bull to begin with.

Well for every Afghan that died at the hands of soldier I suppose all of the soldiers should be put on trial for murder as well.  Those soldiers who injured thousands  should also be put on trial for assault causing bodily harm as well .  That would be fair don’t you think?

The kid didn’t go to the US and kill anyone. The US went to Afghanistan and killed and injured  a whole lot of innocent people.

Pre planed,  Pre mediated Murder by the US Government and friends.

To many things were fabricated about 9/11 even many of the Hijackers were found alive and well at home. So they invented Hijackers even.

The miraculous passport that survived the massive flames from the plane crash. Probably forged. Like the document about Iraq getting Uranium from Africa. A lot of fake stuff was invented.

The buildings were brought down by a demolition team, which would have taken  some time to prepare for.

If anyone came to my country and invaded it, I would kill them too given the opportunity.

That does not make me a terrorist. that just means I would defend my country. Self Defense.

Khadr may not have been in his home country Canada, but his life certainly was being threatened. Self defense.

The US and NATO should not be in Afghanistan to start with. There is absolutely no legitimate, legal reason to be there.

They were sent there to get a pipeline built.  That is the only reason they went and invaded the country. Well they got their pipeline.

Now the country is so messed up it’s horrifying and horror grows each an every day. Don’t believe other wise or you are being gullible.

Life has not improved for those in Afghanistan. They have more addiction to heroin, more poverty and more unemployment. They certainly are not safer. Innocent civilians are being killed by the invading  NATO/US forces  all the time.

Who should really be on trial is those who lied and manipulated their way into the invasion in the first place, they are the real criminals not the 15 year old who probably killed no one.  One thing about the US they will find and fabricate lies to prosecute innocent victims. They are very good at that.

The real criminals have killed over a million and half people all based on lies and fabrications.

9/11 was not perpetrated by anyone in Afghanistan or Iraq.

If you believe it was, then  have I got a deal for you, some really awesome real-estate on Mars for sale. Prime property worth millions. I will sell it to you for a good price.  How about $10,000 an acre. That is a bargain,  it is actually worth much more.

So if you are gullible enough to believe the 9/11 myth then land deal is just right up you alley.

Oh yes it would make lovely vacation spot. Warm, Sunny and lot  of open space, so  get you prime real-estate now before it is all sold out.

No weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq either. Now that I think about it. I digress.

There are however a lot of graves. A lot of sorrow. A lot of hate towards the US/NATO forces for all the killing and maiming of families, friends, relatives, children included etc.

If you surrendered  back then well you probably would have been murdered. About 3,00o were slaughtered after they gave themselves up.

Surrendering was and is still  not an option for anyone in Afghanistan. You are either killed, imprisoned for years with out trial and tortured. Some options right?

Afghan Massacre Convoy Of Death

All the people in Afghanistan that have killed any US soldier or NATO soldier are defending their country. Self Defense. They are guilty only of defending their country. After all who invaded who?

Why has no one in the US who created all the lies to start the wars never been prosecuted for Torture, Human rights violations, Mass murder and War crimes?

Where is the real justice in this world?

Why: War in Iraq and Afghanistan

(Afghanistan ) A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Fake Al Qaeda, Fake Passports, Fake planes

War “Pollution” Equals Millions of Deaths

Earlier updates.

May 1 2010  Updates

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Khadr’s defence teams presses for identities of 3 officers


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Harper ‘lies’ about coalition details

PM ‘shameful’ in portraying crisis as national unity issue, former NDP leader says

December 3, 2008

Former NDP leader Ed Broadbent speaking in Toronto Wednesday.

Former NDP leader Ed Broadbent speaking in Toronto Wednesday. (CBC)

To save his own government, Stephen Harper is deliberately trying to deceive Canadians about the facts surrounding a proposed Liberal-NDP coalition, former NDP leader Ed Broadbent said Wednesday.

In an interview with CBC News in Toronto, a furious Broadbent had harsh words for the prime minister, saying Harper was also trying to pit English Canada against Quebecers in his attempt to discredit the proposed coalition to replace him if the Conservative minority government falls.

“I’ve never seen the leader of a Conservative party, certainly not Bob Stanfield, certainly not Joe Clark, lie — I choose the word deliberately — the way Mr. Harper has,” Broadbent said.

The former NDP leader, who helped negotiate Monday’s deal between the New Democrats and the Liberals with the support of the Bloc Québécois, said Harper also lied when he said the three opposition leaders refused to sign their agreement in front of a Canadian flag because Gilles Duceppe, a Quebec sovereigntist, objected.

In fact, there were at least two flags present at Monday’s signing ceremony, as well as a painting of the Fathers of Confederation.

Broadbent said Harper is conducting a “shameful operation” by trying to turn certain defeat in the House of Commons into a national unity crisis.

