Pentagon Insider Says Green Light On Israel/USA To Strike Iran Within 2 Weeks

Security specialist, ex cia agent , Steve Pieczenik, breaks down the fake terror plot and how it will be used by Israel as reason to attack Iran. The USA, and probably the UK, will back up the military action taken by Isra-hell

Part 1

Part 2

Iran does not attack other country’s. The propaganda fed to the public by the US/Israeli propaganda machine is not to be believed. They lies that have been fed to the public are all to obvious in recent years right down to 9/11. It was and inside job. To believe otherwise just reinforces the brainwashing, propaganda machine is working.

Iran is not the evil demon painted by the US/Israeli Governmnets or other NATO countries.

NATO is more of a terrorist organization then any other. They should be charged with war crimes as should the perpetrators of this Fake premeditated murder plot to kill innocent people in Iran.

The wars in the last few decades, have been waged under false pretenses. All were based on lies. Not one single person in Afghanistan had anything to do with 9/11. Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. False and we all know it. Libya was pure BS NATO was not their to help anyone. All lies. A multitude of war crimes committed in every country. Israel has also committed many war crimes Gaza/Lebanon and not one person has ever been charged or convicted form any of those wars.

Israel is very good at fabricating lies and use the self defense BS to a point of nausea.

If Israel does Attack Iran I can only hope other countries will come to the aid of Iran.

Israelis are in danger from their own Government, not Iran.

If Israel starts a war to bad, so sad, if their civilians get harmed. They are responsible for their own demise.

Very few around the world except the brainwashed will care. No pity party this time.

No one will be cheering for the Israeli murders.

People around the world know the truth.

The stupid Gentiles/Goy as they call everyone, are not so stupid this time.

So if bombs come raining down on Israel, because the foolish Israelis trust their government so much, “tough”.  You are responsible for the actions of your country. Cheer on your Leaders, but don’t be shocked if you die because of them.

Over the years I have seen how these cold, blooded, killers, operate and you get no pity from me.

May you rest in peace.

FED up with all WARS.

Warmongers make me sick. Nothing worse then  lieing politicians who leads their people into  unfounded war. They should all be thrown in prison never to see the light of day again.

Genocide is illegal. Murder is illegal. Lieing to start a war is treason.

Of course Israel thinks it is above the law as does NATO these days.

All have broken International laws.

Israel on freedom of speech, well there’s a laugh.

If you Question the Holocaust you are either Anti Semitic or a Holocaust denier.

If you Question Israels policies you are of course anti Semitic. Blah blah blah.

Well I have see Jews threatened by other Jews, more then I have ever seen a Gentile threaten a Jew.

That is a fact. They have even been given death threats not only to them but their families. So the Jew who speaks out against Israeli policies or questions the Holocaust could be murdered by fellow Jews/Zionists..

This type of behavior has been noted by myself and others on many occasions. All to often. So the freedom of speech that has been taken away from the Press and Gentiles, has also been taken away from Jewish people as well.

If you want to hide a lie, take away peoples “freedom of speech”.

Make laws so no can question certain historical events. If you talk about/question the event you go to jail. Well if that is not a fabulous way to keep people from finding the truth. Throw them in jail. When that can’t be done threaten to kill them. It’s been done numerous times to Jews as well as Gentiles.

They have lost their jobs, been terrorized and stalked repeatedly and the list goes on and on.

So if you never want the real truth to be told this is how you keep it hidden.  Why else would you create such a Law? If there was nothing to hide, there would be no need for this type of Law now would there?

UN Member States Must Demand Action Against NATO War Crimes

A lovely history lesson. This fellow did his homework.

Be patient and you will learn some truths you may not know.

Here you will also find much more valuable information you may not know. You maybe very surprised by what you learn.


Jewish ‘Heroes’ Contest: “self-loving” Jew VS “self-destructive.

Wall Street and Greek protests spread to Brussels

We fabricated drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas, former NYPD detective testifies

Wall Street/Washington Protesters an Inspiration to Behold

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Israel still Bombing Gaza/Petition To EU

Israel bombs Gaza tunnels in series of air raids.

(If they opened the borders to let the food and other necessities in, the tunnels would not even have ever existed. If you were in the “Concentration Camp” and you were “Starving” you would build tunnels too.  Bombing the tunnels is to stop food and other necessities from entering Gaza. is it not odd, that out of the 6,000 rockets Israel has said Israel was hit by, that “only 4 people in 8 years” have been killed by them? Think about it? That is pretty illogical,imagine 6,000 rockets dropping in your area adn tell me that only 4 in 8 years would be so unlucky as to die. Out of 6,000 the odds are much greater there would be more deaths. If someone told me Israel was the one sending said rockets, that would actually make more seance.  In that there is logic and reason. Those rockets are their excuse, for mass murder, the destruction of all the homes, buildings and farm land in Gaza is it not?It rather reminds me of the wild wild west, when folks use to dress up as Indians and attack the civilians so a treaty could be broken. Hence they could kill more Indians and steal more land from them. The entire agenda behind Zionist is to steal the land and kill the inhabitants. Just like it was the intention of stealing the land from the Indians in North and South America. There is no difference whatsoever. No difference at all.)

By Nidal al-Mughrabi
February 2 2009

Israel launched a series of air strikes in the Gaza Strip yesterday, targeting a Hamas security complex and tunnels used to smuggle weapons after vowing a “disproportionate” response to cross-border fire.

