US/Israeli Charity uses little Palestinian Childs photo to raise money for Israel’s Hungry

Updated March 8 2010 The 2 updates is down below.

Update on the Charity and also added a link to yet another Charity which isn’t so Charitable either.

You may want to take the time to read both.

January 13 2010

This is the little girl in question

A Palestinian girl cries during the funeral of a relative that was killed in an Israeli air strike in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza Strip, Sunday, Jan. 4, 2009. Israeli ground troops and tanks cut swaths through the Gaza Strip early Sunday, cutting the coastal territory into two and surrounding its biggest city as the new phase of a devastating offensive against Hamas gained momentum.”photo by Fady Adwan/propaimages”

A Palestinian girl cries during the funeral of her brother who was killed after an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip January 4, 2009. Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants battled on Gaza City’s outskirts on Sunday after Israeli troops and tanks invaded the coastal enclave in the worst fighting in the conflict in decades. REUTERS/Ismail Zaydah (GAZA)

This is a story about the day her picture was taken with the above REUTERS photo

Life gets worse for Palestinians in Gaza

For the first eight days of Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip, codenamed Operation Cast Lead, many Palestinians trapped inside the territory believed that living conditions could not get any worse. They were wrong.

By Tim Butcher on the Israel-Gaza border
Published: 6:29PM GMT 04 Jan 2009

To go to the Story click HERE

She is the same little girl in both pictures.

This was discovered January 12 2010 and  screen shots was taken so it could be proved, this child was the one being used as advertising for the Charity. One has to wonder how long they were using her photo?
Both pictures used by the Charity were cropped,  but if you look closely both have the Design on the clothing of the woman, who standing on her right, in her time of such tremendous, sorrow,  considering she lost her brother an being surrounded by war.
Just check the top right hand corner of the picture. Look for the green part of the design.
Definitely the cropped version of  the larger  “photo by Fady Adwan/propaimages”  above was  used at the Charity site and
The same  by “photo by Fady Adwan/propaimages”of the little girl is also HERE as well third row down, third picture in.
These photos are also on this site as well HERE along with many other photo’s of the War on Gaza
The two screen shots can be enlarged by clicking on them.

This Screen shot of the Charity site itself was also taken as well.

Again the design is also in the top right hand corner.  Also a of version of  the larger  “photo by Fady Adwan/propaimages”


Second Screen shot of Charity site. Click on it to enlarge

Today the Charity Meir Panium removed the little Palestinians girls photo from its flyer.  This of course I imagine after there were complaints about it’s immoral use. There were thousands of people who saw this reprehensible use of this little girl to raise money for Starving children in Israel.

Their new poster girl. Now is she really Israeli I wonder? If you see this little girls picture and she is from anywhere but Israel do let inquiring minds know.

This ad

is still on the HAARETZ site however. Seems the Charity has yet to contact them. So check to see if it is still there, it may or may not but if  it is, you will see to  the  right of the picture of State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss.  Then again in the past two days she has been most of their news stories.

Update Seems the little Girl is still on the HAARETZ site

January 15 2010 Just click on the screen shot to enlarge.


Update January 16 2010

The little Palestinian  girl has finally been removed  from  site as noted in the screen shot below.

I do believe we all will need to monitor the Charity sites to be sure nothing like this happens again.

To some it may seem like a small thing.

Just imagine if your son were killed by someone, then that someone used your daughters picture to make money for themselves.

All the while that someone is still committing crimes against you, your family and your friends.

Imagine how the rest of your family and friends would feel.

Then you may find it is no small thing.

If this were my daughter I would be outraged.

I cannot even fathom,  the words to express how angry I would be.

So if nothing else, try to  imagine this is your tiny little girl.

Think about how you would feel.

If the roles were reversed and this was Hamas using an Israeli child in the same context, it probably would have been on news casts world wide and Hamas would have been demoized as evil hateful horrid people.  I can see the Tiger Woods craze go wild..

There to the embarrassment of many was no coverage of this in the US Canada or Britain even.

The we also have to wonder why Israel has Charities for Israel in many countries around the world as well. Israel is not a third world country by any means.

Questions to think about.

Do the Canada, US, Britain, France or Germany etc have Charities in other countries to get money for food for their hungry children? If not why not?

Those countries all have hungry, starving, people. They do have charities set up to help the poor, but they also remain within their borders. Canadians help take care of Canadians and Americans help take care of American etc. I have never seen any ad in all my travels that had offices in other countries however.

I can fully understand why others would want to help those in Gaza considering they have been blown back to the stone age. I can see helping those in Afghanistan or Iraq they to have been devastated.

