Hate Messages from KKK Rears Its Ugly Head On Long Island

Incident Follows Alleged Gang Bias Killing Of Man In Patchogue And Anti-Barack Obama Graffiti In Mastic

Hateful Newsletter Turns Up On Windshields And Driveways

This newsletter appeared in several driveways and on car windshields in the Long Island community of Islip Terrace on Nov. 12, 2008.

ISLIP TERRACE, N.Y. (CBS) ― Messages of hate were left at the front doors of homes in our area on Wednesday.

Residents on an Islip Terrace street said hate hit their driveways and doorsteps in the form of literature called “The Klansman’s Voice.” It is from the Ku Klux Klan and no one seems to know who delivered it to dozens of Suffolk County homes.

“Everything about it is scary to me,” preschool teacher Jill Thompsett said. “I just didn’t think it would be around here.”

Thompsett said she felt sick as she read all six pages of small type. It begins with a plea that everyone buy American-made products.

On page 1 the newsletter reads: “How much longer are you going to wait before you do something to help this problem we all have. Continue on this slippery slope and your children may be learning Spanish and Chinese in school.”

Then the focus shifts to immigration.

“The part, ‘Jose, we’re coming for you were going to get you,’ that’s the threat,” Thompsett said.

What she’s talking about is a passage from page 4 that says: “A bad storm is coming our way. Yes folks, things are going to become ugly for us — no doubt about it. But things are going to become very, very ugly for you, Jose.”

“A lot of typos a lot of ignorant people,” Thompsett said.

The biggest shocker was the inclusion of a business card that reads “join the KKK,” with a web address and an ominous P.O. box.

“State office in Babylon, N.Y. … Babylon, N.Y. … right here and that’s scary,” Thompsett said.

Suffolk County police are investigating this at a time when its Hate Crimes Unit is busy on several other cases, including one in Mastic, where dozens of cars were discovered with painted on death threats against President-elect Barack Obama.

“It’s something that, you know, we don’t tolerate in Suffolk County,” Suffolk Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said.

The car cases have the attention of the U.S. Secret Service. To get a handle on the hate crimes across Suffolk County, police are calling on everyone to help to get these cases solved.

Last month KKK newsletters were left on the windshields of commuter cars at train stations in Deer Park and Babylon.


This is one of the terrorist organizations in America.

Unfortunately there are more White Supremacy organizations.

Their message is that of  Hate.

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