“I’m concerned I have a prime minister who lies to the people of Canada and knows it,” Broadbent said. “It’s one thing to exaggerate. It’s another to deliberately tell falsehoods.”

The former NDP leader also accused Harper of lying about the details of the proposed coalition, including his charge that the Bloc Québécois is a formal partner and that six Bloc MPs would be offered Senate positions under the coalition government.

The Bloc has said it will support the Liberal-NDP coalition for 18 months in the House of Commons, but none of its members will sit in a cabinet led by Stéphane Dion as prime minister and a Liberal as finance minister.

“They make it up,” he said of Harper’s Conservatives, who have been quick to label the proposal a “separatist coalition.”

“They lie. They pay people to destroy things.”

Clark, Stanfield ‘would have done the proper thing’

Broadbent said he understood how some Canadians are furious to watch politicians fighting while the economy continues to be battered.

“I have no doubt that is how they see it in the short run, but we are doing what should be done in a parliamentary democracy,” he said.

“They’re trying to turn a serious economic situation into a political crisis. We will say we objected because there is a serious economic situation for Canadians.”

The opposition’s proposed economic stimulus package, Broadbent said, contains similar measures to ones planned by U.S. president-elect Barack Obama in the wake of the global economic crisis.

“Other countries are doing it and we should be doing it here,” he said.

He said Harper was betraying the honourable legacy of past party leaders by continuing to delay a confidence vote in the House of Commons. The prime minister pushed back the confidence motion brought by the opposition parties until next Monday and could delay a vote indefinitely by proroguing Parliament.

“I had, my predecessors had a sense of integrity. Bob Stanfield, a Conservative, Joe Clark, a Conservative, had a sense of integrity,” Broadbent said.

“They would have done the proper thing. If we lost the confidence, then we would accept that and have to resign.”


Day denies report of 2000 coalition plot with Bloc

Former Alliance leader once told reporters, ‘I’m not big on labels’

December 3, 2008

Federal Trade Minister Stockwell Day denied on Wednesday he was aware of a secret plan in 2000 for him to take power through a formal coalition between the Bloc Québécois, the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservatives.

Trade Minister Stockwell Day speaks during Wednesday's question period in Ottawa.

Trade Minister Stockwell Day speaks during Wednesday’s question period in Ottawa. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

The Globe and Mail reported on Wednesday that well-known Calgary lawyer Gerry Chipeur, who identified himself as an associate of Day’s and the now-defunct Alliance, sent a written offer to the Bloc and Joe Clark’s Progressive Conservatives before the votes were counted on election day on Nov. 27, 2000.

The 2000 election saw Jean Chrétien’s Liberals win another majority government before the 2004 reunification of the two conservative parties that now comprise Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.

The paper said Chipeur’s letter proposed a coalition between the Alliance, the PCs and the Bloc, while a separate document discussed contents of a potential throne speech.

Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe held up the letter during Wednesday’s question period while grilling the former Alliance leader over the alleged plan, as well as over the Conservatives’ apparent willingness to form a coalition with the separatist party in 2004.

“Will he admit that in 2004, and in 2000, he was prepared to make such a deal with the Bloc?” Duceppe told the House.

The Conservatives have lambasted Stéphane Dion’s Liberals for entering into a proposed Liberal-NDP coalition government with the support of the Bloc if Harper’s minority government were to fall, portraying the pact as undemocratic and a threat to national unity.

Day replied that the report was a “complete fabrication” and that he had never seen the letter, never endorsed it and would never sign such a deal.

“It would be against my very DNA to do a coalition deal with socialists, and it would absolutely go against my heart and the heart of Canadians to do a deal with separatists,” Day told the House on Wednesday, in reference to the current proposed coalition.

In an interview with the Globe, Chipeur played down the importance of the offer, saying he never discussed the matter with Day or with other MPs, and was simply getting ready in the event of a minority government.

But in July 2000, Day indicated a willingness to form political ties with the Bloc if it meant ousting the federal Liberals from power. He said his party’s position was “to be open to anybody who’s interested in a truly conservative form of government.”

“I’m not big on labels,” Day told reporters at the time when asked about a possible coalition to oust Chrétien’s Liberals.

“If there are people who embrace the views of the Canadian Alliance and believe we need a federal government that is limited in size, that respects the provinces and that wants lower taxes, I’m not interested where they may have been in the past politically.”


A Blast from the Past

Prime Minister Stephen Harper responds to a question from newly elected Liberal leader Stephane Dion (background) during Question Period in the House of Commons. (CP PHOTO/Tom Hanson)
Prime Minister Stephen Harper responds to a question from newly elected Liberal leader Stephane Dion (background) during Question Period in the House of Commons. (CP PHOTO/Tom Hanson)

Tories blasted for handbook on paralyzing Parliament
May 18 2007

The Harper government is being accused of a machiavellian plot to wreak parliamentary havoc after a secret Tory handbook on obstructing and manipulating Commons committees was leaked to the press.

