Trudeau vows to freeze bank accounts and have insurance removed from anyone, who supports the Trucker Convoy

Feb 16 Update below. Sancara left this in the comment section. Thank You. Just awesome.

Justin Trudeau Declares Canadian Freedom Truckers TERRORISTS!? | Louder with Crowder

Hack If anyone gets an e-mail from anyone, maybe report it to the Police as a scam.

Report the e-mail address and a copy of the e-mail to them.  Report it to Crime Stoppers if you do not want to tell the Police. .  It is stolen property after all. Some people, are on a fishing expedition. Do not reply to any e-mails of this sort. Never give them, any information. Report it. You have two choices. >>>>>>> Video Report <<<<<< Do check it out.

Canadian trucker speaks out after Trudeau vows to freeze bank accounts

Banks, Insurance companies.  If they do that they are shooting themselves in the foot.

So anyone who  supports the truckers can have these things done to them. So JT thinks.

Anyone, who follows JT’s lead is completely insane. You do realize this includes many billions of people world wide. It will affect millions in Canada. Can anyone see forward. Look into the future. What could possibly go wrong?  JT needs to be locked up in a loonie ward and soon. I hear the Royal Ottawa is very close to him. He needs, a mental health check up, in the worse way. I know insanity, when I see it. I have worked with a number of mentally ill people, over the years. So I have a clue, as to how they behave. They all, were saner then Trudeau is. I am guessing those vaccines, all three of them are affecting his mind, in the worst way. Those vaccines can do that you know. It is listed, in the thousands of sided effects.

Officer! Officer! HELP!!!!!! I found someone, who is, right off his rocker. He is, putting millions of people in danger. Do I have to call, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, for help, or will you do it? I can do that you know. Anyone can. Canadians do have the right to be kept safe, from insane people.

FOX Business’ Grady Trimble speaks with Canadian trucker Tyler Armstrong about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest actions against the convoy.

I think these are some of the terrorists JT is talking about.

Love is in the air in Ottawa!

How Will The Bedwetting Lunatics Virtue Signal Now ? Taxpayer Funded Tests Coming To An End

“My Sister Won’t Speak to Me” — Freedom Convoy Supporter: Trudeau, The Media Are Destroying Families

Canada: Surveillance, Prison Camps, Trucker convoy, Pfizer crimes, Slaves, Dictators

Lots more information in the comment section as well. 

I will finish this latter. I have to run and get all my money out of the bank.

Thank You to all, who left comments.

Justin Trudeau Declares Canadian Freedom Truckers TERRORISTS!? | Louder with Crowder

Crowder is Canadian. He now lives in the US. He sure knows how to dig out dirt.  Their presentation is amusing to watch. So, when you need some news that is tolerable, these are the people to  listen to. Trust me. You will enjoy it.

Streamed on: Feb 16, 10:34 am EST

Justin Trudeau went full commie against the Freedom Convoy. Whatever you’re thinking, we guarantee it’s actually worse. There is a lot to unpack! Also, TikTok is a communist psyop. And a Joy Reid regular tried to kill a mayor. #JustinTrudeau #FreedomConvoy #EmergenciesAct

Thank you PM Trudeau for unintentionally reigniting the True North Strong and Free!

Our Veterans Stand Proud

This is a long read. There are a few videos.

All Vaccines Contain Dangerous Poisons

This is Quote from the article Compliments of Dr Young.

Dr. Kaufman addresses in close focus the faulty concept of Virus-Isolation on which germologists predicate Virus-Replication, proof for either of which really does not exist, given that what they begin with and call “isolation” is in actuality NOT isolation–unable to produce a finite specific form from the debris of patient sputum or patient specimen which they admittedly mix with Vero cells–diseased African monkey kidney cells, as well as fetal cells, bovine calf serum, formaldehyde, antibiotics and other chemicals and toxins, they arbitrarily fixate on shreds of debris containing immiscible genetic matter–bits of RNA encased in bits of cellular membrane–extruded from cells, and call these “viruses” which they then genetically sequence using amplification processes like the faulty PCR. In no way shape or form, scientifically, logically, reasonably or otherwise can they say they have extracted a specific virus from patient sputum after subjecting it to this mix-up-and-stir miasma-creation process, as Dr. Kaufman explains, and which leads only, Dr. Young says, to a “Frankensteinian concoction filled with random anatomical elements.”

