Greece: Riots and police brutality on first day of Alexandros Grigoropoulos murder anniversary

flames on the streets of Athens, and burning the greek flag

Riots have broken out in Athens and Salonica during the first day of A. Grigoropoulos murder anniversary with police demonstrating extreme brutality leaving two people seriously wounded by a motorised charge on the Athens march.

Police brutality during the marches to comemmorate the first anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos murder surpassed any limit today, in a coordinated operation of barbarity and crude violence against protesters across greece. Under socialist orders police violence has left dozens of people wounded.

In Athens the protest march called at 13:00 in Propylea was attacked by riot police forces before even starting. Protesters fought back erecting flaming barricades and forcing the police to retreat with use of rocks. Protesters also occupied the rectorial headquarters of the University of Athens in Propylea, lowering the greek flag and flying a black flag in its place. The march continued to Omonoia square where more clashes took place and several shops were destroyed -one consumed in flames. At Syntagma square motorised police forces (Delta team) charged the march from Ermou street. After the charge the Delta-team thugs dismounted and threw rocks at the protesters. As a cause of the police orgy in violence, an elderly member of the Worker’s Revolutionary Party-Trotskyist (EEK) has been reported to be in serious condition due to head injuries: Ms Koutsoumbou, a veteran prisoner of the anti-dictatorship struggle, was hit by a Delta force motorbike during the mounted charge on the crowd. According to Savas Michail, leading member of EEK and major radical philosopher, Ms Koutsoumbou is in intensive care having received far worse hits than during her tortures by the colonels’ junta. One more man has been hospitalised with serious injuries. At the time 60 people are reported detained.

In Salonica the 3,000 strong protest march turned violent when riot police attacked it without any provocation with tear gas and blast grenades. Clashes ensued along the main avenue of the city. The police surrounded some 200 protesters outside the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace, but were liberated by the rest of the march. The previous night the police broke the university asylum in the Salonica Polytechnic arresting 8 people who the authorities claim had attacked the International Expo with molotov cocktails. The march in Salonica has not been concluded at the time of writing and the situation is particularly tense as the protesters are returning to the main avenue to protest against police brutality.

In Larissa the protest march proceeded through the main streets of the city smashing CCTV cameras, coming under attack by riot police forces. The protesters errected barricades and engaged the cops with stones and other projectiles.

There is little information about the course of the marches in other greek cities.

At the same time, the 21 people arrested in the anarchist social centre Resalto last night have been charged under the notorious anti-terrorist law for construction and distribution of explosives (beer bottles and two bottles of heating oil).

The protest marches for the 1st anniversary of Alexandros Grigoropoulos murder by police will continue on Monday, while at 21:00 on Sunday there will be a memorial demo at the spot of his shooting in Exarcheia.


The police on Moter Bikes are targeting people.

This is the story that is being told to the rest of the World

This is what happens when people are oppressed.

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Greece’s worst protests in decades, sparked by the shooting of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos, have fed on simmering anger at high youth unemployment and the world economic crisis.

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Activists in Greece demanded the interior minister’s resignation on Monday over the severe injury of a Pakistani man in an alleged police attack on asylum-seekers.

The 24-year-old Pakistani man has been in a coma since December 6 2008.

In October, another Pakistani asylum-seeker died after falling into the same riverbed while allegedly trying to avoid police.

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A few weeks after the “departure”, in 1974, of the US-supported dictatorship in Greece, I was in the luxurious ground floor of the Bank of Greece where I was filling some forms to secure the necessary exchange for the purchase of a book from a US publisher. I was sitting at a long heavy table. It was early in the day, there were not many people in the huge ground floor and the two security policemen there came and sat at the other end of the table and started chatting. I was wearing a US-made sport jacket. They took me for a foreigner and started talking freely. The older (fat) one says: “So, Karamanlis came from Paris [after the dictatorship] and instead of giving us money, the asshole bought helmets and riot gear for us”. That, Karamanlis, was the uncle of the (rather rotund) present Karamanlis, the Prime Minister of Greece. Karamanlis, the uncle, is referred to as the “Ethnarch” [the “father” of the nation]. Actually, he was a US-chosen rightist proxy to administer Greece on behalf of the US in the early 1950s.

A glimps into the minds of Greek Teenagers

The problems in Greece stem fro US intervention and installing a Dictator.  Does this sound to familiar.

Recently this has happened in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The US installed who they choose not who the people really want. Don’t kid yourselves to think those people were elected they were chosen.

The US with the help of Israel has been propping up Dictators around the world for years. They should leave the world alone.  They create police states not democracy.The create wars for profit and to control the worlds resources.

The Global warming scam was to further deepen their control over the worlds resources including the farmers.

The  Climate change scam was world wide. This was to create a world Government. Fortunately a Hacker retrieved E-mails from the scientists who were bought an paid for by those behind the Global Warming Hoax.

Global warming is a Fraud, It’s actually cooling

I like Lord Christopher Monckton read the draft copy of the Copenhagen  “Proposed Treaty”.  The link to it is in the above link.

It certainly left a lot to be desired. 90% of rules laws and regulations would be created after those world leaders signed it. The rules laws and policies are unknown and would be created by a select few.  They would be creating yet another Bank like the World bank or IMF which both contributed to world pollution. They both also lead to extreme abuse of third world countries as did Free Trade Agreements that allow polluters to destroy the environment of all countries.   Check my archives and the information is all there. They would be the world Dictators and Dictate what countries can or cannot do. They would create and enforce the laws. The warmongers being the countries that cause wars and pollution would be the Dictators of policy, new laws and enforcement.

The pollution left from these entities is horrendous.  Mining companies are devastating many countries.  Many countries have paramilitaries to control the innocent people living there as in Columbia  Union members are murdered.  Coca Cola is not a nice corporation.

All of the entities are set up to assure corporations cheap labour and the theft of natural resources.  All for profit and control over regions.
We cannot believe everything we are told by our Governments.  Many are bought and sold by outside forces. Main stream media is now owned by a select few who control what we are told.

Fox News for example is nothing but a propaganda spewing, hate mongering,  misrepresentation of anything real. You will not get the truth about what is happening from them.  Ex employees told us that.  They will tell you what they want you to believe not necessarily the truth. If we should have anything removed from the planet is should be war pollution.  It has long term affects and kills millions around the world. This of course was never touched in the Global warming scam. War Pollution is deadly to all of us. It is the cause of cancer and deformities etc on a massive scale. War  Pollution is the deadliest type of pollution known to man. The mining,  creation  and use of the weapons is beyond outrageous. Not once did we hear anything about the elimination of this type of pollution.

Also in the past few years Israel has bee attempting with the help of the US to remove the freedoms of Canadians.

Israel: Attempting to take away Canadians Freedom of Speech

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