Over 800 Bodies Dumped in Libyan Cemetary by Rebels

by Jason Ditz
September 19 2011
The Libyan rebel movement’s primary embarrassment at the moment is that their claims of “50,000″ civilians slain by Moammar Gadhafi looks by early bodycounts to be about 49,000 too many. Bodies are turning up, however, and not the ones the rebels were hoping for.

Instead, reports have the rebel forces dumping hundreds of bodies in a “pro-Gadhafi” cemetary with no identification, slain by the rebels for some unexplained reason. Just one cemetery reported some 800 unidentified corpses.

It is unclear if these are slain members of the regime’s military, or simply dissidents. The rebels are also said to be converting a number of buildings into additional prison space, apparently out of concern that the prison-happy Gadhafi regime simply didn’t have enough room for the enormous numbers of people the new pro-NATO regime is detaining.

In Misrata, the rebels have filled a former school with detainees. None were charged with crimes but were said to have “committed crimes against Misrata” and that the local rebels would decide what to do with them. Reports have them looking for a bigger building, since the school is now packed with detainees.

The exact extent of the Libyan rebel crimes will likely remain unclear for some time, as the unexplained depopulation of entire towns and the Misrata militia’s penchant for attacking the refugee camps they ordered black people into has left massive numbers of people missing without a trace. Source

The last time Hussein Ibrahim Saleh saw his brother Jamal was more than a month ago. On Saturday, Saleh received confirmation that his brother was body number 531 in a cemetery for fighters loyal to Moammar Gadhafi in Misrata, 120 miles east.

September 18 2011

“He left Tripoli on August 10 to visit our brother in Hisha,” Saleh said, referring to a town taken over by rebels two weeks ago on the road between Misrata and Sirte, one of the cities where fighting continues between fighters loyal to Gadhafi and the rebels that deposed him last month. “He was missing since then.”

The majority of the more than 800 bodies and sets of remains in the “pro-Gadhafi” cemetery are without names or identification other than digital photos of their faces taken by the volunteers who run the cemetery. Many of the bodies were left at the cemetery by the rebels, with no information about where they were killed or found.

In a revolution where rebel fighters have banded together in local groups answerable only to the communities they come from, much is unresolved. One emerging problem is the apparent persecution of black Libyans and non-Libyan Africans, which has resulted in at least one instance of racial cleansing, as rebels from Misrata pursued residents from the nearby predominantly black village of Tawergha, which many Libyans say supported Gadhafi. Residents also fled a predominantly black neighborhood in Misrata.

Prisoners from Tawergha captured in Tripoli after they fled fighting in and around the village before it was taken by rebels Aug. 15 were taken back to prisons in Misrata, with the help of rebel units in Tripoli. The Misrata cemetery became the burial place for bodies of those killed between Sirte and Tripoli.

Jamal Ibrahim Saleh was one of those that fled the fighting, his brother said.

Misrata rebel units have a reputation for being tough fighters, after they battled a months-long siege of their city by Gadhafi’s forces, in which more than 1,000 people died and which seriously damaged Misrata and the cities nearby, before they invaded Tripoli in August.

“Yesterday, the leader of the military council in Garabulli asked a unit from Misrata to come and arrest people,” said Hisham Embarika, a volunteer who runs the cemetery and one of the city’s two prisons, referring to a town on the road between Tripoli and Misrata.

None of the 420 prisoners held at a secondary school used as a prison in Misrata has been charged with any crime. There are no trials in sight. Embarika does not know the name of the justice minister appointed by the National Transitional Council, the rebel’s nominal government in Tripoli. Embarika said justice for those who had committed crimes against Misrata would be left to Misratans, not to a national government.

“Misrata will decide what to do,” Embarika said.

The rebel units against Gadhafi’s troops in Libya’s seven-month civil war have taken thousands of prisoners, some of whom have been held since the revolution began on Feb. 17. Source

Those Rebels certainly are  something else. Can’t say I am impressed.

I pity those who have to live in Libya under such a horrific regime. NATO is proud of these guys are they?

Just another puppet regime installed by all the so called superior beings of the planet….. They are no so Superior however many of the NATO countries are majorly messed up and should be taking care of all the problems at home instead of interfering in other countries.

Classic example the US is Trillions in Debt.  They are Dragging other countries down with them. Just like the sinking of the Titanic. So how many countries have their leg tied to the US Titanic which is sinking into the deep dark depths of the ocean of debt.

Libya didn’t have any debt. They will now. How much you want to bet the IMF and World bank will be just scrambling to lend the NEW Libyan leaders money just so they can be attached to the sinking Titanic as well?

NATO has destroyed so much of the infrastructure it is sickening. Nothing like bombing a country back to the stone age then make the people of said county use their money to pay for it using the US and NATO companies/corporations of course. Ah yes Good old companies like Haliburtin just waiting in the door step.

I also have to wonder how many of those Rebels were from American or British mercenary organizations like good old Blackwater? Maybe there were a few a few from Israel as well.

Maybe the majority of Rebels were not even from Libya, maybe they were just expensive imports.

Killing of so many Black Libyans could be a tell tale indicator.

So how many FAKE Rebels are there?

I wonder.  You should too.

Gadhafi may not have been perfect, but this lot is much worse.


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