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  2. Canadians are going to ‘hold their ground’ if government tries to move them: Dave Marcus discusses Trudeau’s actions against freedom protests and Ontario lifting vaccine passports in March

  3. Tucker: Trudeau has declared Canada a dictatorship

  4. Trudeau works for the people of Canada.
    If he were my employee he would be fired pronto.

    TRUDEAU WALKS OUT OF PARLIAMENT *EMERGENCY ACT UPDATE* Children children have you never heard of a vote of no confidence. DUH

    Ottawa chief of police resigns

    Kayleigh McEnany rips into Justin Trudeau after he invokes emergency powers

  5. Tucker: The media played a starring role in the death of Canadian democracy Right from the horses mouth. Canada needs a regime change. Kiss every freedom you ever had good by. The hackers are going after the wrong people. They should be going for offshore accounts set up by those in corrupt governments. That includes Trudeau and all his Build Back Better buddies.

    DOUG FORD IS DONE WITH MANDATES?!!! WTF to late to save your sorry ass there Dougie.

  6. Trudeau gives first interview since declaring martial law Had to share this one.

    Trudeau Spotted Evading The Convoy

  7. Former Soldier With Royal Canadian Dragoons Encourages
    Freedom Convoy to Hold The Line For FREEDOM

    PECKFORD – Ottawa Freedom Convoy 2022

  9. Coutts ALBERTA Blockade Ends in Handshakes with Vandal Police Feb.15, 2022

  10. Sen. John Kennedy shreds Trudeau’s ‘underwhelming’ leadership
    Louisiana Republican gives his take on Trudeau’s response to the Freedom Convoy on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

  11. Dr. David Martin’s Urgent Canadian Trucker Update & Trudeau’s Conflict Of interest, Lawsuits Coming

  12. Artur Pawlowski’s family speaks to Rebel News as hundreds gather to support jailed pastor


  13. The next headline I want to see is “Calgary chief of police resigns”
    I also think, they need a whole new Police force. The place is a hell hole. Why the people there, put up with them is beyond me. Calgary needs The entire city needs to be overhauled, as matter of fact. The corruption there is deep. With a population of 1,392,609 give or take, there are certainly enough people to do something to improve things. Clean house people. Leave behind the fear and just do it. It is unbelievable they arrested him again.

  14. Trudeau’s Imminent False Flag To Crush The Canadian People
    A must watch. JT is planing something. You are right Rainbow. JT needs to be put into a straight jacket and soon.

  15. Justin Trudeau Declares Canadian Freedom Truckers TERRORISTS!? | Louder with Crowder

  16. A letter passed out to everyone in Ottawa! Emergency
    Act, Aloud to peacefully protest #freedom

    SOS they need more people in Ottawa. You can still go there to party with the truckers.

  17. Call to Action to Stop Emergencies Act SOS

  18. Ottawa Covid Cases & Hospitalizations Drop Since Freedom Convoy Arrived Hugs and Love do that you know.

  19. Famous Canadians quiet as mice about the Truckers
    Feb 16
    by Jon Rappoport

  20. Ottawa Canada On-scene Footage Food Given Out To Anyone In Need As Convoy Protest Continues

  21. Thank you everyone who has helped gather information. To everyone share this information with everyone you can. Our truckers need our help in the worst way. Calling embassies is a great idea. Then there is protesting around them. If anyone has any other ideas drop them off.


    shit for brains is breaking the law.

  24. That man is unbelievable. He is the one putting all Canadians in danger. He is insane. He either has to be arrested or sent to the Royal Ottawa for a long time. Of course the rest of them, let him get away with this. How about a vote of non confidence. What the hell is wrong with them all? Do we have to tell them, how to do their jobs. the lot of them are useless. Well except for a select few. They have let him get away with this for going into the third year now. I hate listening to him. All he does is lie. Send e-mails to the Governor General too. Or phone. He has to be stopped.

  25. Justin Trudeau accuses Jewish MP of supporting NAZIS, she responds, he walks out.

  26. Well Holly
    All I can say is,
    OH MY!
    He really did that eh.
    I had to listen, to that, 10 times.
    I think, I will go back, for 11.

  27. […] Trudeau vows to freeze bank accounts and have insurance removed from anyone, who supports the Trucke…. That includes YOU! […]

  28. Freedom Convoy LiFreedom Convoy Live Press Conference Feb.16, 2022 – Day 12 Holding The Line | IrnieracingNewsve

    Call your senators about the Emergency Powers.

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