I can see helping those in Africa, Haiti and other third world countries.

Israel however is questionable. They have all sorts of Charities set up to get moeny for all sorts of things.

Not so long ago one was in the news. It was suppose to be raising money for schools in Israel, turns out some of the money was actually going to  settlements. Which of course is illegal. The money can only go to the place the advetising says. If it says food it can only go for food etc.

I do believe some of these charities should be checked to see if others have done the same thing.

I as a person who donates money to different causes want to be assured the money I donate, goes to the people and the cause the advertising says it will.

If I donate $100 for school books for children in Afghanistan, it had better to go to school books for children in Afghanistan.

If I donate money to go to Haiti for food,  it had better go to Haiti for food.

If it is for medical needs such as Doctors Without Boarders it had better go to medical help and supplies for those in need.

If I discovered it was going to Israel for settlements,  instead I would be fuming.

Other wise it it is fraud and theft. Those crimes would be directly against anyone who donated. That means the charity stolen from you the person, who was kind enough to give to the cause advertised..

We will be watching.

Found this Report today as I was wandering about.

This is not the first report of this type but should be read by all.

If you need Adobe Reader

It is from June 2009

The systematic and institutionalised ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children by Israeli authorities

Click Screen shot to enlarge.

March 8 2010 update

Their  new poster children. The question is “Are they really Israeli children”?

Click on Shots to enlarge them.

New Ad for Meir Panim

As shown at HARRETZ

The children in Gaza are far worse off, then any child in Israel. If Israel has hungry men, women and children maybe they should spend less on weapons, checkpoints  or imprisoning those from Gaza and the West Bank.

The Building of the illegal wall could and should be stopped.  The entire wall should be torn down.

Those in Gaza do not have enough medical supplies, hydro, food, water heating fuel, cooking fuel and next to no building supplies and the list goes on an on. Many still live in tents. The things most people take for granted, they do not have.

They are in desperate need of real help.  That little Palestinian girl if she is still alive really does need help. She is an innocent little girl.

Using her picture for profit to help those in Israel is beyond reprehensible. She and everyone in Gaza are desperately in need.

Thank You to all who take the time to read this and those who took the time to do screen shots pictures and get copies of all the information pertaining to this horrid incident.

Thank You to all the blogger’s or those from forums and there are many for sharing this information.

You will never see this on the main stream media.

If not for others who took the time no one would know the crime against this innocent child. This is a crime.  Even Charities have laws they must live by.

Thank you all for caring. I know she is just one small little girl but we must be her voice, as her voice is so small.

The children in Gaza  don’t get almost 3 billion dollars from the US every year.

They don’t get the millions Israel gets from Charities set up for them around the world.

Just in a recent report the US has built buildings in Israel and I guess they need them for the $800 million in munitions Israel will also have access to as well.

The US just gave it to them.

Seems to me if Israel  has so many hungry should be given food not weapons.  The US should stop giving weapons aid to Israel. If they are so desperately, hungry as they say they are, which I doubt,  they do not in need more bullets, bombs, tanks, planes, etc.

The same can be said of the US they have many hungry people as well and over 45 million without health insurance because it is unaffordable.

Yet they spend about or over 500 billion dollars on war.  That doesn’t include what they give in aid to other countries for weapons.

Then there are all their military bases they have to run. Over 800 or more by now.  In most countries the people who live there do not want them there to boot.  This of course all at the expense of the American citizens.

Seems to me they need to get their priorities straight. Feed your people and stop warmongering is my motto.

The UN and many others have demanded the blockade be lifted.

The world is watching.

Contact your Governments and tell them to have the Blockade in Gaza lifted.

When people try to get aid into Gaza, they meet with a numerous problems.

Added March 8 2010

Now for that other so called  Charity which helps in removing land from Palistinians. Very interesting read this is. The Jewish National Fund.  They have many offices all over the world as well.  They have been taking peoples hard earned money and using for the worst of reasons.  This a recent report and well worth reading.

E-book on Jewish National Fund’s role in colonization of Palestine

Seems to me Israels Charities should all be scrutinized. Who do they really benefit and is the money actually being used for good or bad.  This one is used to take land and hide what really happened.

George Bush once said something about watching the Charities. Well dare I say, maybe he was right. Maybe they were watching the wrong Charities however. Seems old George may have hit the nail, but on the wrong head.

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  1. I know that what I’m about to say is not helpful but, what else can be expected of Israel? Profiting from the very misery and tragedy they have created is only par for the course for these psychopaths. It’s all too befitted that they use one of their victims to scam more money out of the suckers that believe their pathological lies.

    I just had to vent absent anything else that can be done. Sick!

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