The aircraft carried out half a dozen strikes after three Israelis were injured by a mortar salvo, including two soldiers and the first Israeli civilian hurt since an 18 January truce ended Israel’s 22-day offensive in the coastal enclave.

There were no reported casualties in the air attacks. Five of the strikes targeted tunnels along Gaza’s border with Egypt, used to smuggle weapons into the coastal enclave, in a zone known as the Philadelphi corridor.

A further Israeli attack was on a security headquarters in a village in central Gaza that residents said had been vacated after Israel telephoned warnings to Palestinians to leave buildings that housed any weapons.

An Israeli military statement said that “in response to rocket and mortar fire today, the air force has attacked a number of targets in the (Gaza) Strip, including six tunnels and a Hamas position.” Hamas said five tunnels had been bombed.

Egypt, with US backing, has been trying to broker a long-term ceasefire that would end Hamas weapons smuggling into Gaza and also lead to a reopening of Gaza border crossings, one of Hamas’s main demands.

Israel’s blockade of Gaza, since Hamas Islamists seized the coastal territory from Western-back Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in 2007, has led to shortages of crucial supplies for many of the 1.5 million Palestinians living there.

Israel’s renewed air strikes came as its leaders took a hard line against rocket fire from Gaza ahead of a Feb. 10 national election, which opinion polls predict right-wing leader Benjamin Netanyahu, who favours a tougher stance toward Hamas, will win.

About a dozen rockets and mortar bombs were fired from Gaza yesterday, the Israeli military said.

A wing of al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, a group belonging to Abbas’s Fatah faction, said it fired some of the rockets, but not all were claimed.

(So where exactly did they get this bit of information from the Israelis?)


Hamas agreed to a long term, ceasefire sometime ago.

Israel and the US have done everything within their power to stop any such thing from happening.  They say they say they say. But it is all lies. Just part of the  “floor show” for the public. They really have to try and convince the public they are doing something. It’s all to ovbious however they are doing nothing.

They continue to Blame Hamas or anyone else, but the fact stands Israel is the one who continually is breaking the Ceasefires.

Their propaganda is wearing rather thin. They repeatedly use the same old scripted reasoning to justify  their attacks. They have done nothing to keep their part of the ceasefire, if anything they have continued to antagonize the Palestinians.

The Palestinians are still in a “Concentration Camp”. They are still being “bombarded” by Israel, they are still treated like abused animals in a cage, so what has actually changed other then nothing. Not a single thing has changed.

Anything Israel says at this point in time is pure BS. They have absolutely “no credibility” what so ever. If anyone believes their rhetoric, they should check themselves into a “reality check clinic” for a check up.

Israel has “violated” more “International Laws” then one can even imagine.  They are nothing more then mass murders.

The UN have done little to nothing to enhance the safety of Palestinians other then putting on a fabulous floor show for the public.

The US has done nothing other then put on a “floor show” as well.

I am totally disappointed in Obama’s lack of anything tangible being done. Removing the $6.5 million a day in Aid to Israel would go a long way to send a clear message, that Israels behavior is unacceptable.

But no just the same repetitive,  garbage, as usual.

Just another floor show nothing, more then George Bush would have done. The US tax payers pay for this. Many in the US are going hungry to pay for Israels continued warmongering.

Zionists do not represent now, nor ever have represented the Jewish communities of the world. Their voice is pure propaganda.

There are 25,000 Jews in Iran and they and the Arabs live with each other in Peace. What does Israel want to do. Destroy what they have build. They would try to convince you, this is not possible.

Zionist would have you believe that Jews are only safe in Israel, which is anything but true. Heaven forbid Jewish people who are anything but Zionists, could live in peace with others. Israel in all honesty has a very poor record on poverty issues. Many of their citizens live in poverty.

If anyone think Israel is so wonderful and believe in the Zionist movement, then leave you secure homes, move there and like many you will discover it is not anything, like you were told it was. Just a lot of pipe dreams and fantasies, created by some PR firm somewhere. Many who have gone to Israel based on lies and propaganda have found this to be true.

Zionist promote hatred toward Jews, to enhance their own agenda.

When Zionists speak they represent only their own agenda, not that of the rest of the Jewish communities around the world.

Zionists are not what they pretend to be. For them to say they represent all Jewish people is like saying, the KKK represent all White People. Or like saying the Westboro Baptist Church represents all Baptist in the world. There is a grand difference is there not.

If a simpleton like myself can figure this out, why is it the rest of the world “especially those in power”, have difficulty in seeing the true nature of the Zionist movement.


The EU-Israel Association Agreement allows Israel preferential trading terms with EU countries However, article 2 of the terms of this agreement states that all parties must respect human rights.Israel is clearly in breach of these terms and our petition calls for an immediate suspension of the agreement

We will be presenting the petition to MEPs at the European Parliament in Brussels at an event hosted by the Green Party on Tuesday 31st March. So please sign this petition and forward it to all your contacts in the UK and across Europe, and let’s make this something the EU has to take notice of!
Please pass on this petition.

Israel Broke Ceasefire From Day One

What an Aid Worker Saw in Gaza, Then and Now

Israel: “Did You Know?”

Israel abducted over 5,000 people and put them in prison

Indexed List of all Stories in Archives

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