Israeli troops fire warning shots at European diplomats

Israeli troops fire warning shots at European diplomats

France summons Israeli envoy over Gaza shots

January 28 2009


France has summoned Israel’s ambassador to protest as French and other European diplomats were blocked for hours on the Jewish state’s border with the Gaza Strip and Israeli soldiers fired warning shots at their convoy.

A diplomatic convoy carrying France’s consul general was halted by Israeli troops at the Erez border crossing on Tuesday and held for six hours as it tried to leave the Gaza Strip and return to Jerusalem, a spokesman said.

“The convoy, which included other European diplomats, was subject to two warning shots from Israeli soldiers,” French foreign ministry spokesman Eric Chevallier told reporters during a briefing.

Chevallier said France’s consul general based in Jerusalem and several of his colleagues travelled to Gaza to assess the reopening of border crossings and to inspect projects funded by France.

He said the Foreign Ministry summoned Ambassador Daniel Shek “to protest against this unacceptable incident and demand explanations from him”.

For three weeks until Jan. 18, Gaza saw fierce fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas, the Palestinian group which controls the territory that left 1,300 Palestinians dead, according to Gaza medics.

Both sides have declared ceasefires but tensions remain, and international diplomats are attempting to broker a lasting peace.

An Israeli soldier was killed by a bomb at a different location on the border with the Gaza Strip on Tuesday and troops then killed a Palestinian, violence that strained the ceasefire and left people in Gaza fearing further Israeli attacks.


They are lucky the Israelis didn’t shoot them like they shoot the Palestinians continually. They should try being a Palestinian for a few years and take in the starvation and blockade. To live it is to understand it. They have no idea whatsoever what it is like to be a prisoner in Gaza.

France to send frigate to patrol waters off Gaza

Says in full cooperation with Egypt and Israel

Sarkozy went on two Mideast tours during the Israeli offensive in Gaza

January 23 2009


France will deploy a frigate carrying helicopters to international waters off the coast of Gaza to participate in a mission against arms trafficking in the territory, the presidency said Friday.

A statement from President Nicolas Sarkozy’s office said the surveillance, aimed at preventing arms trafficking by sea to Hamas-ruled Gaza, would be carried out in full cooperation with Egypt and Israel.

“What is urgent now is to consolidate the ceasefire, and that requires humanitarian action, a total halt on arms trafficking to Gaza, the durable reopening of the border crossings, reconstruction and inter-Palestinian reconciliation,” the statement said.

Sarkozy went on two diplomatic tours of the Middle East during the Israeli offensive in Gaza to try and obtain a ceasefire. He said that France was ready to help bring back peace in whatever way it could.

Israel’s 22-day offensive, launched to stop Hamas fighters from firing rockets at southern Israel, killed 1,300 Palestinians and injured more than 5,000 others. Thirteen Israelis were killed: 10 soldiers and three civilians hit by Hamas rocket fire.

The statement from Sarkozy’s office called for close coordination as quickly as possible between the new U.S. administration and European partners to propose complementary actions to combat arms trafficking by land and by sea.

“These actions must be matched by a total and permanent reopening of the border crossings to Gaza. That is why the president reiterated his call for a rapid re-activation of the Rafah checkpoint, under European control in which France will take part fully,” the statement said.

Israel on Friday dismissed a number of other international calls for a full reopening of border crossings with Gaza.


President Nicolas Sarkozy should be sending the damb frigate to protect the Fishermen and those in Gaza if anything.  But NO.

He must make sure Israel is protected.  Like they need protection.  They are the problem. They do not want Peace and never have. They only want to keep killing.

Their leaders are are Criminals.

Why is France protecting war criminals?

Seems the innocent die and the criminals get protection.

So how about we let all the murderers in the world our of  prison  and put all the innocent civilians in jail. That is exactly what has been done to the Palestinians, they are the innocent in the “Concentration Camp” and the criminals are the ones getting help to make damb sure they stay their totally defenseless.

How bloody stupid are people? Assisting Israel on any count, is assisting bloodthirsty, power hungry, lieing,  murderers.

So “Who” will protect the Palestinians?

“Who” is going to stop Israel from killing even more of them?

Seems no one has the intelligence, to realize the Palestinians are the ones, who need the protection.

The evidence is right in front of them and they are too blind to see who the real victims are.

Well Israel needs to be disarmed the sooner the better. Before they blow up all of the Middle East and Europe. And they would mark my words they most certainly would.

Hamas has wanted Peace for some time. Israel is the one, who does not now, or ever wanted Peace.

The blockade is illegal and inhumane.

Israel is the abusive parent beating the crap out of a baby. There is  no difference.  Apparently the parent who murders their children goes to jail. That is the only difference.

Israels behavior is pure insanity. Seems the West and Europe suffer from the same insanity. Nothing like a bunch of bloodthirsty power hungry lunatics sticking together.

Goes to show what kind of leadership there is in the world and they have the nerve to call themselves Civilized.

Well if nothing else, we can take notes on who supports Israel in their bloodthirsty rampage and not vote for them, because it is obvious they are as corrupted as the leaders in Israel itself.

When is the US going to stop supporting the “Welfare Bums”? That is what Israel is, a bloody welfare bum. A welfare bum, that murders innocent people no less. Pre-meditated murder at that.

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