Opposition parties pounced on news reports Friday about the 200-page handbook as proof that the Conservatives are to blame for the toxic atmosphere that has paralyzed Parliament this week.

“The government’s deliberate plan is to cause a dysfunctional, chaotic Parliament,” Liberal House Leader Ralph Goodale told the House of Commons.

New Democrat Libby Davies said the manual explodes the Tories’ contention that opposition parties are to blame for the parliamentary constipation.

“So much for blaming the opposition for the obstruction of Parliament,” she said.

“Now we learn, in fact, that the monkey wrench gang have had a plan all along and not just any plan, a 200-page playbook on how to frustrate, obstruct and shut down the democratic process.”

Bloc Quebecois MP Monique Guay said the manual demonstrates the government’s “flagrant lack of respect” for the democratic process.

The opposition demanded that the manual, given to Tory committee chairs, be tabled in the House of Commons.

Peter Van Loan, the government’s House leader, ignored the demand and continued to insist that the Tories want the minority Parliament to work.

He again blamed the opposition parties for its recent dysfunction. He cited various justice bills which have been stalled by opposition MPs in committees for up to 214 days.

“The opposition pulls out every stop they can to obstruct (the justice agenda) and then they get upset when a matter gets debated for two hours at committee,” he scoffed.

But Van Loan’s arguments were weakened by the leak of the manual. The government was so embarrassed and annoyed by the leak, that, according to a source, it ordered all committee chairs to return their copies of the handbook, apparently in a bid to determine who broke confidence.

The handbook, obtained by National Post columnist Don Martin, reportedly advises chairs on how to promote the government’s agenda, select witnesses friendly to the Conservative party and coach them to give favourable testimony. It also reportedly instructs them on how to filibuster and otherwise disrupt committee proceedings and, if all else fails, how to shut committees down entirely.

Some of those stalling tactics have been on display this week.

Tory MPs on the information and ethics committee stalled an inquiry into alleged censorship of a report on the treatment of Afghan detainees. They debated the propriety of the witness list for more than five hours while two critics of the government’s handling of the matter cooled their heels in the corridor.

The official languages committee has been shut down all week after Tory chair Guy Lauzon cancelled a hearing moments before witnesses were to testify about the impact of the government’s cancellation of the court challenges program. All three opposition parties voted to remove Lauzon from the chair but the Tories are refusing to select a replacement, leaving the committee in limbo.

Tories have also launched filibusters to obstruct proceedings in the Commons agriculture and procedural affairs committees and a Senate committee study of a Liberal bill requiring the government to adhere to the Kyoto treaty on greenhouse gas emissions.

The previous Liberal regime also tried to control the conduct of committees. Former prime minister Jean Chretien even faced a mini-rebellion during his final months in office from backbenchers who chafed at being told what to say and do at committee. They demanded the right to choose their own committee chairs.

But Davies, a 10-year parliamentary veteran, said the Tories have taken manipulation to extremes she’s never seen before.

“They’ve codified it. They’ve set it down. They’ve given instructions.”

Both Davies and Goodale agreed that the recent dysfunction may be part of a long term Tory strategy to persuade voters that minority Parliaments don’t work, that they need to elect a majority next time.

But Goodale predicted the ploy won’t work because Canadians will realize that the Tories are the “authors of this stalemate.”

Goodale said the manual also demonstrates that the government is in the grip of an “obsessive, manipulative mania,” run by a prime minister who has “a kind of control fetish” in which there can’t be “one comma or one sentence or one word uttered without his personal approval.”


They can lie all they want but the truth is coming out. The Present Conservatives have been manipulative and lieing for some time. They are not really conservatives anyway.

The Alliance took them over.

So really what Canadians have is an Alliance Government, not Conservative Government.

The Alliance is just a right wing nightmare.

Similar to George Bush and his Republicans.

Nothing to worry about now is there?

Canadians really need to wake up and stop looking through those rose colored glasses and take a long hard look at what is really happening in their country.

Canadian Leaders Fighting tooth and nail

Prime Minister Harper officially endorses North American Union!

Stephen Harper lied about Cadman Tape

Stephen Harper hid the actual cost of the War

Harper has done nothing to get this kid our of Guantanamo Bay. I guess he must think it is alright to keep this child in prison and torture is just fine.

Ontario lawyers call on Prime Minister to ask U.S. to return Omar Khadr

Ontario lawyers call on Prime Minister to ask U.S. to return Omar Khadr

Les avocats de Khadr contestent que Harper prétende n'avoir d'autre choix