Arrest of Israeli officer leading organ trafficking ring

Arrest of Israeli officer leading organ trafficking ring
The Israeli police said Wednesday it arrested a senior military officer leading a human organ trafficking ring that deals with other gangs in Europe active in this kind of crimes, noting that the officer is involved in this scandal with other five Israelis.

April 8 2010

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, — The Israeli police said Wednesday it arrested a senior military officer leading a human organ trafficking ring that deals with other gangs in Europe active in this kind of crimes, noting that the officer is involved in this scandal with other five Israelis.

The police added that this gang was discovered after they defrauded a Palestinian woman from Al-Nasser city and stole one of her kidneys taking advantage of her need for money, which prompted her to file a complaint that led to the arrest of the officer, two lawyers and Israeli citizens.

Haaretz newspaper reported that the woman underwent medical examinations to ensure a match, and she was then flown to a country in eastern Europe where they extracted her kidney.

The woman said that when she returned to the occupied Palestinian lands, she did not receive the money promised to her.

Police investigations indicated that this ring hunts their victims through internet and newspaper advertisements and sells one kidney for about $120,000 in European countries.

Similar crimes about human organ harvesting were reported worldwide last year including a report prepared by Swedish journalist Donald Bostrom accusing Israel of stealing human organs from thousands of Palestinian victims it has killed since 1960 especially during the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising).

US human rights activist T. West posted a video tape on Youtube website accusing Israeli soldiers participating in relief operations in Haiti of stealing organs from victims of the earthquake.

He revealed that staff at the Israeli ministry of war entered Haiti at the pretext of helping the quake-affected people in order to steal human organs.

An FBI sting in New Jersey also exposed last year an organ trafficking ring including Israeli rabbis that operated for more than a decade. Source

Police smash Israeli organ-trafficking ring

A retired army brigadier general is among six suspects arrested by Israeli police investigating an organ-trafficking ring, police say.

The organisation offered as much as $100,000 (£65,600) for kidneys, which were transplanted by doctors in poor countries, a sting operation uncovered.

Police said they had been “shocked” by the extent of the smuggling ring.

Retired Gen Meir Zamir, arrested in connection with the trafficking, won a medal of valour in the Yom Kippur War.

‘Dream come true’

The trafficking ring came to light after a 50-year-old woman from Nazareth came to police.

We ran an undercover investigation and we were shocked by the proportions of this
She told them she was flown to Azerbaijan where doctors removed her kidney.

On her return to Israel she was expecting to be given $100,000, but she never received the money.

Another 18-year-old man complained to police after he was offered $80,000 and flown to the Philippines to have the operation.

“We ran an undercover investigation and we were shocked by the proportions of this,” Police Superintendent Ahron Galor told Ynet News.

“We learned there are many people willing to sell a kidney for just £10,000. These are people who have severe financial difficulties, for whom such a sum is a dream come true.”

Forging documents

The traffickers advertised online, suggesting there was another solution for people who had been waiting for kidney transplants for years.

They offered the kidneys for sale for $140,000.

As well as Gen Zamir, two lawyers were among those arrested in the sting operation.

The lawyers are suspected of forging documents which said the recipient and donor were related.

Police said members of the ring tried to cover their tracks by hiding the Israeli medical records of the donors.

This made it hard for donors to be treated if they became sick following the surgery. Source

I guess Israel had to admit to Organ theft yet again. Well this is just one there are of course more. They just haven’t been found yet.

If One kidney is worth $120,000 you can be sure there are many more, who traffic organs.


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Swedish PM: No apology to Israel in regards to article Swedish newspaper reveals Israeli army murders Palestinians for their organs

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt

August 23, 2009
The Swedish prime minister says his country will not apologize for an article in a Swedish newspaper accusing Israel of killing Palestinians to plunder their organs.

“No one can demand that the Swedish government violates its own constitution. Freedom of speech is an indispensable part of Swedish society,” Fredrik Reinfeldt was quoted as telling the Swedish news agency TT on Saturday.

Swedish top diplomat has also ruled out any plan to apologize to Israel.

“The government does not review individual articles or what is published in the press. That is not our task,” Foreign Minister Carl Bildt told Swedish radio news.

In an article titled “They plunder the organs of our sons”, the daily Aftonbladet said Israeli soldiers abduct young Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza Strip and return their bodies to their families after removing their organs.

“Our sons are used as involuntary organ donors,” relatives of Khalid a Palestinian man from Nablus told Donald Bostrom who authored the report, which was published on Aug. 17.

Bostrom has told Press TV that an international war crimes investigation awaits Israel over its soldiers’ harvest of organs from dead Palestinians.

The freelance journalist underscored that the International Court of Justice — the principal judicial body of the United Nations — will likely investigate the report.

And we don’t want anyone in their digging out the truth now do we?

Israel delays press credentials for Sweden team

August 23 2009

Israel denies press credentials for the Swedish daily Aftonbladet amid a row over an article accusing Israeli troops of involvement in an organ theft scandal.

The newspaper published They plunder the organs of our sons last Tuesday, suggesting that the Israeli army kidnapped and killed young Palestinians to harvest their organs.

The article, authored by freelance journalist Donald Bostrom, sparked outrage among Israeli officials who immediately called on Sweden to condemn the report.

The Swedish Embassy in Tel Aviv called the report “appalling,” but Sweden’s Foreign Ministry refused to condemn it, saying the country has a “free press.”

Now two journalists for the Scandinavian daily will have to wait for Israeli press credentials, CNN reported.

The reporter and cameraman from Aftonbladet were told Sunday when they applied for press accreditation that the process could take up to 90 days and that the newspaper’s decision to run the organ harvesting article last week will be taken into consideration when the request is considered.

“We have no duty to supply them with press cards immediately; we have 90 days to decide about their status,” said Danny Seaman, the head of Israel’s press office.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the Swedish government to condemn the article.

“We’re not asking the Swedish government for an apology, we’re asking for their condemnation,” an official – speaking on condition of anonymity – quoted Netanyahu as saying.

Typical behavior of Israel. They also block all reporters during the war on Gaza as well. Can’t let anyone find out the truth. If they are blocking reporters you bet your ass they have something to hide.
Israeli soldiers and Israel itself are responsible for many horrible atrocities against the Palestinians.  This is just one more.
Israel has never treated the Palestinians with any respect whatsoever.
Israel has never apologized to anyone so why should anyone apoligise to them for enlightening people.
Israel attempts to manipulate foreign media and countries to support their terrorizing the Palestinians.
Those who support Israel should be taking a good, long,  hard look in the Mirror.
From the conception if Israel in the Middle East there has been war,  “Caused by Israel”.
Congratulations to Sweden for standing up for the Free Press and Justice. It is a rare thing indeed to see any country honestly stand up against Israel.
Other countries whimper and whine and buckle to Israels wishes.
They swallow the lies Israel spreads and support Israels atrosities against the Palestinians.
US  one of main offenders.
Any country who supports Israel should hang their head in shame.
The International Court of Justice should launch an investigation. A crime has been committed by Israel yet again.  One of many.
Criminals should not be allowed to go free.
One has to wonder WHY Israel gets so much support.
Their country should also be opened up to Weapons Inspectors as well.

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